How to Write The Crucible Essay With Examples

Start your essay about The Crucible together with us. It is about the 17th-century glorious city of Salem. It fell into the clutches of mass insanity. Provincial passions become an event of almost global scale. Arthur Miller, an American playwright, presents us with his version of that time's events. We are talking, of course, about witch hunt. Jealousy starts a terrible process that quickly destroys life of a small Puritan town.

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16 Sep 2023

The Crucible and Salem Witchcraft Trials: A History

Introduction The U.S has a rich political history which dates more than 200 years now. The stories of Crucible and Salem Witchcraft have a share in the making of American politics. There are many similarities...

Words: 551

Pages: 2

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16 Sep 2023

The Crucible Act 4 Proctor Eulogy

Good evening to you all. Thank you for this opportunity you have given me to relay my heartfelt condolence to the family of John Proctor, his wife and children, and to the larger Salem society. It is sad and...

Words: 294

Pages: 1

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16 Sep 2023
Film Studies

The link between McCarthyism and the Salem trials: how the events affected the society

McCarthyism is anchored on the perpetuation of false allegations of treason without any evidence, and the crucible was a fictional play centred on the Salem witch trial. McCarthyism and the Salem trials were...

Words: 293

Pages: 1

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15 Sep 2023

"The Crucible": themes of persecution and hysteria

The Theme of Persecution The Puritan society had a strict policy of adherence to the provisions of the social order. The focus on the tenets of the social order meant that people lacked the room for personal...

Words: 566

Pages: 2

Views: 176

The Crucible of Empire: The Korean War and the Birth of the Modern World

The Crucible of Empire is a two-hour documentary that tells the story of the Spanish American war. The movie is focused on explaining the history of the beginning of the war. This is done by interviewing different...

Words: 284

Pages: 1

Views: 99

A Crucible of American Identity

In the article, the idea that Oren promulgates concerns the American journey that allowed America to become what it is today. The author describes various stages in America’s journey to greatness, most of which were...

Words: 492

Pages: 2

Views: 120

14 Sep 2023

"The Crucible": a play about the Salem witch trials

Most of the mentioned characters in the play The Crucible are based on actual historical data and individuals who were directly involved in the events that happen in the play. Evidently, some of these characters...

Words: 1012

Pages: 3

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What Is The Crucible Essay

Definition of essay on The Crucible lies in a time when people believed in witches. They hunted for witches and destroyed all those involved in witchcraft. One of the most famous in this regard  trial took place at end of the 17th century. It is Salem witch hunt that was in a small town in Massachusetts. This event formed basis of Crucible.

This is not a play from which some mysteries are expected. It perfectly helps to feel that historical period with all its charms. These include hatred and selfishness giving rise to slander. It was justified by religious zeal. It also contains a reminder of limited absence of human stupidity. It is about what women can do if they don't get what they want. Or about what happens when power comes to people who are unworthy of it and blinds their eyes. Here, by the way, is questions for reflection. Are there people worthy of power? Doesn't belonging to power expose a person in an unseemly light? Is your good name so important if its preservation ruins life?

The Crucible Essay Examples in PDF

A multifaceted and complex The Crucible synthesis essay based on historical events. Check out more than one synthesis essay example in our database. It is striking in its frankness. Human vices are exposed and a person is depicted as is, without masks. Miller raised important and eternal questions of trust, lies, betrayal, and selfishness. Dark hopelessness and injustice permeate The Crucible summary essay. It is impossible to remain indifferent.

This would be absurd theater if senseless executions did not actually occur in The Crucible persuasive essay. What is happening is so terrible. It is impossible even to imagine that it actually happened, that people could come to this. And this happened not only in Salem. It was not only a trial but the church did not apologize. And no matter what times, education or faith were, centuries, fashion, and customs change. But does a person himself change?

The Crucible Argumentative Essay Examples

Ability to write a properly structured and logically coherent argumentative essay on The Crucible is useful to everyone. A well-reasoned essay contains arguments that support your main idea. It convinces readers of its correctness. Argumentative essay topics for The Crucible include a comprehensive consideration of this issue under discussion. Strong arguments can convince readers of an author's point of view correctness.

This essay type purpose is a deep consideration of any issue or topic. In such an essay, all aspects of a subject should be explored considering all possible points of view.

The Crucible Literary Analysis Essay Examples

For The Crucible literary analysis essay topics, you should read a literary work very carefully to understand how author conveys his key ideas. Start taking notes and read this work with maximum concentration. Then, formulate your arguments and make a plan.

Author uses literary devices to prove a point or tell a story. Literary works use alliteration, artistic images, metaphors, allusions, allegories, repetitions, retrospectives, and other techniques.

Literary analysis essay The Crucible is not that scary! We have plenty of them as free samples. Just check this section and complete your paper.

