Endangered Species Essay Examples and Writing Guide

A short essay on endangered species of animals can be a great option to underline your knowledge of the topic. Illustrate your ability to analyze complicated issues and bring personal views to academic papers. StudyBounty offers a set of great examples to help students with this topic. Get new, fresh ideas and be inspired for further research. Check our samples before starting to work with text.

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The Endangered Species Act and the Trump Administration

Introduction The ESA (Endangered Species Act) is a landmark and visionary legislation that was enacted in 1793 and provided the foundation for the protection, restoration, and the enhancement of the United...

Words: 2734

Pages: 10

Views: 165

Protecting Endangered Species from Extinction

Species have existed and naturally gone extinct since the beginning of time. Many people credit the extinction of animals and other species to natural selection and “survival of the fittest.” Although it is a natural...

Words: 527

Pages: 2

Views: 123

Endangered Species: List of Animals & Plants Facing Extinction

White rhinos are an endangered species due to their nearly extinct existence. Only two of the Northern white rhinos exist in Kenya while less nearly 20,000 of southern white rhinos are in the southern countries of...

Words: 317

Pages: 1

Views: 104

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16 Sep 2023

Endangered Species: The role and importance of US Fish and Wildlife Service

Endangered species refers to both organisms and plants that are vulnerable to being extinct. In most cases, species get endangered due to loss of habitat, and genetic variations. A species is considered to be...

Words: 489

Pages: 1

Views: 148

15 Sep 2023

The Ethics of Protecting Endangered Species

The Ethics of Protecting Endangered Species Introduction In the recent past, there have been growing calls for mankind to do more to protect endangered species. While the response has been underwhelming, there are...

Words: 1476

Pages: 5

Views: 229

The Endangered Species Act

An Endangered species act offers a procedure for a preservation of the endangered and threatened animals, plants and the habitats in which they exist. The law was passed by the U.S federal law to enforce state and...

Words: 913

Pages: 3

Views: 426


Assignment types
Academic level

What Is an Endangered Species Essay

Let's start with a definition of essay on endangered species. In this paper, you will write about different categories that had a considerable population before. And now they are defined as endangered. Those species have a risk of extinction in the wild. In your papers, you can describe those animals, plants, or other organisms. Focus on reasons for endangerment and reflect on possible influences on our ecosystem. 

Usually, professors require to write a short essay of 150 words (200 words) or a longer paper of 500 and more. Remember that any article is still a part of an academic program. It means you must have a proper citation and valuable resources for the theoretical framework.

Endangered Species Essay Examples

You may work with argumentative, narrative, or persuasive essay on endangered species. In any case, our samples can help create a qualitative text. Why do we think examples can help to write a good text? First, you will see what structure is the best perspective for this topic. Learn about argumentation to use and research to check. 

StudyBounty has examples of papers that were highly graded. You will find what articles became successful for student assignment submission. Also, you may discover new ideas for your essay. Learn about some animals or plants you did not think of before. It is where a biology essay may come in handy. Find an original approach in the discussion and a unique citation you would like to use.

Endangered Species Essay Outline

A good outline is critical for a successful paper. Let's define how students can structure the intro, body, and conclusion for endangered species essay. 

Introduction — Start with a general paragraph on endangered species. 

  • What are they? 
  • Why is it important to research them? 
  • How can our planet change because of the disappearance of some animals or plants? 

Thesis statement — The main idea of your paper. For example, you can stand on the connection between this issue and global warming. We also have a thesis statement builder at your disposal.

Body — You can create 3-5 paragraphs with argumentation for your thesis. Each paragraph on endangered animals, plants, and organisms has a separate argument.

  • The influence of climate change on species.
  • The rising temperature of the ocean and its affection for the natural world.
  • The effect of melting ice on future animals, plants, or organisms development. 

Conclusion — Summarise all arguments in one sentence. Underline your thesis once more to bring readers insights.

How to Write an Essay on Endangered Species 

We have some simple advice for students struggling with writing assignments. You decided to write about endangered animals and plants but do not know where to start. Here are some steps for better writers:

  1. Research first. When you write about endangered species, you need to be clear with your paper's definitions and theoretical background.
  2. Check samples we offer for free. You may find many ideas and fresh thoughts on your paper after reading the best student samples on our site. 
  3. Create outlines. This is your roadmap for writing essay on endangered species. You may include all the details and arguments for your paper in this plan.
  4. Check requirements. You may have some stylistic or academic requirements. Also, students need to check specific professor notes. 
  5. Have enough time for writing. Do not work in a hurry. Work carefully with citations and facts you operate in your research. 
  6. Proofread. Before submitting assignments, ensure that there are no spelling or grammar mistakes. Be attentive to this process. Ask someone to read your text.

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FAQ About Endangered Species Essays

1. What is a good thesis statement for endangered species essay?

A short essay on endangered animals should have a clear statement. It can be something unique from the newest research, impressive statistics, or facts to elaborate on. In this case, you will have a good foundation for argumentation. Do not use a sophisticated thesis — it will be challenging to work with.

2. What is the short endangered animals essay paragraph?

Endangered animals essays can be long (500+ words) or short (250+ words). One short paragraph is usually 50-70 words. You may expand the paper if it is complicated to mention all argumentation reasoning in 70 words. Be creative — it is a pretty good topic for research.

3. Can I submit one of your endangered species essays?

For a good grade, you need to write unique papers. Use our samples for learning and inspiration. Our essays about endangered species were already submitted by students and published online. It means they are not uncommon, and your professor will find plagiarism.

4. Do you have "How to protect endangered animals" essay?

You can find an essay about endangered animals on our website. Even if you can not find exactly the same topic in our sample base, try to open any paper. Most of them have arguments about protecting animals and plants. They will help you with your task.


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