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Autism Myths: Debunking the Misconceptions

The patient portal is a 24-hour internet application that the patients use to access their personal health information. The first patient’s website was established in 1998 but the patient portal was rolled out in...

Words: 1480

Pages: 5

Views: 155

Adaptive Behavior in Youth with Autism

The research question is how flexibility can help youth with an autism spectrum disorder to adapt accordingly and enhance their quality of life. It is an exciting focus given that individuals with autism are...

Words: 258

Pages: 1

Views: 462

Radiology Patient Care for Patients with Autism

Patient care is one critical aspect of the health sector. Some patients need to have a feeling of belonging whereby the healthcare workers show the necessary support both physically and emotionally as well as...

Words: 1457

Pages: 5

Views: 68

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17 Sep 2023

Telehealth Platforms and Children with Autism

Telehealth is the use of technology to educate and treat conditions related to health (Ferguson et al. 2018). Telehealth emerged as a result of innovation and expansion of the information technology industry....

Words: 1500

Pages: 5

Views: 340

Implementation of Pets in the Autism Treatment in Children

Implementation of Pets in the Treatment of Autism in Children The issue of autism is one that has crippled many spheres of life for many. The children affected with the autism condition are known to belong to...

Words: 1364

Pages: 5

Views: 64

17 Sep 2023

Operant Conditioning Improves Autism in Children

Operant conditioning occurs through rewards and punishments for behavior. It is through this that an individual makes an association between a specific behavior and the results. This paper focuses on the effect of...

Words: 1665

Pages: 6

Views: 175

17 Sep 2023

Planning and Assessment of Students with Autism

Planning and Assessment of Students with Autism Introduction Autism is a personality disorder which causes a person to form repetitive behavior patterns which also impairs their social interaction at the...

Words: 1503

Pages: 5

Views: 61

16 Sep 2023

The critique of Wakefield's study on immunization and Autism

Wrong Variables or Approaches The Wakefield study had a number of concerns in terms of the approaches used to carry out the randomized controlled trial. It is evident that the researchers did not take into...

Words: 554

Pages: 2

Views: 136

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16 Sep 2023

Autism: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments

Introduction Autonomy is an important value in medical ethics. Patients have a right to make decisions regarding the medical care they receive without being influenced by health care providers. Patient autonomy...

Words: 2282

Pages: 10

Views: 79

16 Sep 2023

Autism: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Qn. 1 Autism rates among school children continue to raise, 1 child in 59 children being diagnosed with the disorder. In an account of 11 communities across the country, about 1 in 59 children aged 8 years old...

Words: 610

Pages: 2

Views: 80


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What Is an Autism Essay

Let’s first figure out the definition of autism essay. Usually, this type of paper is full of statistics. However, it's always going back to old tropes. They focus on the growing autism problem, socially awkward people on the autistic spectrum as well as the famous neurodiverse celebrities who have neurological ESP. 

An academic work about Aspergers includes a variety of characteristics. One of them is that it is often written in the third person. This kind of paper must be unique unless it is about a heavily researched topic. However, it must be distinctive enough to attract viewers' focus to the subject. An essay on Aspergers should be able to explain the effects autism has on the person. It is important to show how this syndrome has contributed to the lives of people on this spectrum.

An autism-related paper is typically one that blames genetics, vaccinations, and too much television watching. It also blames airborne pollutants Gluten, casein, and artificial sweeteners. It all depends on your own point of view and the sources you research.

Autism Essay Examples & Samples in PDF

Do you need some good student essays about autism? If yes, then you've come to the right place. StudyBounty offers you a huge variety of essay samples on this topic. They are properly formatted and structured. All of them are in pdf format, so you could easily download them. This will ensure that you have no problem checking out our examples both online and offline.

Moreover, you can have all our autism essays for free! You don’t have to pay a dime if you must browse through our sample library. It doesn’t have a trial run. So, our papers are available for you whenever you need them. Also, you shouldn’t register a new account. Just filter through your much-needed topic, and Bob’s your uncle.

Autism Argumentative Essay

Almost every argumentative essay about autism is based on traditional facts and myths. They include the prevalence of autism, students with intellectual disabilities, autistic parents or celebrities, and autistic socially inept people. Although these topics are fine, they are often unable to acknowledge the impact of social influences on the limit of autistic students' capabilities. This doesn’t mean that choosing autism argumentative essay topics isn't hard.

