Child Abuse Essay Writing Examples & Outline

Writing an essay on child abuse? Thinking about its effect on our society but not sure where to start? No worries, you can find some helpful materials here. We’ve collected writing tips and guidelines for this essay type. Besides, several real examples on this general subject are available here – totally free!

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17 Sep 2023

The Impacts of Boy Child Abuse

Children Abuse is a broad topic which is covered under different subjects ranging from parenting to health matters. Most past studies focus on girls’ sexual violence’s that is termed as the primary concern of sexual...

Words: 271

Pages: 1

Views: 154

17 Sep 2023

Child Abuse: How to Recognize, Prevent, and Respond

The early and tender years of a child are mostly filled with joy and a lot of promises; all children are shaped morally, physically, and emotionally by their early life experiences (Dolch, 2011). Globally, children...

Words: 582

Pages: 2

Views: 147

Determinants of Health for Child Abuse and Neglect

Determinants of Health for Child Abuse and Neglect The range of social, environmental, personal, and social factors that influence the health status of individuals are known as determinants of health. For a long...

Words: 501

Pages: 1

Views: 396

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17 Sep 2023

Substance Abuse and Child Neglect

According to the Code of Federal Regulations, childcare that goes above 24 hours outside a child’s home is what constitutes foster care. As of September 30, 2017, there were more than 440,000 children living in...

Words: 1604

Pages: 5

Views: 384

Case study on child abuse and neglect

Case study on child abuse and neglect A social worker has the responsibility of ensuring that a child being sexually abused is assisted in getting justice. The social worker in this case of Brandon did the right...

Words: 565

Pages: 2

Views: 376

17 Sep 2023

Child and Elder Abuse and the effects on Victims

Any act or acts of commission or omission that results to harm or threaten to harm is referred to as child abuse and can be by parents or caregivers. These can be words or actions that are intentional or deliberate,...

Words: 800

Pages: 3

Views: 68

17 Sep 2023

Long Term Effects of Child Abuse

Bywaters et al. (2016) define child abuse as any act that causes major harm to children whether emotional, sexual, or physical. This action may come from an adult or a child and includes neglect and lack of love and...

Words: 934

Pages: 3

Views: 365

16 Sep 2023

Child Abuse: How to Recognize, Prevent, and Respond

A child is an important part of the society, and their interest should be observed accordingly for they are the future of the community. Their best interests mainly include the provision of the basic needs which...

Words: 275

Pages: 1

Views: 112

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16 Sep 2023

Poverty in America/Child Abuse and Neglect/The Forgotten Elderly

Poverty in America/Child Abuse and Neglect/The Forgotten Elderly Introduction to Literature Review This is a tripartite literature review revolving around the issue of poverty, child abuse and neglect as well as...

Words: 2756

Pages: 8

Views: 110

16 Sep 2023

Child Abuse Prevention: What You Can Do to Help

Question 1. Many studies often showcase higher frequency of child neglect cases in lower income families. While this is not to say that poverty is a factor attributing to child abuse it is prudent to evaluate...

Words: 548

Pages: 2

Views: 105


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What Is a Child Abuse Essay

Let’s start with an elaborate definition of essay on child abuse. Such papers address one of humanity’s crucial problems. It is physical and psychological harm done to children by either attacking, purposely neglecting them, or denying them their basic needs. While the physical aspect of this problem has always been a matter of discussion, psychological one has been practically overlooked in the past.

You may observe this problem from different sides. Your paper could argue about certain real or fictional cases being – or not being – child abuse (e.g., sexual). Another option is analyzing some books and highlighting cases of abusive behavior towards children. Explaining the short and long-term effects of certain cases could also be done.

Child Abuse Essay Examples for College Students

Here you can find several helpful essay examples for the following assignment types:

  • child abuse cause and effect essay;
  • problem solution essay (consult: problem solution essay examples);
  • descriptive essay about child abuse and some others as well.

All these English examples are available for free. You can pick one most relevant for your assignment or area of interest. Check out its structure together with style. See if you can reuse them. Examine its sources and problems. Some of them might be interesting. Look for some useful ideas you could borrow for your original work. Use these examples for inspiration or as your reference material. It is totally ok as long as you don’t copy any of their content.

Detailed explanations on how you should write specific essay types about such problems are available below.