The Crucible Character Analysis Essay Examples

For a character analysis essay on The Crucible assignment in school, you may be asked to describe a literary character. But if you can choose, make sure you tend to only consider characters. They should play dynamic roles in this story. Dull and boring characters are not suitable choices for analysis. It is someone only good or only bad, who does not consider any complex motivations.

Read this story paying particular attention to your character. Even if you have already read this work before, you should read it again. You have a specific task in front of you and you will be able to notice new features. Pay attention to any circumstances in which your character appears!

The Crucible Rhetorical Analysis Essay Examples

Rhetorical analysis essay on The Crucible is multifaceted. It covers an entire work, oral or written, from discourse analysis to word choice. When performing your analysis, you should pay attention to following points:

  1. General text characteristics: oral or written. Eloquence type: socio-political, judicial, academic, social, theological, and ecclesiastical.
  2. Type of speech and subject embodiment.
  3. Discourse analysis: life situation, events before and possibly after. Who speaks to whom, for what purpose, under what circumstances, etc.
  4. Composition, speech work construction, storylines, etc.
  5. Characteristics of rhetorical means: figures, tropes, phraseology, aphorisms, monologues and dialogues, archaisms, dialectisms, etc.
  6. Compliance with speech culture norms and literary language requirements. Features of author's speech style.
  7. If possible, information about text perception. Degree of its impact on readers and listeners, discrepancies, assessments. Impact of work on science, arts, and culture development.
  8. What did author want to say? What he said and what he said unintentionally.

Before writing this kind of essay, look at an example of rhetorical analysis essay we have for our users.

The Crucible Essay Outline

When an issue with a choice of topic is resolved, start writing an essay outline for The Crucible. We recall and write out a draft in a short summary. It may include critical words, dates that are important, quotes, and everything that comes to your mind. Do not waste time, write in abbreviations or sketch out diagrams. Write down material in any form and sequence. After writing down necessary material, build a logical chain from it. Designate for yourself what will be your essay's main part and what will be supporting material. Make time to look at our literature essay example.

The Crucible Essay Outline

Introduction: Court and witches in Salem.

Thesis statement: Court moral principles are such that absolutely no one can equate them.

Body Paragraph: Two conflict sides and their interaction.

Conclusions: Judiciary is not objective. A very large percentage of innocent people suffer.

The Crucible Essay Introduction

An introduction for The Crucible essay function is to introduce your topic. Give preliminary, general information about a problem that is behind it. Your introduction should not contain all information we know about author and his work.

To sum up: there is no one-type, ideal, exemplary introduction that would fit any topic. An introduction, like every part of an essay, is written individually.

The Crucible essay introduction example 

“The Crucible,” a play that debuted in 1953, was written by Arthur Asher Miller (1915-2005), a renowned and an inspirational figure, not just as a play writer and essayist, but also in revolutionizing the modern American Theater. A Pulitzer Prize winner for the drama category, Miller wrote a number of popular plays namely: All My Sons (1947), Death of a Salesman (1949), and A View from the Bridge (1955, revised 1956). Among other notable works from the twice married play-writer who was a public figure in the 1940s to 1960s, are screenplays for the movie The Misfits (1961) and dramas Death of a Salesman, Long Day's Journey into Night and A Streetcar Named Desire, which have been feted belonging to the finest American plays shortlist. The Crucible (1953) is one of Miller’s exemplary works that captures the historical events with astounding accuracy. The play revolves around the events of the Salem Witch Trials that took place in between 1992 and 1993 in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. By Miller’s own account, all characters in the play are true depictions of the actual roles at Salem. The Crucible, which is divided into four acts, opens with whispers of unnatural cause of illness spreading among children in Salem village. Through Abigail, it is revealed that some children have been practicing witchcraft, leading to the summoning of Reverend Hale to carry out investigation. The events that develop amidst the conflicts in the Proctor’s house are driven by numerous unsubstantiated accusations of practicing witchcraft that eventually culminate in the arrest, conviction, and execution of Proctor and Elizabeth as perpetrators. The drama fictional approach used in The Crucible led to its canonization in American drama.  

The Crucible Essay Thesis Statement

You can formulate an introduction thesis statement for The Crucible essay that you intend to develop. Prove it in your next part. The main thing is to concentrate on your topic main idea and avoid writing additional words. To avoid such a misunderstanding, you need to carefully comprehend a topic you have chosen. Do not lose sight of it for a minute. Here is our classic thesis for The Crucible:

But in every objection, in every obvious fact and explanation, this same court tries to accuse everyone of contempt and of not fulfilling their duties as true Christian.

The Crucible Essay Body Paragraph

5 paragraph essay on The Crucible is main part of any essay. It is an analysis of a literary work in an aspect given by a topic. When writing your body part, avoid literary work retelling. Body paragraph should show your confidence in this novel. The Crucible 5 paragraph essay tends to reveal a topic in all its beauty!

