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16 Sep 2023

Comparing Gothic Writing Styles of Poe and Bradbury

Considering it as one of the shortest Allan Poe’s stories, The Oval Portrait comprises a brief one-paragraph story outlined in a huge vignette whose intended basis is to underscore the romantic Gothic mood where the...

Words: 511

Pages: 2

Views: 84

15 Sep 2023

Edgar Allen Poe’s work: the relationship between the world of the dead and that of the living

Edgar Allen Poe’s work presents the relationship between the world of the dead and that of the living in horrific ways. The 1962 film, _Poe's Tales of Terror,_ is a horror motion picture with three sequences...

Words: 786

Pages: 3

Views: 95

15 Sep 2023

Insanity and Supernatural Themes in A Tell Tale Heart by Edgar Allen Poe

Edgar Allan Poe was motivated by tragic events presented in his short story, The Tell Tale Heart. The unstable life and emotional disturbances he faced is seen in the theme of insanity. The utilization of...

Words: 650

Pages: 2

Views: 208

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What Is an Edgar Allan Poe Essay

You might be wondering what is the definition of essay on Edgar Allen Poe? While you may have been familiar with his bizarre tales of evil and love, you can find it difficult to write an academic paper on them.

You may want to start your essay by exploring Poe's published short stories and poems. His experience and literary style influenced his writing and the lives of those around him. As a result, his poems and stories often contain macabre themes. This author wrote about disturbing topics such as grief, fear, death, and premature burial.

Consider the techniques you will use in your paper. The poet used many techniques to build suspense and tension, even including narration in his stories. This is a crucial part of his works. And it doesn’t matter if your essay is a narrative, literary analysis, or an analysis of this author’s works. You can always check out our samples to see how they can be written.

Edgar Allan Poe Essay Examples in English

StudyBounty offers you many Edgar Allan Poe essays samples! They are available in pdf format. So, you can download them and check them out both online and offline.

A literature essay about this poet and his works might be an opportunity to examine his themes by discussing one of his short stories, poems, or novels. He focused on the theme of both death and life in many of his works. He created a lot of tension in his works. You can also use images and symbols in literary devices to explain his legacy in your paper.

Edgar Allan Poe Argumentative Essay

There are many argumentative essay topics on Edgar Allan Poe you can use in your paper. For one, you can examine his influence on literature. Discuss that modern audience loves his work, even though he was often overlooked during his lifetime. 

In your argumentative essay on Edgar Allan Poe, you should discuss how he depicted the protagonist and narrator in different ways. It may be interesting to write about his imagination in creating these characters. In preparation for your essay, you may delve deep into his dark and disturbing works. They are famed for their macabre themes. Explain how the tragedy was reflected in his writings. Describe how his struggles with alcohol influenced his creative work. Study argumentative essay examples free as much as possible before writing your essay.

Edgar Allan Poe Literary Analysis Essay

A literary analysis essay on Edgar Allan Poe can highlight the historical importance of his works in literature. While the poet may have created a masterpiece of literature, his life was hard. He felt as if he was bound for hell. It was obvious in his appearance and how he critiqued other authors' writings. His attitude towards life was reflected in his writings.

For example, in “The Raven", the author is prone to psychological instability and has many contradictory statements. His obsession with wealth is one sign of his psychological dysfunction. Although he does express no hatred toward the older man. He only plans his murder so that he can get rid of this burden. 

You can choose many different poems from this author to analyze. StudyBounty will provide you with more than one analysis essay example of such works. So, you won’t feel lost in writing.

Edgar Allan Poe Essay Outline

Outline for paper on Edgar Allan Poe preparation is essential before you begin your writing. Prepare your outline by familiarizing yourself with the theoretical materials. Identify interesting events that can be used to develop the story. Think about your essay's introduction, body, and conclusion. 

Now let’s look at the following outline sample.

Example of Edgar Allan Poe essay outline


  • Hook: Grab your audience’s attention with a captivating yet topical story, anecdote, or quote.
  • Thesis statement: Edgar Allan Poe was an amazing poet whose life and death still captivate modern scholars.

Body Paragraph #1: Who is E.A.Poe?

  • Birth and family
  • Early years of life in Baltimore
  • Military career
  • Marriage to Virginia Clemm
  • Death
  • Griswold’s “Memoir”

Body Paragraph #2: What was his work?

  • His poems
  • His prose
  • His writing style

Body Paragraph #3: What is his legacy?

  • Literary influence
  • Physics and cosmology
  • Cryptology


  • Restate thesis statement
  • Concluding sentence

Edgar Allan Poe Essay Introduction

You can start your introduction for an essay about Edgar Allan Poe in a number of ways. We suggest you briefly explain who this poet was. So, the audience will have an idea of whose authorship you’d be writing about. You can use a small story or a quote as a way to capture your audience’s attention. Remember to include a strong thesis statement. As your overall introductory paragraph, it must be clear and to the point. Don’t make your introduction too long, as it’s just the way to bore your audience.

Check out this sample we prepared for our users.

Example of introduction paragraph to Edgar Allan Poe essay

Edgar Allan Poe is recognized as among the people who laid the foundation for poetry and literature in general. His life has intrigued many and there have been attempts to document his experiences. In his book Edgar Allan Poe: A Critical Biography, Arthur Hobson Quinn offers readers a window into the life of Poe. He sheds light on key experiences that shaped Poe’s life. This paper offers a summary of the fifth chapter of the biography The University of Virginia.

