Discrimination Essay Examples & Writing Guide

Students in colleges, high schools, and universities often get tasked with short essays on discrimination. In modern realities, this topic is relevant to everyone. Such articles spread the word of acceptance and mutual love. They entitle authors not only to present arguments from studies but to reflect on personal perceptions. Writing a discrimination essay in English is perfect for improving writing skills and conducting ideological propaganda.

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17 Sep 2023

Racial Discrimination in the United States of America

Racial discrimination in the United States of America has a rich history to understand and to read. The racial challenges began with the European settlers who moved into the United States of America. It is the...

Words: 568

Pages: 2

Views: 395

Employment Classification and Discrimination: The scenario of Janice and Dream Massage

The modern workplace is full of a diverse workplace with employees from different backgrounds and works of life. The difference in backgrounds could result in some employers showing discrimination based on an...

Words: 875

Pages: 3

Views: 102

Job Applicant Discrimination

Job Applicant Discrimination Intentional discrimination is increasingly being a matter of concern in the United States of America in the modern world. The law in the country from discrimination in employment has...

Words: 281

Pages: 1

Views: 395

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Health Insurance and Treatment Discrimination

There is a direct relationship between health insurance and treatment discrimination. In my view, lack of medical insurance indeed leads to treatment discrimination. Lack of insurance subjects many patients...

Words: 591

Pages: 2

Views: 183

17 Sep 2023

How to Handle Gender and Race Discrimination in the Workplace

The workplace is affected by various contemporary social problems which continue to impact and influence the behavior and productivity of workers. Social issues affect both employers and employees as they struggle to...

Words: 3881

Pages: 15

Views: 185

Sexual Orientation Prejudice and Discrimination

Sexual Orientation Prejudice and Discrimination Globalization has influenced a lot of change in today’s culture. The introduction of technological advancements such as the Internet and mobile technology that act as...

Words: 960

Pages: 4

Views: 101

The Problem of Discrimination in Tanglewood

An incumbent is an individual holding a particular office or certain responsibilities before an election. A discrepancy between the available workforce and current workforce indicates that there is a shortage...

Words: 296

Pages: 1

Views: 71

16 Sep 2023
Criminal Justice

Dealing with Discrimination against Minority Groups

For a long time in the twentieth century, offenses and punishment for crimes have brought forth some of the most influential symbols of gender, racial and ethnic divide in the United States. Going with history,...

Words: 1002

Pages: 3

Views: 39

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Age Discrimination (Ageism) in the Workplace

Also known as ageism, age discrimination refers to any case of discrimination or stereotyping towards a group or an individual based on their age. It entails harboring negative beliefs and attitudes, acting in an...

Words: 1884

Pages: 7

Views: 250

16 Sep 2023

Good Year and Gender Discrimination

Good Year and Gender Discrimination Introduction Gender discrimination is the initial point that marks the social and economic division that arises as a result of the violation of specific individual rights and...

Words: 1484

Pages: 5

Views: 109


Assignment types
Academic level

What Is a Discrimination Essay

Discrimination definition for students change with time. Additional layers get added making it more complex. Problem grows stronger every day influencing everyone’s life. Students, being young society members, bear the weight of reshaping humankind. The new generation grows in an all-accepting atmosphere, learning to value individual feelings and unique traits.

Essays of this genre require critical thinking and analysis to complete. Writing process heavily relies on the author's knowledge and personal experience. Such academic pieces, taking the subject into account, must be written in a specific way. Message must be conducted correctly, ninja-style. Look at the proposed paper samples below for guidance, helpful tips, and tricks.

Discrimination College Essay

Creating a competent, well-designed college essay about discrimination requires immense writing skills. It engages thinking and analytical processes and improves cognitive skills. Scholarly pieces on unequal behavior often cover essential problematics. They touch on historical aspects, natural behavior of species, and social conditions.

Such sensitive topics always have high expectations and requirements regarding wording, structuring, and narration. This diverse skill set can be obtained only by time-consuming practice. Not every scholar has free time, especially for written paper assignments. There’s an effective way around this.

Studying and copying examples of college essay on discrimination substantially decreases writing time. It effectively improves writing skills and enhances vocabulary. Look below not only for full-size paper samples but for detailed explanations of each element. Our discourse community essay examples may come in handy too. Perfect your articles for free!

