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Censorship and Religious Conflict in Iberia's Golden Age

Censorship and Religious Conflict in Iberia's Golden Age Essay 1 The Catholic dominance in Latin America began manifesting in the era of the arrival of the colonialist in the region. After their conquest,...

Words: 2364

Pages: 4

Views: 387

Socrates on Censorship: The Importance of Free Speech

Introduction In a bid to bring change to the current regime it is imperative that some of the cultures that were adopted in the previous administration be suppressed to ensure that the republic is stable and...

Words: 1159

Pages: 4

Views: 122

Refugee Crises and Social Media Censorship

Outline and Thesis Statement Social media has over the recent years been perceived as a means of expression free from any judicial interference or scrutiny. It is considered the most accurate and raw source of...

Words: 1706

Pages: 6

Views: 123

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16 Sep 2023

Creation of Adam by Michelangelo - Art Censorship

Personal Opinion on Art Censorship Art can be described as the human activities that involve visual, auditory or performances that express the imaginative and technical skills of the person creating them,...

Words: 297

Pages: 1

Views: 143

Why is Censorship of Internet Necessary?

Internet censorship is essential in the modern society where advancement in technology has progressed. It helps in controlling the content that internet users can create, access, and share with others using social...

Words: 622

Pages: 2

Views: 157

15 Sep 2023

Censorship: What You Need to Know

According to McGinn, Censorship is essential because it prevents certain misunderstandings in the society. Throughout the chapter, McGinn bases his rationale for censorship on three arguments. To begin with, his...

Words: 256

Pages: 1

Views: 105

15 Sep 2023

How Government Censorship Suppress Creativity

How Government Censorship Suppress Creativity The theme of censorship has been one of the most controversial topics in art of writing. Censorship is viewed as a restriction by the government on books or media that...

Words: 269

Pages: 1

Views: 175

15 Sep 2023

Partly Censored Data, Cox Hazard Regression and Their Application

Introduction Statistical problems emerge when examining the occurrence of events and the occurrence of time in a population. An event in this context involves the qualitative transformation of the observed person...

Words: 6875

Pages: 25

Views: 471

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15 Sep 2023

The Importance of Social Media Censorship

Media censorship is known to be a global wonder which has predicted the outlets of the information. The primary ground for censorship is the preservation of a peaceful state, and on the other hand, the fundamental...

Words: 2059

Pages: 8

Views: 162

14 Sep 2023

Controversial Art and Censorship

Controversial Art and Censorship Art, which takes the form of painting, sculpting, film, literature, music, or any other, is a significant way of capturing cultural, political, and economic themes. These artistic...

Words: 568

Pages: 2

Views: 94


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Academic level

What Is a Censorship Essay

Before we go into more challenging details, let's start with the broad definition of essay on censorship. This will be an academic paper that discusses the suppression or prohibition of certain media. The reason behind such suppression can vary. They are usually connected with political ideals and the change in regimes.

Many leaders would want to limit the public's access to certain materials. Even though suppression is often criticized, it's still relatively frequent. One’s job for this paper is not only to talk more about prohibition of free speech. For analyzing this phenomenon, students can use the materials from their classes, personal experience, and even popular culture, including books, films, and shows.

Censorship Essay Examples

We'll offer examples of censorship essay. It's just you who decide how complicated and wordy you want your paper should be. We'll still assist you in coming up with unique ideas. 

Quick list of things you might want to consider for a censorship persuasive essay:

  • Don't forget to use academic language fitting the style.
  • Research and use facts to sound more convincing.
  • Come up with an exciting topic: your options are not only limited to already well-established themes.
  • Don't hesitate to ask your professor if you have questions.
  • Use our samples to guide your work.
  • Understand where you can and cannot use personal examples.
  • Blend out and outline all the evidence before you start writing.

The most critical thing you should do is always trust yourself and be creative. Even though the suppression of speech is a rather popular topic, it doesn't mean that you cannot find a new perspective on it. We bet that no one from your classes analyzed freedom of speech in Star Wars. We dare you to use your individuality!

Censorship Argumentative Essay

Censorship argumentative essay topics usually offer your readers a first look into your main point. Here you can come up with something intriguing. You're not limited to seeing suppression of speech as a good or a bad thing. We advise you to analyze both sides of this conflict. For instance, your argumentative piece might answer the following questions: 

  • Why should citizens be allowed to access any information?
  • Why are specific topics filtered on social media?
  • Do you know any examples from famous books or culture in general that talk more about prohibition? 
  • What do you want to know about everything that is going on with your local government?
  • What are possible reasons some people would want citizens to have less access? 
  • Can suppression of free speech and access be justified? If so, in what cases?

