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How to write an essay on federalism? Should students be pro in political science to complete this task? If you have such questions, you are in the right place. Find free samples of essay about federalism on StudyBounty. Learn some basic structures you can follow for such assignments. Use other professional writing advice from our experts for successful studying at college.

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Federalism and Separation of Power

Federal type government is one whose sovereignty lies with two major parts (Mayfield, 2000): The National government and the Regional governments. The designers of this form of governance had intentions of...

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Application: Federalism and Separation of Power

The separation of power and federalism concepts is distinct. However, related political organization principles are embedded deeply within the American governmental experience and theory (Cameron & Falleti, 2005)....

Words: 328

Pages: 1

Views: 416

The Federation of Free States

Immanuel Kant held the notion that countires, similar to people, require a conventional formula of regulation, by law, that may be formulated by a freely gathered “league of nations”, which, presently, is known as...

Words: 253

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Views: 110

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Federalism and the Right of Privacy

America is described as the leader in equality, observing human rights and ensuring that every citizen is protected by any unfair treatment or their rights are violated both within her borders and abroad. The...

Words: 2918

Pages: 10

Views: 183

Federalism and Public Policy: How Federalism Can Improve Policymaking

The United States government applies the federalist system of governance. This method involves two or more entities sharing control over the same geographical area. Every individual in the U.S. is subject to the laws...

Words: 840

Pages: 3

Views: 165

Overcoming Urban Gentrification Under New Federalism

Gentrification has over the years become a common phenomenon in the United States of America urban setup. Consequently, urban centers are experiences gentrification and brings about a significant change that has...

Words: 655

Pages: 2

Views: 401

The Pros and Cons of Federalism

Federalism is the political system in which the powers and policy assignments are shared between the central government and numerous regional governments. In this system, the local units of government and a national...

Words: 1647

Pages: 6

Views: 133

Federalism and the Response to Pandemic: Austria

In terms federalism rights and territories, the national and regional administrations are autonomous. This liberty suggests that they are equally autonomous in their existence and free of each other's control. In...

Words: 2156

Pages: 7

Views: 156

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The History of the Federalism America

The film, ‘An Empire of Reason’ (2018) seeks to unfold the events that transpired and the debate that ensued over the issue of having a unified America under one government or having very powerful states with a...

Words: 933

Pages: 3

Views: 180

Legalization of Medical Marijuana/Federalism

According to my understanding of the Federalism Clause of the US Constitution, I believe that the Federal Government has the right to preempt the medical marijuana laws because it acts as a regulator of the laws...

Words: 263

Pages: 1

Views: 80


Assignment types
Academic level

What Is a Federalism Essay

If you look at the definition of essay on federalism, you will find quite a simple explanation. This is a government with divided power between the national level and other units. This form of administration is used in many countries with federal and regional governments that share rights and responsibilities. 

Moreover, the analytical approach will depend on your field of study and the type of assignment. In college, you may have a writing assignment about this administration system and provide details and historical facts on the first federal governments. Such papers are usually short. But in some cases, they can be more than 700 words. 

Best Federalism Essay Examples for Free

You may wonder how examples of federalism essay can make you a better writer. As you know, a federalism argumentative essay will differ from informative or narrative essays. But there are many options in reading samples from other students. You may check all types of paper to understand structure better and be aware of some required stylistics. From the examples we offer you, it is possible to catch up with a general idea and suggested term definitions. Find out possible approaches to analysis and even some valuable facts that can be applied to your assignments. 

Federalism essay paper can focus on various aspects of power legislation, Constitutional principles, or even countries with this government. But first, start with understanding a basic theory and how laws work. 

Federalism Essay Outline

This is your detailed plan for the forthcoming article. What will be your first step in writing such government essays? We would start with an outline for federalism essay. Let’s look at a typical design for an informative article about this governmental type.

Example of federalism essay outline


Give a general definition of this term and add some statistics. For instance, when it was first discovered or how many federal countries are in our world. Be specific with this section.


