9/11 Essays: Guide With Definition & Examples

Are you looking for essays on 9/11? This catastrophe was undeniably one of the most heartbreaking moments in the history of the United States. Many still wonder how it happened and why no one could predict it. However, this event additionally serves as a popular topic for countless papers. Therefore, we are here today to offer you free and limitless examples. Enjoy!

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What Is a 9/11 Essay

We should start with our overall definition of essay on 9/11. It is quite obvious that this paper will talk about an infamous attack. Terrorism has been an ongoing struggle for a significant number of countries worldwide. The number of attacks has been increasing exponentially.

There is no denying that local and global terrorism should be considered a threat to security. However, as of now, several methodologies aid in fighting the influence of terrorism and avoiding it in general.

In summary, you should recheck your work requirements or ask your professor. We would recommend trying 550 words as a good starting point.

9/11 Essay Examples & Samples in PDF

As we mentioned, we offer more than one 9/11 students' essay on this platform. Other students previously wrote them. After receiving good grades, they donated their papers to us. That is why they are free and completely limitless.

Consequently, we advise you to search for examples before writing your piece. Besides, they will help you to answer these meaningful questions as well:

  • How has the United States changed after this attack?
  • Were any new policies implemented?
  • Is targeted killing an effective counter-terrorism strategy?
  • How come no one predicted this attack and stopped terrorists?
  • What do you think could have prevented this threat?
  • Can technologies help to predict these types of threats?

9/11 Essay for School

If you're looking for an 8th grade 9/11 essay, you are lucky. That's exactly what we have here. To be honest, we have samples for almost every student. However, before you consider any of our samples, think about these points:

  • Is it a fitting academic level? 
  • Do you like this topic?
  • Is it written in the same format?
  • Is it possible to follow a similar structure?
  • How would you approach the same title?
  • Is your paper style appropriate? (If your assignment is a narrative paper, looking for an argumentative one may not be your best bet)

9/11 Essay for College

Here all students can also find 9/11 cause and effect essay. This type of paper deals with this event's possible consequences and how it affected the United States. By now, we know that the intelligence system in the United States has to predict possible threats. It is possible to collect the data, analyze it, and make certain conclusions. Nonetheless, another technique frequently used by both CIA and FBI is infiltration. It is safe to say that agents work undercover. They gather intelligence and submit reports to their respective authorities. However, even if the bureau possessed data from sealed missions on al-Qaeda, they could not make a connection in time. So, there is no way to succeed in stopping this act. The same type of narrative can be used for 9/11 argumentative essay. Look at various college essay examples pdf in our database.

9/11 Narrative Essay

The last type of assignment we will discuss is a narrative essay on 9/11. This format will tell the story of this catastrophic event. For example, students can discuss diplomatic efforts and how the CIA was limited. In cases when an attack was not predicted, it may still be prevented. During an attack, the Department of State's office was already flooded by terrorist organizations with their plans, threats, and demands.

As a consequence, al-Qaeda was among those listed. Yet this organization was not prioritized. Moreover, by tracking all events leading to this catastrophe, students can restore the narrative. It will help them successfully write their papers.

9/11 Essay Outline

Naturally, we will give you a proper outline, including 9/11 essay introduction as well as other crucial elements of any paper.


  • Since the nineties, terrorism has been a recurring threat. It has seemingly adapted to our modern world and all newly implemented policies. Nevertheless, the United States stated that Intelligence policies implemented in the nineties had to predict oncoming attacks and mitigate all risks.


  • Even with combined efforts, the CIA and FBI could not predict the attacks, while the World Trade Center and Pentagon suffered from human errors and the lack of infiltration.

9/11 essay body paragraph

  • Sheer size of intelligence networks and the number of undercover agents brought up a severe issue with the CIA. Considering that in 2001, this intelligence community was 50 percent bigger than when CIA was created in 1947. DCI had only slightly more power to oversee it.

9/11 essay conclusion

  • The World Trade Center catastrophe has proven that all changes did not make a distinct difference when faced with a real threat.

How to Write a 9/11 Essay

Check our step-by-step guide to find perfect 9/11 essay topics and complete your assignment.

  1. Check samples. Our website is ready to help with this step! You can look at Pearl Harbor essay, for example.
  2. Find 9/11 essay titles. Finding a perfect topic will help you greatly. Preferably, it should be something interesting. For example, students can compare how Hollywood movies treat this catastrophe with real life. 
  3. Do research. Find some 9/11 essay ideas and proof-check. All true journalists and writers know importance of facts. Hint: credible sources and citations will help.
  4. Cite and make references. Always cite your sources. Plagiarism is a major academic error. Make sure you do it correctly.
  5. Write. Sometimes, sitting down and writing can be hard. But forget about social media and your phone for a little bit. It will help. 
  6. Proofread and edit. To avoid little embarrassing mistakes, always read your paper several times. You can even give it to your friends or family members.

FAQ About 9/11 Essays

1. Do you provide free 9/11 essays only?

Yes! We do provide free essays on 9/11. They were donated by other students who received top-notch marks for their assignments. Therefore, they will match your academic level and inspire you to write excellently as the students did. Besides, students can download as many of them as they want.

2. What is a short 9/11 essay?

All short essays on 9/11 attacks will be around one or two pages. Even though you don't have enough space to discuss everything you would like, students can talk more about policy failures and things that have contributed to the catastrophe. Additionally, students can discuss the impact of the World Trade Center attack. To make it shorter, make sure to select a country. After all, this catastrophe didn't only affect the US.

3. How to start a 9/11 essay?

All excellent essays about 9/11 attack start with proper statistics or intriguing information. Students can use statistics or even a rhetorical question in this case. For example, students can state that terrorism was not a huge threat before the 90s. However, precisely this catastrophe changed the perception of many politicians and civilians alike. Alternatively, students can consider how all counter-terrorism tactics were developed right after the incident.

4. What is the main purpose of a 9/11 essay?

The main purpose of 9/11 attack essay is to discuss this catastrophe from different perspectives. Interestingly enough, you're not only limited to talking about policy feelers and everything that led to this catastrophe. And all students are welcome to consider several ideas, including possible counter-terrorism strategies. Moreover, students can additionally offer their ideas and discover more interesting topics. Here's a good example: "Is there a connection between zombie apocalypse movies and terrorist attacks?" Spoilers: you might be surprised. See for yourself!


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