Pearl Harbor Essay Examples and Effective Guidelines

An essay on Pearl Harbor has always been a troublesome assignment for students. Composing similar academic pieces requires strong writing skills. Students must demonstrate superb cognitive capabilities, critical and evaluative thinking. Historical papers are always reliant on accurate data, which means the research must be thorough. Drafting becomes much easier when you have various samples to copy.

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Pearl Harbor: The History and Legacy of the Attack that Forced America into World War II

In 1941, Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, an American naval base in Hawaii. The attack, which was a surprise one, was conducted by 350 Japanese aircraft. As a result, eight American battleships, 300 aircraft, and...

Words: 254

Pages: 1

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Pearl Harbor Attack: What Happened, Why, and the Aftermath

Part 1 The Japan attack on Pearl Harbor came as a surprise to the Americans. The Japanese attacked the US Naval Base in 1941 on the 7 th of December at 7:55 in the morning. The harbor is located in Hawaii, and...

Words: 2003

Pages: 8

Views: 154

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What Is a Pearl Harbor Essay

The definition of essay on Pearl Harbor describes such texts as informative items. They’re targeted at informing readers about one historical event. Structurally these essays follow a standard outline which consists of an introduction, body, and conclusion. The scribing style is mostly formal, clean, and coherent. Details of this military conflict between Japan and the United States must be accurately presented.

Our website offers numerous thesis examples, exploring the Japanese attack from any angle. Proposed pieces were donated by students and showcased authors’ visions. Freely available examples are easy-to-follow, competently written items. They can be used as templates or sources of inspiration for personal works.

Pearl Harbor Essay Examples in PDF

A Pearl Harbor summary essay can be challenging, especially for less experienced composers. Conducting research, analyzing data, organizing narration — that takes skill. Drafting of high-scoring pieces is possible only by extensively using a wide variety of abilities. Fortunately, by repurposing working elements from samples, any student can mimic the experience. Studying examples leads to a perfect Pearl Harbor overview essay. Here’s a quick list of feasible improvements:

  • Better storytelling

Each element has a designated place that makes any text more consistent and coherent throughout. Readability is enhanced due to pre-planning and smart structuring.

  • Academic veracity

Diligent investigation allows a precise depiction of documented happenings. Facts, numbers, statistics — everything comes from trustworthy sources.

  • Stronger argumentation

Reasoning is done using effective methods and persuasion-targeted techniques. Convincing together with description gets more vivid and believable.

Pearl Harbor Essay Outline

There’re other sections besides a Pearl Harbor essay introduction. The outline is used to improve narrative pacing, coherency, and consistency. By planning a precise location for all reasons, the text becomes core comprehensible. An intro section must be brief yet informative. It grabs the reader's attention and holds it firmly. Body paragraphs inform and provide evidence or info. A conclusion for Pearl Harbor essay sums it up. This section gives a strong summary, leaving a long-lasting impression. Plan each stage in advance to generate superior Pearl Harbor essay thesis materials. Check out this structure sample:


  • Topic statement –  Unprecedented brutality of surprise attacks
  • Background info
  • What’s the purpose? Central question

Body paragraph

  • World War 2 (Consult: essay on WW2)
  • Japan’s aggression
  • How did it happen?
  • Casualties, victims
  • Political outcomes


  • Title rephrasing
  • Quick recap
  • Answering the target inquiry

How to Write a Pearl Harbor Attack Essay

Before you select a Pearl Harbor writing prompt, you must think ahead. Never jump straight to drafting. Consider planning in advance. Scribing goes smoother and more efficiently if you’re following certain steps. We’ve designed this step-by-step guide that will help you compose a perfect essay on the attack on Pearl Harbor.

  1. Choose your subject. Make sure your title is captivating and interesting. It must engage readers and hook their focus.
  2. Investigate. Read credible, supportive information online regarding the particular aspect you’re covering.
  3. Examine samples. Check how other students managed to tackle this written assignment and underline effective elements. You can start with 9/11 essay.
  4. Make an outline. Engineer the narration beforehand. Arrange arguments together with data most effectively.
  5. Write. Follow your previously made structure and compose well-versed, competent pieces.
  6. Proofread. Edit out all syntax together with orthographic mistakes. Eliminate irregularities and repetitions.
  7. Check uniqueness. Use specialized software to determine the originality score. Rewrite unoriginal fragments.

FAQ About Pearl Harbor Essays

1. Are your Pearl Harbor essays free?

Our website proposes numerous free essays on Pearl Harbor. The broad range of topics allows anyone to find something useful. From discussing America’s participation in the war to elaborating on conflicts in the Pacific ocean. All texts are conveniently organized into lightweight pdf files.

2. What is a short Pearl Harbor paper?

Papers on Pearl Harbor usually look like typical informative endeavors. They either deliver an objective overlook or convincing discussion. Such an argument essay focuses on the correct presentation of these prominent events, causes, and outcomes. They are free from emotions and speculation.

3. How to start an introduction for "Attack on Pearl Harbor" essay?

Good essays about Pearl Harbor start with comprehensible and catchy intros. The first paragraph must grab attention, engage in reading, and awaken hidden desires for knowledge. Using catchy sentences, loud statements, or shocking facts is allowed. Look at the proposed free samples for inspiration!

4. What are the 4 parts of the Pearl Harbor essay?

Frequently, essays on Pearl Harbor use a four-paragraph structure. Yet the main elements of such scholarly works are research, argumentation, credibility, and uniqueness. All of them were already described in detail above. Concentrate on perfecting these components if you’re aiming for high scores.


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