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16 Sep 2023

The Crucible and Salem Witchcraft Trials: A History

Introduction The U.S has a rich political history which dates more than 200 years now. The stories of Crucible and Salem Witchcraft have a share in the making of American politics. There are many similarities...

Words: 551

Pages: 2

Views: 107

Salem Witch Trials

Introduction The Salem Witch Trials refer to a number of judicial trials complete with jury hearings superintended by commissioners of Assize that took place in several towns within New England. The defendants...

Words: 921

Pages: 3

Views: 447

Cotton Mather’s Contribution in the Salem Crisis

Introduction The Salem crisis is a significant historical period marked by witch trials that resulted in several casualties. The government was convinced that it was necessary that the witches are called out and...

Words: 2098

Pages: 7

Views: 100

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Cotton Mathers - Iconic Figure in the British Witch Hunt and Trial Processes

The witch hunt that took place in England and Europe at large was an iconic event that was driven by misconceptions and ill-advised ideologies. Numerous innocent people were wrongfully executed as witches because the...

Words: 533

Pages: 2

Views: 187

Salem Witch Trial

Salem Witch Trial What has been suggested to explain the girls' actions? In the early 1960s little girls of the Salem village commenced the exercise of fortune telling as much as the act was considered as...

Words: 573

Pages: 2

Views: 142

Abigail Williams and the Salem Witch Trials

Abigail Williams was among the first individuals to be afflicted during the witch trials in Salem village, Massachusetts. Furthermore, she was the first individual to accuse other people of witchcraft before she...

Words: 1094

Pages: 4

Views: 110

The Salem Witch Trials

Introduction The Salem Witch Trials remain a dark path in the history of the United States more so from the perspective of religion and the rule of law. The blurring of the division between church and state led...

Words: 2074

Pages: 7

Views: 205

Salem Telephone Company Case Study

Salem Telephone Company Case Study “Revenue hours” represent the key activity that drives costs at Salem Data Services. Which expenses in Exhibit 2 are variable with respect to revenue hours? Which expenses are...

Words: 804

Pages: 3

Views: 183

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Escaping Salem: The Other Witch Hunt of 1692

This book explores a narrative of history surrounding witch hunts and executions in New America history. The narrative is told by Richard Godbeer to demonstrate early American’s stereotype of witches and how they...

Words: 1397

Pages: 4

Views: 132

Risk Management Plan for Winston Salem State University Athletics Department

Risk Management Plan for Winston Salem State University Athletics Department Introduction/ Overview of the institution, group or team Risk management planning entails the foreseeing of risks, as well...

Words: 1872

Pages: 8

Views: 442


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What Is a Salem Witch Trials Essay

What is a Salem witch trials essay definition?  Any paper of this kind is an opportunity to examine the historical events that took place in the late 17th century. It is Salem witch trials that gave rise to the phrase "witch hunt." During this period 141 people were arrested and 19 more of them were hanged. This can be a worthy topic not only for writing about but examining the legal system process of that era. Even though these cases date back 300 years ago, it is still a reminder of how prejudice and fear can cause harm to innocent people's lives. You can also discuss whether witchcraft was real or not. After all, it has come to symbolize misdeeds throughout history. Now it is still an issue of public discussion at colleges, schools, and in the media.

Salem Witch Trials Essay Examples From Writing Service

Looking for downloadable samples of Salem witch trials essay pdf? You've come to the right place. These examples were submitted to us by your fellow students. They will help you create a powerful piece about this significant American historical event. 

One of the easiest ideas to write about in your Salem witch trials informative essay is their origins. Another topic you may find interesting is an analysis of Reverend Samuel Parris' trials. 

Salem Witch Trials Argumentative Essay

There are many Salem witch trials argumentative essay topics to write about. A lot of them can help you better understand the reasons for this event. It was a time when many women had to confess to being witches even though their intentions weren't criminal. Nowadays you can use historical documents to explore this topic. As for arguments, you can use recordings of evidence that included birthmarks, holistic healers, and enemies of power. As a result, historical documents can be helpful in establishing the truth behind these trials. Just be sure to research credible sources. StudyBounty can help you with finding a great inspiration boost for your history essay writing.

