Smoking Essay Examples: Best Advices for Beginners

Are you sitting at home, browsing, and trying to find a way to write a short essay on smoking? It might be a coincidence, but we have multiple examples for you. They can assist with this challenging task. We have samples that will show our users exactly how to write, outline, and edit. They were previously donated by other students. So, they’re free and high-quality!

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Alternative Therapies for Smoking Cessation

Alternative Therapies for Smoking Cessation A majority of researchers have proved that an estimated number of six billion people die globally due to tobacco- related diseases (WHO, 2013). For each person who...

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Reasons why Smoking Remains to be a Contentious Issue in many Workplaces

Reasons why Smoking Remains to be a Contentious Issue in many Workplaces Many people who successfully graduate from most learning institutions usually make the next bold step of seeking for employment in the formal...

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17 Sep 2023

Smoking Cessation: How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes

This class has explored various issues that are concerned with mental health. Addiction is among these issues. While engaging with the course content, I have gained insights into the challenges that addiction...

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Health Risks of Smoking to Students

Substantial evidence and research have shown that tobacco products are hazardous and their use causes the risk of serious diseases (West, 2017) . Most Americans are of the notion that smokeless tobacco or the chewing...

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16 Sep 2023
Criminal Justice

Drug and Substance Abuse: Cannabis Smoking

Cannabis use is becoming more popular among teenagers compared to other drugs, such as cigarettes. The change policies surrounding the legalization of cannabis emphasize the importance of understanding the connection...

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16 Sep 2023

Smoking in Public Places

Smoking in Public Places Smoking in public places in one of the controversial topic that have in the recent past attracted the interest of some activists. While some people argue against smoking in public places due...

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Debate on Ban on Smoking in Public Housing

The question as to whether it is fair to ban public housing tenants from smoking attracts a lot of mixed responses from the public. However, there is no common universal argument for either faction supporting or not...

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16 Sep 2023

Effects of cigarette smoking on the body

Effects of cigarette smoking on the body Cigarette smoking is linked to the increased respiratory health challenges because of the toxic components that it contains. Cigarettes are products derived from tobacco...

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16 Sep 2023

Smoking during Pregnancy

Background The vital purpose of this research is to find out the impacts of maternal tobacco during pregnancy. The possible outcomes evident in an infant or a child include reduced birth weight, infant death,...

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16 Sep 2023

Michigan State Cigarette Tax

Michigan State Cigarette Tax Introduction The State of Michigan has statutes that ensure all the individuals and organizations that deal on cigarettes pay taxes. As such, it is a crime for anyone to purchase...

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Assignment types
Academic level

What Is a Smoking Essay

Before going into more complicated details, we want to focus a little bit more on the overall definition of essay on smoking. This paper talks about a very common addiction. Many people in the 21st century try to get rid of this addiction with different items. Some use nicotine tablets, while others turn towards vaping as their alternative option. Nevertheless, your main goal here is to discover all possible consequences of this addiction and how people might actually get rid of it. Additionally, there is also no fixed word count. Everything will depend on requirements, yet 550 words or around two pages is a good start.

Smoking Essay Examples for Starting a Paper

As we mentioned before, we have quite a few samples for 500 word essay on smoking. All of them are different when it comes to topics and possible word count. So, everyone can find anything — short papers or an extended 1000 word essay on smoking. Pay special attention to the academic level you can find there. You may not want to research or read articles for PhD students if you are in high school. At the same time, any masters student will not benefit from papers written by high school learners. Another thing you will also like is the fact that all the articles were donated by students. Therefore, they are not only free but written in good quality. 

Smoking Argumentative Essay

There are quite a few different articles you can choose between. But we will start with argumentative essays about smoking in pdf. It is perhaps one of the most traditional essays on our list. It will allow you to develop your topic and offer proofs. When it comes to a sample of argumentative essay on smoking, we definitely advise you to use academic sources and references. They will add credibility to whatever your claim actually is.

