The Story of an Hour Essay: Guide, Structure and Examples

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16 Sep 2023

"The Story of an Hour": summary, theme and analysis

Summary The main characters in “The Story of an Hour” are the Mallard’s (Brently Mallard and Louise Mallard), Richards (Brently Mallard’s friend), and Josephine (Mrs. Mallard’s sister). Richards hears about a...

Words: 1168

Pages: 4

Views: 285

15 Sep 2023

The Price of Freedom in The Story of an Hour

The Price of Freedom in _ The Story of an Hour_ Among all short stories, The Story of an Hour by Kate Chopin impressed me the most. I would like to list various elements of fiction used by the author. Except for the...

Words: 469

Pages: 2

Views: 450

14 Sep 2023

The Story of an Hour

The Story of an Hour The Story of an Hour was written by Kate Chopin as a short story published in Vogue Magazine for the very first time in 1894. It was initially called The Dream of an Hour and later changed....

Words: 818

Pages: 3

Views: 472

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14 Sep 2023

The Story of an Hour by Kate Chopin

When reading the story “The Story of an Hour” for the first time, I came across this character named Mrs. Mallard. According to the description provided in the first line, “afflicted with a heart trouble”, I pictured...

Words: 281

Pages: 1

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What Is the Story of an Hour Essay

What is a definition of essay on The Story of an Hour? It is an academic paper that examines a piece of literature written by Kate Chopin. Publication of this novel in 1894 was controversial due to its female protagonist. Although this book portrays a contrasting set of emotions, it also examines the plight of a wife, Louise Mallard. She lost her husband in a tragic accident. In your paper, you can discuss plot and character development of the protagonist, Mrs. Mallard.

This novel you’ll research is a literature piece that challenges the conventional view of women being submissive to their husbands. It is about power differences and difficulties faced by women in the nineteenth century. You can find many samples on this topic in our library.

The Story of an Hour Essay Examples for Students

Download samples for The Story of an Hour essay pdf from our library! They can help you in researching a novel that demonstrates repression of women's rights in society. See how students who submitted these samples to us examined themes from this novel. These themes make a point about how women fit in this era dominated mostly by men.

This novel focuses on a few topics. The main one is a female search for her identity and marriage establishment. It is not what this book would suggest but men can often rule marriages and women suffer from sexism. So, plot-wise, while Mrs. Mallard has done her best to please her husband, she hasn't taken care of her own wellbeing. She is, therefore, subject to both emotional and physical repression. So, it's essential for you to study this in your chosen literature piece to write a good The Story of an Hour summary essay. Use any example of a rhetorical analysis essay in our library.

Top the Story of an Hour Essay Samples

While you are writing your The Story of an Hour literary analysis, think about what themes this play conveys. Take into account this novel’s heart significance. Consider its setting and language to create a particularly good The Story of an Hour argumentative essay. Are you writing about social commentary? You should think about a relationship between this novel and feminist movement. It deals with women's suppression of their natural instincts. This novel portrays society's patriarchal system as one of slavery. Its main character, Louise Mallard, saw marriage as a contract that affected her freedom sense. You can use it to write a great The Story of an Hour character analysis essay.

Don’t know how to write everything? Check out our samples at StudyBounty! You will find any essay type on this topic with us.

The Story of an Hour Essay Outline

Check The Story of an Hour by Kate Chopin outline examples on our platform before writing yours. This story addresses fundamental concerns in feminism. You are able to check different feminism essays at StudyBouty. Kate Chopin illustrates the discriminatory treatment of women in patriarchal cultures. It requires that you explore two themes as a writer. First theme is a desire for self-expression. Second one is the suppressive marriage nature. This novel can also be viewed from other elements' perspectives. For example, characters' relationships with one another. This is why writing and researching can be useful. See what fits better to your unique paper.

And if you need a sample to see what outline should look like, we’ve got your back.

Outline for The Story of an Hour essay


  • Hook: Use this part to pick your audience’s interest in your paper. Use a timely quote, a small life anecdote, etc.
  • Thesis statement: Even though marriage can often be detrimental to women's independence, a woman can have her own unique identity outside her husband.

