Marijuana Essays: Everything You Need to Know

Are you trying to find a perfect essay on marijuana? Good news for you because you shouldn’t look any further. Any student will be excited to know that we do offer free samples of medical marijuana essay on different topics. Moreover, they were donated to us by other students. That is why they’re so creative, innovative, and academic. Use these samples and definitely read this guide!

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Marijuana Legalization Protests on Trump’s Inauguration

The American people have in recent times expressed an undivided interest in the federal legalization of marijuana across the national landscape. In a bid to campaign for their civic rights, the interested...

Words: 624

Pages: 2

Views: 131

17 Sep 2023

Why I Changed My Mind on Weed

Up to date, many governments around the world take no risk to legalize marijuana use as a medicinal substance due to researches that have been done from past subjectively on the adverse effects of weed. In his...

Words: 543

Pages: 2

Views: 90

17 Sep 2023
Criminal Justice

The Consequences of Legalizing Marijuana

Marijuana is a common narcotic unlawful drug that has invariably been an issue of concern in the justice system. Particularly, debates have endured on whether to legitimatize it or not. Over the past years, there...

Words: 769

Pages: 3

Views: 174

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17 Sep 2023

Why Marijuana should be Legalized

In the recent times there has been a heated debate on whether marijuana should be legalized or not. The raging debate has been characterized with contradicting research on the harmful effects of the drug. However,...

Words: 993

Pages: 3

Views: 137

17 Sep 2023

The Negative Effects of Using Marijuana While Pursuing a College Education

Currently, marijuana is one of the most used drugs in colleges (Suerken et al. 2014). A recent study in the United States indicated that, 46.4% of students in colleges have used marijuana at least once in their...

Words: 1160

Pages: 5

Views: 70

17 Sep 2023

Should Marijuana be legalized?

Marijuana also is known as cannabis is a drug that alters the brain function and leads to changes in discernment and behavior. It is gotten from the cannabis plant. It’s meant for medical and recreational use....

Words: 1139

Pages: 4

Views: 390

Why should we legalize Marijuana?

Why should we legalize Marijuana? Topic: Why should we legalize Marijuana? General Purpose: The need to legalize Marijuana Specific Purpose: Benefits of legalizing Marijuana to the country Thesis Statement:...

Words: 1201

Pages: 4

Views: 472

Conservative New Jersey lawmaker wants to allow residents to grow marijuana

Summary Senator Gerald Cardinale has introduced a bill in support of marijuana. He claims that New Jerseyans should be permitted to plant marijuana. Sen. Cardinale's legislation asked for permission to grow a...

Words: 404

Pages: 1

Views: 393

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16 Sep 2023
Criminal Justice

Legalizing Marijuana: Pros and Cons

The legalization of marijuana is a controversial and multifaceted matter and is a subject of tough debates. Valid arguments are posed by both sides of the debate against and for legalization. Because of the...

Words: 558

Pages: 2

Views: 157

Benefits and hazards of medical marijuana

Benefits and hazards of medical marijuana In the recent past, debate has raged over the issue of legalizing marijuana as ca medical substance. States have been debating whether to legalize marijuana for medical...

Words: 1958

Pages: 7

Views: 92


Assignment types
Academic level

What Is a Marijuana Essay

Let us start with the marijuana essay definition. What do we mean by this article? What should it look like?

Considering the name, this topic is rather understandable. It is usually a five-paragraph article that discusses medical uses, advantages or disadvantages, or other points concerning cannabis. This topic is rather controversial. So, you can choose your own perspective. Depending on what perspective you choose, make sure that you have scholarly articles and statistics to prove your point.

As it is an academic medicine essay, any student probably knows that the minimum length for such a paper is five paragraphs. Therefore, you have one paragraph of introduction, three paragraphs of the main body, and one of conclusion.

Marijuana Essay Examples Making Your Writing Stand Out

Here you can definitely find an excellent example of marijuana essay in pdf. However, we’re not here only for samples. We also have several tips that will be useful for you without further ado.

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide on how any student can write a medicinal marijuana essay.

  • Check samples that a student can find here.
  • Choose an appropriate topic. It should be narrow enough to discuss using students’ word count.
  • Do proper research. Use only academic materials and resources.
  • Create an outline.
  • Start drafting, preferably from a thesis and the main body.
  • Later you can finish your introduction and conclusion as they are very similar.
  • Edit and proofread your article about cannabis!