Keep in mind that your professor is usually the one to tell you which type of article you need to write. Nevertheless, argumentative essay example about smoking is a staple. That is why many start with this type, not the definition or expository papers. Still, there are many different types available for you. So, choose wisely! To get new ideas about your your topic, read various examples from our database. For example, marijuana essay and cancer essay.

Smoking Persuasive Essay

Next on our list is a brother or a sister of an argumentative article. It is persuasive essays examples on smoking. This one is rather similar to its argumentative version. However, apart from developing an actual argument, use different rhetorical and persuading techniques. They are important if you want to convince your audience that your argument is correct. You might be surprised, but not everyone thinks that the addiction we are discussing is bad. So you can argue that this addiction can lead to good or bad consequences. The choice is fully yours. But you still need to use a lot of evidence in order to develop your topic. Using any sample of persuasive essay on smoking will be useful. That’s why it is a perfect place to find more than one short persuasive essay example about smoking.

Smoking Opinion Essay

Last but not least on our list is the opinion essay on smoking. We think this one is a little easier than argumentative and persuasive ones. Even though here you’re still arguing. Opinion papers will allow you to be more personal with whatever you want to claim. For example, you have personal experience with this addiction. You may know friends or family members who struggle with it. Use their stories to back up your claim, then. Yes, it is still an academic article. Whatever you want to claim, it still needs to have some academic or peer review grounds. However, it is a little bit more relaxed and allows you to use personal examples. After all, no one can blame you for your personal opinion. So, whatever your thoughts are, you’re welcome to discuss them in an opinion essay. Any narrative writing example will come in handy.

Smoking Essay Outline

As we promised before, we will go through each part of our article. Let’s start with an essay outline about smoking. You should never skip this step of outlining your article. It will make your job so much easier.


  • Give statistics on how many people smoke in your chosen country or region.
  • Provide more background about this addiction: causes, conditions, and effects.
  • Argue that this addiction has many adverse consequences. For example, trouble breathing, lung cancer, and other diseases.

Main body

  • Talk about possible influence of nicotine on the human body.
  • Discuss the link between nicotine and cancer.
  • Comment whether this addiction decreases spam of life.


  • Remind the readers of your main argument.
  • Summarize all possible consequences of vaping.
  • Remind the readers that it is always their choice what they want to do with their body, yet this addiction can be dangerous.

Smoking Essay Introduction

We advise using an introduction example of smoking essay before writing yours. It is the first part of your article and the first thing the readers will see. That is why it should be memorable and always start with a hook. Hook is a sentence that intrigues and motivates the audience to continue reading. Even though there are a couple of things you can use for a hook, we recommend using statistics, especially in this case. For example, you can mention how many people try to quit their nicotine addiction. Discuss how many people start having cancer because of it. Overall, you also need to get some background about your topic. And finish it with a strong thesis statement. A little tip: always have your thesis statements in front of you. It will direct your writing.

Smoking essay introduction example 

Smoking has become one of the major factors in the modern lifestyle that has a profound effect on the health of the general population. Apart from the popularly known effects on the respiratory system, smoking has been shown to have an effect (US Department of Health and Human Services, 2014) on almost all the body systems starting from the brain all the way down to the legs. The purpose of this article is to review the major effects of smoking, specifically tobacco on the overall health of an individual whether a passive or an active smoker.

Smoking Essay Body Paragraph

Next on our list of important elements is the main body and paragraph on smoking. We usually say that in a normal five paragraph essay about smoking we have around five distinct paragraphs. Three of these paragraphs are the main body. They also take approximately 80% of your overall work. That is why you need to think out what points you will make throughout. Moreover, all points you will discuss in your main body should be mentioned in the thesis statement.

Many actually think that the main body is the easiest part. After all, any introduction and conclusion are slightly more complicated. They are shorter and give you less space. For this reason, start writing the main body before you have an introduction and conclusion. Note: a thesis statement should be written first. 

