Lord of the Flies Essays: Writing Guide With Examples

We love essay on Lord of the Flies. This is the best way to tell about that very thin line that separates man from animal. And you should not be afraid of any beast that is somewhere outside. Much worse is the one inside everyone. As a plane crash result, several children end up on a desert island, very similar to a paradise. There is everything here, except adults. In a small community, two leaders are identified at once. Struggle for power begins. And soon children forget not only about friendship and decency but also about human likeness.

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Application of IR Theories in Lord of the Flies

Introduction International relation (IR) theories help us understand the world around us. Through IR a person can identify the different perspectives that people have about the world. IR theories consist of...

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What Is a Lord of the Flies Essay

As for definition of essay on Lord of the Flies, it is a very difficult and scary book. But at the same time, it is extremely powerful. It is full of deep meanings that make you think and reflect on what you read. Golding raises such philosophical questions that he does not answer. Where is human essence’s limit? Where does man end and beast begin? Why in the same conditions in one case mind and human reason remain dominant and in another primitive wild instinct wins? After all, it is known that man is also an animal. This animal sleeps somewhere deep inside. It is usually constrained by generally accepted moral and ethical norms, rules, or legal laws. But what will happen if all these constraints are removed? Golding is trying to answer this question in his book. Some people will remain human while others will release their inner beast. And there will be no more people there — only beast will remain.

Lord of the Flies Essay Examples

There is a lot to be said about the Lord of the Flies essay in pdf. At first glance, it seems that it is about children who were abandoned on a remote island as a result of an accident. All adults who were with children died. So, their survival depends on themselves. At first, everything was fine and nothing foretold those events that will continue to develop. Children need to stay together to have at least some chance to survive. 

But as long as they live on that island, a fiercer struggle for power between some of them is. Two clans are formed that begin to argue over whose leader will be main one. Their actions become more violent and some children have to flee to escape. But still, there was no murder. Children are a little reminiscent of themselves. 

They are becoming more and more like animals losing more and more humanity every day. See, this theme can be a great base for different kinds of an essay. For example, Lord of the Flies analytical essay, leadership essay, persuasive essay, and character analysis essay! This book is difficult to read because some shocking things are described there. This is a kind of cold shower for any soul.

Lord of the Flies Argumentative Essay

Argumentative essay on Lord of the Flies is about a difficult book with its fascinating plot. Author shows a complex psychological drama based on our society`s small part — children. Children are left on a desert island without adults recreating adult world at its worst. It is one of the best Lord of the Flies argumentative essay topics. All cultural layers disappear when a person enters primordial nature. While reading this book, we had logical questions. Why does a human being go wild? Why does it lose the slightest humanity manifestation instead of becoming worse than a wild beast? Isn't it the greatest thoughts for argumentative essay topics for Lord of the Flies?

After gaining power, you forget all agreements and all promises. Authorities expose all secret desires of "leader" and "close" persons. They expose their characters’ worst features. Some people have enough clean sheets and a comfortable bed. And some can't stop realizing that they can be masters of their lives. 

Lord of the Flies Symbolism Essay

This book was created for symbolism essay on Lord of the Flies! It is difficult to portray a child's psyche. It is even more difficult to portray a child's psyche while living on a desert island without any adults. But William Golding certainly succeeded. Our author took readers to a completely different world. Children are trying to build a shaky but own society there. For us, Lord of the Flies symbolism essay thesis is not just about trying to survive. It is also about trying to organize people. 

First, it is a novel about cruelty and desire for power. Golding portrays children whose world vision has not even been formed. It is built only on adults' opinions. These children are overwhelmed by hatred and anger when that struggle for power begins. They kill and they don't want to listen to each other. They fight where they can help everyone. And somewhere overseas, such war is going on. This war is with adults' participation, weapons, and millions killed for nothing. This rotten human soul theme and its degradation is not new, given all literature of the 20th century. This sentence can create Lord of the Flies symbolism essay introduction! 

