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Create a memorable, well-written essay on minimum wage with free paper samples by the best young authors. Improve writing skills and argumentation by studying high-quality texts. With such examples, every student can master the word without spending years on practice. Learn new ways of topic coverage with expertly-written essays on work payments.

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Amazon: Rise in Minimum Wage

One of the control measures for any business is budgeting to ensure that operations run within the set limits and control measures are applied when necessary. Budgetary control involves the use of budgets in a...

Words: 283

Pages: 1

Views: 81

17 Sep 2023

The Pros and Cons of Raising the Minimum Wage

Introduction The debate on whether the minimum wage should be raised has been on-going for decades with proponents arguing it will have many benefits. Proponents of the idea of raising the minimum wage from the...

Words: 1152

Pages: 4

Views: 103

How the Minimum Wage Affects the Economy

The debate as to whether or not to raise the federal minimum wage is a reflection of the growing disparity between what people want and what economics dictates. Technically, the intense conflict in opinion echoes...

Words: 1546

Pages: 5

Views: 209

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16 Sep 2023

America's Minimum Wage Is on the Rise

Among the many ways of reducing income inequality is through the minimum wage. The minimum wage can be defined as the minimum amount of financial compensation or remuneration that employers should pay the wage...

Words: 752

Pages: 4

Views: 178

16 Sep 2023

Why the minimum wage should be raised

Why the minimum wage should be raised The debate about the minimum wage bill in the United States has been raging for some time. It had divided the country in the middle with the rich class and employers arguing...

Words: 590

Pages: 2

Views: 105

16 Sep 2023

Minimum Wage Discussion

Proponents for the raise in the minimum wage argue that the current minimum wage, placed by the federal government, is too low for any American to live on. Therefore, a much higher minimum wage will significantly...

Words: 1247

Pages: 5

Views: 121

The Effects of Minimum Wages on Low-Wage Jobs

The minimum wage is the lowest income that the least employee is supposed to earn as per the constitution (Cengiz et al. 2018) . It has a more significant implication on the economy of any given government. The...

Words: 503

Pages: 2

Views: 305

Effects of Increasing Minimum Wage on the Economy

Effects of Increasing Minimum Wage on the Economy The economic theory states that placing a minimum wage surpassing the market equilibrium will lead to a decrease in demand for low-wage labor, especially on some...

Words: 535

Pages: 2

Views: 85

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Benefits of Increased Minimum Wage for Companies

The minimum wage is the least amount of salary or remuneration that employers need to pay their employees for the work done within a given period. The minimum wage can no longer be further reduced through either a...

Words: 533

Pages: 2

Views: 84

16 Sep 2023

Should Minimum Wage be raised?

Should Minimum Wage be raised? Introduction Minimum wage/pay refers to the least amount of remuneration that an employer can pay his or her employee or worker. Minimum wage is very significant in any economy and...

Words: 1333

Pages: 5

Views: 113


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What Is a Minimum Wage Essay

There’s no fixed definition of essay on minimum wage. All papers on this wide subject have similar and unique elements. Such articles can explore financial aspects and be described as economics-oriented papers. Or they can describe the social effect of small salaries on citizens and be psychology-targeted pieces.

Writing process includes conducting studies and exploring academic materials and financial data. All information must be structured and organized into a coherent text piece. Authors demonstrate writing proficiency as well as creative and critical thinking on par with evaluative abilities. The variety of topics and explorable elements are almost infinite. Every author can select a unique topic without copying already existing works.

Minimum Wage Essay Examples

Read online or download an example of raising the minimum wage essay if you need one. Browse through multiple paper samples until you find a suitable one. Our website proposes numerous samples of different sizes, directions, and detail-level. Here are three main characteristics of our presented text samples:

  • Expertly written

Talented students did their best at exploring this subject from multiple angles. Samples demonstrate perfect wordsmithing skills and narration design.

  • Great argumentation

All reasoning uses only credible, trustworthy sources of data. No facts are imaginable or hypothetical. Every detail, fact, or number can be found in open sources.

  • High-scoring

Presented papers have been submitted before and earned the highest possible grades. Teachers found them extremely well-written and fully compliant with all regulations.

