Democracy Essay Examples and How to Write It

Students often struggle with composing essays about democracy. Such pieces are extremely dependent on a person's scribing skill and comprehension. These assignments rarely can be completed without issues or encountering difficulties. Drafting process can become significantly easier if a scrivener is following an existing sample. Our website offers the best essays on democracy for students. Donated by prominent students, these pieces showcase supreme qualities that can be easily adapted. Examine them for new ideas and inspiration.

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Pericles’ Athenian Democracy

Introduction The modern-day world is a democratic world which gives everybody the choice of doing whatever he wants to do as long as he does not infringe other people's rights. Much of that is owed to Pericles,...

Words: 602

Pages: 2

Views: 100

Developing a Democracy: A Guide

Democracy is an ideal environment that provides an opportunity for the society to strive socially, economically and politically. This is an indication that for a country to develop, it must uphold democracy that...

Words: 839

Pages: 3

Views: 84

Representing a Democracy: Florida's 4th Congressional District

Florida's 4th Congressional District (Address 32259) is one of the Congressional Districts located in the State of Florida in the U.S. Like the other congressional districts, Florida's 4th District has...

Words: 1050

Pages: 4

Views: 77

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Founding Fathers and Democracy

Founding Fathers and Democracy Founders established the United States of America during the late 18th and 19th century. Founding Fathers were associated with developing and signing of the declaration of...

Words: 1087

Pages: 3

Views: 348

Societal Factors for the Improvement of American Democracy

Introduction Democracy relates to a government system which allows citizens to exercise their respective power by casting votes. The nationals in a given country encompass its governing body where it takes...

Words: 1905

Pages: 7

Views: 258

Developing a Democracy in Brazil

Brazil’s political history began in the 15th century when Portuguese navigator Pedro Alvares Cabral claimed territory in Brazil. The Portuguese ruled Brazil from Lisbon until 1808 when the Portuguese royal family...

Words: 765

Pages: 2

Views: 75

The Wayward Course of American Presidential Democracy

Renowned political scholar Stephen Skowronek provides valuable insights into American politics and how the American presidency has been altered over the years. Presidents usually reckon with the works of their...

Words: 656

Pages: 2

Views: 149

The Advent of Modern Democracy

Walter Lippmann, one of the liberal realists of the 20 th century was a man who excelled by coming up with controversial subjects which were appealing to his readers. The book Drift and Mastery which was published in...

Words: 870

Pages: 3

Views: 128

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How to Protect Democracy from Threats

The United States of America prides itself as a model nation when it comes to advocating for and promoting human rights and civil liberties. These two aspects, which are entrenched in the Constitution, are considered...

Words: 845

Pages: 3

Views: 75

America's Democracy: The Essential Guide

Democracy defined as the, “Rule by the people” is more complex in the real- world as James Madison argued because the men are not angels and the world is not ruled by angels. Humans are imperfect thus governance of...

Words: 1994

Pages: 6

Views: 82



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What Is a Democracy Essay

The definition of essay on democracy changes depending on the topic. To correctly define democracy essay, it’s needed to separate stable bits from everchanging. Generally, those are academic endeavors aimed at educating disciples about political regimes and improving their cognitive abilities. At its core, such a text has a description, argumentation, and persuasion, mixed in various proportions.

Similar items engage the writer’s critical and evaluative thinking, forcing students to think. Learners must demonstrate a severe level of subject awareness. Materials should be properly structured, paced, and versed. Each element must be done a certain way to ensure a correct effect on readers. Proposed sample texts serve the purpose of improving students’ abilities through reading.

Democracy Essay Examples to Help You Score Better

Feel free to download any democracy essay in English in pdf on this site. We’ve gathered thousands of good-quality samples. Created by smart composers, they showcase a perfect implementation of main principles. These unspoken directives can be acquired only with practice or self-education. Studying proposed items is an effective and fast way to master effective storytelling tactics and argumentation techniques. Add to it narrative tips, description hacks, and persuasion-related tricks.