As you can see, these steps are very easy and anyone can write a successful academic essay about this topic. But, please, don’t skip the steps of creating an outline and proofreading. They are crucial for the quality of the students’ work. Need some inspiration? Browse different examples we have on our platform, such as drugs essay or drinking and driving essay.

Medical Marijuana Argumentative Essay

An argumentative essay on medical marijuana is the first type of article that we can discuss with you. You probably know how to write argumentative papers by now. Therefore, we will focus more on the topic itself. 

For instance, our argumentative essay about medical marijuana can discuss its legalization.

So our main argument is that cannabis can be legalized, especially for medical reasons. To develop a believable argument, you definitely must provide evidence.

Evidence can be taken from academic journals, newspapers, governmental websites, and other scholarly sources. Even if you’re sure that your argument is great, you should use evidence anyway. It will help you to prove it to your readers. Browse any example of argumentative essay to get some inspiration.

Medical Marijuana Persuasive Essay

Persuasive essays on marijuana are the next type that you can definitely consider. As it is a controversial topic and many have mixed thoughts on it, you can work on persuading the audience. For instance, cannabis should be banned. 

Once more, there are those who are for legalization and those against it. Try considering both opinions and persuading people that your point of view is correct. Many students use evidence and statistics for persuasion. Do not forget that persuasive essay marijuana requires persuasive language. Even though it should be academic and professionally written, it should never be dry.

It is challenging to get the tone, academic voice, and persuasive essay format properly. So, students reach for our samples that were donated by other students.

Marijuana Essay Outline

Apart from samples, we also want to give you an outline for essay on medical marijuana. It is always good to remember that an outline is not an essay. So all evidence or information you use must be shortened. Moreover, students definitely include their thesis statements here. 

Example of marijuana essay outline


  • Include statistics on how many people have prescriptions for medical cannabis.
  • Mention that legalization is very popular now and not only in the United States.
  • Thesis: Legal cannabis helps greatly with pain, yet might have several negative effects.

Main body

  • What countries continue legalizing hemp.
  • Uses of hemp for medical purposes.
  • Possible negative effects of hemp on the human body.


  • Even though there are several negative effects of hemp, a lot of countries vote for its legalization.
  • Summarize a topic and close with a final statement.

Students should definitely create their own outlines because it will save them lots of time during writing. It also makes an overall article possess a better quality. 

Marijuana Essay Introduction

The introduction for marijuana essay is the first thing that readers see. However, we do recommend students write an introduction after an outline. Before, prepare a draft of the main body as well. Introduction was proven to be more clear and concise after students already have other parts, except for conclusion. 

Introduction normally consists of a hook, background, and thesis statement. These are crucial elements to any introduction. As we are talking about a specific topic,  students can mention general statistics in their introduction. Say how many people use medical cannabis there. Later they can talk about the origin of this herb and present their main argument.

As you will see from our donated samples, our introduction captures attention. But you should never be afraid of it!

Example of introduction to marijuana essay
Environmental strategies are broadly applied in the prevention of substance abuse. Moreover, the strategies are mostly a necessity of the program for prevention for beneficiaries of public health aid. The strategies are geared towards fostering personal behavior change. Approaches based on the environment can be applied at the levels of the community as well as national and regional level. The approach involves community mobilization, community connectedness, and neighborhood changes, policy changes, communication campaigns and changes in enforcement.

Marijuana Essay Thesis Statement

Medical marijuana thesis will present the main arguments and points to students. These arguments will further be discussed in body paragraphs. However, the thesis should always be concise, clear, and informative enough to understand the overall purpose of students’ articles. 

If your essay uses three separate points to prove your argument, one’s thesis should reflect that. We will give you a good sample so you can see everything for yourself. In any case, you can try our easy-to-use thesis generator free any time.

Marijuana thesis statement

Cannabis is widely known for its medical uses, including pain relief. Yet, there are countries that vote against its legalization because of its accessibility, negative effects, and connection with drug use. 

Marijuana Essay Body Paragraph

We have finally come to a marijuana essay paragraph. If you wrote articles before, you know that each paragraph requires at least three sentences. If you write a five-paragraph article, the main body takes up to 80% of the overall work. So, you have lots of opportunities and places to use evidence. It helps properly develop your argument too.

