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Looking for great essays on Frankenstein by Mary Shelley? Stuck with your own writing assignment and need some inspiration? We’ve got your back! Lots of essays about Frankenstein are available here. You will also find some helpful tips and how-to’s here on writing a top-notch essay about this book. All information and supporting materials published here are totally free to read and use as your reference. We are a team of former students, happy to help our fellows struggling with deadlines.

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16 Sep 2023

Frankenstein: The Definitive Guide

Though conceived out of noble intentions, the creature Victor Frankenstein creates ends up being disastrous. Victor is frustrated by the loss of his mother, which makes him dive in experiments to eradicate death. “I...

Words: 583

Pages: 2

Views: 112

16 Sep 2023

Frankenstein Volume 2: analysing a creature's personality

“ I thank you and accept your generous offer. You raise me from the dust by this kindness; and I trust that, by your aid, I shall not be driven from the society and sympathy of your fellow creatures”(p160). The...

Words: 323

Pages: 1

Views: 100

16 Sep 2023

Frankenstein Volume 1: Victor's desires, thought processes and personal traits

“ And when, on the morrow, she presented Elizabeth to me as her promised gift, I, with childish seriousness, interpreted her words literally and looked upon Elizabeth as mine-mine to protect, love and cherish. All...

Words: 325

Pages: 1

Views: 106

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15 Sep 2023

Gothic Elements in Mary Shelley's “Frankenstein”

The Gothic horror novels are a literary genre that came to be highly accepted in Britain during the 18th century. Such styles are known for their unique way of dealing with events that tend to question the way people...

Words: 832

Pages: 3

Views: 173

The Prison Industrial Complex and Policing

Running Head: RACE, CLASS, AND INCARCERATION 1 Race, Class, and Incarceration Introduction The criminal justice system provides a sense of security by ensuring fairness. However, research and the statistics...

Words: 995

Pages: 5

Views: 136

14 Sep 2023

The analysis of "Frankenstein" by Mary Shelley

Frankenstein or the Modern Prometheus is a renowned novel done by Mary Shelley. It was finished on May 1817 at the time Mary was celebrating her nineteenth birthday. The novel was done while Mary and her husband...

Words: 1039

Pages: 4

Views: 155

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14 Sep 2023

The autobiographical nature of Shelley’s novel "Frankenstein"

The novel has experienced and continues to experience increasing readership due to its rather engrossing nature. In the novel, Shelley introduces her readers to Victor Frankenstein, a scientist, whose uncontrolled...

Words: 1022

Pages: 4

Views: 139

14 Sep 2023

Frankenstein and Jurassic Park Genetics

Theme in Frankenstein 1931 Movie The movie presents a technology theme and the disasters that technology can create. A scientist, Dr. Henry, obsessed with science creates an artificial life through the help of...

Words: 1512

Pages: 6

Views: 426


Assignment types
Academic level

What Is a Frankenstein Essay

Let’s start with the definition of Frankenstein essay. It should talk about the famous novel written at the beginning of the 19th century by British writer Mary Shelley. This masterpiece has reached huge popularity all over the world. It influenced global culture significantly. So, there is a lot to write about it.

You can inspect this novel’s plot from many different angles. Such important problems as solitude, unanswered love, and creator vs his creation are addressed in it. Questions about morality, society’s laws, women’s rights, or even what makes one a human being can be discussed in the context of this novel.

Frankenstein Essay Examples by StudyBounty

Looking for some example essays on Frankenstein? We’ve got plenty for you! All samples you can find here are absolutely free of charge. You can browse them, read them online or download selected Frankenstein essay pdf. Feel free to use them as inspiration, food for thought, or reference material. You can copy their style and structure for your own work. Finally, just borrow some ideas or useful sources from them. However, make sure you don’t copy directly any part of such text. Only 100% of original papers are to be submitted for essay writing assignments.

Our example selection is available below. It has been divided into several categories for your convenience.

Frankenstein Argumentative Essay

One of the most popular school assignments related to this novel is writing an argumentative essay about Frankenstein. Given its notable cultural influence, you can come up with many controversial questions related to its plot or its context.

Frankenstein argumentative essay topics may include the following problems:

  • Who is the real monster: Victor or its creation?
  • As a sentient being, does the monster have the right to live a happy life?
  • Should there be certain limits to scientific experiments?
  • Why is ‘Frankenstein’ an accurate allegory of contemporary society’s flaws? 

Our examples of argumentative essay on Frankenstein is available below. Pay close attention to its style and argumentation. You might find something to reuse and create your own topic.

Frankenstein Literary Analysis Essay

Literary analysis essay on Frankenstein is another assignment you are likely to come across especially if you are majoring in Humanities or Arts. As a notable representative of the world’s classic literature, this novel provides enough material for a thorough examination. You can select some of the following directions of your analysis:

  • Origins of the modern science fiction genre in Mary Shelley’s masterpiece.
  • Figure of a fanatic scientist, free from moral limitations.
  • Genius’ loneliness and its consequences.
  • Main character and his place in European Romanticism.
  • How newborn life can become evil because of unfortunate circumstances?
  • This book as an example of the gothic tradition.
  • Religious motives in Mary Shelley’s book, etc.

