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17 Sep 2023

Social Workers and the LGBTQ Population and Advocacy Internationally

Even in the 21st century, the LGBTQ community faces biases and prejudices either through interpersonal interactions or through policies maintained in social work agencies and institutions. In my opinion, the NASW...

Words: 729

Pages: 3

Views: 141

The Future of the LGBT Community

Thomas Jefferson formulated a bill that homosexuals be castrated while lesbians have their noses mutilated. According to Jefferson, failure to adhere to these requirements would mean death. However, the Supreme Court...

Words: 2035

Pages: 8

Views: 174

16 Sep 2023

Counseling LGBTQ: How to Find a Safe and Inclusive Therapist

Counselors often face various challenges and pressure in their day-day activities, just like any other professional. They may experience problems associated with addressing personal expectation, including their...

Words: 2003

Pages: 7

Views: 120

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LGBT Community & Healthcare

The association between users and health services is an essential aspect in enhancing the quality of care. However, the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender community suffer from discrimination and prejudice in...

Words: 294

Pages: 1

Views: 155

16 Sep 2023

The LGBTQ Community

Sexual orientation remains one of the subjects whose diversity has not been fully integrated into the various socio-economic and political structures. While there are many public and private services available for...

Words: 549

Pages: 2

Views: 243

Hillary Clinton’s Speech on LGBT rights

The LGBT community has been a subject of debate in the recent times. The progressive nature of the modern society has seen the community become more accepted. This fact is evident in the landmark speech on LGBT...

Words: 779

Pages: 3

Views: 328

16 Sep 2023

The Discrimination against LGBTQ Students and Teachers

LGBTQ Issues at St. Michaels Secondary School One of the issues that students and staff members face is how to respond when school administrators and fellow students assume that their sexuality and engages them in...

Words: 2800

Pages: 10

Views: 456

16 Sep 2023

LGBTQ Issues in Jamaica and Fleeing a Life of Persecution

Statement of the Research Topic The issue of the rights of the lesbians, gay, bisexual, transsexual, and the queers, also known as LGBTQ, in short, has been approached differently by the various countries in the...

Words: 3293

Pages: 11

Views: 242

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LGBT Employees in the Workplace

Introduction According to the American Psychological Association (2017), LGBT is the acronym for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender. Individuals who have been categorized into this group especially the...

Words: 5285

Pages: 9

Views: 95

Major Religions’ Attitudes to LGBT

Religion and LGBT Historically, religion and sexual orientation have appeared to clash significantly. The religious condemnation of homosexual persons as well as homosexual acts has been unquestioned for centuries....

Words: 1689

Pages: 5

Views: 395


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What Is a LGBT Essay

Let’s start with a definition of essay on LGBT. This term refers to a community of individuals who are not binary. They identify as either gay or lesbian. A lot of things determine their sexual orientation. For example, the way they dress, their gender role, and their bodies' physical appearance.

This topic is becoming more popular than ever among college students. While the modern LGBT movement grew from its beginnings in the late 1960s, LGBT rights advocates have been fighting for equality for centuries. They have had many different methods over the years to protest. But same-sex marriage has been legalized recently. 

Essays on this topic could be on personal or controversial subjects like Stonewall Inn Riots. This movement advocates for equal rights for all. It stands for equality regardless of your identity as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or not. To create an essay on this issue, start with thorough research.

Read also:

LGBT Essay Examples

If you need to write an LGBT reflection essay, we’ve got just these examples! It is an extremely broad topic. Homosexuality is demonized in many countries. To be able to respect anyone, you must first understand their existence. This topic has attracted many students to write informative essays. They have given the audience data they can use to make their conclusions.

Some LGBT argumentative essays recount different stories of youth who tried suicide after being bullied by peers. They were eventually adopted out of state by family members and completed school there. Discuss any discrimination experienced by these individuals. Analyze and list their strategies for dealing with this situation in your paper. The public should be aware that such a community can suffer from numerous prejudices.

How to Write a LGBT Essay

Before you start, try out different LGBT writing prompts. See how you like this topic or if you like it at all. Consider that LGBTQ people face the same civil rights battles as black women and vice versa. This group is not arguing about their right to vote like other communities. Instead, lawmakers attempted to make voting illegal in this group. Fun Home's author claims that gay violence is not rooted in a person's sexuality but in gender roles. This can be an excellent topic for your essay.

