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Essay on Pride and Prejudice will transfer you strictly to the ballroom. We seem to hear music that calls us to dance with an irresistible gentleman! Jane Austen created undoubtedly one of the world's literature masterpieces. It can even be called the "great-grandfather" of all women's novels. This novel does not lose its relevance to this day. You can convince yourself by checking our free pdf samples on this topic!

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16 Sep 2023

How Jane Austen uses irony to gently prod her readers towards virtue

Austen's books are engrossed with fakes of the excellences, respectability, and affability instead of genuine celibacy and philanthropy. According to Jane Austen, “Profound quality is not merely restraint and...

Words: 284

Pages: 1

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15 Sep 2023

Rectifying Misconceptions Formed on Superficial and Inaccurate Criticism of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice as A Feminist Novel

Austen opens the novel Pride and Prejudice with an ironical, offhanded observation about the universal consensus regarding the assumption that all single men with immense wealth must desire a wife (p. 1). One can...

Words: 2266

Pages: 8

Views: 455

Pride And Prejudice By Jane Austen As One Of The Most Popular And Beloved Novels Of All Time

Jane Austen was born in 1975 in Hampshire England. Her works, which include “Pride and Prejudice” as well as “Sense and Sensibility,” did not receive much recognition when the author was alive. However, in the 20th...

Words: 982

Pages: 4

Views: 104

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What Is a Pride and Prejudice Essay

Definition of Pride and Prejudice essay is different for everyone. It directly depends on understanding of this novel itself. The first thing that comes to mind when you see its title is the question of whose pride and prejudice it will be. This book is not just a story that can be read for putting on a shelf. Perhaps the novel title reflects Mr. Darcy's pride together with Elizabeth Bennet’s prejudice against him.

Jane Austen's novel is a voice of reason, moral prudence, and decency. It has been talked about, is being talked about as well as will be talked about. This novel is an example of a real literary (cultural) achievement.

Pride and Prejudice Essay Examples

Novel versatility allows you to use it as a basis for Pride and Prejudice literary analysis essay or Pride and Prejudice critical essays. This novel's greatest advantage is that it does not divide the characters into good or bad. Just like in our lives, there is nothing pure white or black. Our service has more than one reflection essay example. They show how you can react as well as analyze what you read.

Readers form their attitudes to characters independently. This is a world of society in which men have virtually all power in their hands. While women have had to look for all sorts of temptations to start a good family. They do it despite all obstacles due to social status, wealth, etc. Believe us, this theme of equality between men/women can be a good basis for an argumentative essay based on this novel.

In general, events take place around Elizabeth together with Darcy, just as your Pride and Prejudice character analysis essay could be. As you read, you observe manifestations of their complex, diverse characters. Elizabeth firmly agrees to nothing less than love. She makes mistakes but does not back down. Darcy, in his turn, behaves as society demands.

Pride and Prejudice Essay Outline

We will teach you how to set up Pride and Prejudice paper outline. Despite the fact that an essay is a creative work, it has a clear structure common to all texts. In this section, we'll talk about why we recommend creating essay templates. This will help you structure your thoughts. Moreover, this practice allows you to notice weak areas of work before it was written. You will clearly see your thesis as well as your arguments. Outline is the concentration of your thinking, so to speak!

Let's move from word to deed! Right now, we will create an outline for the essay on Pride and Prejudice. We will explain how to write each of the elements. Our example topic is “What is Pride in a Novel?”

Introduction: General reflections on pride. Its influence on main characters' actions.

  • Novel`s comedic-dramatic component, its versatility.
  • Fate games between Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth. Pride of heroes – their transformation due to this feeling.

Main part

  • Elizabeth: How she uses it – how it changes throughout work.
  • Darcy: What he hides behind him. How this character develops throughout work.

Conclusions: Main characters` pride prevented them from just being happy. But at the same time, they were able to complete their inner transformation. They approached their own relationships more consciously.

Various examples in our library will help you better understand an essay outline if you still have questions. Start with Hills Like White Elephants essay, A Modest Proposal essay or any article you would like.

Pride and Prejudice Essay Introduction

Here are some tips for an introduction to Pride and Prejudice essay! In an essay, like in no other work, the first paragraph is important. With it, you can capture attention of readers as well as set the tone for the whole work. We recommend using metaphors or allegories, especially in our essay on literature. It is even welcome! 

Focus on our example below. Write whatever you want to say. Reread. Cut it down by a third. Reread again. Perhaps you will find places where you can write easier or shorter. So, do it.

If we briefly retell the Pride and Prejudice plot today, we can first think of some Netflix hit. This is because this theme of pride as the main difficulty in a relationship is still relevant.  In comedic or dramatic love stories, you can find many examples where pride interferes with lives and ambitions of characters. This feeling distracts characters from expressing their true feelings for each other. As characters' pride grows, it begins to affect their attitudes as well as judgments. Thus, it causes them to make risky decisions.

Introduction for Pride and Prejudice essay example

Many references are made to Elizabeth Bennet’s unfailing character in the novel “Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austin. She is depicted as a true beauty and has special expressive eyes; however, what makes her easily noticeable is her good sense and spirited wit. From her ardent critical mind, Elizabeth developed self-assurance which expressed through quick-witted dialogues. Her bravery, independence, wit and feminist stance distinguish her from other women within her setting. 