Free-For-All Discrimination Essay Examples

Creation of a narrative essay about discrimination starts with a diligent sample examination. Every writer should download some free paper examples and study them in detail. Donated by students, presented discrimination persuasive essay examples have numerous use-cases. Here’s what students can extract from free samples of a personal essay on discrimination:

  • Improved vocabulary

Learn multiple subject-specific vocables. Extensive use of them positively affects the academic correctness of author’s pieces.

  • Deeper problem-understanding

Study various perceptions of the same social issue. Get a wide selection of arguments and reasoning for future use.

  • Structuring, pacing advice

Improve article’s narration and transitioning by copying the sample’s outline. Repurpose paper elements to suit better.

  • New narration tactics

Extract multiple effective methods of message conveying. Build comprehensible, coherent scholarly pieces from scratch.

Discrimination Argumentative Essays

An argumentative essay on discrimination presents reasoning and proves a point to readers. Such pieces are heavily dependent on prior research and effective narration. Students must study various materials regarding this issue and create a strong academic foundation. It is whee any synthesis essay example will come in handy. Argumentative essay topics about discrimination suggest in-depth subject coverage.

Argument presentation must follow a pre-made outline. Each reason has its own place where it shines. Article argumentation must be engineered beforehand. Competent, believable reasoning can’t be done without prior research. Look at proposed examples of argumentative essay about discrimination. Available pieces demonstrate different approaches to argumentation, narration, and structuring. Try copying them – write better academic pieces.

Discrimination Essay Outline

Look below for a sample of essay outline about discrimination. It proposes effective content presentation on par with high readability. Use it as a template for a custom paper outline.

For any essay, an outline is a must-have. If you’re aiming at high scores, written pieces must feature a strong structure. Sturdy outline improves narration and adds a foundation for argumentation. Students must design it with care before writing any text.

Discrimination paper outline


  • Text subject - how to stop prejudice?
  • How is it relevant?
  • Current situation (short)
  • Thesis statement

Body paragraphs

  • Solution #1
  • Supportive data for this approach
  • Solution #2
  • More data to support
  • Additional methods if needed


  • Topic reminder
  • Issue must be resolved!
  • Repetition of thesis statement
  • Which solution is the best?

Discrimination Essay Introduction

The entire introduction to discrimination essay occupies a quarter of text’s size at most. It not only provides background knowledge but also hooks the reader's attention. This section is essential to any high-scoring scholarly sociological paper. Start by topic-statement. Present it in a captivating, engaging way. Then, emphasize the problem's importance and urgency to solve it. Showcase the current situation and methods used to fight such behavior. Finish it off with a strong thesis statement.

Creative, smart, and completely free example of such an intro is presented below. Examine its structure, sentence construction, and used wording. Check how authors managed to grab attention without compromising on readability. Try extracting useful materials and data out of this sample. Implement gained knowledge – create a unique, custom intro. 

Introduction for essay on discrimination

With the full analysis of the impactful negativity that discrimination can have on the society, it is essential to discuss the role that ethical leadership can have on the employee conduct and performance level. Nothing can beat the importance of a motivated team that has integrated into the system of the company’s operations. It is for this reason that one needs to emphasize on the decent top level leadership that will give a sense of direction to the rest of the employees to copy. 

Discrimination Essay Thesis Statement

Almost every student struggles to write a thesis statement on discrimination. This small element presents the article's direction to its readers. It acts simultaneously as a hook and as a reading engagement. Without it, no reader will understand the article's purpose. Writing process requires substantial writing skills, deep topic understanding, and knowing your audience.

To create a competent thesis statement about discrimination, use free samples. Our website offers numerous examples of thesis statements for all kinds of subjects. Almost every possible topic is covered, every detail explained. Browse through them and extract knowledge and advice. Each sample demonstrates a different approach to such statements. Use samples as guidance and templates for personal unique sentences.

Discrimination Essay Body Paragraph

Central paragraph on discrimination provides all the data. No matter the topic, all argumentation, reasoning, description, or discussion is written here. Main body takes up almost all available space. Structuring is important, so follow a previously created outline closely.

