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Right now you’re probably sitting on your couch and looking for some college essays about cultural identity. We got you. We have all the possible free samples, structures, outlines, and tips you might need to write such an essay on cultural identity. Every single paper that is given as a sample was donated to us by other students. Therefore, we have no doubt that it will match your academic requirements. Are you excited to know more? Then read this guide and check our samples!

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17 Sep 2023

How to Find Your Cultural Identity

Culture refers to the ideas, customs, and social behaviors of a specific group of people or a society as a whole. I belong to the white race, and I am an English speaker. I am a female, and this is how I identify...

Words: 279

Pages: 1

Views: 148

16 Sep 2023

Cultural Identity Paper

Cultural identify can be considered as a person’s sense of self, which is derived from membership in a group, both formal and informal, that instill different elements such as knowledge, traditions, values, and...

Words: 977

Pages: 3

Views: 164

15 Sep 2023

Cultural Identity Icons in America

The American citizenry hails from diverse geographical and cultural backgrounds from all over the world. The diversity has paved the way for unique contributions by the individuals who will always identify with...

Words: 1156

Pages: 4

Views: 171

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The Role of Personal and Cultural Identity in Religiously and Ethnically Motivated Terrorism within the Middle East

It would be easy to argue that the Middle East is an enclave of bad lack form a religious, ethnic and geopolitical perspective. A few centuries ago, the Middle East was the source of light for a world ridden with the...

Words: 5615

Pages: 20

Views: 113

15 Sep 2023

The Five Stages of the Racial/Cultural Identity Development Model

Psychologically and naturally, every human being belongs to a certain culture and race that they become proud to be associated with. In the same breath, every individual has an understanding of own culture....

Words: 842

Pages: 3

Views: 741

14 Sep 2023

Cultural Identity and the Cultural Identities of Others Student

Culture is a characteristic shared by a group of people that incorporates social behavior, language, music, literature, art, place of birth, and religion. Some cultures are widespread, and many individuals...

Words: 844

Pages: 3

Views: 480

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14 Sep 2023

How to Understand and Develop Your Cultural Identity

An outsider may not know the African values and practices. One of them is respect for the senior members of society. Africans believe that older adults, especially men, should be held in high regard since they are...

Words: 330

Pages: 1

Views: 90

The Role of Personal, Social, and Cultural Identity in Religiously and Ethnically Motivated Terrorism Within the Middle East

Introduction The middle East is demographically diverse, with a population of over 400 million people in the countries that are geographically placed in the Middle East. The populace ascribes to different...

Words: 5655

Pages: 20

Views: 189


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What Is a Cultural Identity Essay

First and foremost we need to define cultural identity and what we can do with it in our papers. There is more than one definition of cultural identity essay that students can find online. However, for such papers, you need to balance your personal opinions with the ones you find in academic sources. 

So, we will provide you with a cultural identity definition and examples here. Definition: it is a phenomenon that defines the person according to their mentality and roots. We all belong to different nationalities. It might possess similarities and differences. We are also not defined by the place where we are born but by a country we consider to be our home. 

This kind of essay is usually around five paragraphs long. However, word count and structure will definitely depend on the requirements of your professor. So, be sure to check all requirements before you start writing. 

Cultural Identity Essay Examples

As we mentioned before, these particular examples of cultural identity essay don't have a fixed structure. All technical details will depend on requirements from your professor. Therefore, definitely ask them before writing. 

With that being said, there are a number of things students should know while creating these cultural identity essay samples. Therefore, we have created a brief list that students can use while writing their papers. 

  • Choose a narrow topic and an interesting title.
  • Make proper academic research.
  • Create an appropriate structure for your type of article.
  • Correctly cite proofs and evidence from academic sources.
  • Format your paper.
  • Use academic voice and tone.

If you follow every single item on this list, we can definitely move on. Thus, we will tell you a little bit more about the types of cultural identity college essay examples students can choose for this subject. 

Cultural Identity Reflective Essay

Our favorite type of paper for this topic is a reflective essay on cultural identity. This phenomenon is understood differently by many people. Combining your personal examples and opinions with what students can find in academic sources is your best strategy. 

Reflective cultural identity essay pdf is pretty easy to understand for its purpose. Your main goal here is to reflect on the given phenomena. 

  • What is your personal opinion on it?
  • Do you think you have a specific mentality that differentiates you from other people from other countries?
  • How do you think differences alienate as well as connect people?
  • Do you believe that people should be educated on this topic?

