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Are you struggling with an essay about discourse community and don't know how to deal with such a complicated topic? One of the most common requests from students is to find a good sample of this paper. Here you are! We have our best essays on various topics!

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16 Sep 2023

What is a Discourse Community?

Watching players engage each other in a water polo creates a feeling of excitement and desire to know how to play the game. The team sport allows two teams to play against each other in a pool of water. There are...

Words: 644

Pages: 2

Views: 115

16 Sep 2023

Nursing Discourse Community: A Comprehensive Guide

Introduction I am a nursing student, and I have a clear understanding that nursing as a profession is highly demanding and constitutes numerous unique skills and different medical terms that I have to understand...

Words: 2158

Pages: 8

Views: 231

14 Sep 2023

Ayurveda Discourse Community: A Place to Connect and Share

Introduction Discourse communities share values and goals and have a communication method through which they strive to attain these objectives as a group. There is little information available about the Ayurveda...

Words: 1962

Pages: 8

Views: 150

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14 Sep 2023

Discourse Community Analysis: Computer Science and its Sub-disciplines, Professional Associations

Discourse Community Analysis Computer Science and its Sub-disciplines Getting to join a discourse community is something that is usually of great interest to all professionals. Computer science is one of the...

Words: 992

Pages: 3

Views: 174


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What Is a Discourse Community Essay

Before we jump into writing advice, let's start with a discourse community essay definition. Discourse is a formal discussion of ideas in written form or speech. In our case, papers should be about a group of people that speak one language or share the same interest in one topic. 

Students may work with short essays. It is about 100 words. Or a long one — 500 words and more. This type of essay can be assigned to different subjects or academic fields. This topic can look too sophisticated as an academic discussion of the issue with specific lexis. You will find all answers on making it good on StudyBounty. 

Discourse Community Essay Examples for Free!

How to start your work with a paper? We have good advice — start it with discourse community ethnography essay example. This way, any student will understand the principle of good writing. 

You should be aware of this topic and the group you will write about. Such a type of paper also should be based on academic requirements. Also, use the study field particular vocabulary or specific public. What else can be a part of this text? Look at social media as an instrument for group management. For example, you may research on Science Twitter to find interesting topics to work with. Moreover, such communities can connect people from different cultures and backgrounds. However, they still will be built around one discussion topic. 

Check our example of discourse community essay we prepare for you here. And look at other articles such as Buddhism essay and feminism essays.

Discourse Community Analysis Essay

Look at the discourse community analysis essay examples to get the complete picture of what your professor expects from you. This type of paper should be built-in arguments around the thesis statement you will define. Students should collect all possible thoughts that prove, support, or explain the paper idea. 

Such texts also have a specific structure. Start with an introduction and define statement you will work with. Then writers need to build their argumentation. Use each paragraph for new arguments. Cite academic together with reliable sources. 

Suppose you think about how to write a discourse community analysis essay. In that case, you need to start learning from various samples we offer.

Discourse Community Essay Outline

What can make your paper competitive? What should one do to earn an excellent grade? We would say a good and valuable outline of community discourse essay. In other words, a firm plan for the report. Let's look at a basic outline for an article on any discussion.


  • How do you define this specific group? 
  • Who first defined this term? 

Thesis statements

  • Define something you will discuss in detail. For example, every such society has specific characteristics. 


  • Common goals of a defined group.
  • Specific lexicon — how to research it.
  • Each member's experience level and how it helps define discussion characteristics.


  • Underline in a few sentences the most important arguments. 
  • Bring readers to their insights.
  • Connect the final paragraph with the intro. 

Bonus: Have questions about your title page? Try our title page maker to make it academically right.

How to Write a Discourse Community Essay

Community discourse essay writing can sound too complicated. Still, the principles of paper building will be pretty common to other scripts. Let’s determine creating a qualitative piece of paper.

  1. Research. You should be well aware of the defined community. What this term means, and how it is defined in other literature.
  2. Look at the paper samples we offer for our users. You will better understand the structure and terms and find some ideas for your writings.
  3. Pick up good discourse community essay topics. It must be interesting to you and your perspective for the paper.
  4. Create an outline. Plan everything and define the thesis statement for your paper. Look at the samples below and find if something can work for your topic.
  5. Write a paper. Cover all requirements you may have from an academic advisor. Carefully check citation and reference style.
  6. Proofread. Last and significant step in creating a good text. You can ask somebody to help you with this step. Any fresh view is crucial.

FAQ About Discourse Community Essays

1. What is the purpose of a discourse community essay?

All essays on discourse community should illustrate the ability to explain, overview, and understand specific groups of people. It also shows how students can build argumentation and be persuasive on particular topics. College students often get such assignments for class.

2. What is the short discourse community essay paragraph?

In most cases, students need to write a 5 paragraph discourse community essay. It can be from 100 to 250 words. It is one paragraph of introduction, three paragraphs of argumentation, and the last one with a final thought or conclusion.

3. Are your discourse community papers accessible?

Yes, we offer more than one free discourse community paper that can be used as an example for your work. It is a great chance to learn how other students structured successful essays and get ideas for your own. There is no registration or subscription on our website! Just try it!

4. Can I submit one of your discourse community essays?

We offer any discourse community essay in pdf to make them easy to use and read from any device. At the same time, other students donated all the samples to our website, which is why you will not have 100% plagiarism-free work. You will have problems with your professor if you use it.


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