Drunk Driving Essay Writing Strategies With Examples

Drinking and driving essay is a great opportunity for writers! It offers you to do at least some sociological research. After all, this problem exists in every country. Moreover, every government tries to fight it in different methods or ways. Fines and criminal liability are introduced. But society still continues to get behind the wheel while intoxicated. The highest risks of accidents in traffic involve drunken mechanical vehicle drivers when speed and braking force are high. Drunk driving is a crime. In this article, we will show how to write on this topic and what to pay attention to. So keep reading, and we'll show you some free drunk driving essays. Find out how to write a perfect essay with ease!

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16 Sep 2023

Mothers against Drunk Driving Non-Profit Organization

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) is a US nonprofit organization that seeks to reduce the fatalities associated with drunk driving. The organization also focuses on supporting those affected by drunk driving and...

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Drunk driving affects the community

Globally, drunk driving has been and is an issue for many years. Alcohol affects one’s judgment, physical reaction time and depth perception, once the effects of drinking happen they cannot be reversed. Not only does...

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15 Sep 2023
Marketing and PR

Mothers against Drunk Driving (MADD)

MADD is involved in both the lobbying and advocacy activities. The lobbying activities include petitioning in both the federal and state legislatures. This made President Ronald Reagan start a Commission on Drunk...

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15 Sep 2023

Penalties for Drunk Driving in the U.S.

The driving under the influence in U.S. law is considered a crime and sanctioned on the basis of various Articles of the Rules of the road. The state of being drunk is, in essence, is that condition of...

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14 Sep 2023

Drunk Driving Statistics and Facts

Every year, many lives get lost as a result of careless as well as irrational driving. The disdain of safe driving is still a major predicament in the United States of America. Over a long time, the police officers...

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The Need for Stricter Drunk Driving Laws

The Need for Stricter Drunk Driving Laws The US government strives to ensure that its citizens are safe on the road. One of the measures that have been adopted to ensure road safety is outlining the maximum blood...

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14 Sep 2023

Are you driving drunk on your cell phone

Are you driving drunk on your cell phone Answer 1 I have experienced a scenario where I had to pick a call from my boss while driving. It was an important call and I could not have failed to pick. In spite of...

Words: 422

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What Is a Drunk Driving Essay

Definition of essay on drunk driving lies in understanding the problem itself. There are no justified situations in the world when an intoxicated driver gets behind the wheel. Unfortunately, our present draws such realities that this problem was and remains urgent. Your essay should show how you feel about it. You should find obvious and non-obvious arguments why such behavior is not the norm. This is not a question that can be looked at from two sides.

Alcohol is a substance that impairs brain functioning, disrupting thinking, reasoning, and coordination. All these abilities are necessary for safe car usage. As alcohol level increases in any human body, the negative impact on the central nervous system also increases. Stomach walls absorb alcohol directly.

Drunk Driving Essay Examples

In this section, we will show good examples of how to write drunk driving essay 500 words. They are made in different styles. The theme is suitable for any disclosure format, even a satire essay on drunk driving. The first case is more narrative. It shows an author's attitude to such a phenomenon in general. The second is an argumentative essay, there should be arguments in thesis support. Examples strengthen and reveal it. Therefore, they should not be neglected. The third example is a persuasive essay. Here, everything is simple. You have to convince readers of your statements' correctness. We've dealt with theory, so let's move on to 500 word essay on drunk driving examples!

Let’s discover one myth about alcohol and cars. It is called "I am able to control myself." But any amount of alcohol in the blood can affect skills. It increases the risk of getting into an accident. So even if you have to drive a few meters, it's better to walk.

Safe car usage requires concentration as well as the ability to react quickly and make decisions. According to the WHO, death risk increases 17 times when a driver is intoxicated. Drunk drivers are more likely to violate traffic rules — speeding, not wearing seat belts, or ignoring traffic signs. Regardless of how much you've had to drink, getting behind the wheel is a bad and extremely dangerous decision.

If you see or know a person who has drunk alcohol and is going to drive a car, do not allow it. And do not get into a car with such a driver. There is no safe concentration of alcohol in the blood.

Drunk Driving Argumentative Essay

Check our little argumentative essay on drunk driving! Do you agree with our arguments? A person in an alcohol intoxication state can perform unforeseen actions. He or she cannot adequately assess the situation and fully control their actions. In such a state, the psycho-emotional threshold increases. Which can indicate to the brain about unforeseen actions or deeds. Psychologists and doctors give this assessment to drivers "under the hood." Using a car requires increased concentration of attention. In such conditions, a person cannot drive any vehicle. Such an act threatens the life of a driver and others who are on the road. Heavy fines do not deter those who like to drink and drive, they continue breaking the law and endanger themselves and other road users.