But how does one write a short essay on LGBT in English?

  1. Choose your topic. Remember that it’s recommended to pick several options. Narrow them down to just one, then. Choose something that is both interesting to you and your audience. Is your preferred topic controversial? Awesome! Does it have lots of evidence and arguments that should be presented? Even better!
  2. Do your research. It is an obvious and very important step. Go through documents and documentaries and conduct interviews if possible. Find everything that can make your paper stand out. And don’t forget to cite your sources properly!
  3. Create an outline. This can help you in the long run by organizing your thoughts about the paper right now. Here you can include your examples and sources.
  4. Write your paper! Do thorough research. Your structure should be logical and coherent. So, you’ll have no problem with your writing process. Just edit the whole work after you’re done.

LGBT Essay Topics to Get Good Grades in College

Start your paper by finding some great LGBT topics for essay. Remember that while good titles for LGBT essays can be serious and grand, you still can have fun working with them. 

For example, you can write about how this community interacts with each other. Or how homosexual and lesbian college students are treated by schools. Analyze how the peers react. Discuss the role of homophobic music in hip-hop. You can check out any music essay in our library. Talk about its impact on the attitude towards this LGBT community. You could even discuss how military personnel accepts gays and lesbians and where this might be helpful.

And take a look at these LGBT essay titles we chose for you:

  1. Gay marriage: Legalization of same-sex marriages in the USA.
  2. Challenges homosexuals face and their solutions.
  3. Legal consciousness and homosexuality.
  4. Social determinants of mental illness in homosexual community.
  5. Contributions of gay liberation front to homosexual society.
  6. Peculiarities of LGBT tourism.
  7. Intersectionality on an example of black homosexual stand-up performers.
  8. Problem of suicide among homosexual youth.
  9. Beneficial effects of media on the homosexual community and its equality movement.
  10. Position and impact of religion on sex minority's rights.

LGBT Argumentative Essay Topics

There are many argumentative essay topics about LGBT to choose from when writing a paper on this movement. People are attracted by the topic's broad social implications. This issue is well-known among sociologists, with many citing this community as an example.  Similar argumentative essays can be used to explore both the benefits and disadvantages of same-sex married life. It is currently prohibited in most countries. It could also be used to examine the reasons for support and opposition.

Present your arguments using examples and citations in your assignment's central part. You should also divide the text according to narrative logic. Moreover, you should develop an outline for your argumentative essay topic. It should flow from an introduction to a conclusion. 

And don't forget to check out this short list of topics:

  1. Same-sex education should be included in school curriculum.
  2. Why we should stand up for gay Americans.
  3. The fight for the equality of homosexual prisoners.
  4. An argument against the discrimination of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community.
  5. A study of the homosexual concentration camps in Chechnya.

FAQ About LGBT Essays

1. How do you write LGBT in a paper?

Before starting to write any short LGBT papers, you should pick a good topic. The more controversial it is — the better. Remember that you should choose something interesting for both you and your audience. Then, start researching it and composing your list of sources. You can include them in an outline which we also recommend. After this, you can write your paper.

2. What is the highest grade score in college I can get for my LGBT essay?

Any paper on this topic should score as much as any other essay. Your score depends on your paper’s quality, in-depth research, and presentation. You can find many essays about LGBT in pdf format in our sample library. All of them are A+, so you can check them out and understand how you can compose your paper to get the highest score.

3. Can I use your LGBT essays for free?

Yes, each essay in our library is a free LGBT essay! They are available in pdf format so you can check them out online and offline. But we kindly ask you not to submit them as your own to your professors. Since they’re posted on the internet, their plagiarism score is 100%, which will be quickly discovered and usually is not tolerated in educational institutions.

4. How to start an essay about LGBT?

Short essays on LGBT have similar structures when it comes to their introductory sections. First, you should “hook” your audience on the topic of your paper. You can achieve this by including a small but relevant story or a quote. Second, write a strong and clear thesis statement. It will be the backbone of your whole work. Lastly, don’t forget about transitional phrases.


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