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17 Sep 2023

Brock's "Voluntary Active Euthanasia"

Euthanasia is the word used to describe the deliberate and conscious decision to end a person's life in order to reduce their suffering. The act is also called mercy killing. The central premise that drives Brock's...

Words: 289

Pages: 1

Views: 144

17 Sep 2023

Euthanasia, Ethics, and Public Policy

Euthanasia is a means of ending life intentionally as a means of alleviating pain and suffering. It dates as early as the history of western philosophy. Key figures such as Seneca elders, Socrates and Plato are among...

Words: 1143

Pages: 4

Views: 64

16 Sep 2023

Euthanasia and Orthodox Judaism

Euthanasia is the intentional ending of life based on compassion grounds. Some people or cultures believe that bringing suffering to an end demonstrates love. However, Orthodox Judaism teaches that life is provided...

Words: 303

Pages: 1

Views: 128

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16 Sep 2023

Why Passive Euthanasia May Be the Best Choice for Terminally Ill Patients

Euthanasia refers to the termination of the sick or ill person’s life in order to relieve them of their suffering. It may be through personal request, medic’s decision, relatives or even the court’s decision. There...

Words: 421

Pages: 1

Views: 82

16 Sep 2023
Criminal Justice

A Recent Euthanasia Case and Its Outcome

The main aim in the practice of medicine and healthcare is to save lives through treating various conditions ailing the members of society. However, patients could be in certain conditions that are incurable or...

Words: 598

Pages: 2

Views: 76

16 Sep 2023

Active and Passive Euthanasia: The Differences

Qn. 1 The ideas in the American Medical Association (AMA) policy distinguish active and passive euthanasia by permitting passive and forbidding active. The AMA prohibits the intentional killing of any human...

Words: 929

Pages: 3

Views: 119

16 Sep 2023

Is It Ethical to Euthanize a Terminally Ill Patient?

Human life is sacred if the teachings of the holy scriptures are anything to go by. The Bible, Quran, and other holy texts teach on the sacredness of life, forbidding any mortal life from taking another. The American...

Words: 310

Pages: 1

Views: 124

16 Sep 2023

Euthanasia: Right to Life vs Right to Die

Euthanasia, also called mercy killing, is an act of intentionally ending the life of a suffering human or animal. The human being must have a terminal illness, be in persistent pain or have an incapacitating physical...

Words: 537

Pages: 2

Views: 99

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Should Euthanasia be legalized in Australia?

Should Euthanasia be legalized in Australia? Euthanasia is a form of assisted suicide with the objective of relieving pain and alleviating suffering incurred by the patient (Chambaere et al., 2015). Like any other...

Words: 819

Pages: 3

Views: 409

Euthanasia: Pros and Cons

Euthanasia, also known as mercy killing , is the termination of the life of a person who has suffered for long. The subject stirred a great debate, with countries having to set up laws on euthanasia. Euthanasia has...

Words: 1064

Pages: 4

Views: 90


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What Is an Euthanasia Essay

Let's start with the broad definition of essay on euthanasia. It is an academic paper that discusses moral and ethical considerations behind death and medical variations of the former. Many people don't want to imagine or even think about death or the end of life. Political analysts and bioethicists grapple with this every day. Media coverage of the cases also pointed to a political and public fascination with death's moral issues.

It'll be your job to propose either personal opinions or summarize other sources. To succeed, you will use evidence from peer-reviewed articles and rhetorical devices to improve your writing. Naturally, we will help you through the process.

Euthanasia Essay Examples

We have the best euthanasia essay in pdf. Don't believe us? We're just getting started. The first step is looking through your requirements and instructions. 

  • Do you know the word count? Is your essay on euthanasia in 250 words?
  • Does your professor have a source in mind?
  • Have you already had a personal opinion on this matter?
  • Have you read through our euthanasia definition essay?

Advances in technology and the healthcare sector have enabled physicians to prolong the lives of their patients beyond the will of nature. However, the issue has sparked a series of reactions that affect people's right to die and to live. Questions were also raised about equitable access to life support services in the healthcare system.

Individuals opposing this act claim that permitting active, voluntary medical involvement will lead to permitting of non-voluntary death. Human lives, according to them, must take precedence no matter the circumstances. They assert that the act of taking the life of an innocent person is considered inherently wrong. In this opinion, life is given by God. So, no one has the right to take it.

Pro Euthanasia Argumentative Essay Example

The first paper you might consider is an argumentative one. It is your job to come up with arguments for euthanasia essay.

Consider the following points when thinking about arguments against euthanasia essays:

  • What are different forms of medical involvement?