Child Abuse Argumentative Essay

How do you write an argumentative essay about child abuse? Start with preliminary research and brainstorming. This way you’ll shape a strong thesis about neglect or mistreatment of children. Think your argumentation through, review it carefully and check for logical gaps or other problems. Try to take an opposing position into account. This way you could refute the main counterarguments and make it sound more engaging for your reader or the entire society.

Since this subject is important and sensitive, ensure you’re using only credible sources. Your argumentation should have an appropriate basis. Otherwise, your audience might not be impressed.

Still not sure how to write an argumentative essay on child abuse? Feel free to check out our FAQ section below. You can also contact us directly if you still have problems with it.

Child Abuse Persuasive Essays

When writing persuasive essays on child abuse, you should focus on the emotional side of your selected problem. Try and highlight all negative consequences of psychological or physical abuse cases you are describing. (E.g., sexual harassment or neglect). Show your audience how such acts and problems may affect our society. Use colorful language but still base your narrative upon facts. Otherwise, your persuasion might not work.

Consider picking some controversial topics for better showing off your persuasive skills. Be careful if you address sensitive problems. Check out our examples for a better understanding of this essay type and its requirements.

Child Abuse Essay Outline

Stuck with your outline for a 10 page essay on child abuse? We’ve got several tips for you. Suppose you are writing about the long-term effects of child maltreatment. Here is how your outline should look:

Free online essay outline on child abuse


  • Come up with an impressive thesis statement. Make it clear and straightforward. E.g., argue that consequences may include physical underdevelopment and chronic illnesses.
  • Provide some general context. Short notes only at this stage.

Main body

  • Draft several paragraphs without making any complete sentences. List your major arguments there. Make notes for adding important sources upon maltreatment effects later.
  • Analyze the general structure of this part and make sure it is logical.


  • Use brief phrases to summarize your argumentation. Make some final notes about crucial negative effects of maltreatment. Check if any unnecessary or duplicated information from the previous part has been added here.

Child Abuse Essay Introduction

Check out these suggested steps for composing an introduction to essay about child abuse:

  1. Begin with your thesis statement. It should be detailed enough but one sentence long.
  2. When adding explanations about a context, keep them very brief. You may tell basic facts about physical child maltreatment. Mention relevant research works but don’t cite them here. References and quotes should be provided in your essay’s main body part.
  3. Think about placing some ‘hook’ in your introduction, so your audience becomes intrigued. For example, making unexpected comments about physical vs emotional aspects. Claim that the neglected problem lacks proper research or what our society should do about it.

Child abuse essay introduction example 

Child abuse is a serious social problem with very many negative consequences on the victim. It is not as traumatizing to look at the statistics as it is to see the actual occurrences. Behind the statistics are human lives who are suffering on a daily basis. These people’s lives also touch on hundreds of other lives. Incidences of Child maltreatment and disregard are on the increase and it affects every one of us whether we realize this fact or not.

Child Abuse Essay Thesis Statement

We should add some words about thesis statement for child abuse essay. This is an actual core of your entire paper – something you’ll build its structure upon. So, we recommend choosing a topic you are well familiar with. This would help come up with better ideas as well as more contextual information. It is better to take some time to brainstorm and formulate everything properly. Make your thesis strong and informative but also brief and concise.

Here’s an example thesis:

Slower career progression is a long-term effect of maltreatment in childhood.

You need enough sources or data to research connections between people’s careers, their role in society, and their childhood issues. Thus, providing informative and interesting results will be much easier.

Child Abuse Essay Body Paragraph

Here are several tips on child abuse 5 paragraph essay. Check them out if you’re struggling with its structure:

  • Try reserving only 1 paragraph for your introduction and 1 paragraph for your conclusion. The remaining 3 are for the main body part.
  • Your main part should contain key descriptions and explanations or argumentation.
  • Put different arguments or descriptions of different concepts into separate paragraphs. Keep everything logical. Every next paragraph should be connected to the previous one.
  • Don’t forget about proper quotes for all descriptions and assumptions.

Check out our paragraph example below. It is completely free to read or download as a pdf.

Child abuse essay body paragraph example 

In America, every year, more than three million children are either abused or neglected (Van der Kolk, Hopper & Crozier 2). According to the current statistics, five children die on a daily basis following child abuse. More than 75% of the abused children are under the age of four. Estimates also show that most of deaths resulting from child abuse are not recorded as such. It is also devastating that the culprits for child abuse are in most cases family members and those who are not familiar to the victim. Cases of child abuse are inherent throughout the society. It occurs at every socio-economic class, in every ethnic and cultural line, in all religions as well as all educational levels. In the United States, 36% of women in prison reported to have been abused as children. 

