Free Animal Testing Essays Examples and Writing Guide

Frequent task among high-schoolers and college students is writing an essay on animal testing. Such scholarly pieces get assigned to engage critical thinking and improve analytical skills. Students rarely complete these tasks with high scores on the first try. If you’re aiming at higher grades, approach an essay about animal testing with diligence and attention. Read some example texts before writing to find fresh ideas and inspiration. Multiple samples of similar articles can be found on this website, download them free of charge.

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17 Sep 2023

Medical Testing on Animals

Animal research has become one of the critical elements of medical advances and scientific research over the years. In addition, it has been used as the basis for improving the way people understand different...

Words: 2059

Pages: 8

Views: 214

16 Sep 2023

Why We Test on Animals | PETA

Introduction Imagine being isolated in a room, and you have no control over your life ultimately. You are not allowed to choose what to eat nor when to eat, and your life entirely is controlled by another...

Words: 571

Pages: 2

Views: 115

15 Sep 2023

The benefits and concerns of animal testing

Animal testing, which is the use of animals in research for purposes of furthering human concerns like the safety of cosmetic products and drug efficacy, is fraught with complicated and controversial arguments....

Words: 264

Pages: 1

Views: 124

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Animal testing should be banned

Animals play a very fundamental role in the terrestrial ecosystem, including the provision of food, companionship, labor, and as a means of transport. They cohabit the terrestrial and marine environments with humans...

Words: 343

Pages: 1

Views: 182

Cosmetic Testing on Animals

Animal testing is the act of subjecting living animals on scientific tests or experiments either to assess the effectiveness of medicinal products, household cleaners and cosmetics or for purposes of disease research...

Words: 610

Pages: 1

Views: 151

14 Sep 2023

The Controversy on Animal Testing

Throughout history, animals have been considered beneficial to humans in different ways. Such benefits include food, skins for manufacturing clothes and shoes, as pet in homes, among others. However, the same...

Words: 763

Pages: 3

Views: 87

14 Sep 2023

Animal Testing Is Unethical

Every year, more than one-hundred animals including rats, frogs, cats, rabbits, dogs, mice, guinea pigs, hamsters, birds, and fish are killed in United States laboratories for medical training, biology lessons,...

Words: 1148

Pages: 4

Views: 346

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Animal Testing Should Be Banned - Here's Why

Animals are essential to humans because they provide food, companionship, labor, and also transport. They occupy both land and sea with humans and therefore help to sustain the plant. Animals deserve to be respected...

Words: 1173

Pages: 1

Views: 210

The Use of Monkeys in Animal Testing and Experiments

Monkeys are subjected to medical experiments due to the close resemblance of their brain, reproductive, and immune systems to that of humans. As a result, monkeys endure torture in medical and scientific laboratories...

Words: 1387

Pages: 5

Views: 186


Assignment types
Academic level

What Is an Animal Testing Essay

The definition of animal testing essay characterizes it as a written piece exploring a problem of experiments on living creatures. Such texts can portray various sides of this issue. They describe the pros and cons and discuss the method’s effectiveness and importance. Each article must fulfill a certain purpose and deliver a message.

There are major characteristics every paper must possess, read them below.

  • Academic correctness

Pay attention to grammar mistakes, spelling errors, and repetitions. Polish each submitted paper until perfection.

  • Strong argumentation

Each reason, fact, and number must be supported by a credible source. Conduct proper research and use only trustworthy data.

  • Coherent narration

Keep the story clean, on-point throughout, and without deviations. Follow an outline for a readable, comprehensible article.

Animal Testing Essay Examples in English

This site offers numerous animal experimentation essays in assistance for students. Such sample texts demonstrate the variety of approaches together with opinions on this issue. Examining these papers helps improve personal writing skills, argumentation, and narration. For the academically right narration, study our examples of narrative writing. Look at additional positives proposed essays on animal testing have.

  • Solid structure

Articles were written based on a competently-crafted structure. It adds consistency and creates a strong foundation for argumentation.

  • Advanced vocabulary

Multiple subject-specific words were used in every sample paper. Copy relevant wording for a substantial increase in personal article quality.

  • Credible sources

Only trustworthy data sources were used for argumentation. All information was checked for correctness before including.

  • Coherent story

Narration is kept clean and consistent throughout the texts. Each author selected a personalized pace and held on to it till the end.

Animal Testing Argumentative Essay Examples

One kind of academic papers students get is argumentative essays on animal testing. Such pieces provide reasoning and arguments in support of a certain idea. These written pieces rely on prior research more heavily than other text types.