Generally speaking, medical participation includes passive and active forms. This can be involuntary if the patient cannot request or voluntary if the patient can request. 

  • How ethical is it?

Recently, the debate on medical commitment has primarily revolved around the ethics of active, voluntary death. However, some analysts also question whether passive medical participation is ethical. Whether it is suitable for doctors to terminate treatment or inject euthanasia depends on moral attitudes.

These questions are only starters. Check out our argumentative essay on euthanasia example to learn even more.

Euthanasia Philosophy Essay

Philosophy essay on euthanasia is our next choice. Philosophy plays a crucial role in our discussion of death and life. Who can determine what people live and die? It is a complicated question. Every single person out there can answer it differently. Besides, there are quite a few definitions of medical involvement issues. Some people may think that it is a mercy killing. It occurs only when a patient is terminally ill. They are injected with lethal medication by doctors to spare the suffering.

What does philosophy think about it? Our philosophy essay example may come in handy. That is up to you to study and decide. Consider whether denying passive death is permissible. Who is in charge of making these decisions? Family or doctors?

Pro Euthanasia Persuasive Essay

Another paper you can write is a persuasive essay on euthanasia. Let's say your professor or your friends have an opposing opinion. For the sake of our example, we can imagine that you are for merciful killing. How would you persuade them that your idea is correct?

The best way to write euthanasia persuasive essay outline is to start with the evidence. Precisely extra resources and statistics will help you convince your audience. Additionally, you can use different rhetorical devices and explicit language. Even though it is an Academic piece, it doesn't mean it should be dry and purely statistical. After all, you are talking about physician-assisted suicide. It is not a topic you can take lightly.

Euthanasia Essay Outline

We couldn't possibly leave you without a proper euthanasia paper outline.


  • Hook: The topic of death is not easy to discuss for numerous people. 
  • Background: A sentence or maybe two about death.
  • Thesis: The paper investigates the ethical side of whether a patient has the right to die through medical involvement.

Main body paragraphs

  • Introductory statement: With technological progress, it is argued that humans no longer define nature. 
  • Main evidence: Don't forget to use extra peer-reviewed resources.
  • Concluding and transitioning sentence: The most crucial threat that needs to be addressed is whether the physicians are ethically allowed to execute their patients' wishes regarding the manner and time of their death.


  • Restated thesis.
  • Summarise everything.
  • Final thoughts: The idea of ending people's lives should be handled with great care, and those supporting medical involvement should understand that killing is unethical.

We hope our euthanasia argumentative essay outline helps you in writing. As an example, you can take our capital punishment essay.

Euthanasia Essay Introduction

We’ll also go through all essential paper parts, starting with against euthanasia essay introduction. This is the first part of any paper. It will discuss your main points and give enough background for readers to understand the topic.

An introduction can contain your personal opinion. You can immediately mention whether you support or deny that medical involvement should be legal. You can also define the borders of your research.

  • Did you focus on a specific group?
  • Are you taking an ethical, medical, legal, or philosophical perspective?
  • Do you support this medical involvement?
  • Why do you think some family members agree to this?
  • Even though it is hard to imagine, what would you have done? 

These are some questions to get you started. You don't have to talk about every single detail right in your introduction. Several sentences will be enough.

Introduction on euthanasia essay example

Euthanasia can be defined as the act of deliberate killing or permitting the death of seriously and hopelessly sick or injured individuals who may include persons or domestic animals in an agreed upon and relatively painless way due to mercy reasons. The procedure occurs to relieve the extremely sick patients of their suffering. An individual who undergoes the procedure usually has an incurable condition although there could be other situations where some people due to some reasons want their life to end. Often, it is carried out after the person has made a request, but there are also situations in which they could be too ill. Thus, the decision rests squarely in the hands of the person’s relatives, medical practitioners or, in some situations through legal action or euthanasia’s administration occurs in several forms of which each accompanies a different set of rights and wrongs.

Euthanasia Essay Thesis Statement

The most important part of any paper is an example of euthanasia thesis statement. It is the last sentence of your introduction. It will summarize the main point of your paper and tell your readers straight away what your opinion is.

It is not the easiest job to nail a thesis statement. You have to be concise and clear yet leave some room for surprises. Therefore, you should find a balance between giving too much information and not enough data.


There is a certain difference between allowing a patient to die through withdrawing life-support and other forms of medical involvement as the first one is hardly considered killing, bringing us to ethical controversies.

We established that we would talk about medical death and assisted suicide. We also mention that we will consider an ethical perspective.

Euthanasia Essay Body Paragraph

Once you have finished the introduction and thesis, you can collect evidence for body paragraph ideas for euthanasia essay. This body paragraph's content will mostly depend on your thesis and perspective. You can talk about philosophy or ethics. You can also mention legal precautions.

