Cold War Essay Examples & Writing Guide

Need help with an essay on the Cold War? Looking for helpful examples or just for some inspiration to jump start your creativity? In any case, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve got several examples of the Cold War essay written by students and available for free! You can browse through them here or download them in pdf format. Besides, some guidelines and tips can be found here. Let’s go!

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Masculinity and Cold War Politics

Introduction The Cold War era saw the sexual portrayal of American politics on a massive scale. Politicians and their followers used gender differences to describe opponents and their policies. The first issue...

Words: 608

Pages: 2

Views: 251

U.S. foreign policy towards South Korea during the Cold War

Kim Jong-un might as well be the most powerful man in the world as right now he is holding the only superpower in the world at ransom and it seems that nothing can be done about it. Kim might not have any means of...

Words: 2644

Pages: 8

Views: 264

The Developments in Culture of Exclusion, Cold War and Liberalism, and Conservatism Post World War

The Developments in Culture of Exclusion, Cold War and Liberalism, and Conservatism Post World War What important changes led to the post-WWII “culture of exclusion” in terms of race, class, and gender? For...

Words: 2931

Pages: 10

Views: 414

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Cold War and Mutually Assured Destruction

Cold War and Mutually Assured Destruction The Cold War represents a period of struggle between the superpowers that took place after the Second World War. After the surrender of the Nazis in Germany, the alliance...

Words: 588

Pages: 2

Views: 428

Strategy America Should Have Implemented After Cold War

After the end of World War II, there arose tension between Western bloc powers and the powers in the Eastern Bloc. Those in the western bloc included the United States and the NATO allies while in the east included...

Words: 1026

Pages: 2

Views: 126

The Cold War and the Civil Rights Movement

The Cold War and the Civil Rights Movement The occurrence of the Cold War had significant impacts on many aspects of American life. The influence even rose due to the ideological differences between the United...

Words: 306

Pages: 1

Views: 393

Cold War and US Foreign Policy

Cold War and US Foreign Policy The Cold War dominated US foreign policy from post-WWII to the fall of the Soviet Union. From the 1940s to 1991, most world affairs were massively dominated by ideological warfare...

Words: 610

Pages: 2

Views: 362

The Realist Perspective of the Cold War

The Realist Perspective of the Cold War In this paper we will discuss the relationship between the United States and the USSR in the 1950S, showing how diplomacy during this period was one of mutual mistrust and an...

Words: 640

Pages: 2

Views: 115

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Societal Impacts of the Cold War

The cold war was the political rivalry between the United States, the Soviet Union and their respective allies. For decades after World War II, the world experienced a series of threats as each side strived to outdo...

Words: 1147

Pages: 4

Views: 389

Russia after the Cold War

The Cold War was a post-World War II crisis that occurred as a result of many political disputes between the world's two superpowers, the United States of America and Soviet Russia. The Cold War was a conflict that...

Words: 1579

Pages: 3

Views: 243


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What Is the Cold War Essay

We will start with a definition of essay on Cold War. After getting such an assignment, you are expected to examine this historical period and the tensions between NATO and USSR together with its allies. Your paper might focus on some of the following information:

  • Geopolitical trends during that era.
  • Reasons why US and USSR became hostile to each other by the late 1940s.
  • Notable events like Caribbean Crisis and their consequences.
  • Development of nuclear weapons by both sides of that conflict.
  • Communist and capitalist ideology.
  • Propaganda as an important Cold War weapon.

Your essay might be 150 to 500 words long, depending on your scholarly level.

Cold War Essays Examples: The Basics of Essay Writing

Need help with a Cold War summary essay? You’ll find some tips and helpful samples in this section. 

First, you should focus on humanity which was divided into two groups during that era. Both these groups were hostile towards each other. You might have some knowledge about communist vs western tension to describe the context of that situation to readers. However, if your thesis is more specific, you would need to conduct profound research and collect some quality sources.

When choosing among Cold War argumentative essay topics, better pick those which you are familiar with. Otherwise, you’ll spend more time researching. Use historical information and stick to facts if you want to make arguments strong.

Our examples are available below. Check them for some good ideas you could borrow for your history essay.

Cold War Essay Outline

A free example of Cold essay outline is available here. Let’s suppose our task is writing about the reasons for growing tension between NATO countries and the Eastern block and its consequences.


Shape your thesis. Make it a complete sentence. Below we’ll provide an example.

Provide basic facts introducing the context:

  • Hostility between the Soviet Union and the West.
  • Ideological differences.
  • Political and military clashes on the international level.

Main body

List key points of your story or its key arguments. Each should be written in a separate paragraph:

  • Mention key related events and explain them using brief phrases.
  • Mention sources supporting your assumptions or claims without giving full details at this stage.


  • Summarize your argumentation or list the consequences of a story using short notes. Make sure you respond to the main question or claim in your thesis statement.

Always review your outline carefully before proceeding so that you can quickly fix any major logical issues.

Cold War Essay Introduction

Let’s proceed and talk about the Cold War essay introduction. Here are some general tips for it:

  • Build it around your thesis statement and ensure it is logically connected with it.
  • Provide necessary context. So, your audience understands how important this specific problem is and what your actual claim is.
  • Keep it brief, avoiding unnecessary details which can be addressed later. Your introduction shouldn’t take more than 25% of the entire essay
  • At the same time, make it sound exciting and captivating. Put some ‘hooks’ at the end, so readers become engaged and eager to hear more about this problem.

You can find a sample available below – it is free!