Lord of the Flies Literary Analysis Essay

In most Lord of the Flies literary analysis essay topics, we firmly believe that everyone is good. Everyone is good from birth. But Golding shows us a slightly different side of childhood. Maybe even another side of all mankind. A group of good and kind, educated and polite children falls on a desert island. There is no adult who can control them. And there is no hope that someone will save them. We are witnessing how original brutal cruelty prevails over civilization. We are not sure that if such a situation had actually happened, events would have been the same. But it is possible. Not even because all children in this group are cruel by nature. They simply came under their cruel leader's influence. At times it seemed that this novel was an allusion to Nazi Germany. Indeed, these educated and religious people led by their cruel leader are doing terrible things. Study our critical analysis essay example pdf to write such kind of essay.

Lord of the Flies Essay Outline

In this part, we will create our sample Lord of the Flies essay outline. In general, a plan is necessary for any writing. This allows you to structure your thoughts and see essay strengths and weaknesses in advance. Plan will help you decide what to write about. Follow tips and it will make your text more expressive and convincing. They are not about "what" to write, but "how" to write:

  1. Create and write simple sentences. Do not avoid your "I" in text. Choose simple forms but describe full meaning. Avoid complex syntactic constructions.
  2. Remember about paragraphs. Divide text logically. One paragraph is for one thought.
  3. Try to catch readers on "hook". Make your text’s first two lines really intriguing.

Lord of the Flies Essay Outline

Introduction: Human nature symbolism.

Thesis statement: Man produces evil like any bee its honey.

Body Paragraph:

  • Beast is inside any man. Its thirst for blood and violence.
  • Beast existence should not be denied. We need to find compromises to live together with our demons.
  • Children's failure in their fight against evil.

Conclusion: If you are not able to tame your demons, then you will fail as a leader.

Lord of the Flies Essay Introduction

An introduction for Lord of the Flies essay exists to acquaint readers with your research foundation. It is not necessary to retell this novel`s main content or author’s biography.

Throughout the novel, Golding uses symbolism. He also uses obstacles Ralph faces to determine his responsibility to protect the well-being of his peers and civilians. From the very beginning, one important topic is presented: man will always be evil by nature. Ralph is the main deterrent to this politeness and order, while Jack represents evil and uncontrollable cruelty. Ralph immediately shows civilization ideas becoming heads and delegating roles to individuals.

Lord of the Flies essay introduction example

Lord of the Flies is a novel that was written by William Golding in 1954. It is a novel that talks about a group of British boys who got stranded on an island that was not inhabited by humans. The boys had to come up with ways to govern themselves and to survive until the time that rescue arrived. Two boys, Ralph and Piggy, find a conch which they use as a horn to round up all the surviving boys in one area. Ralph immediately takes over the leadership of the group and manages to establish some form of order (Golding). However, Jack, a member of a boy’s choir, leads his group of boys in defying Ralph’s leadership. His rivalry with Ralph becomes so severe that he decides to move to a different part of the island with his group of boys. This leads to disunity and chaos among the boys who in the long run results in death and destruction. This essay will describe Ralph's three major character traits as portrayed in the novel.

Lord of the Flies Essay Thesis Statement

Thesis for Lord of the Flies essay is an essay’s grain. Any thesis should be interesting to you, our dear author. It should be worrying and ambiguous for you.

An excellent thesis allows us to consider an issue’s two sides. In this way, you give readers different points of view. In fact, with this technique, it is easier for you to interact with readers convincing them of your rightness!

  • Man produces evil as any bee produces its honey.

Lord of the Flies Essay Body Paragraph

Structure requires at least Lord of the Flies 5 paragraph essay. In good work, you should write at least 2-3 arguments to support your thesis. According to our plan we have outlined earlier, we see arguments as follows:

  • Beast is boys` imagination. It is something they think they see at night. Jack sees his beast as a giant ape. Another boy named Simon discovers a pig's head on fire later. Pig talks to him and says, "It's unusual to think that Beast is something you can hunt and kill!"
  • Fact that it is deep within every human being means that it cannot be hunted down and killed. It will always be there as human nature part. Jack uses this "beast" idea to distract other boys and focus on hunting. This change takes boys away from civilization's ideas and draws them more toward savagery.
  • In the end, hunting is not only for food and turns into a ritual to satisfy their desire for bloodshed.