  • Take your audience into consideration. Think about the message you wish to convey, and how you can convey it. So, your audience would want to research your topic further.
  • Consider addressing the discrimination against people on the neurological spectrum. It's important to acknowledge any opposing viewpoints and parallel their arguments. Make sure to select the evidence you use carefully. It's not a great idea to write your essay to promote only your viewpoint.

When writing an argumentative paper, keep in mind that your goal is to bring up both sides of an argument. Remember to include your own point of view. Add a counter-argument, figures, and statistics as well as a compelling conclusion. You can write this type of essay from many perspectives including parental, psychological, and social. Look through various examples of argumentative essays and see how other students cope with this task.

Autism Persuasive Essay

A persuasive essay about autism is a type of academic paper that you write using any argument in order to persuade your audience to accept your viewpoint. You are able to write about anything, including whether vaccines cause Aspergers. Although this is considered pretty cringy for a serious paper. The essay must include a strong thesis statement, facts, and statistics. Remember that you can mention a personal experience as proof in your paper. Our reflective essay examples will come in handy if you have never used such a skill. Use other types of studies to back up your viewpoint.

First, you should start with choosing one from many autism persuasive essay topics. Here are some suggestions:

  • Neurological spectrum is made up of five main development disorders.
  • Aspergers impacts social interaction with language, communication as well as motor abilities. 
  • Autism affects brain development and impacts the level of living. 

To deal with such kind of essay better, study our persuasive essay examples you can find in our database.

Autism Essay Outline

Before you start writing your proper paper, it’s a good idea to write an essay outline example about autism. It will help you to organize your own thoughts. Map out what arguments and when you are going present in your work. Here you can add different counter-arguments and see if they work. Creating an outline is a great idea when you need to add more information after more thorough research.

Take a look at the outline template below.

Informative essay outline about autism


  • Hook

Grab your audience's attention by retelling a story (personal or not) using a quote, etc.

  • Thesis statement

Aspergers is a disorder that starts early in childhood and stays until adulthood.

Body Paragraph #1

  • What is autism?
  • When was it first diagnosed?
  • Who were the first patients?

Body Paragraph #2

  • What does it affect?
  • How does it affect a person's life?


  • Restatement of the thesis.
  • Closing sentence.

Hint: Do not have any ideas about how your title page should look? We have this magic APA title page generator at your disposal.

Autism Essay Introduction

An introduction of autism essay is a work of art itself. You have to be clear enough to deliver your point concerning a topic you’re about to discuss. At the same time, be gentle and considerate enough so you won’t be perceived as offensive. After all, many people and papers echo the stereotypes of autistic individuals' inability to learn or achieve any goal. They often don't depict people on the neurological spectrum as real individuals. It's quite unfortunate. So, be respectful in your introductory paragraph.

Your introduction should include an attention grabber that will interest your audience from the first glance. Also, don’t forget about a strong thesis statement that will be the backbone of your entire paper. 

Take a look at an example we prepared for you. 

Example of essay introduction on autism

It is quite ironic that despite the severity of autism, there is still a widespread relative lack of understanding of its causes. According to professionals who work in the field of developmental disorders, there are increasing numbers of children with autism, with recent studies showing upward trends in the disorder. Nevertheless, there is still no single cause that is pointed towards autism. Rather, the idea that the condition is caused by abnormalities in either the brain function or structure is unanimously accepted. Thus, although researchers do not know the precise causal factor of autism, they stick to and investigate its association with genetics, heredity, and environmental and medical problems as the causes of the mentioned condition.

Autism Essay Body Paragraph

When you think about writing an academic paper, the best idea is to write a five paragraph essay on autism. This is considered to be classic. It will have a 3-paragraph body that can be easy to outline.

The body's first paragraph in a 5 paragraph essay about autism can be an explanation of different types of autism. Depending on the type of your paper, you can discuss societal discrimination that parents of autistic children frequently face. Once again remember how people love to blame the occurrence of Aspergers on vaccination. Your body paragraph can vary from simply informing your audience if this is an informative easy. Have strong arguments and counter-arguments that highlight the topic from every angle.

Here we prepared a good sample.