Child Abuse Essay Conclusion

Struggling with your conclusion paragraph for child abuse essay? Here are several tips for this part:

  • Ensure it properly summarizes all your argumentation or explanations provided in previous paragraphs. 
  • Keep it clear but brief. It should be no more than 25% of your entire paper. Don’t use references or quotes here.
  • Don’t repeat any information provided above. Give only summaries and assumptions. 
  • Consider adding interesting comments about your thesis, which could leave a lasting impression on readers.

Several real conclusion examples are available on this page. Check them carefully for some helpful ideas you could borrow. Alternatively, just use them as inspiration. 

Child abuse essay conclusion example 

There has been an increase in the level of child maltreatment as well as poor parenting which results in high costs to the society as a whole. Due to maltreatment, children undergo many deleterious consequences such as stunted growth, physical injury, psychological problems, future deviant behaviors such as substance abuse and violence, and in extreme cases, children deaths. This calls for the need to prevent child maltreatment through the dissemination of parenting programs. 

Bonus: Every user can try a top-notch conclusion generator at StudyBounty anytime.

How to Write a Child Abuse Essay

Still not sure where you should start from? This child abuse essay writing guide will help you!

Here are its main steps:

  1. Choose your topic carefully. Check whether you can collect enough material to cover it.
  2. Conduct in-depth research. Gather necessary sources and brainstorm your thesis. Be cautious when talking about sensitive things since this kind of papers often include them. (E.g., sexual harassment.)
  3. Write an outline, review it carefully, and correct all of its major issues.
  4. Proceed with writing. Convert your outline into complete text. Format your paper properly, particularly your references and citations.
  5. Consider adding some ‘hooks’ into your introduction and conclusion in order to better engage your readers. E.g., talk about modern society and its needs. Don’t make your essay boring!
  6. Review the completed paper once again. If possible, try asking someone else to review it for you.

Need an essay written on child abuse by professional academic writers? Just contact us, and help will be quickly delivered!

Child Abuse Essay Topics for Free

Cannot come up with great essay topics on child abuse? We’ve got your back! Here are some good titles for child abuse essays:

  1. Causes and consequences of parents’ violence.
  2. Posttraumatic stress disorder: Chronic depression as child abuse consequences.
  3. Links between sexual mistreat and delinquency.
  4. Psychological and social outcomes of child neglect.
  5. Measures and policies for detection and prevention of child abuse.
  6. Teachers’ role in fighting child abuse/ neglect.
  7. Bullying children is an element of mistreat in modern society.
  8. Special needs children as the most vulnerable target of physical/ psychological abuse.
  9. Children’s dissociative identity disorder as an outcome of their sexual harm.
  10. Religious communities and child sexual abuse allegations.
  11. Fine line between this issue and parental punishment. 
  12. Methods of recovering repressed memories about child abuse and its consequences.

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Any questions left? Check out the FAQ section below; you might find some useful information there. And if you need urgent help with your essay, feel free to contact us. Our experienced academic writers are ready to help!


FAQ About Child Abuse Essays

1. Are your child abuse essays free?

Sure! We’ve prepared these free essays on child abuse for our readers who are struggling with their deadlines. You can search for specific topics (such as specific disorders or sexual violence), browse through these samples, read them online, or download them in pdf. There is absolutely no charge!

2. How to write "What are the effects and causes of child abuse" essay?

Writing short essays on child abuse focusing on its causes and effects includes such steps as:
1. Make detailed research of your topic and its context.
2. Collect valid sources to support your thesis.
3. Ensure the descriptions and explanations of causes and effects are logical and concise.

3. How long should child abuse essay be?

You can read and download our sample child abuse essays for free and check their length. Normally, an essay 250 to 500 words long is enough for a high school level assignment. College-level essays might be longer. In any case, you should ask your tutor about that or check your school’s general rules if they are available online.

4. Are your child abuse essay examples unique?

All short essays about child abuse that you can find here are 100% unique. They were done by students, proofread, and fact-checked thoroughly. Thus, you are welcome to borrow some good ideas from them. However, please avoid copying them even partially, as that would be plagiarism.


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