A Rose for Emily Essay Examples & Analysis Guide

We have prepared essays on A Rose for Emily examples for our users. They will help those who struggle with their deadlines or are stuck in the middle of their writing. All these examples are totally free! You can browse them here or download them as pdf. Check their structure and style. Borrow any useful ideas you find there and write your original essay. You can also use them as reference material. Learn more about this short story and its symbolism. Additionally, several tips and writing guidelines on this subject are available here. Be sure you’ll find some helpful information. Produce some top-notch essays as a result!

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17 Sep 2023

Main themes and conflicts in “A Rose for Emily”

One of the main theme is the story is the theme of conflict between tradition and change, which has presented in a comprehensive way. Through the depictions of both physical and social setting, Faulkner has...

Words: 722

Pages: 3

Views: 162

16 Sep 2023

Themes in “The Fall of the House of Usher” and “A Rose for Emily”

Explanation of Theme and How it Relates to Personal Experience The major theme identified from the works “The Fall of the House of Usher” and “A Rose for Emily” is isolation from the society. In the case of both...

Words: 835

Pages: 3

Views: 139

16 Sep 2023

The themes of acceptance, change and tradition in "A Rose for Emily"

In his reasoning writer, Faulkner describes the title ‘A Rose for Emily’ as an allegorical title, explaining how the said woman had gone through great tragedy and due to that the writer sympathized with her. The...

Words: 1485

Pages: 5

Views: 172

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What Is a A Rose for Emily Essay

Let's start with a definition of essay on A Rose for Emily. This short story by William Faulkner is an example of Southern Gothic writing. It bears strong symbolism of isolation and death. Its main character is Emily Grierson. She is a Southern lady from fictional town in Mississippi. She lived with her proud and dominant father for 30 years. When he died, she was shocked and could not mentally recover from it. Later, she wanted to marry a man who came to their town. But after his refusal, she apparently poisoned him keeping his body in her house for another 30 years. Emily remained isolated throughout her remaining life. Her mystery wasn’t uncovered until her death. 

Your paper should address this story and analyze its plot, literary devices, and style. We’ll provide some tips; you will find them below.

A Rose for Emily Analysis Examples

So, do you need an analysis of A Rose for Emily? We’ve got your back! Find A Rose for Emily by William Faulkner summary and analysis examples here.

All our examples are totally free! You can search through them, read them online, or download them as pdf. Check them to get some useful ideas. Borrow them for your own A Rose for Emily narrator analysis paper. Besides, you can find some good sources used there. If they are relevant to your topic, add them to your reference material.

We’ve prepared different analysis samples for various approaches, namely:

  1. Literary analysis
  2. Character analysis
  3. Critical analysis.

They are available in separate sections below. We do our best to make everything more convenient. Some explanations and writing guidelines have been provided in each section.

A Rose for Emily Literary Analysis

Here you can find some sample papers with literary analysis of A Rose for Emily. Go ahead and check them out. Maybe you’ll find some inspiration to write your own creative essay.

What should you do when writing an essay with literary analysis on A Rose for Emily:

  • Explore its plot closely. See how events are connected with each other. Think about reasons behind them and explain their consequences.
  • Analyze author’s point of view. Try explaining what Faulkner wanted to say and how he perceived contemporary Southern society.
  • Explore its symbols and setting. Particularly, you can trace its parallels with other prominent contemporary novels.

If you need an example of A Rose for Emily literary analysis conclusion, download the sample paper available below.

A Rose for Emily Character Analysis

You can also download some examples on A Rose for Emily character analysis in pdf if you wish. Additionally, here are some writing tips everybody can follow.

In this short story, Faulkner has described several more or less typical representatives of that era. If you read it attentively, you can gain some interesting insights into life in small Southern towns in the 1920s. Share these discoveries with your readers. Particularly you can analyze:

  • Emily Grierson — she was psychologically dependent upon her father. Emily could not fully recover her senses after his death.
  • Her father — a wealthy planter family descendant who despised the surrounding people. He didn’t allow his daughter to marry.
  • Homer Barron — a man from the North who was an alien to the town and especially to Emily.

A Rose for Emily Critical Analysis

When composing your critical analysis of A Rose for Emily, you might pick the following elements to focus on:

  • Reasons behind writing this story. How author’s biography and surroundings may have influenced his writing.
  • What did Faulkner think or feel about his characters? What did he want readers to understand about them?
  • Themes of grief, denial, and loneliness in this story. Why did Faulkner choose them?
  • Contemporary Southern society’s social, economic, and political problems. They are manifested in Emily’s figure.
  • Literary devices using in this story. They include metaphors, imagery, ironic depiction of certain characters or circumstances, simile, counterposition, etc.