If students write a persuasive or argumentative article, they should definitely start their paragraphs with an outline. It is one of the best ways to keep track of evidence and focus on the main point. Otherwise, students might get lost in all the resources they have found prior. You will see that donated examples are clear and understandable. It is all because every sample contains its outline. 

Example of marijuana essay body paragraph

The existing strategy on enhancing evidence-based approach and policies, and improving the usage of environmental level mechanisms, has influenced leaders of the community to consider direct decision making. The direct decision making should be based on applicable environmental approaches. Also, community leaders should put an effort in matching particular environmental approaches towards the hindrance of specific substances. For example, heroin and cocaine or patterns of substance use for instance conspicuous periodic consumption. 

Marijuana Essay Conclusion

The final part of any article is obviously a conclusion for marijuana essay. We always recommend students write a conclusion right after they have finished their introduction. In several ways, both parts are very similar to one another. So, combining and finishing them together saves students lots of time. 

A normal conclusion has 10% of the overall word count. It also consists of a rephrased thesis statement, a quick summary, and a closing statement.

Closing statements are usually the most important parts of any conclusion. It is up to students what they want to write there. We usually advise thinking about the importance of their topic. Research on how other thoughts can be used by other people. 

Marijuana essay conclusion examples

Maybe just as important as what is available in the existing literature is what is lacking. Due to the wide difference in norms of the culture, laws of the country and local policies regarding marijuana usage, the prevention sector is lacking some consensus on what method of non-medical usage of marijuana is challenging, for whom as well as on what basis.  Rates of marijuana usage and relationships of marijuana usage resulting from certain countrywide research do not justify for marijuana usage as lawfully recommended for medical reasons, for instance, the Countrywide Survey on Drug Consumption and Wellbeing. Thus, it results in an attempt to scrutinize the effect of laws on medical marijuana and other related policies regarding medicinal usage on rates of general consumption.

Marijuana Essay Topics That Will Blow Your Mind

Are you looking for a marijuana topic that will make time spent on writing about them worth it? We have lots of them here. They will inspire you to write your own article. Besides, you are not obliged to use them word for word. Experiment, change, and be inspired.

Marijuana argumentative essay topics

  1. Should cannabis be decriminalized?
  2. What are the possible consequences of cannabis?
  3. Advantages and disadvantages of prescribing medical cannabis.
  4. The economic value of cannabis.
  5. Correlation between cannabis and violence.
  6. Possible effects of hemp on mental and physical health.
  7. What country might benefit from cannabis legalization most at this time?
  8. Netherlands: Lessons to learn on legalization.
  9. Should hemp be allowed for individuals younger than 18 years old?
  10. Cannabis as a powerful pain reliever: Hidden disadvantages. 

We hope these topics will inspire you to start writing right away!


FAQ About Medical Marijuana Essays

1. Are your marijuana essay examples free?

Yes! All our free marijuana essays don’t require payments or credit cards. We have mentioned this before, but they were donated by other students. That is why we tried sharing them with as many people as we can. Therefore, you don’t need to register, fill in personal information or deal with hidden fees and payments. Use this service as much as you need and as many times as required.

2. What are the main benefits of marijuana essay?

An essay about marijuana often discusses the advantages and disadvantages of cannabis. There must be a solid reason why cannabis is legalized in several countries, including the United States. Here are some benefits students can include in their article:

  • Reduces stress and anxiety.
  • Relieves pain.
  • Destroys cancer cells.

Students can start with these benefits for their article.

3. What are the effects of marijuana essays?

It is an article that discusses the positive and negative effects of marijuana essay. Cannabis has both effects on the human body. Students will find these ones to be mentioned in academic articles:

  • Pain relief
  • Relaxation
  • Heightened senses
  • Distorted sense of time
  • Lowered motor skills.

We are sure, there are many more than students can research on their own. These are just several ideas to start with.

4. How to start a marijuana essay?

Essays on marijuana normally start with a hook. It is the first sentence of the introduction. This hook can be anything. In this case, students can, for instance, mention how many countries legalized this herb for medical procedures. As long as it draws attention, hooks can be a lot of things. Rhetorical questions are also popular.


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