Raising Minimum Wage Argumentative Essay

An argumentative essay on minimum wage often presents reasons for increasing salary size. Such direction allows students to conduct research with clear goals and develop a strong argumentation. Argumentative essay about minimum wage requires extensive data mining in combination with its analysis.

Young authors must present well-researched reasoning supported by credible data. Each point must be specifically designed to convey a correct message. Articles do not persuade any goals of convincing instead of focusing on believable data-presentation.

Argumentative essay on raising minimum wage should present an academic angle, free from emotions. Research pieces of this sort are tedious in writing. To save time, study proposed exemplification essay examples in detail. Extract useful wording, structuring, and narration tricks. Improve the quality of personally written texts.

Minimum Wage Persuasive Essay

The goal of a persuasive essay on minimum wage is to convince readers. This genre has less dependence on prior research than the argumentative one. It strongly tests the writer's convincing skills and ability to convey a correct message. Specific wording, sentence construction, and paper outline must be used in such articles.

For example, a persuasive essay on raising minimum wage must change the reader's mind towards positively responding to salary increases. No one has ever protested against salary boost but corresponding articles do exist.

To get new ideas we recommend studying proposed free paper samples. Each one presents a unique approach to such tasks. Learn new tricks and convincing techniques from these samples. Implement extracted elements in custom pieces for better readability and increased convincing effect.

Minimum Wage Essay Outline

Strong outline for an essay on raising the minimum wage is crucial. It glues together all arguments resulting in a consistent, coherent narration. All high-scoring papers are based on a previously designed outline. If you look closely at our proposed paper samples, you’ll see it too. Creative, solid structuring is seen behind sentences providing a stable foundation for argumentation and description.

Check out this free raising minimum wage essay outline example:


  • Main subject – the lowest salary should be increased
  • Topic relevance, the urgency of taking actions
  • Thesis statement
  • Personal angle (optional)

Body paragraphs

  • Supporting reason №1
  • Credible data, numbers, facts
  • Argument pro- increase №2
  • Information to support it


  • Topic rephrasing
  • Short data repetition
  • Rewritten thesis statement as conclusion
  • Was the article’s purpose achieved?

Minimum Wage Essay Introduction

Good introduction to minimum wage essay does not start with loud words or alarming facts. Authors should begin lightly by highlighting text’s topic and necessary background data. Make sure you include the thesis statement and specify what angle you are taking. Readers must understand why this text was written and what it persuades.

The size of this part depends on the overall text size. Intro usually occupies the first paragraph leaving all data presented to the main body. This section does not provide any valuable data, only hinting at it.

Authors must interest readers, hook attention, and engage in reading. Try structuring sentences in such a way that they build tension and interest. Keep it brief and informative without telling too much.

Introduction to essay about minimum wage

For a long while now, the issue revolving around the minimum wage of individuals in the United States has been a center of discussion. Politics is seen to revolve around the matter given that it is the politicians who make such vital decisions on behalf of the citizens. Most of the workers living in the U.S. have been advocating for the increase in minimum wage citing that the current pay is quite low and is insufficient in realizing the increased standards of living. In the political field, mixed reactions have been exhibited with some supporting the increase while others oppose it. In analyzing both arguments, both parties seem to have strong supportive statements on which they base their arguments, and each seems to have a focus on the greater good of the story. This paper looks into minimum wage in the United States and the probable effects that could be experienced with an increase.

Minimum Wage Essay Thesis Statement

A thesis statement for essay on the increasing of minimum wage must present your article’s direction. Content of this statement depends on the text's purpose and general idea. Thesis can be formal, informative, descriptive, or suggestive. Each author selects a personal approach to this part of an introductory paragraph.

Thesis statement for raising minimum wage must remain short packing only necessary data. Use it as the opportunity to strengthen the reader's engagement by promising an interesting angle. Various narration tricks can be used to make it more effective. Examine a free paper sample below. Analyze it to find out what elements make it work.

Minimum Wage Essay Body Paragraph

Wondering how to write a paragraph for minimum wage increase essay? Find a step-by-step guide below. Following these steps assume that you’ve already conducted research and gathered and organized facts. Complete these steps before proceeding forward.