Introduction to Cold war essay

The Cold War served as a series of political and military tensions between the Soviet Union and the western powers. This tension was evident almost immediately after the Second World War and would extend for nearly half a century. In this case, it is estimated that the Cold War started off probably in 1947 after the Truman doctrine was released. This was a US foreign policy that was created as a counter to the ever expanding Soviet Union. Then US President Harry S. Truman announced that the country will be involved in a means to contain the threat posed to Greece and Turkey. Though the American military would not be involved in containing the threat, the federal government would provide free financial gifts to these countries that would ensure the threat is contained. The Cold War ended after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. The following paper will however seek to identify the various factors that brought about the political and military tensions of the Cold War. It is through these factors that will help bring a conclusion on whether it could have been prevented.

Cold War Essay Thesis Statement Examples

Need help with a thesis statement for Cold War essay? Here is some advice:

  • Make it strong but brief — one sentence long.
  • Pick some interesting aspects of the Cold War that would sound captivating for your tutor or other students.
  • Select an area you are well familiar with. So, you could easily tell basic facts and some interesting additional information in your paper.


Despite severe tensions between NATO and Eastern Block, mass sports still thrived as a channel of international cooperation.

This statement focuses on the contrast between contemporary political and cultural relations. This might sound interesting to others and tell them some information that they did not know before. However, some credible sources must be provided to support such a narrative.

Hint: Use our thesis statement generator free anytime you need.

Cold War Essay Body Paragraph

Are you going to write an essay paragraph about the Cold War? Here are some tips for this section:

  • This part should tell your entire story. Make sure all necessary details are provided, including quotes and citations. Format them properly.
  • Make a separate paragraph per your story's main argument or key point. This makes your text more readable.
  • Ensure this part is properly structured. Provide clear, logical connections between separate paragraphs. 

On this page, you can check how it is done in our sample essays. Take into consideration our expository essay example. Read them closely and see if you can find some nice ideas you could borrow for your original work.

Cold War body paragraph example 

Numerous factors had created significant tensions between the Soviet Union and the Western Allies including Western European countries and the United States. One major factor was the October Revolution in 1917 were the Bolsheviks took over power in Russia under the leadership of Vladmir Lenin. Vladmir and his successor Joseph Stalin identified that a hostile capitalist was surrounding the Soviet Union and hence they must be replaced by a socialist encirclement (Betts, 2015). This would cause Western powers to significantly support other parties in Russia to ensure the Bolshevik party does not control power preventing communism in the region. After this failed attempt, the Bolshevik government funded the 1926 general strike in the UK where coal miners demonstrated for nine days to force the government to stop the reducing wages and the worsening workplace conditions of more than 1.2 million coal miners in the country (Kuniholm, 2014). This strike was a failure as the General Council of the Trades Union Congress gave up.

Cold War Essay Conclusion

Finally, let’s talk about tips for conclusion of the Cold War essay:

  • Don’t forget that this part should summarize your entire text and correspond with its main claim. Ensure it is connected with the previous parts.
  • Overview a story or argumentation without repeating it. Don’t add any quotes or citations at this stage. Don’t copy any details which have been provided before.
  • Keep it as short as possible but informative at the same time. E.g., you might briefly list main consequences of the events mentioned in previous parts.
  • Don’t forget you are writing about grave socioeconomic and political problems. Maintain a professional tone and stick to historical facts.

Check out our samples! You can browse them here or download them as pdf.

Essay conclusion for Cold War

The above report recognizes that the origin of the Cold War came from significant tensions that began right after the Russian revolution in 1917. The establishment of communism in the Soviet Union was seen as a threat to capitalism and democracy but there was no significant action taken to undertake significant action. The tensions between Western Countries and the Soviet Union continued to build up leading up to the Second World War. It was at this point that the Soviets began their forceful exportation of their communism ideology in the Eastern European countries that had been badly affected by the war (Betts, 2015). This way it was only the containment strategy that would ensure peace prevailed and the Soviet Union was controlled.

How to Write the Cold War Essay

Let’s put together all these guidelines for short essay on Cold War. Here are the recommended steps:

  1. Select your topic carefully. You should know well what you are writing about. Also, better pick an interesting one.
  2. Brainstorm your thesis. Make it strong but concise. Do some preliminary research and find what you can tell about Soviet Russia vs US ideological conflict.
  3. Start with writing an outline. Carefully review it once done.
  4. Follow the recommended structure. Divide your narrative into paragraphs containing its main points. Ensure these paragraphs are logically connected.
  5. Properly summarize your story or your arguments at the end. Don’t repeat anything in your conclusion. Clearly restate your thesis and show that it has been answered.

Make time to browse other articles to get some new ideas. Start with World War 2 essays or Civil War essay at StudyBunty.

Have trouble picking among Cold War essay topics? Or need more help with writing? Feel free to contact us and request help from our skilled academic writers!


FAQ About Cold War Essays

1. What is the Cold War summary essay?

Summary essays about the Cold War briefly list the main ideas about your thesis without providing too many details. They might focus on:
1. Communist ideology vs the West.
2. Tension and war threats during different periods.
3. Views upon this conflict from the US and Soviet Russia’s side, etc.

2. How to start the Cold War essay?

You can start your essays on the Cold War with a basic definition of that conflict. If your paper is focused on some specific aspect, you can start mentioning it. For example, state that despite this geopolitical tension, international sports events continued to be supported and attended by both sides.

3. What is the good thesis statement for the Cold War essay?

This is what makes your thesis in an essay about Cold War in English strong enough:
1. It is straightforward and brief and, therefore, easy to understand.
2. It focuses on less known or unusual aspects, not just basic facts and common knowledge.
3. You can back it with valid sources.

4. Can you write the unique Cold War paper for me?

The Cold War paper samples available here cannot be submitted, of course. However, you can always request help from our experienced academic writers! You’ll get a unique, high-quality essay about communist vs capitalist ideological conflict, delivered well before your deadline!


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