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Are you looking for essays on the Bill of Rights? It is one of the most important themes concerning the United States constitution. Here you can talk about 10 amendments and all the recent changes. However, we will come back to this later. Right now, you should only remember that students donated our samples. That’s why they are free, professionally written, and limitless. Enjoy our service!

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South Carolina Constitution and the United States Bill of Rights

Each State in the country is run by its constitution. There are no set guidelines for developing a state constitution. While every state law holds the regulations regarding the structure of the local government, it...

Words: 554

Pages: 2

Views: 172

16 Sep 2023
Criminal Justice

Amendments: Bill of Rights for Citizen’s Rights and Protections

Amendments: Bill of Rights for Citizen’s Rights and Protections Amendment 1 As per the Bill of Rights, the First Amendment guarantees that Congress will not make any laws respecting a religion’s establishment or...

Words: 1224

Pages: 4

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P3DB Corrections & Bill of Rights

A standout amongst the most critical amendments to the privileges of detained people would be the eighth amendment. The eighth amendment keeps the elected and state governments from forcing over the top bails, fines,...

Words: 683

Pages: 2

Views: 115

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The Bill of Rights: The 8th Amendment

Among the more progressive definitions of a constitution is as a contract between the people and their government that inter alia provides limits on how the powerful government should treat its powerful subjects....

Words: 950

Pages: 3

Views: 147

The Federal System and Application of the Bill of Rights

The federal system is responsible for the division of powers of the government between the national government the state and the local governments. The federal system is established under the constitution which gives...

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Fderalist Perspective on the Bill of Rights and Amendments

The Bill of Rights can be viewed as essential despite the many years that it has been in place. Arguably, unlike the constitution, the bill of rights encompasses provisions that act to limit the government in a way...

Words: 366

Pages: 1

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Bill of Rights and the Amendment

Bill of Rights and the Amendment America declared its independence in 1776. After the declaration of its independence, their founding fathers composed the federal constitution. By then, the bill of rights was not...

Words: 845

Pages: 3

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Procedural Law and the Bill of Rights

In the United States, the law has many levels; the most important among these is the Constitution. The constitution is the founder of all the federal government that runs the United States. There are five sources of...

Words: 1173

Pages: 4

Views: 72

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The Bill of Rights

The Bill of Rights The bill of rights contains the first ten amendments to the American Constitution; the bill of rights guarantees basic freedoms to the American Citizens. The bill of rights was intended to protect...

Words: 284

Pages: 1

Views: 408

Impact of GI Bill of Rights in the American Society

GI Bill was formulated and implemented at the end of World War II. At that time, American soldiers were anticipating returning to private citizen life. On June 22, 1944, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the GI...

Words: 282

Pages: 1

Views: 111


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What Is a Bill of Rights Essay

Like we always do, we will start with our broad definition of essay on Bill of Rights. It is an academic paper that discusses freedom of speech, establishment of religion, and other details found in their first 10 amendments. You should probably start by saying that this was one of the first and most important documents in United States history. After all, it spells out all possible liberties that American citizens have.

Later, you can go into detail saying who actually wrote this piece. Spoiler alert: James Madison was a person one behind it. Naturally, research will be a primary part of this assignment. You can also watch educational movies and musicals like Hamilton (advertisement not intended).

Bill of Rights Essay Examples

Here you can find examples of Bill of Rights essay. Why would you choose our service and not any other one? It is because our papers are:

  • Accessible

We don’t need a registration or credit cards. Enjoy sample college essays for the Bill of Rights with no fees and in pdf.

  • Limitless

Download as many as you need. They will serve as efficient practice.

  • Informative

Truthfully, our samples can also give you enough information even before you do proper research. After all, they have all required citations. 

Here your primary accent should be made on history. The United States has always struggled with freedom and independence. This country was built by people struggling with liberties and searching for a promised land. This can be your primary focus. Discover more about James Madison. Find out his historical achievements, education, thoughts and what led him to compose such a document.

Bill of Rights Essay Outline

We also have Bill of Rights 5 paragraph essay outline. You can use it as a proper example when writing your very own top-notch paper:

Introduction paragraph to an essay over the Bill of Rights

  • 10 amendments were adopted in 1791.
  • James Madison wrote them.
  • Thesis statement: The first ten amendments finally established that individuals could exercise free speech, choose their religion, and speak out against government.

Body paragraphs

  • Talk more about the American constitution.
  • Discuss James Madison, his views, other possible people involved in writing, and what this document included.
  • Articulate about recent changes in American law and whether they have influenced the original 1791 document.


  • Highlight that amendments to American constitution created a way for more than the United States.
  • Summarize your main points: Remind your audience that laws are always changing, and the same can be said about this document.
  • Speculate whether there will be other possible changes to these amendments.

This is only one example to see how anyone can approach an outline. You can follow our steps, include similar evidence, and create your sample. Good luck!

How to Write a Bill of Rights Essay

Last thing we wanted to discuss concerns Bill of Rights essay prompt and how you can approach every single paper. So take a look at our step-by-step guide:

  1. Check sample. You should start by looking through our models. Make sure that they fit not only your topic but your academic level. Start with a freedom of speech essay
  2. Choose your prompt. Bill of Rights essay topics can be divided into several categories, including history, law, and education. Your job is to narrow down your idea to fit it into the word count. 
  3. Research and outline. As it is a concrete idea, there is no way you can approach it without researching. Spend some time looking through books or governmental resources. Don’t forget to include evidence into your outline. 
  4. Write. We dread this part the most like any students out there. However, the hardest part is to take some time and start writing. Do it like Hamilton or James Madison. Write like you’re running out of time. 
  5. Apply format and edit. Lastly, don’t forget to read your work twice to avoid embarrassing errors. Format according to requirements.

FAQ About Bill of Rights Essays

1. What is the most common Bill of Rights essay topic?

Essay about Bill of Rights will usually discuss the history behind this document. Therefore, the most popular topic concerns James Madison and his views on the document he created. Moreover, you can talk more about the United States during the 18th century and why this country needed amendments to the constitution. Interestingly enough, you can even consider how these amendments are applied in the 21st century and whether any changes should be implemented.

2. How do I get ideas for my Bill of Rights essay?

There are many Bill of Rights essay ideas. We advise you to start by researching. Many points are worth discussing. For example, you can approach this topic by discussing Civil War and how those events led to drafting these documents. Moreover, you can talk about the American founding fathers and how they have influenced American law. Finally, you can even discuss recent changes in the United States law about same-gender marriages and abortions. This will add a new level to your paper.

3. What are the 3 main purposes for Bill of Rights essay writing?

Essays on Bill of Rights usually have three distinct purposes. Firstly, you are studying the history of one of the most influential countries in the world. Secondly, you are learning more about your liberties and how amendments were made. Thirdly, you can learn to critically analyze law and apply it to our modern world. By doing so, you not only develop critical thinking but are getting a better grasp of current regulations. Don’t you want to know what liberties you have?

4. What is a Bill of Rights essay format?

You can apply different formats to your Bill of Rights essay in English. If this paper is for a humanitarian subject, we recommend using MLA. It will be the easiest and the cleanest format. On the other hand, you can also use APA or Chicago. However, don’t forget to ask your professor if the format is not included in the requirements.


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