The Yellow Wallpaper Essays: Step-by-Step Writing Guide

Looking for an essay on The Yellow Wallpaper samples? There’s no need to look any further because we have everything you might need and desire. Besides, students can also select different types of articles that suit their needs. Have we mentioned that they are free and very accessible being in pdf format? Well, now you know. Essentially, you’re not risking anything. So read this guide and make sure to enjoy all our examples.

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16 Sep 2023

In-depth review of Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s story “The Yellow Wallpaper

An in-depth review of Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s story “The Yellow Wallpaper” indicates that it can be classified as Naturalist literature based on a wide array of aspects that can be seen from the story. The...

Words: 775

Pages: 3

Views: 96

16 Sep 2023

“The Yellow Wallpaper": contrasting imagery to reflect a patriarchal society

Authors must narrate captivating narratives, which ensures the reverence of their work from readers. Creativity is an artistic skill in writing that, when critically applied, assists narrators to achieve the motive...

Words: 273

Pages: 1

Views: 100

16 Sep 2023

How would doctors threat Jane from "The Yellow Wallpaper" nowadays?

In the Story, "The Yellow Wallpaper" by Charlotte Jane is suffering from postpartum depression that occurs as a result of rapid change in the levels of hormones such as estrogen, thyroids, and progesterone after...

Words: 453

Pages: 2

Views: 87

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16 Sep 2023

The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Introduction The short fictional story narrated in “The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman forever remains an important literary work in the feminism movement. The story originally published in 1892,...

Words: 948

Pages: 3

Views: 109

14 Sep 2023

"The Yellow Wallpaper" : a symbol of female sex captive in the domestic sphere

Modernism Background Overview The modernism in the literature work commences after the 20th century when people underwent a sudden change and broke away from the tradition perception and ways of viewing issues...

Words: 1375

Pages: 5

Views: 106

14 Sep 2023

The Yellow Wallpaper: Summary, Symbolism & Analysis

The character is the abandoning mother due to the fact that the wallpaper seems to her like a child who does not give her space to breath, ever craving attention and to be nursed. The mother is frustrated by the...

Words: 377

Pages: 1

Views: 104


Assignment types
Academic level

What Is a The Yellow Wallpaper Essay

It is better to start with the definition of essay on The Yellow Wallpaper. This article will discuss a book written by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. It is yet another classic that you will undoubtedly discuss for your class. It was written in 1892 and published as a short story. Overall, it is a story written by a feminist author. She criticized how women were treated. Its main theme focuses on a place of marriage, specifically in the 19th century. Author, narrator, and at the same time our main character is seen almost tortured by her place in society. Her husband mistreats her and she has almost no freedom. Considering that this story is very strongly opinionated, you need to develop a couple of arguments about it.

The Yellow Wallpaper Essay Examples for Beginners

There are different types of The Yellow Wallpaper essay pdf samples students can choose from. Nevertheless, considering that you are still analyzing a story, focus mostly on analysis than anything else. Even though you may summarize main elements, it may not be enough to complete this academic paper. We always advise developing a thorough analysis before any writing. Remember that research is key. Besides, students should also use primary material. In our case, it is an actual short story. Not every professor will accept secondary sources even if they are academic. Other than that, students can argue whatever they want. Do it as long as you can actually prove it. Our examples of expository writing will come in handy.

Papers on this story include:

  • The Yellow Wallpaper argumentative essay
  • Character analysis essay
  • Symbolism essay
  • Summary essay.

The Yellow Wallpaper Literary Analysis Essay

We want to specifically focus on a literary analysis essay on The Yellow Wallpaper. As we mentioned before, you should make some research. Therefore, this The Yellow Wallpaper analysis paper will inevitably use some elements of rhetorical analysis.

