Procrastination Essay: Complete Guide & Examples

Students on various education stages get tasked with writing an essay on procrastination. This topic is extremely relevant to every young person. It leaves an infinite potential for exploration and discussions. Articles on such subjects require showing strong writing skills and cognitive abilities. Task completion can become easier with these freely available paper samples. Use them as a personal source of inspiration and fresh ideas.

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16 Sep 2023

Does Procrastination Increase Anxiety Before Taking an Exam?

Does Procrastination Increase Anxiety Before Taking an Exam? Introduction On a number of occasions and in recent years, there has been an appeal on the inherent relationship between stress and procrastination....

Words: 1419

Pages: 5

Views: 379

16 Sep 2023

How to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time

The behavior of procrastination is one closely associated with mental concerns with the affected individual. It recognized that the habit occurs where an individual puts off taking immediate action believing that it...

Words: 305

Pages: 1

Views: 138

15 Sep 2023

How to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done

Procrastination among college student is one of the most widely covered psychological issues in the recent past. At the heart of these debates is the role of technology-based distractions that have continued to...

Words: 315

Pages: 1

Views: 179

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15 Sep 2023

Academic Procrastination and Statistics Anxiety

Test and class anxiety are as a result of the stress that one encounters when they are faced with a situation where performance counts. This form of anxiety causes someone to be distressed, which interferes with how...

Words: 278

Pages: 1

Views: 171

15 Sep 2023

How to Overcome Procrastination: 10 Tips From Experts

Procrastination can be largely viewed as the act of delaying the performance of a certain task that ought to be accomplished. Usually, procrastination is habitual and revolves around intentionally delaying the...

Words: 1152

Pages: 4

Views: 123

14 Sep 2023

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Procrastination In High School Students

Delaying activities that have a certain deadline for completion is known as procrastination. Though there is no article exclusively acknowledging procrastination as an ADHD symptom, there are a number of studies that...

Words: 587

Pages: 2

Views: 407


Assignment types
Academic level

What Is a Procrastination Essay

There is no particular definition of procrastination essay. It’s a written piece exploring dilatoriness from various angles. Students are required to conduct a small research, organize arguments, and present them in a comprehensible way. Similar academic papers rarely create major troubles when it comes to data-foraging.

The majority of problems come from text structuring and argumentation itself. These steps of the writing process require immense skills as well as talent. Not every student possesses them in necessary amounts. Using proposed paper samples as templates helps effectively mimic developed writing skills. Discover new tricks or tips from free text examples on this site.

College Procrastination Essay Examples

For all college students examples of procrastination essay will come in handy. College is an extremely busy life period for every person. Numerous tasks and assignments leave only a few free hours every day. Hobbies and social life take up the rest. No student can spare additional time on perfecting each written assignment. Maybe you are just going to college; keep in mind to study college admission essay examples. It is the right step to succeed.

One procrastination essay sample can save time simultaneously improving grades. Following existing papers indirectly copying them is much faster. Such an approach not only improves grades but also perfects author’s writing skills. No matter how you look at procrastination personal essay samples, you see only positives.

Download free text examples at any time – improve writing and argumentation easily. Get new ideas or working hacks for ultimate composition quality.

Procrastination Argumentative Essay

Argumentative essay on procrastination takes serious approach. It must prove a point and support it with examples and credible data. Such pieces heavily rely on prior research work requiring substantial data mining. Students must read various journals, publications, or even books to find appropriate support materials.

Without immense research and reasoning skills writing a competent essay on procrastination for college students is impossible. Our website offers numerous text examples on any topic. Multiple free samples demonstrate effective and creative ways of tackling this task.

With one reading session, any student can sufficiently boost personal writing abilities together with final grades. Learn new argumentation tactics and convincing techniques – create impressive scholarly pieces from scratch. Free paper samples are always ready to provide guidance and informational support.

Procrastination Informative Essay

informative essay on procrastination offers more classic, refined experience. Informative papers closely resemble well-known research papers. Their entire content consists of facts, numbers, and statistics. Writing starts and ends with endless subject research and gathering academic materials.

Writing style is mostly scientific, free from emotions and personal opinions. Every student must find the correct information presenting it in a clear, comprehensible way. Informative essay about procrastination also needs extensive vocabulary and masterful use of words.

College essay about procrastination takes significantly less time and effort if you’re following a good text sample. Various information-oriented papers can be freely downloaded from this site. These articles were donated by former students and present unique approaches to any topic demonstration. Improve your writing completely for free without registration!