Edgar Allan Poe Essay Thesis Statement

Creating Edgar Allan Poe thesis statements is important because this will be the backbone of your overall paper. Make it strong and to the point. So, your audience will know what they’re going to read about. For example:

  • If you’re interested in exploring themes that he wrote about love and death, you can write that:

Although many have strong emotions connected to Poe's work, it is his sad childhood that shows the value of the work. 

The author felt that love and loss are themes that resonated with his readers. This is why many of his stories revolve around these themes.

  • This author’s works explore the topic of death and address questions regarding life after death. For example, in Eldorado, the protagonist is determined to reach his life's goals only to attain them at the cost of his life. So, your thesis statement can sound like:

His life experience and his personal experiences influenced his final themes on death.

  • Your thesis statement should identify the subject of your paper and state your argument. This sample can be a great informative thesis statement for Edgar Allan Poe essay.

Look at sample below:

Edgar Allan Poe was an amazing poet whose life and death still captivate modern scholars.

Bonus: Try our top-notch thesis statement generator and make this essay part excellent.

Edgar Allan Poe Essay Body Paragraph

Your 5 paragraph essay on Edgar Allan Poe writing is the most important part of a paper. Your body paragraph will make or break an essay. It will give you an explanation of why and how you came up with arguments and ideas you mentioned in the introduction. 

In your Edgar Allan Poe 5 paragraph essay, you can explain why you chose this topic. You should remember that this author was an expert in dark romanticism – Gothic literature. His works dealt with death as a recurring theme throughout his work. During his life, his works explored different aspects of death. They answered a question about what happened to any human body after death. Support your main ideas with examples. For example, a passage from this author's novel can be used as an example.

Edgar Allan Poe essay body paragraph example

The fifth chapter begins with a description of Poe’s admission into the University of Virginia At the time of joining the university, the institution had only been open for a year (Quinn p. 97). Quinn then proceeds to describe the forces that pushed Jefferson to establish the University of Virginia. The focus of this chapter then shifts from the setting up of the institution to some of the lessons that Poe learnt during his initial years at the university. For instance, under the guidance of Jefferson, Poe read such works as Horace and Thucydides (Quinn p. 98). It is also here that Poe was introduced to Latin and Greek. Grammatical construction in the two languages is one of the specific topics that Jefferson covered in class. The introductory classes that he attended set the stage for his later career as a poet. In addition to Latin and Greek, it is believed that Poe studied other languages. Quinn mentions that he studied Italian, Spanish and French.

Edgar Allan Poe Essay Conclusion

In your conclusion for Edgar Allan Poe essay, you must sum up main ideas from your main body paragraph. Don’t add anything new! You should’ve done that prior to writing a conclusion. A better idea would be to restate your thesis statement. Just make sure you didn’t rewrite it instead.

Remember that a strong conclusion will make an impression on your audience. So, they’ll either want to research your topic further or will forget about it as soon as they’ve read your paper. Leave your audience in suspense. It will make them feel compelled to investigate on their own.

Example of conclusion for paper about Edgar Allan Poe

Overall, the fifth chapter sheds light on an important phase of Poe’s life. It is during this phase that he was introduced to various works that shaped his outlook and his style of writing. 

Popular Edgar Allan Poe Essay Topics

Consider looking for essay topics for Edgar Allan Poe if you have to write an essay about a literary masterpiece. These famous writer's macabre tales and poems are the main focus of academic papers. Even though these stories do not directly relate to American life, it is possible to see parallels between it and Poe's work. 

We collected for you the best topics about Edgar Allan Poe to write an essay about:

  1. Comparison of “The Raven” and “The Erlking”.
  2. Transcendentalist view of Bartleby the Scrivener’s actions.
  3. Analysis of “The Oval Portrait”/”Tamerlane”. 
  4. How is tension created in “The Tell-Tale Hearts” and “The Black Cat”?
  5. How effective is “The Tell-Tale Heart” as a Gothic horror?
  6. Edgar Allan Poe: Narrative structure in “Eureka”.
  7. “The Fall of the House of Usher” as a mock of transcendentalism.
  8. The uses of reverse psychology in “The Cask of Amontillado”.
  9. How does Edgar Allan Poe use language to create a sense of drama intention?
  10. Symbols in “The Masque of the Red Death”.

Looking for more essays in this field? We have them in our library, be it Scarlet Letter essays or A Rasin in the Sun essay. Just do your search and get what you need with ease.


FAQ About Edgar Allan Poe Essays

1. Are your Edgar Allan Poe essay examples free?

Yes, we offer you free Edgar Allan Poe essays! You don’t have to pay a dime to browse any of it. You also don’t have to register or set up a new account. Just open a filter, sort through the topics you’d like, and find a sample that is perfect for you.

2. How to start an Edgar Allan Poe essay?

Knowing how to start an essay on Edgar Allan Poe is important. First of all, you should find a topic you’d like to research. Make sure it’s interesting for both you and your audience. It also should have lots of arguments and evidence to support your point of view. Next, do your research on the topic and find said arguments and evidence. Lastly, create an outline and start writing your paper!

3. Can I submit one of your essay about Edgar Allan Poe?

Although any essay in our sample library is the best essay on Edgar Allan Poe, you can’t submit it as your own. The plagiarism score on each of them will be sky-high because they’re already posted on the internet. They were previously written by your fellow students who submitted these papers to us. Please, respect their work and don’t submit these samples as your own.

4. Do I need to register to download your Edgar Allan Poe essays?

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