For example, start by analyzing symbolism behind that infamous color and paper. You can say that it symbolizes a state of marriage, a domestic function of all women at that time, and a corrupt essence of society. Once you have that, go back to your topic's main themes. Students prefer talking about self-expression importance. Discuss how a husband was always trying to persuade his wife to be like everybody else. It is a rather old-fashioned form of gaslighting widely discussed in the 21st century. It will be useful to use any literary analysis essay example on The Yellow Wallpaper. 

The Yellow Wallpaper Analytical Essay

Another good choice for this topic will be an analytical essay on The Yellow Wallpaper. It is rather close to any analysis or argumentative articles. You are still analyzing main themes and ideas of an author. For instance, students can focus on how women were viewed as subordinates, especially if they were married. Talk about misogyny and desire to dominate women not only in personal but in professional life. They were misjudged, mistreated, and treated as items rather than actual people. It is a true story of middle-class marriage, at least as it was in the 19th century. Nevertheless, any student can also bring a modern aspect to this story. You can compare and analyze whether same stereotypes remain accurate even in our century.

The Yellow Wallpaper Essay Outline

We also wanted to offer you a quick outline for The Yellow Wallpaper essay. It is good to remember that an outline contains your main arguments and evidence. So, never skip this step.


  • Offer a quote from Gilman.
  • Give some background and mention that this story was written in 1892.
  • Argue that author portrayed middle-class marriage, women, as an item, gender division, and male superiority.

Main body 

  • Discuss some basics of marriage in the 19th century.
  • Analyze and give examples of how a woman was viewed mostly for her functionality within a household than her actual personality.
  • Argue that the 19th century showcased male superiority in their domination over women


  • Remind readers of your thesis.
  • Summarize main points including gender division and feminism.
  • Close your article by reminding readers that gender division is still relevant and misogyny didn’t simply disappear. 

The Yellow Wallpaper Essay Introduction

We'll go through different parts of this article. Let’s start with The Yellow Wallpaper introduction paragraph. You will see that we offer an example below. First of all, it is necessary to know that an introduction is first part of any academic paper. Therefore, it is also the most memorable one. It might be a little bit challenging to write your first introductory paragraph. You only have 10% of your word count for this. If you manage to include an intriguing hook, background, and thesis statement, you will easily succeed.

Another thing worth noting concerns a hook. This first sentence can be a number of things. However, since we are analyzing a short literary story, using quotations will only be a plus.

Introduction paragraph for The Yellow Wallpaper

“The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, is a feminist and a fictional study. The story is secretly written by a woman trying to cover what her husband, who is a medical doctor, calls an anxious condition. The narrative is concerning a disheartened woman who is locked away as if she was mad. Through her passion, which is to write, we can understand her journey where those close victimizes her. Therefore, the paper seeks to analyze various methods employed by the writer to pass a message across.  

The Yellow Wallpaper Essay Thesis Statement

A thesis statement for The Yellow Wallpaper essay is your last introduction statement. It contains your article's main idea. It also includes some points that you will discuss in your main body paragraphs. Therefore, it is your job to argue and summarize all essential elements in one sentence. A thesis can be several sentences but we do advise keeping it to a minimum.

Moreover, if you write a good thesis, use it while all your writing. Add it to your outline and keep it somewhere in front of you. This will definitely help you to stay in line and control what you’re writing.


Gilman as a feminist did an excellent job of scrutinizing unfair marriage stereotypes, critiquing patriarchal society, and bringing up physiological horror into the mix.

The Yellow Wallpaper Essay Body Paragraph

Main body paragraph of The Yellow Wallpaper essay might be the most worthy part of any article. However, it is undeniably one of the easiest ones. Once you have an outline, your only job is to fit everything together. Luckily for you, main body paragraphs take up to 80% of your overall work. In other words, students can be a little bit freer about how they write and style this section. Still, students should also understand that they cannot use only quotations. Don’t take more than 10% of your overall work. The other 90% must be original words written by you. So check our examples to see how it’s done.