Procrastination Narrative Essay

Narrative essay on procrastination is another common paper type a student can receive. Story-based articles have less reliance on research materials than the previous two. For successful completion of this task, students must demonstrate strong cognitive skills and text planning. Without proper structuring and planning, such pieces become an unreadable mass of random sentences. Narration must be carefully designed and executed.

Our free paper samples proposed multiple approaches to narrative-based pieces of various sizes. For a procrastination essay 300 words are more than enough if the main focus is shifted toward the narrative. Samples demonstrate effective approaches to writing such papers. Look at text outline, transition between sections, and narration pace. Learn structuring, storytelling, and attention-hooking from these text examples.

Procrastination Essay Outline

Creative outline on procrastination essay assignments bears significant importance. Without this structure whole article fall apart like a house of cards. Outline strongly bonds together all paragraphs providing smooth, natural transitions. It adds coherency and consistency to the narration improving text quality effectively.

Example of procrastination essay outline


  • Main topic – pros and cons of procrastination
  • Background data – widespread among teenagers
  • Thesis statement – article’s final goal
  • Optional author’s opinion

Body paragraphs

  • Arguments for procrastination
  • Supportive materials, examples from experience
  • Reasons against it, facts, examples
  • Data to support these reasons


  • Restating the general topic
  • Quick reminder of arguments
  • Thesis statement repetition
  • Was the article’s goal achieved?
  • Optional shift in personal perception

Procrastination Essay Introduction

Introduction for procrastination essay occupies the first paragraph. It serves the purpose of grabbing the audience’s attention. Author must compose each sentence in such a way that every reader will get engaged. Audience must become interested and invested in reading. Author must give background information introducing readers effectively to the subject. Various attention hooks are needed as well as thesis statement. Facts, quotations, or short stories are great at grabbing attention.

We offer a competent sample below. It proposes an interesting way of engaging the audience. Examine pacing, formatting, and sentence sizing. Copy elements you consider useful. Look at its structure, used wording, and narration tricks. Try extracting them for personal use in custom academic pieces.

Introduction of procrastination essay example

A critical review is primarily used in the event where there is a need to assess and establish the reliability of a given study. In this paper, the focus is on Anthony Onwuegbuzie’s article titled; Academic procrastination and statistics anxiety. Antony delves into the dynamics of academic procrastination and its relation to statistical anxiety. In other words, he strives to explore the link between graduate student postponement of studies and how it is linked to a fear of statistics related courses.

Procrastination Essay Thesis Statement

Thesis statement for procrastination essay introduction is the main part. It focuses all attention on itself giving the information and hooking attention simultaneously. Students often have major problems with a thesis in particular. It must creatively present article’s direction without revealing too much.

Creating an effective thesis statement can’t be done on the first attempt. It requires substantial writing skills and topic understanding. Author must condense article's whole meaning into one small sentence. Without outside help, such task is almost impossible. Look at the proposed procrastination thesis statement examples for guidance. Use them as templates if necessary – create custom unique scholarly pieces!

Procrastination Essay Body Paragraph

Main reader’s attention is reserved for a paragraph about procrastination essay. It takes most of the available estate and provides all the necessary information. As seen from the outline above, the central paragraph hosts all argumentation and reasoning. If you’re creating a narrative-focused article, all story must be told in body paragraphs. The same goes for informative pieces – central section holds all important data.

Such paragraphs are extremely dependent on strong writing skills. Body paragraph presents author’s abilities to their extent. It not only demonstrates argumentation skills but also narrative-planning and data-representation abilities. Every student will benefit from using these free samples as templates. Donated by former students, they showcase various approaches to body sections on any given subject. Copy style or small elements – improve writing abilities easily!

Paragraph on procrastination essay example

The author concludes that a high percentage of the academic procrastination among the graduate students can be traced to the statistics anxiety. The implications of this study go a long way in providing instructors with insight on what causes student procrastination and therefore develop ways through which they can help eliminate such incidences. It is without a doubt that the academic performance of an individual is directly linked to their attitude towards their courses (Onwuegbuzie, 2004). Statistics anxiety can be defined as the nervousness that a person develops in the course of taking a course in statistics within a formal setting. Academic procrastination, on the other hand, is described as a conscious sidestepping or avoidance of a task in terms of completion or starting it.