Whether you’re tasked with a democracy essay in 300 words or 200 words — we have that. Wide sample selection enables finding explicit materials a student might need. Free essays on democracy in 100 & 150 words are also available. The same goes for 1000 words pieces. With such powerful assistance, any young scrivener can easily finish this assignment with great grades!

Democracy Essay Outline

Any essay on democracy with outline will score better than the one written without consideration and prior planning. Diligent structuring is what noticeably elevates all qualities of submitted essays. Acting like a backbone, it effectively ties all elements together. An outline helps maintain narration consistency and coherency. Without it, an article is a blend and inconsistent. Unreadable. Conscious composers always spend time on structure design. It's widely recommended to use a 3 or 5 paragraph structure since it allows for well-paced storytelling. Here’s an example for you:


  • Topic statement
  • Background data
  • Central thesis
  • Main question

Body paragraph

  • Argument #1
  • Supportive info
  • Argument #2
  • Facts, numbers
  • Argument #3
  • Credible data


  • Title rephrasing
  • Quick recap
  • Answering the initial inquiry
  • Summary

Democracy Essay Introduction

Wondering how to write the best introduction for an argumentative essay about democracy? The secret lies in perseverance and attentiveness. It is also in careful plan-following. The first paragraph should interest readers and engage them. It must ask a question and promise answers further. Structurally and grammatically, it’s as simple as direct. State the topic in an interesting way. Entertain with introductory information. Then ask something that’s the sole idea of this article.

A competent sample can be seen below. Study it carefully — examine every detail. Try extracting useful advice, narration methods, and appropriate wording. Use the sample as a template for creative, perfect custom introductions.

Democracy essay introduction example

Democracy is a form of government where people decide policy matters directly through voting on ballots initiative, referendums, and hall meetings. Moreover, the constitution guarantees personal and political rights, fair and free elections and independent courts of law. Democracy is also defined as unique people having different ideas such that individuals have the abilities to express their ideas. Moreover, with democracy, the citizens have the freedom to govern themselves by letting them take part in the enactment and passage of laws and in deciding the best for them. Despite the fact that democracy allows freedom of expression of ideas, it should have minimal culture standards in order to control people from giving horrible expressions.

Democracy Essay Body Paragraph

Whether you choose one short paragraph on democracy or three — they are largely identical. Being a mix of arguments and supportive data, each similar section gives the audience much-needed information. Every fact should come from credible, trustworthy sources. Focus on correct data presentation. If you’re unfamiliar with that, examine our proposed sample below.

Written by a diligent student, it shows the most effective way of presenting the important info. Sentence construction, chosen angle — everything is there. Look at how data must be presented to secure the reader's interest and proper effect on it. Read it carefully. Pay attention to small details, vocables, pacing, and emphases.

Democracy essay body paragraph example 

Both direct and representative democracies recognize people as the supreme authority. However, the participation of people in leadership is unique in both democratic structures. In a direct democracy, all people come together and make decisions through ballot voting. That is, this democracy structure requires qualified people to participate in the decision-making process of the country. Switzerland practices this type of democracy, which approves the law using a single majority in town, city and a double majority at the national level. On the other hand, in a representative democracy, citizens elect officials who make decisions on their behalf; the United Kingdom and the United States practice this type of democracy. Furthermore, the elected officials may propose laws that can benefit the community they represent. Although there is an assumption that the representatives have the best interest of people in their minds, they do not adhere to what most of them want. Moreover, citizens in the direct democracy are active in their government since they influence every issue and decision the government takes. However, citizens in a representative democracy are passive in their government since they do not make direct decisions as far as the government matters are concerned (Levin, 2015).

Democracy Essay Conclusion

Final section is dedicated solely to the conclusion on democracy. The smallest paragraph bears significant importance to the article’s quality and score. The conclusion of democracy part serves two purposes — summarizing and leaving a long-lasting impression. Both goals can be achieved through the use of specific wording and storytelling tricks. Sentence arrangement must be precise and elegant. If the summary is done right, a teacher will definitely award higher scores.