Most mentors require 5 paragraph for discrimination essay. Such requirements leave three paragraphs for the body. Three sections allow for detailed, cleverly separated description. Dividing the central part into three smaller ones adds another level of complexity each author must deal with.

To learn data presentation, read proposed free samples. Donated pieces offer various ways to tackle this narration. Look how each paragraph is structured in three-piece body sections. Try copying them where needed adding a personal touch. No direct and thoughtless copy-and-paste, only attentive rewriting.

Discrimination essay body paragraph example

Despite increased incomes and improved housing circumstances, factors such as race, religion, and sexuality might still make people feel disadvantaged. Based on these factors, discriminated subpopulations are denied equality in the access to resources with regards to quality, level and amount compared to members of other groups. This discrimination translates to a limitation with regards the to the accessibility of certain job opportunities, schools or member organizations. 

Discrimination Essay Conclusion

Conclusion paragraph for discrimination essay is the shortest. It provides a satisfactory, informative finale. Structurally it’s similar to an introductory part. Start with reminding the article's topic. Then, add call-to-action. Charge readers with energy and desire to solve this issue.

Later, repeat the thesis statement with slight modifications to it. Summarize whether the article's goal was achieved in full. Answer the main question in the title. Conclusion effectively closes the discussion. After reading, the audience must have food for thought. Keep it short without unnecessary information or endless repetition.

For guidance and advice look at free samples. Study how text summaries are written and what data is mentioned. Apply that knowledge to custom-written pieces. Improve your grades and writing skills with free, detailed samples! 

Conclusion for discrimination essay

With the alarming statistics on the degree of the unethical conducts that occur in many organizations, reports that at least 56% of American employees observe at least one ethical code of conduct. Some of the typical unethical behaviors that happen in many organizations include lying to the management, integrity issues and abuse of internet policies and misuse of the privacy of the company information. Discrimination of many kinds is one of the leading codes of conduct that many organizations and leaders have to contend. It is therefore important to discuss in beautiful details how management and leadership can cure this.

Before writing a certain kind of essay, browse as many examples in this field as possible. Start with Civil Rights Movement summary essays or racism essay at StudyBounty.

Discrimination Essay Titles: Tips and Examples

Need good title for an essay about discrimination? Look below. We’ve made a short list of possible text subjects. Each one may not sound unique, yet each one leaves space for interpretation. Look through these titles for discrimination essays – maybe you’ll find the one!

  1. History of obtaining equal rights for women and men.
  2. How can such behavior be stopped by means of regular people?
  3. Negative stereotypes as a residue of discriminative actions.
  4. Provide examples of inequality from personal experience.
  5. Discuss shifts in public perception of prejudice through time.
  6. Effects of such toxic behavior on people of color.
  7. Are similar actions a result of other society-related problems?
  8. Examine violent acts caused by prejudice in your region.
  9. Intolerance and police brutality – discuss the connection.

We hope these proposed essay titles about discrimination were useful. If none suits your needs, try combining two topics into one. Or just inspire a subject generation and create unique titles from the ground up.


FAQ About Discrimination Essay

1. What to write about in a 'how to stop a discrimination' essay?

All how to end discrimination essay pieces have similar content. A student must analyze various data sources and present effective ways of problem-solving. The paper must include academic data and detailed argumentation. Each solution must be described in a separate paragraph. Keep it informative yet short. Look at free samples for guidance!

2. What are the best discrimination essay topics?

Some discrimination topics for essay were listed above. We consider them interesting and somewhat challenging. However, the best topic is the one the author is interested in. Creative texts can be created only if their author is engaged and involved in the article's subject. Choose one or create a custom, unique title!

3. How do you start a discrimination essay?

The structure of papers on discrimination is simple. The article starts with an introduction. The first paragraph must hook attention and engage in continuous reading. Add facts, and alarming statistics, and describe shocking events. The first paragraph must provide general information without overwhelming readers with data. Look at proposed paper samples – learn new introduction techniques.

4. How can discrimination affect a person's life?

Some essays about discrimination cover negative effects on human lives. If you’re short on ideas, here are some outcomes of such behavior: increased depression, a bigger strain on relationships, and a decrease in mental health. Read proposed paper samples for additional data. Negative consequences are covered excessively by authors. Check them out freely!


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