Below you can find an example of a literary analysis of Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. This real school paper may be helpful if you seek inspiration for your own work. Check and analyze essay samples as many as possible.

Frankenstein Critical Analysis Essay

Need to write a critical analysis essay on Frankenstein? Looking for good examples or for some inspiration? We’ve got some quality material for you!

Critical essays on Frankenstein are another popular type of college and university assignment. This book provides enough material for detailed examination due to its numerous connections and allusions to prominent literary works of that period. You can choose some of the following aspects for your critique of it:

  • Historical
  • Philosophical
  • Social
  • Religious,
  • Nature, etc.

Need a philosophy essay example? Find and study it in our library. An example of Frankenstein summary essay is available below. Feel free to read it online or download it in pdf format. Each critical analysis paper example was written by a former student and may contain some interesting ideas for you to borrow.

Frankenstein Essay Outline

Outline for essay on Mary Shelley's Frankenstein is an excellent first step toward completing your paper. Once you have completed its shortened structure, finding and correcting any grave mistakes would be much easier before you proceed with writing the full text.

Our example of Frankenstein essay outline addresses the following general topic: “Crucial role of morality in science as shown in this book”. Here’s how it can be done:

Draft an introduction and provide your thesis statement. It should be a full sentence. 

E.g. claim that fruitful progress in science is impossible without a strong moral compass.

  • Briefly mention key plotlines of the novel which are related to this problem.

Sketch 3+ paragraphs of the main part keeping them concise. Do some additional research and shape your argumentation at this stage.

  • Place each of your arguments in a separate paragraph.
  • Keep at least a paragraph to address possible counterarguments.

Provide a few phrases for your future conclusion. Briefly restate your claim summarizing your argumentation but not repeating it.

Frankenstein Essay Introduction

Now, let’s discuss how you should write your introduction paragraph for Frankenstein essay.

First of all, you must carefully choose your topic and plan your essay through. After you are done with your outline, follow these steps:

  1. Create a concise but impressive thesis statement. We’ll discuss it in more detail below.
  2. Reword your brief explanations about this problem’s context adding more details wherever needed. Your audience should clearly understand that the morality problem is one of the cores of this book’s elements.
  3. Keep it brief and avoid extra wordy sentences. Keep all your argumentation and other supporting information until the main body part.

Our sample is available below. You can reuse its structure for your own paper.

Example of introduction to Frankenstein essay

Mary Shelly explores various significant themes in her Frankenstein Novel. The author presents her ideas through life occurrences, different characters, and the actions. Most of the topics present controversial issues and the author’s thoughts on them. Her work concerns the use of knowledge for the purpose of good and evil, technological invasions in modern life, natural restorative powers in the face of strange happenings, and the position and status of the uneducated and unprivileged in society. Although she addresses most of the concerns in her work, some questions are unanswered. For example, how a man can learn and advance in education without jeopardizing his humanity and other people’s welfare. The essay seeks to analyze the development of science and powers of nature themes in the Frankenstein Novel and show how the issues interact and build on each other.

Frankenstein Essay Thesis Statement

When shaping your thesis statement for Frankenstein essay, examine some strongest scenes that Mary Shelley uses for illustrating her message. Focus on logical connections as well as on emotional layers that would influence your audience. This would help you shape a strong thesis.

Here’s an example:

Reviving life without any regard to consequences may result in greater loss of lives, as shown in Frankenstein.

It is claimed that morality should never be overlooked when experimenting. Describing Victor’s suffering and guilt after losing his loved ones would support this claim.

Please check out our other examples available on this page for more Frankenstein essay thesis ideas.

Frankenstein Essay Body Paragraph

When writing a standard 5 paragraph essay on Frankenstein, you are expected to use 3 of these 5 paragraphs for the main body part. Leave the other 2 for your introduction and conclusion.

This is what your main part should contain:

  • All necessary explanations or argumentation together with additional supporting information. This includes valid data or evidence for your claims and assumptions. You might need additional research for preparing proper quotes from the novel. You can also use additional sources such as literary critique articles about this book.
  • Each paragraph should contain a certain major argument or address some major layer of your problem. But all of your paragraphs should be logically connected with each other.
  • Make sure your essay body is properly formatted since you’ll be using many quotes in it.

Check out our sample below and you’ll see how it should be done.

Example of Frankenstein essay body paragraph

Victor Frankenstein learns about his scientific might, before, during and after his University education.  Before he enrolled at the University, Victor concentrated on the traditional alchemy art that was discredited at the time Shelly was writing her novel. Alchemy, as an old type of chemistry learned in the middle ages was associated with magic and philosophy. The core aim of Alchemy was to transform metal into gold and realize the eternal youth elixir. At the University, he learns new knowledge that is grounded in modern science. Nevertheless, the combination of the ancient and new science drives Victor to doom. Science is one of the themes in Shelly’s novel. “How can a man harness his knowledge to be beneficial to humanity rather that destroying human existence?” Shelly does not give an answer to this question, and she is not sure on the use and abuse of technology. The re-animation of the dead is an important thing to revive the dead; however, what responsibility must people exercise once the dead are resurrected? This is a complicated question. Therefore, we are thrown into a dilemma; “how far a person can go in raising the dead without causing harm to the living?” Shelly concludes that a man cannot handle both states (God-like and Creator status) without problems.