Autism essay body paragraph example

One of the major causes of autism is genetics (Chaste & Leboyer, 2012). Research based on this factor shows that there is indeed the potential of a very strong contribution of genetics to autism. There are multiple genes which appear to contribute to autism. However, they have not as of yet been identified. In addition, autism is said to be hereditary, considering the findings which showed that there were increased cases of autism in sisters and brothers of children who have autism. Several families showcase a pattern of autism, hence supporting the theory that the disorder has a genetic basis. Research highlights the importance of genetic factors in autism but there are no final answers on the topic especially since it is not very clear what exactly is inherited in autism. The mode of transmission in autism does not follow a recognizable pattern, making the genetics of the disorder very complex.

Autism Essay Conclusion

When writing an academic paper, a conclusion about autism essay will determine whether your whole work is going to be memorable or not. Start your ending part with a restatement of your main idea. It is a thesis statement that you wrote in the introductory paragraph. But don’t rewrite it word for word. Your conclusion must be a coherent sum-up of the main points of your entire paper.

One important thing is that you shouldn’t include any new information in this paragraph. If there is anything, add it to your main part.

Conclusion of essay about autism example

In conclusion, it is clear that the three most common causes of autism include genetics, medical conditions, and environmental factors. It is important to note these causes, together with other possible causes of autism in order to create awareness of the disorder. Moreover, some of these causes can be avoided, thus it is essential to be aware of the causes of autism which pose a risk that can be easily mitigated such as those in the category of environmental factors. Equipping oneself with knowledge from research on autism is a tool in preventing autism and knowing how to deal with children having the condition. Therefore, the least we can do as individuals is to take time out to learn about the disorder.

How to Write an Essay on Autism

There's a wealth of knowledge about autism and the symptoms it causes. So, it is difficult to know what to write in an essay on autism spectrum disorder. Here are some suggestions:

  • Conduct thorough research

Scientific articles are a great way to start. You can conduct interviews with people with this disorder. Please, be polite and considerate of them.

  • Choose a point of view that will be discussed

Aspergers is a multifaceted neurological disorder that impacts behavioral, social, and communicative skills. So, you can choose among those. For example, you can write about difficulties in social communication. What about reduced enthusiasm for social interaction? Consider the issue of the inability to react in a timely manner to social interactions as well.

  • Consider your audience

For example, if they’re against you, you can try and persuade them to share your point of view.

  • Create an outline

As we stated before, it can help you immensely during your writing process.

If you can’t imagine yet how your future paper will look, check out free medical essay on autism. They can be a great help as well as a huge inspiration boost for your writing.

Autism Essay Topics in English

The topic of Aspergers is vast enough, that choosing an original one among all the titles for autism essays is pretty hard. They can cover subjects from the history of the disorder, and its impacts on people from different societies. It’s a good idea to choose a few topics. Then, you are able to pick the best one among them. This way, you’ll brainstorm more ideas that you’ll use in your final paper.

Take a look at these autism essay titles we’ve collected for you:

  1. The symptoms and characteristics of Aspergers.
  2. The history and discovery of the neurological spectrum.
  3. A list of resources used for research on autism.
  4. Is there a link between MMR vaccination and Aspergers?
  5. Perceiving, treating, and coping with the neurological disorder.
  6. Study on Aspergers: Diagnosis, conventional and alternative treatment to the complex disorder.
  7. Aspergers in children.
  8. Sensation and perception: Neurological disorder.
  9. Reflections on the theory of mind and autism.
  10. Temple Grandin: A woman with autism who has made a change.

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FAQ About Autism Essays

1. Are your autism essay examples free?

Yes, StudyBounty has only free essay on autism! You won’t have to pay anything for an “after trial run”, because we just don’t have one. You also aren’t required to register a new account. You can browse through our samples whenever you want and as long as you need. You can also download our template papers to read them offline.

2. Can I submit one of your paper about autism?

No, each paper on autism we have isn’t available for you to submit as your own. First of all, it’s already posted on the internet, which automatically makes it 100% plagiarized. Second, it was submitted to StudyBounty by your fellow student. We advise you to be considerate of others' hard work.

3. How to start an autism essay?

There are a few ways to start autism essay, but we suggest that you create an outline first. So, it’ll be possible to organize your paper later. Then, grab your reader’s attention with an interesting hook (this could be a small story or a quote) and make a strong thesis statement that will be the backbone of your entire paper.

4. What are the advantages of the autism essay?

There are some advantages to an essay about autism. The most important of them is that with your paper you can raise awareness of this topic and emphasize its relevance. You can learn to be more empathetic if you sympathize with people with this disorder or show them your support if you are one.


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