Salem Witch Trials Essay Outline

Using an example of Salem witch trials outline can be very helpful in creating your own outline. It will help you with logical and detailed writing. Explain both to yourself and your audience the history and legal proceedings surrounding Salem in the 17-18th century. Your outline will show you where to add more factual information. You will see where examples are needed.

Check out this template sample:

Outline Template


  • Hook. Pick your audience’s attention and interest. Use a relevant short story or a quote.
  • Thesis statement: 

The resulting judicial proceedings brought about many hardships for the town and its inhabitants, including epidemics, political changes, and the loss of home and livelihoods as villagers paid to keep their loved ones out of jail.

Body Paragraph #1

  • What were witch trials in Salem? When did they start? Why?
  • Name (if possible) most prominent people of this event.

Body Paragraph #2

  • How did these trials affect livelihood of people of that era?
  • How did they affect the political and economical situation in the country?

Body Paragraph #3

  • Explain all modern consequences of these actions.


Salem Witch Trials Essay Thesis Statements

Coming up with Salem witch trials thesis ideas can be a problem when you are writing about this event. To help you get started on your paper about that historical controversial period, you can use samples of thesis statements from our essays. Many students have been inspired to write their papers about this historic event. So, they submitted their work to us. Now, these papers are available for all our users in pdf format.

When writing your thesis statement, remember that it should be clear and concise. Write it without any off-topic wavering. After all, it will be the backbone of your entire paper. 

Take a look at this sample of a thesis statement if you need further clarification:

The resulting judicial proceedings brought about many hardships for the town and its inhabitants, including epidemics, political changes, and the loss of home and livelihoods as villagers paid to keep their loved ones out of jail.

How to Write a Salem Witch Trials Paper

If you've ever wanted to learn how to write Salem witch trial papers, you're not alone. It was the worst period in American history. This period was brutal but at the same time, it was very interesting. So, how can you write an academic paper about it?

  1. Browse various examples. It is the best way to get inspiration before writing. Study our process writing examples to see how other students coped with such task.
  2. Come up with the idea for your essay. We suggest that you research several Salem witch trials essay topics. Then, pick one you are more interested in. Make sure it is interesting enough for both you and your audience. It should have many sources.
  3. Create an outline. This will help you organize your ideas on a paper.
  4. Keep track of your sources. Better yet, add them to your outline. It can be very easy to lose links and pages. Also, cite them properly.
  5. Edit, edit, edit. Maybe have someone double-check your paper with a fresh set of eyes.

Check out these top tier Salem witch trials essay titles we’ve collected for you:

  1. Parallels between Salem witch trials and McCarthyism. (Consult: the Crucible essay examples.)
  2. Witch justification: True creature or a social puzzle?
  3. The Salem witch trials: Martha Carrier.
  4. Hysteria: Comparison of this historical event and Holocaust.
  5. Who or what is to blame for deaths in Salem?
  6. Belonging: Salem witch trials and society.
  7. Does this historical event have something in common with today’s World?
  8. Salem witch trials and vengeance.
  9. Salem witchcraft trials: Guilty until proven innocent.
  10. Salem witches and church in 7th and 18th Century.

FAQ About The Salem Witch Trials Essay

1. What is the main theme of the Salem witch trials?

When you’re writing an essay about the Salem witch trials, it is important to remember its main theme. The subject you’re writing about is exploring mass hysteria and fear, the importance of reputation, the debate of faith vs. knowledge, and the unintended consequences found at the intersection of these themes.

2. How to start a Salem witch trials essay?

A good start for an essay on the Salem witch trials will be to choose a topic you like most. Then, create an outline. Next, you’ll have to write your introduction section. Its important parts are a hook (an interest grabber for your audience) and a thesis statement, which has to be clear and concise. Once you did all of the above-mentioned, voila, you have successfully reached the end of your essay’s starting point. Body paragraphs and summary is left.

3. Are these Salem witch trials essays unique?

Yes and no. Each essay about Salem witch trials was submitted to us by your fellow students. The fact that they were already written by someone else, and now exist on the internet, makes them 100% plagiarized. So please don’t try to submit them as your own to your professor.

4. Are your Salem witch trials essay examples free?

Yes, our every essay on Salem witch trials is completely free! You don’t have to pay a dime to browse through them. Moreover, you can download them for free in pdf format and check them out whenever you need, both online and offline.


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