If you’re struggling with drafting, make yourself acquainted with a sample of the conclusion for democracy essay below. Any presented example serves as a source of inspiration, fresh ideas, and relevant wording. Copying working elements from gratuitous examples is the shortest way to academic perfection. Examining examples is free, fast, and efficient.

Democracy essay conclusion example 

After looking closely at the two democracies, it is evident that no democracy is perfect and each has shortfalls which may still need adjustments for it to attain full democracy. A democratic government is one in which the citizens have a right to exercise governance by themselves or through a few people who are chosen to carry the voice of the citizens. These elected people will not be speaking their word but that of the people who elected them. In other words, voters choose leaders to form a governing office and hold them responsible for their policies and conduct in office.

How to Write a Democracy Essay

To effectively write an essay on democracy you need a plan. A step-by-step guide increases productivity while controlling correct coverage of every aspect. Efficacious essay writing on democracy is a key to fast task completion and good scores. With this instruction, you’ll write about democracy with ease:

  1. Topic selection. Browse titles online. Choose interesting ones that'll engage both the audience and you. Writer’s interest leads to objectively better works. You shud understand what you are going to write about.
  2. In-depth investigation. Attentive data mining is required. Pay attention to data credibility and feasibility. Only proven, acclaimed info is allowed. It is crucial to have evidence for all facts.
  3. Sample studying. Examine provided texts. Try extracting useful data from them. Look at narrative, lexicon, embedded ideas, and their presentation. Browse such examples as social justice essay and Civil Rights Movement essay at StudyBounty.
  4. Outline creation. Never ignore planning if you’re aiming at good grades! Any composer will confirm that every Structure is crucial. Engineer every paragraph in advance.
  5. Drafting. Type down multiple paper versions. Each newer one should be an improvement over the previous one. Do it until you’re satisfied.
  6. Proofreading. Eliminate syntax errors together with grammar mistakes — any irregularities or inconsistencies. Ensure an article’s high originality.

Democracy Essay Topics

As seen in previous sections, good democracy topics have a huge impact on final pieces. Careful consideration must go into each article together with each prompt. Title alone can attract attention, intrigue, and entertain. An idea embedded in it must be understandable yet uncommon. People like being shocked. Crazy ideas sometimes work the best in such assignments. We’ve made up a few topics on democracy — check them out:

  • How modern US government supports discrimination? (Consult: essays about government.)
  • Describe prevailing democratic parties in the USA.
  • Explore the latest elections as fraudulent acts.
  • Representative government as America’s greatest source of problems.
  • Examine monarchy — are there benefits to it?
  • How do you imagine the lives of citizens from socialist countries?
  • Current political system in America is redundant and outdated.
  • Pros and cons of elective government.
  • How do laws protect politicians from justice?

Use them directly or edit. They’re perfect for budding composers and do not require any substantial research. Remember — good paper titles lead to great scores!


FAQ About Democracy Essays

1. Can I use your democracy essay examples only in college?

We’re not offering only an essay on democracy for class 12 pupils. All samples are universal and can be easily used by students of any background or educational level. You are creating memorable works, not samples. Their target audience means nothing.

2. What is a short essay on democracy?

Every students’ short essay on democracy is a complex explorative endeavor. Aimed at testing a scholar's abilities, it asks for severe comprehension and diligent consideration. Without any outside assistance in the form of samples, completing this chore is tedious. Read our samples for more handy information.

3. Do you have democracy essay samples in Word?

Website offers only English essay on democracy in pdf. Other formats aren’t supported. Such a distribution solution enables more effective transfer and storage. Additionally, it prevents items from straight-up copying by users. This fact alone boosts the chances of submitting original works.

4. How to start a democracy essay introduction?

Good way to begin an essay on democracy is with a catchy title restatement. Intriguing the audience is universal, always yielding needed results. Try adding some hooks to grab the attention more effectively. Scary facts, big numbers, and large statements are also effective. Use our samples as guidance!


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