Lord of the Flies essay introduction example

Ralph is a representation of real leadership, civility, and proper socialization. He is intelligent and diplomatic and uses common sense.  His natural leadership qualities are evident in the way he was elected by the majority of the boys as their leader. He used common sense and caution during a crisis when the body of a paratrooper was discovered on the mountain. Ralph exemplifies great leadership when he organizes the boys to have fun, survive and maintain a smoke signal that would notify rescuers of their presence on the island (Golding). When the time to check what was on castle rock comes, Ralph remains calm and takes the lead to investigate by himself, even though he was afraid of the beast. Ralph is also a good leader because he was able to organize and bring together all the boys on the island when they got stranded. The boys voted for him as their leader through a democratic process.

Lord of the Flies Essay Conclusion

Conclusion paragraph for Lord of the Flies essay is extremely important. It draws a line under all your work. A good conclusion shows topic completeness but at the same time encourages readers to their own thoughts and self-reflection.

  • Author makes a statement about human nature and how it is controlled by society and its constructs. Society's absence ultimately leads to fact that animal instinct displaces morality. Ralph's inability to control it led to his failure as a leader. This shows that social constructions do not destroy evil in people but only mask it.

Lord of the Flies essay conclusion example

In conclusion, Ralph is depicted in the novel as a natural born, intellectual, charismatic and intelligent leader. He is a decent and attractive young man who can maintain his civil and moral nature even in times of chaos and barbarism (Golding). He is the primary representation of order, civilization, and productive leadership. He is described as an attractive, charismatic and athletic young boy. He, however, comes to realize that all people have a savage side after the boys turn barbaric and end up killing Simon. He struggles to maintain his civilized traits after all the boys turn on him and start hunting for him.  In the end, Ralph learns that humanity's evil side can be defeated through reason, empathy, intellect, and sensitivity.

How to Write a Lord of the Flies Essay

In order to write good Lord of the Flies papers, it is necessary to determine some aspects. First, imagine yourself in main character's place. Answer these questions:

  • Where is my cruelty limit? How far can I afford to go in my leadership pursuit?
  • What are my inner demons? What am I afraid to say even to myself out loud?

After answering these questions, consider your work topic. These answers will help you reveal it as honestly as possible. Honesty is a key aspect of any job. Teachers want to see students’ vision of the problem, not a dry analysis of what they read. Skip this novel through yourself. Give it some time to dig inside. It should upgrade your the Lord of the Flies essay! 

Lord of the Flies Essay Topics & Prompts

We love literature very much. And we would like to share some good essay topics for Lord of the Flies! They will allow you to reflect and make your essay more meaningful and deep. Don't be afraid to add something new. Maybe some real-life examples that will only complement your work. This will show your work's uniqueness and its relevance in modern life.

However, don't forget to browse our section with ready-made essays. Use them for inspiration. We are sure that our good titles for Lord of the Flies essays will be close for you. You will be able to create a real A + essay! In meantime, we present you our personal top 5 Lord of the Flies essay titles:

  1. Killing a pig symbolism. 
  2. Fear: Moves or paralyzes a person?
  3. Lighthouse in abyss: piggy image.
  4. Water metaphor: What exactly writer invests in this element.
  5. Survive or live — What is familiar in today's humanity?

Keep in mind that we have a vast range of articles to use as examples for your writing. Browse such works as Into the Wild or The Yellow Wallpaper essay at StudyBounty.


FAQ About Lord of the Flies Essays

1. Are your Lord of the Flies essays free?

Yes, of course. We offer free essays on Lord of the Flies! We have specially collected good quality essays that you can use as an example to write your work. Most students have a hidden talent for essay writing. All you need is a good example. Good luck!

2. How to write "What Does The Lord of the Flies Symbolize" essay?

Choose a symbol that touched you and use it in essays about Lord of the Flies. It will be the basis of your analysis. Find examples of its importance in work and what experiences it gives to characters. Also, give an example from life or another work as an argument. This will make a comprehensive and interesting analysis.

3. What should be the main moral of Lord of the Flies essay?

In essays on Lord of the Flies, the basic moral is inner demons question. You can disassemble it based on characters and their struggles. If you are ready, you can add a touch of self-reflection and bring morality issues to another level!

4. Are your Lord of the Flies essay examples unique?

The main rule in writing an essay is its uniqueness. It is a priority for our examples of essay about Lord of the Flies. We strictly follow academic integrity rules, so our essays are published after they have been credited to authors. So yes, they are unique, but you can't use them as your own.


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