Body Paragraph #1 About the text.

  • When and where does this story take place? Who are main characters?
  • What events occurred there? What is the climax?

Body Paragraph #2 Characters through a time period.

  • What was Mr. and Mrs. Mallard’s marriage like? Did it correlate to a typical marriage of that time?
  • What is Mrs. Mallard’s initial reaction to her husband’s death? What was a typical reaction?
  • What were Mrs. Mallard's plans for her future after her husband’s death? How does “a long life” play a role in this book?

Body Paragraph #3 Irony in this text.

  • What kinds of irony are present in this story?
  1. Situational
  2. Dramatic


  • Restate your thesis statement.
  • Concluding sentence.

To get a better understanding, see how to write a literature essay and pay attention to every detail.

The Story of an Hour Essay Introduction

You can start your The Story of an Hour introduction paragraph by telling this novel origin. For example, it appeared first in Vogue, 1894. Mention that its main character, Mrs. Mallard, lost her husband in a tragic accident. You can use a quote from this novel to make a great introductory hook. Just remember to cite it properly according to your preferred citation style.

Make use of transitional words! They will make your introductory paragraph look seamless. Try going from hook to thesis statement. Then move on to your body paragraph.

To better understand what we mean, check out our sample below.

Introduction of The Story of an Hour essay

The story of an Hour by Kate Chopin is a backbone of women's activist artistic investigation. Initially distributed in 1894, the story records the convoluted response of Louise Mallard after learning of her spouses' demise, which is however not the case at the end of the story. The story talks about how she imagines a new life that involves freedom for herself upon believing that her husband is dead. This essay will examine a specific element, irony, in the story that is not very literal and make a personal interpretation from the same. 

The Story of an Hour Essay Thesis Statement

In a thesis statement for The Story of an Hour essay, you should incorporate one theme only. So, make it concise and simple to understand. Make it both broad enough to be used in support of a text and clear enough to convey your intentions. Thesis statement is useful for helping your audience to focus on your chosen topic. For example, analyze the protagonist's relationship with her oppressor or how their story develops. It must be reflected in your thesis statement.

Basically, it should focus on the oppression that women face in the 19th century. You can explore this novel author's usage of oppressive language and imagery in order to depict life from a single window. Excellent thesis statement should address these following questions: "How" or "Why". For example, one essay on this book could use a thesis about woman's experience of losing her husband. So, a statement would be: “How does she feel about it?” Or “Why has she never felt it before?”

Take a look at this example of Story of an Hour thesis statement:

Even though marriage can often be detrimental to women's independence, a woman can have her own unique identity outside her husband.

The Story of an Hour Essay Body Paragraph

After checking out an example of a paragraph introduction for The Story of an Hour essay, it’s time to move on to your main body paragraph. Within it, you can discuss Mrs. Mallard (the protagonist) and the plot. Analyze thisnovel's contrasting themes and character development. In your paper, you can examine the impact of her husband's suicide on her. 

Apart from answering a question you posed in your thesis statement, your paragraph's body should contain transition words/phrases. This will make your whole work look seamless and professional. Moreover, you should include topic sentence in each paragraph beginning. This will help your audience to know what next paragraphs will contain. Follow your topic sentences with supporting sentences. Then, sentences move on to next paragraphs

Check out our sample we prepared for you.

The Story of an Hour body paragraph

When the story starts, Richards and Josephine, Louise’s brother in law and sister respectively, decided that it was better if they broke the news of   Mr. Mallard’s demise to his wife in a tender as they could. Her sister tries to tell her as she stammers. Their presumption, not an unusual one, is that the sad news will affect Louise negatively and will debilitate her weak heart. However, after receiving the news of her husband's death, Mrs. Mallard experiences a mixture of pain at Mr. Mallard's demise and celebration at the thought of freedom for the remaining years of her life. The happiness at the thought of freedom, in the long run, outweighs the feeling of sadness for losing her husband (Chopin).

