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We are sure that every student will have an assignment to create an essay on Declaration of Independence. This topic sounds easy, but it is not always so. For an "A" grade, students should show creativity. It is necessary to follow all recommendations on academic writing. Wondering how to start this assignment? Let's start! We will guide you through our best samples of the Declaration of Independence essay!

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Judicial Independence: Why It Matters and How to Protect It

Introduction Judicial independence is the suggestion that the judiciary should be free from the interruption of other arms of the government. In most cases, the decisions of the court are interfered with by...

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Pages: 4

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Bank of Japan Independence

Bank of Japan Independence The central bank independence refers to the freedom of the monetary policymakers to exercise their policies without any political interference or control from the government. In the Bank...

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Pages: 2

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Financial Report of a Company: How to Read and Understand It

An accounting firm is expected to act by its ethics so as to provide individuals as well as institutions with the most appropriate and uncompromised financial report of a company. For an auditing firm to...

Words: 786

Pages: 3

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America’s Second War for Independence

America’s Second War for Independence Could the War of 1812 be considered America's second war for independence? Explain. The war of 1812 is also referred to at the Inconclusive Revolution or the second...

Words: 305

Pages: 1

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Declaration of Independence and it's Consequences

June 7th, 1776 marked the clearest call for America's independence in Philadelphia, in the Pennsylvania State House, which was presented by Richard Henry Lee as part of the country's resolution to the ongoing changes...

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America’s Founding Documents: Declaration of Independence

In the history of the United States, the Declaration of Independence is the written announcement that declared the departing of 13 North American colonies from Great Britain. The then Continental Congress sanctioned...

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Pages: 2

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The Independence of the Auditor

The independence of the auditor is paramount in the conduct of the auditing process. Examining the books of account by an external auditor provides credibility to the published financial reports to the users. Thus...

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Pages: 2

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The Declaration of Independence of the United States of America

The “Declaration of Independence” is one of the most critical documents in the history of American. Written by Thomas Jefferson, a member of the Continental Congress committee, it was approved on July 4, 1776...

Words: 290

Pages: 1

Views: 212

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From Empire to Independence: The History of the United States

The seven-year war was preceded by a great contest between French and England over the control of North America and more specifically focusing on India as the biggest win. The war was fought for years over seaports,...

Words: 310

Pages: 1

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Independence of the Federal Reserve System

A more robust federal system is characterized by extreme independence. Independence has been marked with elaborate stability in the Federal Reserve System. It has also been the case over the years of up to the 2007...

Words: 368

Pages: 1

Views: 66


Assignment types
Academic level

What Is a Declaration of Independence Essay

First, let's start with a definition of essay on Declaration of Independence. What should students write about in this work? What topics to cover? You should know that it was on July 4. The second American Continental Congress proclaimed 13 Colonies' freedom from Great Britain. This is the most important day in US history. If you are working with an article — examine topics from different perspectives. Provide a historical overview. Underline the document's importance for US history and everyday American life. This paper length will depend on your assignment type. It usually covers from 300-1000 words. 

Declaration of Independence Essay Examples

How complicated can this topic be? How much effort do you need to have a good grade? For example, suppose you are working with a Declaration of Independence persuasive essay. In that case, analyze reliable sources and provide a valuable paper. In this type, you will try to persuade readers to your side. To do this — you should create a strong argument. 

You may also write a Declaration of Independence rhetorical analysis essay. Illustrate your ability to construct words and sentences into influential text.

Working with this topic requires good historical knowledge. We have great samples that help students with this task! You can check out our free college essay examples now!

Declaration of Independence Argumentative Essay

We would also discuss an ​​argumentative essay on the Declaration of Independence, as it is a common assignment for students. In this paper type, define one thesis statement and analyze it from different perspectives. Show readers that you went in-depth into this topic. Provide supporting arguments or criticize the ideas you are talking about in this particular paper. 

It is a complicated task, but check our samples for you! You can follow our best outlines and structures for such work. Define the best argument from other students' results. Check as many samples as you want. We are sure you will find something helpful. 

Declaration of Independence Essay Outline

You are working with a Declaration of Independence essay thesis and do not now know how to start with a good outline. We are here to help you! This is a primary sample outline for 5 paragraph essay on the Declaration of Independence. Use this one or adapt it for your own topic. 


  • The Declaration of Independence essay introduction usually covers historical facts. Write when, why, and where it was proclaimed. 

Thesis statement

  • This is your main paper idea. For example, build your arguments around your thesis that this Document became the most influential for the modern US. 


  • Thomas Jefferson portrait: Who was he? 
  • How did this document change history?
  • How does it influence everyday life?


  • Summarize everything that was discussed in your text. Underline your thesis once more. You can also put a citation from this document. 

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How to Write a Declaration of Independence Essay

You are ready to work on an assignment but still wondering how to write your own Declaration of Independence essay. Here is a step-by-step guide from experts in academia.

  1. Research. You need to understand the topic. Get all necessary information and facts to feel free writing about this topic. Be sure you know all critical dates in the proclamation history. 
  2. Check our examples. It will help students be more apparent with a topic. Find out all requirements for a successful paper. Get new ideas or be inspired to start writing.
  3. Check academic requirements. Before starting your work, you should define the essay type and academic citation to use. 
  4. Come up with topic. There are various Declaration of Independence essay topics to choose from. Choose the one you're interested in and hook readers with a start.
  5. Create an outline. It is crucial to plan your work and build a logical structure. Be specific with a thesis statement based on the analysis approach you choose. 
  6. Start writing. Suppose you have good knowledge regarding any essay topics for the Declaration of Independence. In that case, it will not take long to finalize your paper. 
  7. Proofread. Check all grammar and spelling mistakes before submitting the text to your professor. It is the most important step students should not skip.

FAQ About Declaration of Independence Essays

1. How to start my own Declaration of Independence essay?

Start your essay on the Declaration of Independence with research and reading the best samples on this topic. Understand this topic deeply. Find out how important this document became for US independence. Do not skip critical research sections and spend more time on it.

2. How many paragraphs does "The Importance of the Declaration of Independence" essay have?

An essay about the Declaration of Independence is usually not too long, but it can depend on the assignment type. Simple papers will be 300 words — three paragraphs. More complicated works for college students can be 500 words and more.

3. Do you provide Declaration of Independence essay examples only for college students?

Our service provides students' Declaration of Independence essay examples that can be used for various college assignments. It can be used to inspire or learn fresh ideas for your work. As well, we have samples for school essays on this topic. Use them as templates for every purpose you have.

4. Do you have Declaration of Independence essay samples in Word?

We provide essays on Declaration of Independence in pdf only. You can choose different papers and download them at any time. Anyway, do not submit those essays as your own assignment, as your professor will probably find it was from open resources.


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