A Rose for Emily Essay Examples

Any troubles with picking an exciting figure to write A Rose for Emily character analysis essay? Still not sure where to start from in A Rose for Emily critical analysis essay? Need inspiration or some helpful ideas? Check our various examples on this page to borrow everything there. You can read them or download and save everything later.

Depending on your assignment, you might need samples of:

  • Argumentative essay 

Pick some debatable aspect of this story and make your claim about it. This claim must be supported by your arguments. So that you would logically convince your reader it is right.

  • Symbolism essay

Find out what an author meant with certain scenes and depictions. Discover what he tried showing us. 

  • Analytical essay

Pick this story’s plot, imagery, or character types to make your analysis. You would need to do some research. Collect valid reference material to make detailed conclusions about any of that.

A Rose for Emily Literary Analysis Essay

An in-depth literary analysis essay example on A Rose for Emily is available here. First of all, read it carefully. Check its structure or style and find what you can reuse in your own work. Just keep in mind that you shouldn’t copy any of our samples, neither fully nor partially. Doing that will be considered plagiarism and will likely result in your submission being rejected.

You can contact us if you still have any doubts or difficulties with writing your paper. Request help from our essay writers. They have significant experience in writing various kinds of academic articles. Our writers are ready to provide you with unique papers!

A Rose for Emily Essay Outline

Once you have completed your A Rose for Emily essay thesis, it is highly recommended to write an outline. It is crucial to do it before proceeding with full text. Composing such shortened structure won’t take too long. And spotting any grave mistakes at this stage would be much easier.

Let’s suppose your general topic is explaining how Emily became caught in the past symbolized by her proud and overprotective father. How she remained captive by that past even after his death. You can follow these steps to create your outline:


Draft an introduction without using complete sentences to make it quicker. Provide some basic facts about Faulkner’s views on contemporary Southern society and its problems.

Main body

Sketch at least 3 paragraphs containing explanations of Emily’s psychological dependency upon her past. Don’t give full details here. Mention important sources but don’t provide full quotes – you’ll do it later.


Summarize your story with several phrases. Make sure it answers your thesis for A Rose for Emily essay. Do not add any new information in this part.

If you do not have any idea how to make the right thesis statement, do not worry! Our thesis statement maker is at your disposal anytime.

Check whether your entire structure is complete and logical. Correct any issues you’ve found. Then proceed to write your full essay.

How to Write A Rose for Emily Essay

Still worry about writing your short essay on A Rose for Emily in English? There is no need! Our examples will help you come up with your own top-notch essay!

In addition to that, we’ve put all our guidelines and prompts together. Check this list of A Rose for Emily essay topic ideas:

  1. Choose your topic carefully. Make sure you are familiar with that. So, you can tell your readers something interesting.
  2. Brainstorm before creating your thesis. You should make it strong and concise.
  3. Don’t skip an outline. It will be much easier to review a sketch than your full text.
  4. Do your main research. At least read this story again, paying attention to important moments. And go through our examples, checking for useful ideas.
  5. Write your essay. Use your outline as a frame to complete the full-text version. And don’t forget to review it again once done.

We recommend checking other articles before writing your essay. For example, Fences essay or Things Fall Apart essay.


FAQ About A Rose for Emily Essays

1. What is a good thesis statement for A Rose for Emily essay?

Essays about A Rose for Emily usually focus on its plotlines, symbolism, cultural ties with contemporary society, and parallels with other literature of that era. Your thesis statement could use:
1. Consequences of isolation.
2. Emily’s story as a symbol of old Southern society’s decay.
3. How refusing any changes leads to personal downfall.

2. How to start A Rose for Emily essay?

In your A Rose for Emily essay introduction you can address the following:
1. History of this literary piece. When Faulkner’s first short story was published.
2. Socioeconomic situation of contemporary Southern society.
3. Faulkner's views, how he expressed them, and so on.

3. What is the best title for A Rose for Emily essay?

You should use A Rose for Emily essay titles that reflect your topic best. E.g., your title could mention:
1. Loneliness and isolation.
2. Dangers of clinging to your past.
3. Despotism in a family that ruins everything eventually.
4. Mystery and drama in our lives.

4. Can you write A Rose for Emily paper for me?

Of course! Our skilled academic writers are always ready to help you with A Rose for Emily papers in English. Just let us know the details of your assignment, and a unique text will be delivered to you quickly. Our papers are always proofread and fact-checked!


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