In argumentative pieces, students must describe one particular aspect of an issue or showcase a certain statement. It must be supported by researched materials and appropriate wording. Each argumentative essay about animal testing is small research discovering issue’s certain elements. The creation of similar papers is reliant on the author’s personal writing and research skills. It depends on the author's ability to find information, analyze it, and present it in an appropriate light. Process analysis essay examples at StudyBounty will help our users with this ability. An argumentative essay for animal testing is a test of students’ knowledge and skills.

Animal Testing Persuasive Essays

Persuasive essays on animal testing take a more personal approach. They have less reliance on research materials. Such pieces revolve around proving a point and conveying a message. Topics often suggest convincing readers of certain ideas. Its task is to activate the author's entire skillset. In-depth research is advised for an animal experimentation persuasive essay. Study complexity depends entirely on convincing tactics and approaches.

Students must formulate a certain message. Then, hide it behind every sentence of your persuasive essay about animal testing. Look at proposed examples of such papers for a deeper understanding of this task’s peculiarities. Examine samples for helpful clues, advice, convincing tactics, sentence construction, etc. Improve personal writing skills by copying selected aspects of freely available works.

Animal Testing Essay Outline

For each article covering animal testing outline is crucial. Creating a competent structure for your text is a cornerstone of a successful writing process. For all text types, the structure largely stays the same, only with minor deviations. Animal testing argumentative essay outline is similar to an animal testing persuasive essay outline. Look at an example of such a structure.


  • State the topic
  • Background information, short version
  • Thesis statement
  • Main idea – experiments on animals are bad

Body paragraph (paragraphs)

  • The first argument against this process
  • Supportive data, statistics
  • The second argument against this process
  • Reason-related information, details
  • Additional arguments with corresponding data


  • Restate the topic
  • Shortened body section
  • Rephrasing thesis
  • Was the article successful in covering the topic?

Animal Testing Essay Introduction

An introduction for animal testing essay solely occupies the first section. This part must interest readers, make them invested in reading, and care about the problem. The goal can be achieved through various narration tactics and methods. They are presented fully in free paper samples.

In any introduction to animal testing essay, authors must present the topic. Then, provide all necessary background data. Next, a thesis statement is presented (more on that later). If size allows, include the main question you’re aiming to answer with this article. Keep it short, informative, and without unnecessary data. It is where our informative essays example can come in handy.

The introductory paragraph slowly submerges its readers into the problem calling for their deep sense of justice. Read a proposed sample below. Get additional inspiration and task comprehension.

Example of introduction paragraph for animal testing essay

For a long time, there has been continuous debate whether it is ethical to use animals for human benefit, especially in the field of medicine. The main question that should be answered is whether it is okay to use animals against their will for human benefit. When it comes to animal research, the main question that scientists should ask themselves is the benefit it brings to them against the pain and distress that the animal goes through in the process of experiment. The people who support the use of animals for research argue that it helps to develop new knowledge in the medical field which is beneficial to humans. But what they don’t realize is the pain and suffering that they make the animal go through.

Animal Testing Essay Thesis Statement

Students have the most trouble with a thesis statement for animal testing academic pieces. This one sentence frightens young authors each time when it comes to its writing. A thesis statement about animal testing is a shortened version of the text’s purpose. It showcases its direction. The whole introductory part is incomplete without this sentence.

All troubles come from condensing the text's ideas and meaning into a small enclosure before this text was written. It requires superb writing skills combined with advanced critical thinking abilities. There are no regulations or rules regarding this element. Look at the free sample below. Written by another student it perfectly demonstrates how these statements must be composed. Examine it carefully. Steal ideas for your custom scholarly pieces using an animal testing argumentative essay thesis example presented in any sample.

Animal Testing Essay Body Paragraph

Are you short with main paragraph ideas for animal testing essay? If you’re in a creative crisis and can’t write a single sentence after a tedious intro, read the samples. Proposed examples present an effective way of argumentation and reasoning. Study them closely without avoiding any details. Smart students will use them as guidance and extract useful wording and sentence structure.

A central text area is reserved for argumentation and showcasing reasons. All data must be mentioned and discussed in this part. Stay focused on the text's goal, don’t shift from it. The main paragraph must be a unified piece, a complete research material. Check out a sample below. Follow it closely for effective, comprehensible, and custom body paragraphs.

Animal testing paragraph example

Countless wild animals are being taken or bred for research and put through experiments that can cause serious damage. Supporters of animal research use animals to test drugs which may damage the cells of animals and in some cases, they end up dying. This is inhumane since animals feel pain, get stressed like humans do. The suffering and a high number of animals that are exposed to medical experiments is higher than the benefit it brings in the table since other means can be developed for experiment besides the use of animals. Although a widely debated topic, the justification for testing on animals is weakly supported and inhumane. This is because there are other alternative means that scientists can use to do their testing of drugs and diseases besides the use of animals. 

