Bipolar Disorder Essays: Step-By-Step Guide & Examples

Planning on writing an essay on bipolar disorder? We’ve got your back! You can find some tips here. Moreover, some real examples done by experienced students are available on this page. You can browse them here or download any of these examples in pdf – all that totally free of charge. So, let’s go and explore this subject in detail.

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17 Sep 2023

Bipolar Disorder: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Bipolar disorder often considered a mood disorder that characterized by impairing episodes of depression and mania. For the most part, the onset of this disorder occurs either in adolescence or early adulthood, even...

Words: 2356

Pages: 10

Views: 172

17 Sep 2023

Major Depression and Bipolar Disorder

Major depression is expressed by an individual having a depressed mood most of the time, especially in the morning. An individual lacks interests when exercising their daily routines and even in relationships....

Words: 570

Pages: 2

Views: 100

Associations Between Bipolar Disorder and Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic disorders such as overweight and obesity are widespread among individuals with bipolar disorder. The phenomenon affects a significant percentage of the population. Metabolic disorders cause a...

Words: 1744

Pages: 6

Views: 136

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16 Sep 2023

The Importance of Developing a Sleeping Routine, Even on Weekends, For both Healthy Adolescents and Adolescents with Bipolar Disorder

Sleep determines a person’s health outcome. An average person is supposed to sleep for at least eight hours. However, most American teenagers sleep for less than eight hours, and others have sleeping difficulties...

Words: 1843

Pages: 7

Views: 417

16 Sep 2023

Bipolar Disorder in Women

Bipolar Disorder in Women Bipolar Disorder (BD) also referred to a manic-depressive illness is a disorder that affects the brain and results in abnormal mood swings, high activity levels, and a lot of energy. The...

Words: 3377

Pages: 12

Views: 380

16 Sep 2023

Bipolar Disorder: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

Overview Bipolar disorder is a critical mental health condition often characterized by the occurrence of deep, prolonged and profound depression, which accompanied by the alternating episodes of excessively...

Words: 2877

Pages: 8

Views: 114

16 Sep 2023

Bipolar Disorder: Cause, Symptoms, and Treatment

The rate of mental illness is increasing due to factors that tend to increase the excitement, depression and other issues related to genetics or biological factors. Psychiatrists and professionals in the medical...

Words: 1170

Pages: 4

Views: 148

16 Sep 2023

Bipolar Disorder: What You Need to Know

Research studies report that a greater percentage of the US population suffers from different mental illnesses. One out of four Americans suffer from one mental illness or another related disease. On the same note,...

Words: 1105

Pages: 4

Views: 119

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16 Sep 2023

The Impact of Copy Number Variation in Bipolar Disorder and Schizophrenia

The research hypothesis of the article attempts to prove that genetics are a significant risk factor for both bipolar disorder (BP) and schizophrenia (SZ) ( Green et al., 2016) . The research delineates to the point...

Words: 333

Pages: 1

Views: 133

16 Sep 2023

ADHD and Bipolar Disorder

Part A ADHD is a mental disorder that mostly affects children, common in male. It is a brain disorder that is associated with lack of attention and the child can’t concentrate in school work as well as to manage...

Words: 343

Pages: 1

Views: 94


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What Is a Bipolar Disorder Essay

First things first, the definition of bipolar disorder essay. Such papers address this well-known psychic issue by examining its different aspects. They may describe its symptoms, environmental factors influencing it, and treatment methods.

Bipolar disorder includes phases of depression and abnormal hyperactivity that go one after another. Such drastic mood changes over a short period of time. It may cause damage and sometimes even lead to suicide. Consequently, it has received significant media coverage during the last decades. So, you can find many sources on it. Just make sure you pick only credible ones that would support every statement.

Bipolar Disorder Essay Examples From Start to Finish

If you need an argumentative essay on bipolar disorder, try making a strong thesis statement. I should engage your audience. You might need to conduct preliminary research. Gather some additional information about your general subject. After a better understanding of the problem’s context, preparing a strong statement will be much easier.

Below you can find an argumentative sample of essay on bipolar disorder. It is absolutely free from charge, as well as all other paper samples published here. Feel free to browse through them here or download them as pdf. Check out their structure and style. Maybe you’ll reuse something in your own paper. Pay attention to their sources. They might be useful for research as well. 

Bipolar Disorder Essay Outline

Starting with an outline for bipolar disorder essay is an important step one shouldn’t skip. If you quickly draft an essay’s structure by giving it some thought, you’ll be able to spot some serious flaws and issues at this early stage. After correcting them, you can proceed with completing a text: its higher quality will be ensured.

Here’s how to do an outline for your essay on medicine step by step:

  1. Brainstorm and formulate a thesis statement. E.g., talking about major symptoms of this illness that can be noticed upon observing a person. Make it a complete sentence. Any thesis statement should be brief but strong and clear. (Add several phrases to explain the context. There is no need for complete sentences.)
  2. List the symptoms in the main body paragraphs. 1 paragraph per 1 major symptom using just short phrases. (Mention your sources but don’t make full references at this stage.)
  3. Sketch your conclusion summarizing the importance of the aforementioned symptoms. Make sure it answers your initial statement.
  4. Review your outline carefully and make necessary corrections before proceeding.