Overall, students can come up with different questions while reflecting on this topic and write "my cultural identity essay example". Browse more than one reflection essay example at StudyBounty and see how others wrote their articles.

Cultural Identity Essay Outline

Before we analyze the introduction, main body, and conclusion, we want to offer you an outline for good essay on cultural identity. Students can view it as a map and create their very own outline with no issues. It can contain evidence, thesis statements, and anything that will help you in writing later. 

Cultural identity outline


  • Introduce readers to your main topic.
  • Give some background analyzing what it means to have a mentality.
  • Finish your introduction with a good thesis statement. Note that your roots can define who you are, but it is always your choice to make.

Main body

  • Give a definition of your phenomenon.
  • Think how differences in mentality and origins can influence our relationships with people.
  • Give an example either from personal life or literature.


  • Restate your thesis once more.
  • Remind readers that you gave them the definition, talked about differences in mentality, and provided them with examples.
  • Conclude that even with all differences you have discussed, we can all live peacefully.

Cultural Identity Essay Introduction

As we promised before, we will analyze each part of our article. Let’s start with a cultural identity introduction paragraph. This part is arguably one of the most important ones. It not only contains our thesis statement but also must attract the attention of your readers.

We always advise you to spend as much time on your introduction as possible. You have a small word count here as any introduction takes only 10% of your overall work. Therefore, each word that you put there must be meaningful. 

In order to succeed, your introduction must have a hook, background, and thesis statement. This is a universal structure that works for the majority of articles out there. The same structure you’ll also see in our samples donated by other students. Take a look at our sample below.

Example of introduction about cultural identity 

The American citizenry hails from diverse geographical and cultural backgrounds from all over the world. The diversity has paved the way for unique contributions by the individuals who will always identify with their origins and lobby for their space in the United States landscape. This essay aims at undertaking an analysis of two individuals with Mexican backgrounds with the aim to highlight how they identify with their ancestry. The study will also dwell on their contribution to the development of the United States. Cesar Chavez and Rodolfo “Corky” Gonzalez will be the focus of the essay whereby their participation and connection to the community will be unearthed.

Cultural Identity Essay Thesis Statement

Cultural identity thesis statement examples are always one of the most interesting parts of any paper. It usually contains of one sentence. It should provide your main argument, points, or other important aspects. Therefore, it definitely should be short, informative, and easy to read. It is also the last statement of your introduction. So, taking your time and writing it will be a huge plus for you. 

Moreover, we do advise having the statement somewhere near you. It is informative not only for your readers but for you as well. Therefore, have it nearby and included in your outline. Trust us, having a thesis statement about cultural identity in front of you saves so much time. 

Thesis statement for cultural identity

Even though each person has different roots and origins, our mentality can shape who we are, yet never be the reason for conflicts with other people.

Cultural Identity Essay Body Paragraph

Now it is time to get to our main body paragraph for essay on cultural identity. It usually takes up to 80% of your overall work. Therefore, unlike with the introduction and conclusion, you actually have some space to prove your arguments. With that being said, you still must calculate what you need to insert into your paragraphs. 

Let us imagine that you have a traditional five-paragraph article. Therefore, your main body will have three distinct paragraphs. Each of the following paragraphs will also have its own pointer proof. However, everything is linked back to your thesis statement we have already discussed.

Where can you get evidence for your research?

  • Scientific journals
  • Scholarly articles
  • Academic materials
  • Books from class
  • Other trustworthy sources, including such magazines and newspapers as New York Times, etc.

Example of cultural identity essay body paragraph

Cesar Chavez hailed from a Mexican-American family and grew up among the farm workers who provided cheap labor in California after his family lost their land in the Great Depression. Chavez strongly identified with the Latino community especially after he had dropped out from school at an early age to serve in the farms. At the workplace, he was vocal in advocating for the rights of the workers (Pawel, 2015). This earned him a high place in the Latino civil rights group in California and later in the whole of the United States.

Cultural Identity Essay Conclusion

Last but not least is our favorite example of conclusion about cultural identity. This is the final part of any paper your readers will see. Therefore, it must be as interesting as your introduction. But we do have to warn you. Students cannot insert new information into their conclusion. Students can only mention what they have said in their previous paragraphs. So, do not use additional evidence, citations, or anything that wasn’t written by you. 