Animal Testing Essay Conclusion

Each animal testing argumentative essay conclusion delivers a satisfying finale. It resembles the text's introduction following its rails closely. Start by reminding the main text topic by rephrasing the thesis statement from earlier. If necessary, add shortened data from body paragraphs. In the end, summarize everything for answering the main question. Remember – a creative summary is what secures the effect of solid argumentation. Impress readers with the depth of reasoning and support this effect with a competent conclusion.

Your last section must leave readers fully convinced leaving no questions unanswered. Pay attention to the wording and sentence structuring. They must stay topic-specific and serve a purpose. Find a sample below. It shows one solid approach to the text finale. Copy it directly or use it as guidance – it is a writer’s choice.

Example of conclusion for animal testing essay

Considering the mental ability or rather the wisdom that humans possess, they should have great ideas that will be applied to do testing of drugs and diseases. Animals employed in carrying out the tests and experiments never recognize the situations that they have been put in and never realize the danger in the situations. This is because they have the lower mental ability as compared to human beings and end up in the situation of testing as innocent creatures. Most animals end up suffering from pain and a good number dies in the process. Thus, this is a behavior that should be hugely criticized and totally neglected by everyone who believes in the importance of the life of other non-human living creatures. Animal testing is harmful and is not worth justification.

Pros and Cons of Animal Experimentation Essay

Popular type of assignment is writing animal experimentation essay cons and pros. Such biology essays need prior research, abstract from personal opinion. Think critically and engage in evaluative thinking while writing down the list of pros and cons of animal testing.

For all of you, struggling with it, we’ve prepared some pro and cons on animal testing. Use them in custom-written pieces.


  • Brings life-saving cures

Numerous cures were developed thanks to conducting experiments on mice, birds, and lizards. Without such experiments, many lives wouldn’t have been saved.

  • Important for vaccine-development

Recent pandemics could’ve killed us if there was no experimentation conducted. Vaccines must be tested on something. Wasting human lives is even more inhumane.

  • Multiple similarities

Humans and animals share many similarities on a molecular and biological level. Immune systems act similarly, response to drugs is identical. It is the safest way of experimentation.


  • It’s inhumane and abusive

Animals are our friends despite being less developed species. We must treat them accordingly as well as respect their lives.

  • Testing can be done on humans

The majority of products can be successfully tested on volunteers. Shampoos, body soap together with various beauty products do not require any death.

  • Tests are not fully representative

Each beast test, in the end, is followed by experimenting on people. Why not skip this cruel first stage and shift to human testing entirely?

Animal Testing Essay Titles for Free

Creative academic pieces are impossible without good titles for animal testing essays. If no subject list was provided by mentors or there’s an option of choosing a custom topic – select the one you’re interested in. An author is responsible for research, argumentation, and convincing. Article quality is a result of an author's engagement and interest in the subject. Choosing an appropriate animal testing title for essay is crucial to creating captivating, coherent pieces.

Here are some topics we consider worthy of exploration in students’ papers:

  1. How can such experiments be more humane?
  2. Discover modern technologies that allow forgetting tests on living creatures.
  3. Convince readers of the experiments’ practical value.
  4. Explore positive effects of this testing approach.
  5. How has this approach influenced our lives and everyday products?
  6. Discuss ethical aspects of this experimentation method.
  7. Cosmetic industry: Its dependence on creature experimentation.
  8. Applying animal rights concepts to such situations.
  9. What future awaits test industries?

Keep in mind that we have different topics in this field. For example, endangered species essay, animal rights essay, etc.


FAQ About Animal Testing Paper

1. Do you provide free essays about animal testing?

Every student or teacher can download hundreds of free essays on animal testing. This website offers multiple different examples of successful task completion. Each sample was written by a student who earned high grades. If you want free significant improvement, use these texts as guidance and a source of inspiration.

2. How do you write an animal test essay?

Essays about animal testing are not different from other scholarly pieces in the writing procedure. It consists of topic selection, conducting research, and presenting findings. Showcase arguments in a clear, concise manner complying with regulations and rules. An algorithm is similar to other scholarly papers. Look at the proposed free samples for additional information.

3. How to write an "is animal testing necessary" essay?

Unlike other articles, this paper about animal testing relies on strong research skills. Students must study all available data, find possible solutions, and propose them. Such pieces require a deep dive into the bare nature and humane aspects of such experiments. Try maintaining a scientific approach without any emotions.

4. What are the disadvantages and advantages of animal testing essay?

Describing the advantages and disadvantages of animal testing requires in-depth research and data evaluation. Authors look at this issue from different perspectives assessing each aspect of it in detail. The success of such an article depends on research quality, data presentation, and the author’s writing skills. An article must remain academic, scientific, and fact-focused throughout.


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