Pride and Prejudice Essay Thesis Statement

The work structure involves Pride and Prejudice thesis presentation. You should prove it with arguments in form of logical statements, quotations, or relevant facts. If you present the opinion of a certain scientist or group of people with whom you disagree, this hypothesis is refuted. But the self-formed idea, as a rule, must be confirmed. However, you can show that your old opinion was wrong.

In the previous section, we left our example without a thesis. An essay cannot exist without a thesis, because it is an engine for arguments and opinions. Now we will complete our introduction by adding the main message of our work. Follow us to see how to write a thesis for an essay about Pride and Prejudice!

Pride and Prejudice essay thesis statement example

Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy are constantly confronted in the novel, as their pride is often an obstacle in their relationship. It changes them, forcing them to reevaluate everything that was before. Pride in this novel is a cocoon from which two beautiful butterflies finally fly out.

Pride and Prejudice Essay Body Paragraph

Of course, we will not write 5 paragraph essay on Pride and Prejudice right here! To do this, you can check out our free sample essays. There are many good-quality options that you can use as a template for writing your work. We are sure that you`ll find a suitable sample there. Read some tips on how to make it easier to write the main part!

  1. Main part is describing essay's essence. Each paragraph in essay body begins with an introductory sentence (topic sentence). Following sentences develop and confirm the idea expressed in your topic sentence.
  2. Word "arguments" sounds serious but it means usual elements for a story. It is examples from life, personal experience, historical or scientific facts. An optimal number of such proofs is two. One is not enough to convince but three can be too heavy for the text.
  3. While writing an essay, it may seem to you that some of your ideas or points are not really suitable or not very logical. Don't be afraid to reject them, even if it's in middle of an essay. Copy and leave them in a separate document. This may come in handy later or inspire another thought that is more suitable for your text.

Example of Pride and Prejudice essay body paragraph

Unlike other women who were weak and meek, Elizabeth was independent and fearless. Even though she had been raised in a setting that encouraged women to depend on their husbands, Elizabeth exhibits surmounting levels of independence. As opposed to other women, she is neither meek nor obedient as society expects. She is very courageous for someone in her position in life.  Elizabeth was aware that her stance would subject her to a precarious social and financial situation, but she still opted to denounce the tradition.  Unlike her sisters, Elizabeth took a bold step of independence by rejecting Collins’ hand in marriage. When Collins, a snobbish moron, engages Elizabeth’s family seeking to marry her, Elizabeth is smart and independent enough to see that he is not a suitable mate and she poignantly talks about; something which her sisters or other women of her age could not do. She in an honest and humorous way, tells Collins, “you could not make me happy, and I am convinced I am the last woman in the world who would make you so” (Austen, 1996).

Pride and Prejudice Essay Conclusion

Сonclusion for Pride and Prejudice essay should duplicate the thesis. That is, if we have proved its truthfulness, we must paraphrase it at the conclusion of the whole work. Really professional is the essay in which the final part contains the basis for further work. Readers should think about everything said ideally engaging in self-reflection. In other words, if the introductory part is to capture and intrigue readers, the conclusions should give them a basis for reflection and thought development. Your conclusion should sound sublime like the last chord. It is still heard in space for a long time!

Pride and Prejudice conclusion for an essay

Overall, Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy's pride has become an insurmountable obstacle in their relationship, hiding their true feelings for each other. Pride is like a black veil that hides the light of goodness until a person's will is strong enough to pull it back. Once they got over their pride, both Elizabeth and Darcy were able to see the future they could have together, ending their story in bliss. When people want to overcome their own pride or arrogance, they can look beyond the past failures, doubts together with experiences that made them feel this way.

Pride and Prejudice Essay Topics

Jane Austen's novel is a story about characters overcoming the hardships necessary to make them happy. That is why the number of essay prompts for Pride and Prejudice is simply inexhaustible. If a teacher allowed you to write a paper on any topic, we recommend using the one that worries you. If you are more prone to introversion in life, then the themes of Pride and Prejudice essay about Mr. Darcy's closed soul can be resonant for you. The same applies to activists of feminist movement! Believe us, Jane Austen has something to give feministic culture, especially some Pride and Prejudice essay prompts. Here are some topics that have interested our editors. Maybe you would be happy to write these essays!

  1. Walks value in Jane Austen's novel.
  2. Satirical image of society in Pride and Prejudice.
  3. Body language in  Jane Austen's novel.
  4. Why is an image of Mr. Darcy attractive to most women?
  5. Our prejudice against pride.

FAQ About Pride and Prejudice Essay

1. Are your Pride and Prejudice essay examples free?

Yes, we offer free essays on Pride and Prejudice. But we emphasize that these are just examples, and unfortunately, you can't pass them on as your own work. In any case, this does not prevent you from focusing on them when writing your essay.

2. What Pride and Prejudice essay topics can you recommend?

Pride and Prejudice essay titles should catch the reader's eye. But the author must be very indifferent to the topic. Now society is very interested in psychology and personal development. We would advise integrating these issues into an essay on a classic novel. This will only prove its relevance once again!

3. How to start a Pride and Prejudice essay?

Many Pride and Prejudice essay ideas encourage you to start with a question or challenge. Make the job incredibly important to you. Use only those words that have weight. In fact, you can start by writing a thesis, main part, and arguments. And only then make an accurate and intriguing introductory word.

4. Can I submit one of your Pride and Prejudice paper?

Our Pride and Prejudice papers are not free to submit. They are free to study and research. You can use them as a template, outline, or sample, but not as your work. However, if you want us to write you a unique essay – contact us. We can help with this too!


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