Each paragraph should have a new argument. What to include:

  • This form of administration history.
  • How this system emerged in the US.
  • The most significant theoretics.
  • Constitution's role in forming this government system.
  • What nations use this system nowadays?


  • Summarize everything you pointed out in your previous paragraphs.
  • Outline insights or essential facts to think about.
  • If there are any limitations, you may add them at the end. Also, mention specific fields that can be researched next.  

Federalism Essay Introduction

An introduction to federalism essay is your ticket to a successful paper and studying. This is quite a complicated topic. You need to have a theoretical base for writing about it. But to compose a good intro, focus on catching facts first. 

How to make your first paragraphs looks professional:

  • Use statistical information or interesting historical facts.
  • Start with unknown information about population or territory.
  • Start with a rhetorical question. For instance, ask about the first President of the United States. Or, ask how many federal countries your readers know.

Try to use clear sentences, even if it is too hard in terms of this topic. Start your text with a famous citation that will lead your discussion in a paper. Do not forget to check all samples we have for you.

Example of federalism essay introduction

Federalism is a type of government system in which more than one level of administration is in control of a single bigger jurisdiction under it. Federalism requires a large state to divide into several small states. The national government is in control of the local government, and they are granted sovereign powers to run their internal affairs.

Federalism Essay Body Paragraph

This is the biggest and most significant part of any paper. For example, federalism last paragraph for an essay should have strong arguments to support your thesis.

You need to be clear with your arguments – do not repeat them. Use only unique information and have a logical flow. Looks too hard? But in fact, it is easy to achieve. 

What to remember building argumentation for your paper. Here are some tips:

  • Use reliable sources. Do not read everything you can find on Google. Cite academic articles or reliable journals.
  • One paragraph – one argument. Do not try to put everything into one piece of text. Browse our classification essay examples and see how to share everything into different categories.
  • Use transition sentences. Your text should be easy to read and understand.
  • Check samples we offer for all our users.

Example of federalism essay body paragraph

Currently, health care is a federalism issue. The consistent federal government’s rising influence on the States healthcare policy that hurts the citizens of the state. The federal money pays the largest share of Medicaid and Medicare expansion. This funding subjects the state government to be dependent on the federal government that is in contrast to the governing principles of federalism . Therefore, federal and state government’s laws and regulations are needed to align consumer incentives with the need to fund long-term care adequately in the future. 

Federalism Essay Conclusion

A federalism essay conclusion paragraph is an excellent place for your insights and conversation with readers. You need to summarize your argumentation but only into one or two sentences. It will also be good for essays to connect logically with an introduction section. For example, suppose you cited some theoretics in the first sentence. In that case, you may provide another related citation for the last paragraph. If you started with rhetorical questions, you might underline them more. Make a solid appeal to the central idea of your text. 

The conclusion is a part of a text for your insights making readers think about their insights. 

Still don’t know how to finalize your text? Check the sample below we prepared for you.

Example of federalism essay conclusion

In conclusion, the federal and state governments jointly manage funds through the public employee benefit, Medicaid, and Medicare programs. The collaboration needs to be more efficient and often from the states and federal states policy makers to align their key strategic goals to bring a more reformed health care system.

Federalism Essay: Advantages and Disadvantages

Importance of federalism essay is the ability to test your critical thinking and check how good you are with different terms. You may have a task to write about some pros and cons of this government type. How to make a pro?

  1. Federalism essay topics open you a chance to write about other types of political systems. For example, you may discuss the advantages of this government type as protection from tyranny or autocracy. 
  2. Mention the power of citizen participation in governmental decisions. You can also build your essay on explaining the democracy issues in federal countries. 
  3. Discuss the dispersion of political power. It is definitely one of the biggest prox in this political system.
  4. Look at the advantages of this system from the perspective of citizen needs. What system will be the most fitted for citizen involvement?
  5. Look at the prosperous countries that have another organizational system. Or you may look at cases with an unavoidable division between state and local governments. It can look like there are no disadvantages in the system, but it is not.

And here is the last point in writing essays on federalism. Use free resources that make your writing better and succeed in studying!

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