The Yellow Wallpaper essay body example

Using imagery and setting assist to demonstrate various themes employed in the story. The unspecified protagonist in the story experiences a nervous disorder which is worsened by her sense of being ensnared in a room.  The setting of an enormous colonial house and especially the nursery room with windows barred provide an image of seclusion and isolation experienced by the central character. The husband of the protagonist does not take her sickness seriously, neither does she take her seriously. This is evidenced when he asks her to take a “rest cure” in which she confines her to their bedroom (Yin, 18). Moreover, the woman is never allowed to make her own decision, even though she had good ideas which could have improved her situation 

The Yellow Wallpaper Essay Conclusion

Last on our list is conclusion of The Yellow Wallpaper essay. Funny enough, it is last not only on our list but in an actual article. Though it comes to last, this conclusion paragraph is crucial for writing a memorable article. So here’s a quick trick for you. Write an introduction and conclusion after you outline your article. Prepare your draft version of your main body paragraphs as well. An Introduction and conclusion are rather similar to one another. As a consequence, writing them together will only save you some time.

Moreover, all successful conclusions have a final statement. This final sentence usually reminds readers of an issue. It makes them think about your article once they even close it. In this case, try reminding your readers that gender inequalities went beyond this story. It can still be seen in this day and age. After all, a lot of women share these experiences.

The Yellow Wallpaper conclusion paragraph example

The wallpaper symbolism is used throughout the story. At first, it appears to be just unpleasant: it is torn, soiled and “unclean yellow” (Yin, 18). Moreover, there is a formless pattern which captivates the storyteller as she tries to find out how it is organized. From the paper, the narrator discovers an image crawling, desperate woman stooping and looking for a way out. The writer uses the wallpaper to symbolize the domestic life in which many women are trapped.

The Yellow Wallpaper Essay Topics

Looking for The Yellow Wallpaper essay prompts? Easy say and done! We have a couple of pretty awesome essay topics for The Yellow Wallpaper. There are also a couple of things students should know. For example, don’t forget to narrow down your topic if you have a low word count. It is a central part. Students cannot discuss a broad subject within only a couple of pages. And be sure to choose a topic you are really interested in. It is crucial for writing an article.

The Yellow Wallpaper essay titles:

  1. Mental illness representation.
  2. Gilman and her influence on feminism.
  3. Were women controlled by society?
  4. Patriarchy then versus now.
  5. Rhetorical importance of the narrator.
  6. Why does this story’s main protagonist doesn’t have a name? What purpose does it serve?
  7. Female oppression.
  8. Symbolism behind this story's main element.
  9. Historical importance of Gilman and her story.
  10. Major themes developed through psychological horror and Gothic style.

Read a feminism essay, essay on discrimination on gender, and gender equality essay at StudyBounty. These examples will help you with writing such kind of essay.


FAQ About The Yellow Wallpaper Essays

1. How long should The Yellow Wallpaper essay be?

There is no straight answer as to how long all essays about The Yellow Wallpaper should be. We usually say that a five-paragraph article is a good standard to start with. Therefore, 550 words will be quite enough. However, everything will depend on the requirements of your professor and the topic.

2. What is a good thesis statement for The Yellow Wallpaper essay?

All essays on The Yellow Wallpaper should have a very good thesis statement. The best statements will discuss the main argument, while mansion in your main points. Here is a good example: Gilman took feminism to a whole new level while critiquing patriarchy. 
We also recommend having a thesis statement somewhere near you at all times while writing.

3. Do you provide The Yellow Wallpaper essays for free?

Yes! We have free Yellow Wallpaper essays here. Moreover, there’s no limit as to how many students can download and read our examples. Therefore, you don’t need payments or credit cards. Download as many times as you’d like. You can even tell your friends about the service with free samples.

4. Can I submit one of The Yellow Wallpaper essay examples?

No. All examples here are only examples of Yellow Wallpaper essays in pdf. They were previously donated by other students. Therefore, submitting them can be considered to be plagiarism. We always advise you to come up with original articles. In case you need help, we can also assist you in writing a fully original paper on this topic.


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