Essay Examples on Law

When faced with a legal research paper, students often have difficulty selecting a topic. As a consequence, deadlines are pushed back and a substantial article cannot be prepared. We have various topics for writing a law essay that will impress readers.
14 Sep 2023
Criminal Justice

Criminological Theories: Criminological Theories of Crime

Today, the world is experiencing a wave of violent protests, and in-particular right-wing and Islamist extremism have proved to be challenging for many societies. In the article _Developmental Predictors of Violent...

Words: 911

Pages: 3

Views: 52

14 Sep 2023
Criminal Justice

Intelligence Discussion Paper

Question 1 Law enforcement intelligence is an agency whose responsibility is to collect and organize information on criminal activities and threats to national security with an aim of monitoring possible trends...

Words: 343

Pages: 1

Views: 118

14 Sep 2023
Criminal Justice

The Various Types of Sentencing Structures

The indeterminate sentencing structure is founded on the Medical Model, which has rehabilitation as its primary goal. It has both a minimum and maximum sentencing period. Its underlying principle is that prison will...

Words: 538

Pages: 2

Views: 161

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14 Sep 2023
Criminal Justice

The Nature and Function of Intrapersonal Communication

Intrapersonal communication occurs within the self. This means that the sender of the message is also the receiver of the message and the one who provides feedback. Intrapersonal communication serves to clarify...

Words: 2184

Pages: 8

Views: 123

The Law and Politics of Sexual Orientation

The Baehr v. Lewin was a major controversial case that possessed a potential of sparking a nationwide implication. The Supreme Court held that the three same-sex couples had the right to an evidentiary hearing to...

Words: 328

Pages: 1

Views: 65

Risk Assessment Terms and Definitions

Alternative future analysis is a set of techniques used to analyze or explore different states of the future by comparing different aspects, conditions or key future trends. It is used in risk assessment in that...

Words: 432

Pages: 1

Views: 58

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14 Sep 2023
Criminal Justice

The Different Types of Power and Influence Tactics in Leadership

Many authors have developed different meanings of the term leadership. In the many definitions, however, there are several common aspects which accompany the definitions. Leadership involves guiding, inspiring and...

Words: 1738

Pages: 6

Views: 152

Best Accounting Inc.

Best Accounting Inc. According to the twenty factor analysis by the IRS it is evident that T. J. Moody was more of an independent contractor than an employee of Best Accounting, Inc. This analysis provides at least...

Words: 390

Pages: 1

Views: 452


Assignment types
Academic level

Law Essay Explained

In fact, a law essay is a written work that reveals some legal issue and contains a full-fledged analysis. Personal opinion is allowed in it but based on facts. It is quite a self-contained research paper type that usually has a brief structure. 

In most cases, writing a law essay takes place without dividing your text into sections – in a single article format. It is devoted to a single problem and contains a general description. Also, an essay is used as a scientific paper component, for example, a story about some work carried out as part of writing a dissertation or term paper. 

Any college essay sample can be of different sizes, usually 6 – 7 sheets, in A4 format. But depending on information content, there are shorter or longer papers, everything is limited only by your imagination.

Law Essay Topics

To work through your research at a high level, it is important to choose quality law essay topics. Usually, to do this, it is necessary to analyze a legal field, identify  most important problems, and develop them in writing. It is important to choose a good argumentation and theoretical basis, as well as to prepare examples from real life. 

Of course, topics are different, they concern business law, criminal law, family law, and other aspects. Below we will give interesting research topics from different jurisprudence areas, which will be a worthy basis for study and take into account current problems in this sphere. Or you can also check our essay on criminal justice examples. There you can find any examples that will inspire you.

Business Law Essay Topics

Students who are mastering business law choose business law essay topics that relate to some legal nuances about running and managing companies. Among some promising topics we have identified:

  1. Procedure for detecting fraudulent actions in bankruptcy proceedings. 
  2. Trade secrets in business: legal vs illegal nuances of secrets. 
  3. Legal fight against hunting in relation to prospective employees. 
  4. Piracy and copyright infringement: similarities and differences. 
  5. Manifestations of corruption in business law. 
  6. Employees discrimination by age in modern law. (Take as an example our essay on discrimination.)
  7. Legal consequences of accidents at work for a company-employer. 

Above topics relate to contemporary trends in corporate law that are in demand in an academic field and will definitely be discussed among readers. We also recommend browsing any essay on business at StudyBounty.