The Story of an Hour Essay Conclusion

A conclusion of The Story of an Hour’s academic paper is a great place to sum up everything that you’ve learned in your previous paragraphs. Start it with restating your thesis statement. But remember that you shouldn’t rewrite it word for word. Create a concluding sentence that will wrap up your work then. You can leave an ambiguous (open) ending. So, your audience would question your topic further and feel compelled to research it in further depth.

Adding any new information won’t get you great points with your professor, though. This is what your main body paragraph exists for. In conclusion, you only sum everything up.

Take a look at this example:

Good conclusion for The Story of an Hour essay

In summary, the hidden meaning in the story is the irony depicted at the end of the story where the author describes Mrs. Mallard's death. It is evident, however not very literal, that Mrs. Mallard's death was because she was devastated that she recently discovered freedom from her husband's death had been cut short.

How to Write a Short Story in an Hour Essay

Before you start writing your essays on The Story of an Hour by Kate Chopin, you can feel lost on how you can make your paper really good. Check out these hot tips on writing the short Story of an Hour essay:

  • If you are quoting this novel in your essay, be sure to refer to the print version. It's also possible that a version online may omit a word.
  • Remember that Chopin's concise novel doesn't allow for flashbacks or background informationю Each word is counted, first and final sentences included, and key points are highlighted by repetition. Make use of repeated words, phrases, and sentences throughout a story.
  • While this novel leaves many open-ended questions (e.g. elusive woman's struggle for identity), you can easily interpret them as you see fit. Don't be afraid to express your point of view.
  • When writing essays, it is important to understand your audience. A paper should not only tell a story but also give this audience a feel for the world around them.
  • Make sure you invoke emotions through this story. Though there are many ways to tell a story. Professional writers keep it concise and focused. We advise you to browse an evaluative essay example.

The Story of an Hour Essay Topics

While searching for perfect The Story of an Hour essay titles can be relentless, you must have a general idea about what you’re going to write about.

We’ve collected 10 great The Story of an Hour topics for essay. Take a look at them below:

  1. Death analysis in this story.
  2. Analysis of women's oppression in “The Story of an Hour”, “The Chrysanthemums” and “The Heat Death of the Universe”.
  3. A focus on the protagonist character Louise Mallard.
  4. Themes comparison of "The Story of an Hour" and "Eveline".
  5. Portrayal of life's ironies in this book.
  6. Irony and symbolism in Kate Chopin's “The Story of an Hour”.
  7. Earning freedom in this book.
  8. Comparing gender roles in “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” and “The Story of an Hour”.
  9. Marriage themes analysis in “The Story of an Hour”, “My Last Duchess”, and “The Glass Menagerie”.
  10. Feminism and Chopin's “The Story of an Hour.”

FAQ About The Story of an Hour Essays

1. What is a good thesis statement for The Story of an Hour essay?

In the article above we suggested a few good thesis statements for an essay on The Story of an Hour. However, if you need more samples, think about this one: 

  • Freudian psychological analysis has been used to examine the novel and find that Mrs. Mallard is being repressed psychologically: as her husband is the only one capable of letting her live on her own, she must depend on him while he is still alive and can only be independent when he dies.
2. What is a purpose of The Story of an Hour essay?

The purpose of The Story of an Hour paper is to create a critical and/or literary analysis of this text. You explore the typical experience of marriage in the late 19th century, explaining how it was experienced from a woman's perspective. You educate people on themes of personal freedoms, repressions, brought-up emotions, and even death.

3. Are your Story of an Hour essays free?

Yes, we provide only free samples of essays on Story of an Hour! You don’t have to pay a dime for an opportunity to browse through them. Moreover, you don’t have to register or set up a new account for it. Just use our filter and find the samples you need. You can also download them in pdf format, so it’d be easier to check them out both online and offline.

4. How to start The Story of an Hour essay?

Starting different essays about The Story of an Hour by Kate Chopin is not difficult. First, you should find a topic you’d like to write about. Make sure it’s interesting to both you and your audience, and also has lots of material about it. Next, do your research remembering to write out your sources. After that is done, we advise you to create an outline. Lastly, you can start writing your paper.


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