Hills Like White Elephants Essay Examples & Tips on Writing an A+ Paper

Today we are giving you excellent essays on Hills Like White Elephants. Yes, all examples that you see here are free. They were donated by successful students who know a thing or two about literature. We also know that this particular story is challenging to understand. That is why we will also offer you samples and ideas regarding the story's symbolism and underlying themes. Do you want to know more? Read this guide, use our samples, and enjoy everything for free!

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16 Sep 2023

“Hills like White Elephants”

Earnest Hemmingway is a writer whose works capture the unique way that he presents certain pertinent issues. In the story titled “Hills like White Elephants,” for example, the author has a chauvinistic representation...

Words: 543

Pages: 2

Views: 231

15 Sep 2023

How Hemingway in the "Hills Like White Elephants" indicates the tone of the story

In literature work, tone refers to the attitude or emotion that the author is conveying in their work through his words. It is very hard to separate tone from the mood in any literary work. While the tone is the...

Words: 268

Pages: 1

Views: 187

15 Sep 2023

"Hills Like White Elephants": what characters can or cannot understand

The story is in the form of a dialogue between an American man, a girl and a bartender. From the dialogue, the girl is disgruntled and unhappy about the way the American is treating her. She feels stifled or...

Words: 440

Pages: 1

Views: 124

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15 Sep 2023

Hills Like White Elephants and Other Stories

Harrison Bergeron What are the science fictional elements of this story? Aliens- the Handicapper General is considered an alien due to her cruel nature of device invention that disrupts normal brain...

Words: 367

Pages: 1

Views: 170

15 Sep 2023

Why is Hemingway’s Short Story Called “Hills Like White Elephants”?

This essay explains why Hemingway’s short story is called “Hills Like White Elephants.” The meaning of the story can be understanding by analyzing the conflict that takes place throughout the entire story. A man and...

Words: 524

Pages: 2

Views: 213


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What Is a Hills Like White Elephants Essay

We always start these articles with a definition of essay on Hills Like White Elephants. All students know that such papers use literary analysis. It means that a student needs to understand the story's basic theme. They also should use quotations and evidence from our story itself. It's not enough to simply summarize a novel or a book to understand its meaning.

In this case, there are several themes involved. We would argue that this story judges male superiority and the necessity of women to deal with pregnancy independently. We also think that our author condemns male antagonists and society. Additionally, don't forget that your word count will depend on topic and style of one's paper. It can be one page or even 10.

Hills Like White Elephants Essay Examples That Affects Essay Writing

Here you will find an essential Hills Like White Elephants character analysis essay. But a small complication may arise. There are quite a few different assignments learners can choose from, especially if your professor didn't specify. For example, learners can write an argumentative essay. It will deal largely with your point of view. Of course, many students will be asked to write a literary analysis essay. As we mentioned before, it will involve a thorough story analysis. But here are several things you should do no matter what your assignment might be:

  • Read this story.
  • Learn more about Hemingway and his time.
  • Put yourself in places of characters and try to think of how you would behave.
  • Analyze how our author perceives society.
  • Complete your critical analysis essay by judging the main characters and symbolism.

Overall, there are no limits as to your opinion. If learners can prove their point using evidence, no one can say it's incorrect.

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Hills Like White Elephants Symbolism Essay

Symbolism in Hills Like White Elephants essay will deal mainly with elements we see in the story. Once again, there is no correct or incorrect answer here. But we continue to see different elements pop up. 

  • Elephants 

They may symbolize the baby that was about to be born in the story.

  • Drinks

We think that drinks symbolize hope for the woman. After all, Jig still hoped that she could have her baby and be accepted without the abortion. 

  • Hills

True to the story's name, mountains symbolize happiness the couple lost and will never get back. 

  • Curtain

This one is hard to judge. We believe that a bead curtain symbolizes barriers between men and women. It might separate the woman's world from a better one. 

Everything is open up for your interpretation, especially when it comes to symbolism paper.

Hills Like White Elephants Essay Outline

We also wanted to offer you an analysis of the outline and some elements, including Hills Like White Elephants thesis. So find it below:


  • According to you, offer the most memorable quotation from the story and fitting to the topic.
  • Tell that Ernest Hemingway wrote the story and when.
  • Argue that lying should never be the easiest option when solving a conflict.

Main body

  • Talk about symbolism in the story and what it means for Jig.
  • Discuss whether a woman should decide what to do with her child. Does she need to consult the father?
  • Evaluate standards for women in society.


  • Remind readers that freedom is not everything a person desires.
  • Summarize the main points regarding symbolism and abortion.
  • Remind readers that they should never be haunted by past and regrets.

Hint: Do not know how to write a thesis statement? Try our free thesis statement generator.

How to Write a Hills Like White Elephants Essay

We have a final point regarding this Hills Like White Elephants essay in pdf. Check out the step-by-step guide and finally start writing.

  1. Look up examples. They will help you to get the basic vibe. Besides, understanding structure and language is easier with examples.
  2. Pick a topic. A good title makes a big difference. So choose wisely and settle on Hills Like White Elephants essay topics that you will personally like.
  3. Outline and research. Of course, you should read the book. But reading literature from critics is also a good addition to your outline.
  4. Write. Forget everything else, sit down, and start writing. It is easier than it sounds.
  5. Proofread and edit. We know it's hard to edit your own words. But it will help you to get a much better result in the end. So what are you waiting for exactly?

FAQ About Hills Like White Elephants Essays

1. Are your Hills Like White Elephants essay examples free?

Yes! Here you will find Hills Like White Elephants essays for free. They were all donated by wonderful students. You will find assignments for middle school, high school, college, and even graduate learners. Besides, we're obsessed with their originality and academic tone.

2. How do you write a Hills Like White Elephants essay in MLA format?

Your essay about Hills Like White Elephants will follow different formats. Considering that it is connected with literature, we advise using MLA. It uses 1-inch margins on the top, bottom, and sides. The preferred font is either Times New Roman or Arial. Don't forget there is no title page. So your information is placed right before the actual text.

3. How many paragraphs are in a Hills Like White Elephants essay?

Hills Like White Elephants essay body paragraph quantity will depend on your topic and requirements from your professor. A traditional assignment will have five paragraphs. One paragraph is for an introduction, another one is for a conclusion, and three paragraphs are for the main body. However, you should ask your educator about word count and the basic format.

4. How do you write a Hills Like White Elephant essay outline?

All successful outlines include Hills Like White Elephants essay introduction, main body, and conclusion. But students shouldn't use full sentences. It is better to stick to evidence and shortened phrases. Besides, learners can include your thesis statement and research. Some students also use citations that they later copy-paste into their actual work.


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