Criminal Law Essay Topics

If you are planning to specialize in defending defendants rights charged with criminal offenses, criminal law essay topics will help you understand these nuances from this law section. You can use these topics for independent research: 

  1. Changes in police law after racial scandals.
  2. Methods of defending against cyberbullying and cyberharassment. 
  3. Judicial verdict: aspects of bias and independence.
  4. Modern technologies in the field of criminalistics.
  5. Segregation of female and male crime in American society. 
  6. Law effectiveness in protecting witnesses. 
  7. Unreasonable arrest probability: Absence of photographic or video evidence. 

Often such essays form the basis for further, more serious legal studies, which are used in theoretical scholarly writings.

Law Enforcement Essay Topics

Law enforcement is under special scrutiny because it interacts with the public and is the primary link in the legal sphere. Law enforcement essay topics often deal with problems, so we have chosen some interesting topics: 

  1. Police society: a subculture or a civil rights body? 
  2. Exceeding the detention powers: Legal assessment of the phenomenon. 
  3. Racial biases of police officers. 
  4. Types and patterns of police special operations. 
  5. Legislative safeguards for police officers injured in the line of duty. 
  6. Police brutality on a global scale. (Look at examples of police brutality essays.)
  7. International investigations: Procedure and procedural deficiencies.

Thanks to such works, a scientific community suggests further ways to improve the police and draws attention to significant shortcomings in this system.

Family Law Essay Topics

For many people, family law seems to be the easiest part of jurisprudence, but in fact, it is not. Family law essay topics cover nuances, such as these topics:

  1. Child trafficking in Third World countries. 
  2. Methods of preventing divorce by social instances. 
  3. Rights of homosexual couples when adopting children. 
  4. Family law in Islamic countries: Differences from the American system. 
  5. Methods of finding and adapting neglected children in different states of the United States.
  6. International adoption: Gaps in the current procedure. 
  7. Principles of social workers in families with domestic violence.  

This specified law section is in demand in society because few disputes are solved without lawyers and advocates, so such essays will help to understand these nuances. Browsing essays about sociology can come in handy to write such topics.

International Law Essay Topics

Among future diplomats and politicians, international law essay topics are very much in demand. They deal with aspects of world legal relations and controversial situations, and topics are as follows:

  1. Cooperation of law enforcement agencies of different countries in international space. 
  2. Peculiarities of execution of international legal acts after ratification. 
  3. Territorial disputes of states: Current status and progress of solution. 
  4. Effectiveness of the UN in today's international community. 
  5. Refugees from third-world countries as an instrument of political pressure. 
  6. How communist movements focus on different world countries: The legal aspect. 
  7. Military rape trials in hot spots. 

These are only sample research topics that you can use in their pure form or modify to suit your own views. In the end, all that matters is a level of argument and transparency of your approach to the problem study.

Law School Essay Examples

Usually, a law school essay is small in length, so it focuses on a specific issue that is important at the moment. It is based on legislation and international agreements, and also contains the author's personal attitude and judgment on the issues at hand. 

We constantly post law school essay examples free of charge to help you choose a promising topic. This simplifies the task of writing an independent paper and ensures that your work will be in demand. We monitor trends and know which topics are highly discussed in the legal field.


FAQ About Law Essay Examples

1. Can I use one of these law essay examples in class?

No, all of the law essays we post are created for introductory purposes only and are written by other students. If you use them, the plagiarism check will be positive. Hence the work will be recognized as stolen. But as a visual aid and source of inspiration, you can use our essays without restriction. You can even base it on the authors' statements.

2. How can I write a law essay myself?

Before how to write a law essay, fully formulate the topic and select the main thesis statement to be discussed. Next, select arguments and literature that have the information you need for the paper. Then begin to develop the topic. Refer to your own works or those of authorities. Make the essay illustrative by giving relevant examples.

Write an introduction, the main body, and a conclusion, because this is the structure by which real research is done. Add controversial nuances and statements for discussion, you will need this for future discussions with readers.

3. How can I become better in law essay writing?

The main aspect to consider in law essay writing is content and argumentation because no one will read a paper written using only general phrases based on personal speculation. It is also recommended to make several statements and provide your proofs – this will broaden the scope for debate and make the work more discussable in professional circles. If you are having trouble selecting literature or thesis statements, ask more experienced colleagues for useful advice.

4. Where can I find an example of law school admissions essay?

If you need a law school admissions essay, you can easily find an example in our content library. It's best to choose a non-tough topic for your admissions essay, as more difficult topics may not be feasible. Show your best when writing the essay and don't hesitate to generate fresh ideas with your personal opinion – this way you will show yourself as an independent and creative researcher.


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