Procrastination Essay Conclusion

To create an effective, comprehensible finale, we recommend checking out procrastination essay conclusion examples. Proposed pieces show various ways of finishing the article. Final paragraph always was a struggle for young authors. Not every person can shorten all previous articles effectively and comprehensibly. Writers are obliged to answer all questions that were asked prior.

Content of a conclusive section depends on article’s topic and main goal. Structure closely resembles the one from the introduction with minor changes here and there. There should be the same topic stating, thesis statement, and main goal mentioned.

Keep your conclusion short and informative. Avoid unnecessary information and asking new questions. Maintain narration consistency throughout. Use proposed examples to get meaningful insights and fresh ideas. 

Conclusion of procrastination essay example

Overall, the article can be said to be well written. Not only is it explicit in explaining the methodology and thesis but also goes ahead to provide substantial support using documented research. While the literature reviewed might be regarded as being out of date, it is highly extensive.

How to Overcome Procrastination Essay

Sometimes students must write a so-called “overcoming procrastination essay”. Such papers slightly differ from all previously mentioned article types. To make it easier for you, here’s a small list of tips that will make writing easier:

  1. Research your topic. Before writing, look at how other students created memorable essays about procrastination. Extract ideas, wording, and structuring advice from them.
  2. Create an outline. Carefully design article’s structure. Plan how and where will arguments be presented beforehand. It’ll improve readability and transitioning.
  3. Propose solutions. Think of custom solutions for certain issues. Try generating something fresh, unheard of before. Or reserve to presenting personal experience.
  4. Proofread. Edit mistakes out. Eliminate repetitions, grammar errors, and spelling mistakes. Check originality with online plagiarism tools.

If you struggle to come up with effective ways of eliminating procrastination from life, we’ve got you. Look at this list of possible solutions:

  • Introduce your regime/plan your day.

Sometimes all you need is some careful planning. Design every day sticking to that plan closely.

  • Congratulate yourself for not wasting time.

Give yourself small presents each time you don’t procrastinate. Little awards initiate changes.

  • Add more hobbies and activities.

If there’s too much free time, fill it with interesting hobbies. Try to occupy every hour with something.

If you write an essay on psychology, it is better to prepare for it beforehand. Read different essays in this field and get some inspiration. For example, an essay about anxiety, stereotype essay and many more.

Procrastination Essay Topics for College Students

Students should select creative, interesting titles for procrastination essay pieces. Topic must interest writer at first and readers after. With author’s engagement and investment comes improved article quality. Select your subject wisely and think creatively. Choose something you want to write about. It should be something catchy.

Here are some great procrastination essay titles in case you want to procrastinate instead of creating a custom one:

  1. Negative/positive consequences of such behavior.
  2. Discuss possible ways to stop laziness in 200 words.
  3. Explain worldwide phenomenon of missing deadlines as human habit.
  4. Which actions can be taken to control chronic laziness?
  5. Explore common human fear of long delay or losing time.
  6. Is dilatoriness a fault of nature embedded in us?
  7. Give one easy solution in 100 words with reasoning.
  8. What’s the main reason why people waste time on purpose?
  9. Can we test someone’s laziness with questionnaires?
  10. Hidden effects of such behavior on life and career.

FAQ About Procrastination Essay

1. How do you write a procrastination essay?

Advice for writing a short essay on procrastination is given above. If you need the algorithm – start with an introduction. Specify the article’s topic and goal. Then give argumentation and reasoning supporting it with credible data. To finish it off, repeat the topic and summarize the success of task completion. Look at free paper samples for ideas and correct structuring.

2. What are the effects of procrastination essay?

Some essays on procrastination require conducting research. These pieces task students with in-depth analysis of positive and negative consequences. Read some articles online and specify the most important effects. Use provided texts as templates, sources of inspiration, and alternative opinions. Try adapting proposed ways of data presentation in custom scholarly pieces.

3. What is the best way to write a procrastination essay?

The greatest essays about procrastination are written with passion. Start by selecting the topic that interests you directly. Use personal engagement and investment to improve writing quality. Another helpful shortcut is reusing already existing papers that got high scores. Such files provide an endless supply of arguments, reasons, and description tactics.

4. Why is a procrastination essay so important?

Procrastination essays occupy an important place in college education. Such genre articles engage thinking and analytical abilities. Students learn to analyze personal behavior and its effect on lives. Similar reflection on actions helps with finding weak spots in life. Simultaneously, they improve writing and research skills alongside cognitive functions.


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