Bipolar Disorder Essay Introduction

Where do you start writing an introduction to bipolar disorder essay? Here are some guidelines:

  1. Provide a thesis statement. It should be full and clear — one sentence only.
  2. Add brief explanations showing why your thesis is relevant. Tell how grave this illness is. You can show how important it is to diagnose this disorder as early as possible. It prevents a person from taking serious psychic or physical damage.
  3. Make your introduction brief, just one paragraph long. Main information, explanations, and supporting materials should be given in the main body paragraphs.

Still unsure how to write an introduction for an essay about bipolar disorder? You can find an example of an essay introduction below. It is absolutely free. Go ahead and read or download it.

Bipolar disorder essay introduction example

Bipolar disorder is a disabling condition whose causes vary. Manic depression which is another name for the bipolar disease is characterized by unstable mood swings (Schub, Smith, & Pravikoff, 2016). Bipolar disorders occur more in women than in men. Although the causes are unknown, research shows that genetics and the brain mechanics, as well as environmental factors, are involved (Schub et al., 2016). Children with parents who have bipolar disorder have seven times more chances of being affected than their counterparts who have normal parents. The alternating episodes of bipolar disorders vary in severity and duration which in the long run leads to reduced quality of life. The knowledge of this condition in the field of nursing provides guidance on providing physical care to patients with bipolar disorder and in the long run, prevents relapse cases. This paper seeks to analyze the article by Schub et al. critically as well as state its relevance in the health sector.

Bipolar Disorder Essay Body Paragraph

A bipolar disorder paragraph goes next. Here are our guidelines:

  • You provide your key points and main descriptions here. Make this part informative but don’t be too wordy. Use straightforward language and try making it interesting for your audience.
  • Break it down into 2-4 paragraphs. Ensure all paragraphs are logically connected. Readers should clearly understand what you’re talking about.
  • This subject is scientific. So, make sure you provide valid data and evidence for every description. Pick credible sources. Format your references properly.
  • Review your main text upon completion. Make sure you haven’t forgotten any major facts.

Bipolar disorder essay body paragraph example 

The prevalence of BD in the United States is 0.4 to 1.6% in an estimated lifetime (Schub et al., 2016). Research shows that those diagnosed with BD have reduced years to live as compared to an average person. The reduced years are less in men compared to women (Schub et al., 2016). BD I is common for both males and females, unlike BD II which affects more females than males. The average age for BD symptom presentation is 21 years although the symptoms can still present at any time in life. It is estimated that about 70% of those diagnosed with BD were patients that were previously misdiagnosed. The accurate diagnosis of the Bipolar disorder is difficult because of the onset of the disorders that present themselves as unipolar depression (Schub et al., 2016).

Bipolar Disorder Essay Conclusion

Finally, this is how you should write your conclusion for bipolar disorder essay:

  1. Make sure it properly summarizes all the explanations you’ve provided about your thesis. 
  2. Keep your conclusion as brief as possible. Avoid adding unnecessary details or repeating yourself. In general, it shouldn’t take more than 25% of the entire volume. 
  3. Don’t quote any sources at this stage. All your references and citations need to be provided in the main body.

Check out our example of essay conclusion available below. You can borrow any relevant ideas or references from it.

Bipolar disorder essay conclusion example

This article contained relevant information to inform healthcare providers on factors associated with BD including causes, symptoms, as well as recommendations for treatment. However, the article fell short in relating to the research studies conducted in the area of mental diseases especially BD. I expected some statistical research studies that were carried out to determine the cause of BD, possibilities for relapse, as well as effective treatment and its duration. Nevertheless, I would recommend this article to my colleagues in the field of nursing because it has relevant information on how to handle BD in general.

How to Write a Bipolar Disorder Essay

Here are several additional tips for writing your bipolar disorder college essays:

  1. Pick a topic. You should be well familiar with it. If you’ve read about the symptoms of this disorder before, it could be easier to write about diagnosing it. Otherwise, you would need more time for research.
  2. Brainstorm your thesis statement. Do it after collecting enough information. Once you have it, build your introduction and main part around it.
  3. Verify your sources. It is better to use real medical journals or articles written by professionals. Nowadays, one can find lots of English online materials about bipolar disorder, but not all of them are based upon actual facts.
  4. Write an outline. Review your outline carefully. Don’t skip this step, as it actually simplifies your job.
  5. Write your full essay. Use your outline as its basis.
  6. Review it again. If possible, ask someone else to do it for you. A fresh glance can catch some inconsistencies.

Need some great suggestions for bipolar disorder essay topics? Check our examples – maybe one of them is relevant to your general subject. Start with mental illness essay or autism essay.


FAQ About Bipolar Disorder Essays

1. Are your bipolar disorder essays free?

Sure! All samples you can find on this page are free essays on bipolar disorder. You can use them as inspiration. Borrow some useful ideas or tricks from them for your own original paper. A download option is also available.

2. How to start an introduction of paper on bipolar disorder?

When writing your bipolar disorder paper, start by explaining the basics of this illness. Or begin your essay with an elaborate introduction to its specific aspect, which you’ll be talking about. Then provide your thesis statement making sure these explanations are well aligned with it.

3. Can I submit one of your bipolar disorder essays in my college?

Any essay about bipolar disorder that you find published here can be used for your inspiration or as your reference material. However, copying it or submitting it as your own work is not an option! This would be plagiarism and can result in your submission being rejected.

4. How do I write an outline for bipolar disorder essay?

Outlines for essays on bipolar disorder should contain:

  • List of major facts related to your topic.
  • Your thesis statement – complete sentence.
  • Sketched structure of your main part.
  • Shortened summary of your findings or argumentation on which you can base your conclusion.

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