It is also worth remembering that simultaneous alcohol use and meds can have an unpredictable effect on any driver. The overall effect is often stronger than alcohol and drug effects separately. Medicines disappear from a body slowly, although their effects are no longer felt. So, drinking alcohol at the same time can cause unexpected consequences. Drunken passengers also add a burden to the driver.

Drinking and Driving Persuasive Essays

Free persuasive essay on drunk driving can affect not only drunk drivers. This topic is extensive and stems in general into traffic rules and alcohol. Any drunk passenger can also create a problem. With such inappropriate behavior, they distract any driver, it can end tragically.

Moreover, it is still not possible to limit road accidents caused by alcohol only to drunk drivers. They also concern pedestrians and cyclists who are intoxicated. Most drunk deaths occur on weekends. According to some data, every fourth accident victim dies in traffic because of alcohol influence. Nine out of ten arrested drunk drivers are men. In recent years, women have been noted as well. Therefore, it is not a gender-specific problem. This is society's general problem. Everyone should be responsible for its solving.

Drunk Driving Essay Outline

In order to write a good drinking and driving thesis statement, you must first conduct thorough preparation. Writing a plan is crucial. It will make it easier to work with your structure. And it will be easier to string together your thoughts when writing your essay. First of all, you should write your essay's main elements. Then, briefly note what should be said in each part of your work.

A good job would be to jot down somewhere nearby all thoughts that come to mind about your topic. They may not drag on drunk driving essay introduction descriptions but be quite appropriate in a general essay body. Therefore, do not expect that you will remember and write everything at the right moment. Write it down, then this thought will definitely return to your written work!

Drunk Driving Essay Outline

Introduction: Statistics on total drunk drivers number.

Thesis: No amount of alcohol is safe for any road user.

Main part:

  • The necessary attention concentration decreases even from a small drink. This is already dangerous for drivers.
  • Drunk drivers cannot objectively assess their strength and behavior on the road. The psycho-emotional state can quickly change, leading to tragedy.
  • Thoughts as everything will work out do not work. This is an unpredictable thing that, in most cases, ends badly.

Conclusion: Drunk driver is unacceptable. You should respect yourself and other road users.

As an example, you can take other essays from our library. Browse an essay about drugs or smoking essay.

How to Write a Drunk Driving Essay

We usually write drunk driving essay topics not for eternity but for the present time. So any title is a purely functional thing. It should attract attention, encourage an audience to read, convey a topic and at least partially give an idea of text content. It should convey an idea and/or essay`s mood. Our descriptive essay examples by StudyBounty may help with this task.

You should include some detail in your drunk driving essays title. Preferably it should be the most interesting. If there are no interesting details, you need to think about how to strengthen your essay. If there is only one detail, everything is simple. If there are many of them, you need to choose one. The following life hack works well for this: highlight in bold everything in your text that evokes emotions. It can be a quote, fact, figure, or observation. Take a closer look at each of them, weigh which "hits" harder, and beat it in your title.

Here are some examples of interesting drunk driving headlines:

  1. Only alcohol thinks this is a good idea.
  2. Think twice, but still don't get behind the wheel.
  3. Why does humanity still have an opinion that this is ok?
  4. Responsible driver vs irresponsible drinking.
  5. Drunk drivers in pop culture.

FAQ About Drinking and Driving Essays

1. Are your drunk driving essays free?

Yes, we offer free essays on drunk driving for you to review. They are available as pdf files. You can use them as samples when writing your work. This way, you will have help from other students who have kindly given us access to their academic work.

2. What are the elements of a good drunk driving essay writing?

There is not much difference between regular essays and essays on drunk driving. Any essay should consist of an introduction, a strong thesis, a body with arguments and examples, conclusion. Ideally, each of these elements complements the previous one.

3. What are the 3 main parts of a drunk driving essay?

Let's look at our essays about drunk driving from another angle. If we need 3 pillars on which it will stand — then they will be a thesis, argument, and example. The example can be presented in conclusion form. Thus, our main point will be proven and confirmed. This will make a strong essay.

4. What is a main purpose of drinking and driving writing?

The main task for such an essay on drinking and driving is to conduct research. It should be supported by statistical data, graphs, and forecasts from sociologists. You can use this information for personal reflections, not overload essays with numbers. But your words' authority will be felt.


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