This main section hosts all arguments, reasoning, and description. Our descriptive essay examples should come in handy. Central paragraph provides all information necessary in a clean, coherent way. If size and outline allow for it, try dividing the main part into two-three smaller parts for improved readability.

Pay attention to the informational value of each paragraph. They must provide equal amounts of useful information. Look at the proposed sample below for guidance. Use it as a source of inspiration, fresh ideas, new formatting, or facts. Elevate personal writing with this freely available paper example!

Minimum wage paragraph

Early this year, nineteen of the fifty states in the U.S. raised the minimum wage for their workers in a bid to improve their income (Hayden). These states which include Alaska, Connecticut, Michigan, and Washington amongst others, raised or promised to raise the minimum wage per hour from the federally required value of $7.25 as of 2015. Workers in the respective states have since been happier about the increase and have said that it would play a great role in ensuring that they would realize all their needs. Most of them state that they have had to take more than one job to cater for their family needs and other expenses like the ever increasing cost of health.

Minimum Wage Essay Conclusion

Raising minimum wage essay conclusion is similar in its structure to the introduction. The same topic should be mentioned as well as thesis statement. Your final chapter must provide a satisfactory summary and leave a long-lasting effect on readers. Try reusing already included information.

Start with the topic. Form it in a new, fresh way. Next, remind all arguments and reasons. Do it briefly without details. Restate your thesis statement as a counter-statement. Conclusion does not contradict the intro but answers all its questions. If the goal was mentioned, the author must tell how successful was it achieved.

In case of struggle with this part, read the sample below. Examine it for essential elements and tricks. Use those tips in custom-written pieces for quality improvement and readability boost.

Conclusion for minimum wage essay

In conclusion, workers should start looking at the future rather than the present when it comes to deciding what side to take regarding minimum wage. It might be a good strategy in the short term, but it is adversely dangerous in the long term. It threatens the future of other generations to come and the adjacent ones too. As a result, not increasing it should be the way to go as much better alternatives are being sought.

How to Write a Minimum Wage Paper

Before writing anything, be sure to check minimum wage essay topics. Here are some minimum wage essay titles:

  • Negative budgetary effects of salary enhancement.
  • Connection between inflation and low payment rates.
  • Does a minimum salary for a writer exist?
  • How can government enlarge pay rates without a follow-up deflation?
  • Regulation laws targeted at salaries in your country. (Consult: the law essay.)

Writing algorithm is similar to other papers. Follow these next steps for easy task completion:

  1. Brainstorm ideas. Write first thoughts down and let ideas flow freely.
  2. Create an outline. Design narration and argumentation beforehand.
  3. Make a draft. Write your first version. Rewrite it to your full satisfaction.
  4. Proofread it. Edit grammar or spelling mistakes out and eliminate repetitions.
  5. Check originality. Maintain uniqueness by examining works using plagiarism checkers.

FAQ About Minimum Wage Essays

1. What is a good thesis statement for raising minimum wage?

In every essay on raising minimum wage thesis statement is essential. The statement must interest readers and present the article’s goal and direction. Good samples can be found either above in the text or in a dedicated website section. Browse through countless options and select the ones you like. Use them as a template or source of inspiration.

2. How to start a minimum wage essay?

Essays on minimum wage usually begin with a topic. The authors present the main background information and emphasize the importance of covering this topic. The first paragraph should engage in reading providing only hints to the following information. Check out the proposed paper samples to get a complete understanding. Look how other students managed to pull it off.

3. Do you provide the free minimum wage essays?

All samples of essays about minimum wage are free for download as pdf files. Study them any time and share them with friends. Improve personal writing skills by copying and repurposing clever works by other students. Learn new narration techniques and argumentation tactics, free of charge! Create better articles with these free, easy-to-learn paper examples!

4. Can I use one of your raising minimum wage essays for free?

Proposed essays on raising minimum wage have already been submitted and graded. All available pieces are donated by students. If you’re aiming at “A” or “A+” we recommend creating a custom piece. A number of creative paper samples allow for fast quality improvement. Use provided samples to your advantage!


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