Smoking essay body paragraph example

Smoking has a significant negative impact on the heart and blood vessels. It leads to accumulation of toxic substances in the blood stream including carbon monoxide and nicotine that have an effect on blood vessels. Carbon monoxide (Kubozono, Miyata, Ueyama, Hamasaki, Kusano, Kubozono, & Tei, 2011) accumulation reduces the capacity of blood to carry enough oxygen to the heart and other organs in the body. Therefore the heart has to increase its rate of pumping blood to meet the oxygen needs of the body; this eventually leads to the development of high blood pressure.

Smoking Essay Conclusion

We can finally get to the conclusion about smoking essay. It is the last part of our outline and your article's last part. You will be excited to hear that if you already have an introduction, a conclusion will not be a huge problem. Truly, they are very alike. Any conclusion starts with a thesis statement that you already have. But don’t forget to change it a little bit and don’t use the same words. You should also summarize the main points you gave. It is pretty easy. After all, you have written the rest of the article already. The last statement can be a little bit tricky. There you should write your final recommendation. As mentioned in the outline, remind people that it is always their choice what they want to do with their health and body. But all choices have consequences, either good or bad. 

Example of smoking essay conclusion 

​​In conclusion, tobacco smoking has been shown to have numerous devastating effects in the health of an individual. There is no known health (US Department of Health and Human Services, 2014) benefit of tobacco usage; therefore cigarette users should be encouraged to stop tobacco use to protect their health. Smoking contributes to a lot of deaths because of its many consequences. In addition, diminishing health increases the number of sick-off days thus reducing productivity at work. Similarly, poor health increases the cost of medical care use.

How to Write a Smoking Essay

We also cannot leave you without a step-by-step guide on how to write a perfect short essay about smoking. Before you actually sit down and start writing, read this guide below. It should help you create ideal smoking among students essay. 

  • Outline and research. Don’t skip this step. It will save you a lot of time in the process. In the beginning, it might be time-consuming, but it’s worth it. 
  • Check examples. They can help you to determine what style and structure to follow. Besides, it is just easier when you have a sample in front of you.
  • Sit down and trade. It is not even about writing itself. It is more about committing and taking your time to finish a task. So, do it!
  • Edit and proofread. It is yet another task that might take time. But it will make your writing sharp and state.

If you do not have any idea how many pages your essay should consist of, we have a super word to page converter. Try it and get an instant result.

Smoking Essay Topics: 10 Ideas to Get Started

We couldn’t possibly leave our users without a couple of ideas for smoking essay titles. Check them below. Also, don’t forget that these are just ideas. You can change them depending on your liking or combine those smoking titles for essays with your ideas. 

Catchy titles for smoking essays:

  1. Possible effects of nicotine.
  2. How to fight addiction to nicotine.
  3. Should the government ban cigarettes?
  4. Influence of cigarettes on the environment. (Consult: protection of environment essay.)
  5. Should pregnant women avoid passive vaping?
  6. Cigarettes vs vapes.
  7. Using cigarettes in public.
  8. Advantages and disadvantages of anti cigarettes advertisement. 
  9. Nicotine: Negative effects on children and adults.
  10. Cigarettes and their effect on lung tissue.

FAQ About Smoking Essays

1. How can I get smoking essay examples for free?

You can get all free essays about smoking here without a charge. We don’t need a credit card or your billing information. Everything here is for free and was donated by other students. So, enjoy all the samples without paying.

2. Can I get someone to write my smoking essay for free?

Yes! Of course, you can hire a professional writer to complete your essays on smoking. However, it will not be free of charge. But be sure to check our prices and see whether you can find a top-notch expert here.

3. What is a good hook for a smoking essay?

There are quite a few good hooks to start your essays about smoking. Even though we recommend using quotations, it is a more academic topic. Therefore, try starting with statistics and numbers. For example, you can mention how many people in the United States actually smoke and are addicted to nicotine. It is an intriguing start that practically already says what you’re going to be talking about.

4. Can I start a smoking essay with dialogue?

Your short smoking essay in English (150 words) can indeed start with a dialogue. Nevertheless, it is a rather academic subject. So everything will depend on the type of your paper. If it is a persuasive or argumentative assignment, we do not recommend starting it with a dialogue. On the other hand, expository assignments can definitely work with dialogues.


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