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Essay on Into the Wild is a great way to meet with another side of your soul! Will you glorify or condemn that traveler? It can be a real surprise if you've never heard of McCandless. However, we will tell you everything. Everyone has their own happiness. It includes a successful career, friendly family, scientific discoveries, or creative self-development. For Chris, these typical values are worthless. A world ruled by capitalism, a frantic pursuit of pleasure and illusory success, seems alien and cold. This young man is convinced that the world's real blood flows where asphalt and concrete end. So, he travels across America to Alaska.

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What Is an Into the Wild Essay

Definition of essay on Into the Wild is a kind of documentary about 24-year-old American boy Chris McCandless. After graduating from college, he lost most of civilized life benefits. Chris hitchhiked across America and went on his most important trip to Alaska. This whole book is a huge research work by John Krakauer. He finds and organizes facts from Chris' life. They include his loved ones, friends, and even random people. They just drove our hero to a certain area. All these facts were obtained from postcards received by friends or diaries.

Into the Wild Essay Examples

We did our best and store good examples of Into the Wild rhetorical analysis essay, compare and contrast essay, and synthesis essay! Find more than one synthesis essay example in our library. This tragic story leaves no one behind, especially young people who are going through similar transformations of consciousness as adults. In 1992, a lot of things were found in an old bus on an abandoned trail in southern Alaska. A dead body, short diary, an SOS note, and several filled-in photo films were among them. That body weighed less than 30 kilograms. Alec Super-Tramp was dead for more than two weeks. He died of starvation. He was a middle-class guy with good education and the prospect of a quiet life.

From his diaries it is clear that our hero had a mission, an idea of his special path. Krakauer weaves into Chris's story several biographies of young men who died because of decision live a "wild life." He writes about generation. This thought can be leading in your essay! Then A+ success is inevitable. 

Into the Wild Argumentative Essay Examples

Still thinking of a perfect topic for an argumentative essay on Into the Wild! Why does a promising guy who has just graduated from university and has every chance to build a successful career suddenly break up with his family? He donated all his savings to charity, burn cash, and go out of his way. Simplest and obviously not right answer: Chris McCandless did not want to grow up and take responsibility. Maybe. Try to find answers to this and other ambiguous questions. Supplement Chris's biography with stories of travelers like him and their stories.

Into the Wild Essay Outline

If you are struggling with an outline for Into the Wild essay — stop it right now! We created one especially for you. Moreover, it is widely described. So, it will be easier for you to see the structure of suggested essay.


This is a real story about a young man. He is from a wealthy family who one day decides to give up everything and leave home. For two years, he will live on the streets, doing odd jobs, until he finally hitchhikes to Alaska. 


Search for truth and meaning of life sometimes ends with end of life itself and eternal questions remain unanswered.

Main part

  • Chris McCandless is lonely, misunderstood, not accepted by society. He devoted his life to searching, read a lot, and fanatically believed in book ideas. Chris was worried about all serious problems at the same time. He wanted to help to starve, save people, and fight in Africa. But, finally, he left all this and became a vagabond, a hermit.
  • In the last days of his life, being literally on edge of the world, he will write a note for help. He will bury his ideals and his maximalism there. He seems to regret everything realizing that he made one mistake. Our hero realizes that one cannot survive. After all, there must be someone who will lend a hand. It should not be a close person. It may be someone who can help. He will realize it too late.


If we talk about consequences, then fate played a cruel joke on main character. He tried escape from civilization to protect himself from people. But after all, events became part of modern civilization. Chris has become a superstar. Books were written about him. Films were made about him. Everyone wanted to visit McCandless's "wild conditions" and touch on his story. It is a story of a senseless escape to nowhere.

Into the Wild Essay Thesis Statement

In short and clear Into the Wild thesis is general idea summary in one sentence. Here are some tips on how to write a good thesis essay:

  1. Carefully read and comprehend your work title.
  2. Decide whether you agree with your thesis or refute it.
  3. If it is any quote and you are sure you know its author, add some comments.
  4. Try to reformulate the thesis in your own words.
  5. Don't forget the required expressions needed to shape your opinion.

How to Write an Into the Wild Essay

Basically, Into the Wild essay ideas are not that different from other essay ideas. Write what exactly you liked or did not like. Into the Wild essay writing prompts are expecting you to be honest with yourself first of all. Be argumentative and avoid pseudo-expertise. Instead of "it's horror," state what you think is imperfect or unconvincing. Focus on your perception and do not write conclusions about what author meant. Avoid passages like "author tried to express", "author wanted to say", "author believes" and so on. 

It seems that this section may be endless, but Into the Wild essay topics are unprofessional without their text analysis. Moreover, they are boring to read — remember this. Note that no one ever really knows what an author really wanted to say. Even authors themselves even do not know it. Therefore, express your own thoughts and feelings. Do not cling to projections on authors. Take other examples, such as Anne Frank essay, and use them for your writing.


FAQ About Into the Wild Essays

1. Are your Into the Wild essays free?

Yes, our Into the Wild essay for free to view. You can use them for your own inspiration. We know that sometimes it takes a little understanding of how to do it right to start writing. Don't be ashamed and confidently look at the works of other students who have already received their scores for it!

2. What is the best title for Into the Wild essay?

Here are our personal favorites among Into the Wild essay titles:
1. Creating free travelers ideology. 
2. Happiness is real when you can share it with others.
3. Is there a tramp gene in me?
4. Dreamer-idealist or madman and jester?
5. Alaska’s mystical atmosphere.

3. What is the short summary essay on Into the Wild?

A good essay about Into the Wild should present the main plot, actions of characters, and meanings given to them by an author. What did the author want to convey to readers? What did you learn from this work? Why did characters behave this way and not other way around?

4. How to write an introduction for Into the Wild essay?

First of all, look at more than one Into the Wild essay example in pdf. They will inspire and help you. Try to catch readers on a hook. Make the first two lines of text really intriguing. Or give an essay a big name, perhaps with a play on words. Main thing here is not to overdo it and not to bring sentence to absurdity!


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