  • On one hand, a person sitting at this court head is not at all from a plow. Still, a government representative, who is not alien to philosophy, can hardly be ranked among ignorant laymen.
  • On other hand, inhabitants themselves, who, although not all seven biblical sins possess. Still, many of them are mired in envy and lust. Action captures more and more families every day. By end of this tragedy, a number of those arrested and executed is beyond our heads.
  • Salem witch trials are mostly heard by many, but what do we know about them? What is it for us? Several executed "witches"?

The Crucible essay body example 

Hysterical is the befitting description of the trading of accusations between characters in the play and the subsequent arrests and trials for witchcraft. It is crucial to point out that Miller fully develops all the characters in the play thereby making it easier to analyze their roles in the events that unfold. From the onset of the play, it is obvious that Abigail Williams, the 17 year old niece of Reverend Parris is deceitful, dishonest, and inconsiderate. The exchange between Abigail and the Parris reveals the latter’s knowledge of the former's misdemeanor, but chooses to protect them or protect their legacy as a leader of the church in Salem. While denying vehemently doctor Griggs suggestion of the possibility of an unnatural cause in Betty’s illness, Parris has a lingering doubt about witchcraft being involved. In scene I of the play Abigail asks Parris to denounce the possibility of witchcraft being involved, yet they withhold crucial information from their uncle.

The Crucible Essay Conclusion

In conclusion for The Crucible essay, it is appropriate to give an overview of all points that you described in your main part. It is even essential if your topic required material variety or a long evidence chain. In conclusion, personal attitudes and comments can be expressed. It should be stated correctly without affectation. Avoid excessive enthusiastic assessments. Your conclusion should have a clearly defined meaning. It should be prepared with main part material.

The Crucible essay conclusion example 

From the play, it can be deciphered that Abigail, Tituba, and Mary Warren played significant roles in the events that led to the trial and conviction of those suspected of practicing witchcraft. It is important to note that Tituba was the main cause of the hysteria because of their ability to summon spirits, dark magic that was considered spiritual and normal in Barbados where they hailed, but feared and persecuted in Massachusetts. Tituba finds herself a victim of circumstances because Abigail, after learning of Tituba’s gift, manipulatively uses it to advance their malicious agenda by casting a spell on Elizabeth and convincing Tituba to summon the dead, an act that leads to illness due to unnatural causes among some of the girls. Abigail’s agenda is motivated by the need to protect themselves from adultery they committed in an affair with John Proctor, and they do so remorselessly. On the other hand, Mary Warren fuels the hysteria due to their weakness and timidity, which prevents them from acting as credible witnesses against Abigail. Such a role by Mary would have saved innocent lives, but their fear of Abigail becomes their downfall and all their attempts at recompense are unsuccessful.

How to Write The Crucible Essay

“What are the best crucible writing prompts?” Combine plot presentation with an informed opinion about a book, picture, film, or performance. We also advise you to pay attention to these mistakes when writing an essay:

  • A summary of general information that is not directly related to your topic.
  • Expression of one's own enthusiastic attitude towards work or author. One's desire to be like author or hero. (In this case, a conclusion is filled with exclamatory sentences and looks like a spell.)

Keep in mind that some of The Crucible essay prompts suggest a possible overlap of historical eras. Some decades of the 17th century may be associated with modernity. Then, in conclusion, it will be natural to turn through literary work problems to modern reality.

The Crucible Essay Topics to Writing a Great Paper

Good essay topics for The Crucible are very diverse in nature. A topic can be formulated as a question:

  • Why is ‘The Crucible’ timeless?
  • Is John Proctor an honorable man?

Good titles for The Crucible essay can offer a comparative description of heroes or historical events:

  • Compare events in ‘The Crucible’ to Holocaust.
  • Three characters from ‘The Scarlet Letter’ vs three characters from ‘The Crucible.’

The Crucible essay titles may refer to a general characteristic of work, for example:

  • Irony in ‘The Crucible.’
  • How ‘The Crucible’ is a symbol of how people will follow what others say without really thinking about it.

Read also:

A real difficulty is cross-cutting topic writing. If you decide to write an essay on a review topic, try to determine starting positions in your introduction.


FAQ About The Crucible Essays

1. Are your The Crucible essays free?

Yes, we provide free essay on The Crucible. You are free to use them as much as possible for writing your work. Moreover, they have already been checked by a teacher and you can be sure of their quality!

2. What are the main 3 themes in The Crucible essay?

There are actually a lot of themes in this play for an essay on The Crucible. However, let's talk about the 3 most popular for analysis by students. These include witchcraft, puritanism, and abuse of power.

3. Can I use your creative titles for The Crucible essay?

Yes, of course. You can use it for essays about The Crucible! If you are inspired by our title to write your work — we will not restrain you in any case! And in general, inspiring someone to write an essay is our little hobby.

4. Are The Crucible essay examples unique?

Essays on The Crucible are like snowflakes — not like each other. And rightly so, because plagiarism is severely punished in education. We believe that every work should be unique. So if you are unsure of your writing abilities, contact us. We have something to offer you!


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