Read also:

Censorship in Fahrenheit 451 Essay

Fahrenheit 451 censorship essay will talk more about the actual book. If you haven't yet read it, we recommend that you do. Considering that this book was written ages ago, it's pretty surprising how relevant it's now. Even though the author hardly knew the sheer power of the Internet and what sort of access people will have in the future, the idea remains critical even in the modern world.

You can include a quick summary in a censorship Fahrenheit 451 essay. It will help flush out the main idea. You can start by saying that the government greatly limited people's access to media. We are talking about books, newspapers, and anything else that could incriminate local politics. 

What is the main idea of this book? We think that it deals mainly with suppression of speech and how it will eventually decrease the knowledge in society and people's ability to think critically. After all, hardly anyone in the book understood what was going on in the world at that time. It's likely that even though we have the same issue, we don't even know about it.

Censorship in Social Media Essay

The last point we wanted to discuss among our examples is a social media censorship essay. Believe it or not, we all have social media accounts. Whether you use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Discord, or TikTok, you deal with suppression. You can develop this argument in your censorship on social media essay.

We advise you to consider whether filtering some information on social media is actually good. Not to mention triggering topics, harassment, and sexual abuse are still a thing, especially on social media. Even though suppression or prohibition doesn't certainly entail protection, it may help. Having limited access to information may be a way of protecting specific individuals. It's entirely up to you what you want to argue here.

Censorship Essay Outline

We couldn't leave you with a proper outline, including a censorship essay thesis statement. Find our educational example down below.


  • Give a brief definition of limiting access to information.
  • Don't forget some background beyond description.
  • Censorship thesis: Banning controversial books can be viewed as a form of protection, yet it's usually done out of political agendas and need to control society. 

Main Body

  • Discuss how some people can limit or even ban certain materials.
  • What are their reasons behind it? Argue that it's usually done to suppress critical thinking and cultivate false trust.
  • Use an example from a book or your personal life. (The Book Thief is a good one for this paper.)


  • Paraphrase your thesis statement.
  • Remind the readers that you've been talking about freedom of speech and access to data.
  • Recommend people to seek knowledge beyond common sense.

How to Write a Censorship Essay

The final point we wanted to discuss concerns censorship essay topics and how you can craft your paper from start to finish.

  1. Read successful educational examples. They are your secret weapon, available only on our website. Don't forget to filter depending on your personal preference and your academic level. It's important because a college student doesn't write as a high schooler would. 
  2. Filer censorship essay ideas. Your idea must combine your thoughts with the concepts you have learned in your classroom. Whatever your topic is, don't forget that it should be not only intriguing but relatively narrow. 
  3. Understand the style and tone of writing. Academic writing is unique in terms of its style. It would do you good to practice, read several examples and try your hand at the tone. Don't forget that you shouldn't be dry even though it's academic.
  4. Write your paper. Voilà! Sit down, take several hours of your day, and let the magic happen. Don't forget coffee, snacks, and proofreading — they're your best friends.

FAQ About Censorship Essays

1. How do you start a censorship essay?

The best essay on censorship will start with a hook. Here you have a great selection of different devices. We recommend using a rhetorical question, quotation, statistics, or a bold statement. All these elements will draw enough attention from your readers and intrigue them.

2. What is censorship short essay?

Any essay about censorship will follow a distinctive word count. If your paper is short, you don't have enough space for valid examples and analysis. Therefore, we recommend settling on a simple definition and your main argument. For example, you can give a brief description and then discuss how limiting access to information can be a form of political control.

3. How long should censorship essay be?

The length of censorship essay will depend on your topic and requirements. We recommend you ask your professor about word count. If you cannot reach them or they are unavailable, you should start by aiming at 550 words. It's neither a short nor a long paper. It will be a good start.

4. What is the best title for my censorship essay?

Censorship essay titles should draw attention. They should be both revealing and intriguing. Here are several examples: "Freedom and press: Where do we draw a line?", "Political correctness vs. freedom of speech," "Rock as an answer to active suppression." We are sure you can come up with epic ideas independently. Don't forget to use inspiring examples that can include your favorite books and even movies.


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