We also advise you to end the conclusion with recommendations or final thoughts. This is what we call a closing statement. Remember that you’re trying to make a final impression. Make your readers think about your paper even after they close it. Therefore, write your conclusion by reminding people that even with so many differences we have, we can still find common ground. It should never influence our relationships with where a person is coming from or from where their family is. 

Cultural identity conclusion example

In conclusion, the Americans of Mexican origin form the minorities in states such as Colorado and California. This has brought about the stereotyping of these minority groups whereby in the past they were subjected to degrading job positions, low pay, and less say in the nation’s political affairs. It is from these settings that there have arisen the various activists that have reminded the people of their rich shared heritage. Cesar Chavez is an excellent example of the forefathers of civil rights activists who fought for the betterment of the lives of Latinos in the state of California before going national. Rodolfo “Corky” Gonzalez, on the other hand, was a political activist who was central in founding the Chicano movement. He expressed the power of the Latino vote by propelling John F. Kennedy to power. 

How to Write a Cultural Identity Essay

We have also prepared a quick step-by-step guide to write a college essay about cultural identity. Of course, we’re gonna leave you with some extra reminders and tips everyone can use. So check it out below!

A step-by-step guide to writing "cultural identity essay about myself":

  1. Check samples. Checking samples online should be your first step. It will give you initial ideas on how to ride, what to talk about and how students can form at it.
  2. Select a topic. We always advise you to choose topics you're personally interested in. With that said, your topic should definitely be academic and narrow. You only have a couple of paragraphs to talk about it. 
  3. Do research. Doing research is a crucial step. Every fact that you mention must be proven using academic sources. Besides, it sounds like you want to lie to your readers. So be careful and thorough with your research. 
  4. Create an outline. Students should never skip outlining. It will save you so much time during the process of actual writing. So before you do anything else, outline your paper.
  5. Write! The easiest yet the most daunting part is sitting down and writing. Leave procrastination for later and finally create your very own article. 
  6. Cite sources, edit and proofread. Citing sources and selecting a format is practically the last step. Usually, professors recommend using APA, MLA, or Chicago format. But check your paper guidelines to know more!

Cultural Identity Essay Topics

You didn’t think we would leave you without some proper cultural identity essay titles, did you? Of course, we have come up with different ideas for an essay about culture. Students can definitely use them for their own essays about cultural identity. So, check possible topics below! 

  1. Does your nationality define who you are? (Consult: an identity essay at StudyBounty.)
  2. Should we judge people according to their families?
  3. Can we get along with people of opposite mentalities?
  4. Why do you think we are so different when it comes to what we believe in and what we like?
  5. Are beliefs inherited or gained?
  6. Beliefs as seen in literature.
  7. Do you think people have become closer or more separate compared to previous centuries?
  8. What does it take for every single person on this planet to get along? 
  9. Do you have personal experience with different beliefs?
  10. Should we learn about different countries and their beliefs at school? 

Don’t forget that these are simple ideas. Students can use them as topics if they get easily inspired by them. We would recommend coming up with your own ideas. But students can combine their personal interests with the ideas presented above. 


FAQ About Cultural Identity Essay

1. Are your cultural identity essay examples free?

Yes! All the samples of this free cultural identity essay you find here are totally free. They were donated to this website by other students, just like you. Therefore, they are written by someone who understands your struggle. Their style is academic and fits your grade. Thus, downloads here are unlimited and students can browse as much as they’d like.

2. How to start a cultural identity essay?

Every cultural identity paper, including this article usually starts with the cell cold hook. This sentence can be a lot of things. We always recommend using either statistics, quotations from famous people, or rhetorical questions. In this case, look out for a quotation from a famous person discussing what it means to them to be connected to their beliefs. 

3. What to cover in a “Why cultural identity is so important” essay?

Students can definitely cover the importance of cultural identity essay. First and foremost, students can mention that every single mentality, country, or belief is beautiful in their own way. Therefore, it is important to recognize that differences are not bad. They simply exist and every single person should appreciate that we all come from different backgrounds. Students should also highlight that beliefs should never be a reason for conflict.

4. Can I submit one of your cultural identity essays?

No. All essays on cultural identity that students can find here were previously donated to us by other students who wrote such articles. Therefore, they were already submitted as their own works. It is always much better to come up with your own ideas and practice. You will still write a lot of articles whether you are in college or high school. Thus, don’t plagiarize as we are sure that students can create excellent papers on their own.


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