Frankenstein Essay Conclusion

Now, it’s time to discuss your conclusion paragraph for Frankenstein essay. 

Remember that it should match the level of your entire work. Here are some guidelines for writing a conclusion for an essay about Frankenstein:

  • Summarize all important information provided in your essay without repeating it. Your conclusion must be strong but brief.
  • No reference material should be in this section. But you can make some parallels with other famous books addressing similar problems.
  • Try adding some captivating comments about your claim. It may leave a lasting impression on your reader.

A sample is available below. Feel free to borrow some ideas from it!

Example of Frankenstein essay conclusion

In conclusion, the novel shows a strong connection and battle between nature and science – the natural and the unnatural worlds. Victor’s creation depicts the unnatural or science. The creation of the monster by Frankenstein puts nature in an imbalanced state that sees the eventual doom of Victor and his family. Besides, Victor's loss in the nature vs. science battle is conveyed to be a warning for Walton who probes very dangerously close to nature's secrets discovery.

How to Write an Essay on Frankenstein

Stuck at the beginning? Need urgent help with writing Frankenstein essay? Here’s our quick step-by-step guide for you.

  1. Make your time. It is crucial to concentrate and plan your writing process. It is where our scheduling calculator will come in handy.
  2. Brainstorm ideas and choose your topic carefully. Do some preliminary research. E.g. read some critical literature about this book or gothic tradition in general.
  3. Formulate it properly. Make your thesis statement strong. There are many essays written about Frankenstein, so it would be great to make yours outstanding.
  4. Start with outline. Sketch your essay first. Then evaluate how concise it would be. Issues can be quickly spotted and corrected at this stage. Just make sure to review your completed outline at least twice.
  5. Conduct your main research. Collect all necessary quotes from the book and see if there are enough. Involve additional sources which may include both critiques of this book and other novels on similar subjects.
  6. Complete your full essay. Follow our guidelines provided in the previous sections. Make your outline become a full text. Use proper vocabulary and don’t forget about grammar.
  7. Review your essay. If possible, do it several times. E.g. immediately after completing it and on the next day. Minor issues are left unnoticed quite often. Try asking someone else to check it out.

Still not feeling ready for an essay on Frankenstein by Mary Shelley? Need more guidance? You can contact us! Our experienced academic writers are happy to help.

Frankenstein Writing Prompts

Looking for Frankenstein essay topics pdf? We’ve collected some nice suggestions for you. 

Check out these prompts for essay topics about Frankenstein below:

  • Parallels between Frankenstein and Prometheus: Martyrdom for the sake of humankind or science?
  • Necessity of a moral compass in scientific progress as is shown by Victor’s tragedy.
  • Human rights problem: Does Victor’s monstrous creation have its right to life? For happiness?
  • Monster’s loneliness perfectly mirrors Victor’s loneliness as a genius in an indifferent society.
  • How a creator’s fate can be shaped by his creation, as shown in the book.
  • Gothic horror meets futuristic sci-fi ideas in Mary Shelley’s masterpiece.
  • Why this book is still relevant for today’s society?
  • Early feminist ideas in Mary Shelley’s novel.
  • View on laws of nature in the book.

Read also:

More essay topics for Frankenstein by Mary Shelley can be found in our free examples here.


FAQ About Frankenstein Paper

1. Do you provide free Frankenstein essays?

Yes, all examples you can find here are absolutely free. All these free essays Frankenstein can be quite complicated to write about, so we’re happy to help our readers with their struggles.

You are welcome to search, browse and read our free essays here or download them as pdf. Hope you’ll find some inspiration in them!

2. What is the main idea of Frankenstein essay?

Essays for Frankenstein focus on many different ideas. The most popular ones are:

  • Morality in science.
  • Nature’s laws.
  • How living beings do become monsters.
  • Interaction between a scientific genius and a society.
  • Responsibility for a new life you’ve created.
  • The problem of a living being’s right to life and happiness.

Check out our examples above for more ideas.

3. What good titles for Frankenstein essay can you recommend?

Here are some Frankenstein essay titles:

  • Differences between Victor Frankenstein and Prometheus. Did Victor fail to enlighten humanity?
  • Role of morality in science as depicted in Frankenstein.
  • Question of creativity vs responsibility as discussed in Frankenstein.

Feel free to request help from our authors if you need more ideas.

4. What to write about in a Frankenstein essay?

There are lots of things to discuss in essays about Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. This masterpiece has many different layers and therefore addresses many important problems.

You can name some claims, e.g. discuss the fate of a creator in the modern world. You can also explore connections between this book and other philosophical or romantic books of that era.


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