How to Write a Modest Proposal Essay & Examples

Essay about A Modest Proposal is an amazing task! After all, there is nothing better than an opportunity to touch on satirical work analysis. In his usual manner, Jonathan Swift strikes social problems and norms with a devastating satirical fist. This essay can be truly one of the best creative works, even if you are writing it for the first time! Gather your thoughts — let them work together in free tandem.

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15 Sep 2023

Jonathan Swift’s Modest Proposal

Jonathan Swift was an Irish author and satirist whose work was disapproved and criticized by many Catholics of his time. The Catholic Church regarded Swift’s work as contentious and politically instigated with the...

Words: 588

Pages: 2

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15 Sep 2023

A Modest Proposal Summary

From a distance, the article, A Modest Proposal would have been easily confused for a romantic tale. However, the article’s proposal talks about fattening up malnourished children and feeding them to rich people as a...

Words: 281

Pages: 1

Views: 121

15 Sep 2023

Personal Reflection on Jonathan Swift’s essay “A Modest Proposal”

Personal Reflection on Jonathan Swift’s essay “A Modest Proposal” Jonathan Swift gives a satirical proposal on the problem of having the children of the poor families in Ireland becoming a burden to the economy...

Words: 301

Pages: 1

Views: 477

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Surprise Ending in Swift’s “A Modest Proposal”

Surprise Ending in Swift’s “A Modest Proposal” Many authors employ the techniques of “surprise ending” when telling their stories. The surprise is caused by a radical change in the reader’s expected outcome. This is...

Words: 400

Pages: 1

Views: 431

14 Sep 2023

A Modest Proposal Essay by Swift

A Modest Proposal Essay is Jonathan Swift's publication of 1729. This particular writing by Swift would become the most satirical essay of all time. Using just less than 3500 words, Swift surprisingly was able to...

Words: 283

Pages: 1

Views: 433

14 Sep 2023

A Vindication Of The Rights Of Women” by Mary Wollstonecraft and “A Modest Proposal” by Jonathan Swift - A Comparison

Comparison essay of "A Vindication Of The Rights Of Women” by Mary Wollstonecraft and "A Modest Proposal” by Jonathan Swift For many years, women in different societies in the world have been undergoing a lot of...

Words: 699

Pages: 2

Views: 99


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What Is A Modest Proposal Essay

The definition of essay on Modest Proposal can be the same as for any novel. Satire and its works are very simple at first glance. As for detailed analysis, we can understand their versatility and intra-plot complexity. This paper cannot be simple in its form and content. On the other hand, it cannot be difficult because this topic is very extensive. Its words’ flow is quite difficult to stop.

Jonathan Swift was quite that shaky whip on most of his economic and political contemporaries' decisions. This work is no exception. Its author calls attention to the economy and society state in Ireland. Population was on disaster verge. Children really became burdensome for their parents. The author writes a fun guide to life. But it is no longer funny just to deal with the historical aspect.

A Modest Proposal Essay Examples for Beginners

You can write A Modest Proposal summary essay with ease. Just don't forget to evaluate what is happening. Make this transfer not a dry list of the main plot twists. Spend enough time to make your writing exciting. Moreover, you can afford to use some comedic ways of expression. Jonathan Swift is satire king. How about adding some satire or sarcasm to your paper? Believe, if you find an appropriate joke, your teacher will be delighted! Hook your readers from the very beginning. Before doing it, check a satirical essay example in our library.

Literary analysis will also be a great option for beginners, especially since Modest Proposal has many symbols while satire is the main tool. You can look at and compare certain symbols with historical facts. Describe how satire affects work or how it generally works.

A Modest Proposal Rhetorical Analysis Essay

A Modest Proposal rhetorical analysis essay example, in general, is no different from classical rhetorical analysis. It's just great for this short story. We advise making some schematic analysis at the beginning. This will help sketch basics, and further analysis will be performed easily. Therefore, the basis for rhetorical analysis is as follows:

  • Purpose or value of part for analysis.
  • Using techniques and arguing why they are so.
  • Whether the goal was achieved, what effect actions performed had.
  • Assessment and explanation of why it worked or not.

It is also worth noting that rhetorical analysis references 4 strategies: logic, emotions, ethics, and time.

How to Write A Modest Proposal Essay

Start writing your own Modest Proposal essay with your light head. Only with this approach can you write a really meaningful essay. We should not forget that basis is quite that crisis situation for the population of that time. However, one should not resort to absolute intimidation and negativity. We recommend following Jonathan Swift's writing style and techniques to write your paper well. Pay more attention to the author and his struggle rather than historical injustice. And make sure you choose one of the best A Modest Proposal essay topics. First of all, this topic should be interesting for you. It should be exciting and intrigue readers. Do not forget to check out different literature essay samples.

Moreover, we would advise perceiving this task as a detective story. You must decipher each character in Modest Proposal. But the approach to solving the riddle should not be thorough and reinforced concrete. Modest Proposal essay ideas are about ease. It arises due to comedic ways of expression. And so, writing an essay is also easy! As we can see, humor is often more powerful weapon than bullet. And word is also a very powerful weapon. And now imagine what the power of satirical short stories is.


FAQ About A Modest Proposal Essays

1. Are your A Modest Proposal essay examples free?

Yes, of course, just check our A Modest Proposal free essay. You can download every sample in pdf format. We created our service to make life a little easier for students. We give you free access to essays so that you can be inspired by the work of others and write something perhaps based on them.

2. What is the purpose of A Modest Proposal essay?

There may be several reasons for writing such essays about a Modest Proposal. We want to list a few main ones:
1. Analysis of satirical means in work.
2. Influence of Jonathan Swift on writing in general.
3. Ability to write about scary things easily and what impact it has.
In general, a teacher wants to see how you were influenced by work, how you learned information, and what you noticed when reading.

3. How do you start A Modest Proposal essay?

First, look through our examples of A Modest Proposal essay in English for free. It is a good idea to start such an essay with a quote. This piece can set the mood for all the work and only improve it. In addition, teachers love when students demonstrate familiarity with the work in a non-trivial way.

4. What is the main theme of the essay about A Modest Proposal?

The main theme should be the power of words and humor in short essays on A Modest Proposal. Why did the author write this work? What resonance did it cause? Has it changed anything? What conclusions can we draw from it? How did the author achieve his goal? If your essay answers these questions, it has accomplished the main task!


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