  • Do governments support this idea?
  • What are other possible consequences or benefits?
  • How do family members deal with the issue?
  • Is it legal in the US? In what states, apart from Oregon?
  • What are possible guidelines and criteria?

You cannot answer these questions without getting proper evidence. Therefore, prior research is crucial to completing a compelling and understandable piece. Besides, all statistics can be included in your outline.

Be aware of different formats. Papers utilize MLA, Chicago, APA, and other forms. Citations will differ depending on your choice. If your teacher doesn’t give you more information, ask them. Often MLA is used for humanitarian science, while APA is more fitting for more complex subjects. Asking educators is still your best bet. 

Euthanasia essay body paragraph example

The two primary forms of euthanasia are active and passive euthanasia. In active euthanasia, an individual directly and out of deliberation causes the patient's death whereas, in passive euthanasia, the people do not directly make contributions in taking the patient’s life; they only allow them to die. This is, though, a distinction that does not justify and satisfy the moral questions in human nature since even if one doesn't 'actively kill' the patient, they are very aware and informed that the result of them not taking action will be the death of the patient. Death in active euthanasia is brought about by an action that one commits for example when a person kills another by giving them an overdose of painkillers. On the other hand, passive euthanasia is when the death of an individual occurs as a result of an omission/not taking action, i.e. when someone lets the person die. This can be achieved through withdrawing or withholding all forms of treatment initially administered to the patient and measures like switching off a life supporting machine that is keeping a person alive for them to die of their disease, not carrying out any surgery that will extend life for some period.

Pro Euthanasia Essay Conclusion

Crème de la crème of any paper is its conclusion. To write a good essay conclusion on euthanasia, you must first complete body paragraphs and an introduction. Compared to other parts, a conclusion will not seem that complicated. It is quite similar to an introduction that you have already written. Your main job here is to summarize all crucial points. You're against euthanasia essay conclusion can start with paraphrased thesis statement. After that, you can go through each point you have made, making sure your readers remember. For example, you can mention that active medical involvement supporters justify the act by basing their arguments on a person's autonomy. At the same time, those who vote against medical involvement utilize nonmaleficence standards.

Example of conclusion for euthanasia essay

In most countries, Euthanasia is illegal though doctors sometimes do carry it out even where it is considered illegal for example it is illegal in Britain. Killing another person deliberately is considered murder or manslaughter, even if the other person asks you to do so and the offense attracts 14 years in imprisonment penalty. It is very essential that before deciding to take such a step dealing with life and death matters to make ethical and legal considerations to avoid severe consequences.

How to Write an Euthanasia Paper

You can continue writing papers on euthanasia on your own. But before you do that, here is a step-by-step guide that will allow you to choose euthanasia topics for essay and get an A.

  1. Check out our examples. They will guide you through a basic structure and academic tone. Browse various ethics essays examples in our library.
  2. Come up with euthanasia essay title ideas. They should be narrow enough, depending on your word count and class.
  3. Research. Find all evidence you need and include them in your outline.
  4. Outline. Once you have all ideas and data, complete an outline using short sentences.
  5. Write. It is the hardest and the easiest part. Don't forget to use rhetorical devices, especially for persuasive papers.
  6. Proofread and edit. It might be challenging to edit your paper, but it is worth it.

FAQ About Euthanasia Essays

1. Are your euthanasia essays free?

Yes! Our free euthanasia essays don't have any fees. Other learners previously donated them. Since they got good marks, they offered their papers as educational material. They are free, and you can download as many of them as you'd like. There is no registration, fees, or commitments.

2. How do you write "Why is Euthanasia Good" argumentative essay?

An argumentative essay about euthanasia can be quite interesting. To write it, you have to come up with your argument. Are you against medical involvement? Do you support it? Should it be legal? Should people allow their loved ones to consider it? By answering these questions, you can find a good argument. Don't forget to support it using different resources and plenty of evidence.

3. What is a good thesis statement for euthanasia essay?

All excellent essays about euthanasia will have a good thesis statement. It should establish your personal opinion on this topic. Here's an example: Whether a patient is allowed to die through active voluntary medical involvement or non-voluntary passive death is considered unethical. Naturally, it will depend on your topic and paper type.

4. What is the main idea of euthanasia essay?

All essays against euthanasia try to establish the former's possible legal and ethical consequences. The main idea might be different. You can persuade your readers that it can be a relatively merciful death. If a person is dying because of cancer, they might want to experience less pain. On the other hand, it is a medical suicide. How legal and ethical is that? It is up to you to study and decide.


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