Scarlet Letter Essays: Best Writing Rules and Examples

The Scarlet Letter essay is not as complicated as it may seem at first glance. This novel still finds practical application in modern realities. Yes, such a statement is frightening but we need emotions. We need them to write a good essay. Basically, that's all every student needs. We, in turn, will provide you with a detailed plan. Feel free and combine your emotions with our plan and get an A + paper!

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14 Sep 2023

The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne: Pearl Character Analysis

Pearl, the character in The Scarlet Letter , is an independent child who attracts the cruelty of Puritan children, town elders, and the governor who aim to ensure her proper Christian teachings and the unwavering...

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What Is the Scarlet Letter Essay

Definition of essay on Scarlet Letter will not be far away from a novel definition itself. The Scarlet Letter is the first and most famous novel by American author Nathaniel Hawthorne. This author deals with themes of sin, intolerance in society, guilt, and human dignity. 

Keep reading our article and we will tell you how to write an essay on any topic! The classical works’ themes have much more prospects for development than is commonly believed. Classical works are intriguing and their themes are eternal. So, the answer to the first question will be a very sensitive and relevant essay.

Scarlet Letter Essay Examples for Getting Good Grades

Our platform contains many options for good quality the Scarlet Letter essay pdf. You can use them as a basis for writing your work. We live in the 21st century, so we respect intellectual work. This means that you cannot pass these papers off as your own. But you can mentally thank students who volunteered and helped with their work!

We offer you to get acquainted with different genres of articles on this topic. Believe us, you can delve into this work for a very long time and find answers to many of your questions. This essay is not difficult to learn, it is a real gift for connoisseurs!

Scarlet Letter Argumentative Essay

Looking for Scarlet Letter argumentative essay topics? Argumentative essays usually contain a very strong author’s belief. Your task is to lure readers to your side with strong arguments. It's like a jury trial. Such essays must contain a clear belief in veracity of  author's statement. Every argument must reinforce its assertion. Here are some examples of good topics:

  1. Sin concept distortion and ways of manipulating society.
  2. Is this one of your first steps towards feminism?
  3. Revenge and religion in Scarlet Letter.
  4. Has women's destiny changed since the Scarlet Letter days?
  5. Does religion improve or complicate life?

To extend your horizons and get more ideas, know more about other American authors. We have Edgar Allan Poe essay in our library.

Scarlet Letter Literary Analysis Essay

The Scarlet Letter literary analysis essay can state that American romantic Nathaniel Hawthorne's work is a significant and complex phenomenon. Some American students are inclined to limit content of Hawthorne's works to human soul's dark side of psychological analysis. They represent writer's work far from real-life problems and completely isolated from any influences of European or contemporary American thought.

The narrative structure is the best according to researchers. Hawthorne's novel is symbolic images harmonious complex. The symbol’s nature, its significance, and associative possibility connections determine an amazing variety of interpretations that the novel allows. The depth of symbolic subtext makes it possible to write Scarlet Letter analysis essay as a historical novel about new nation formation. It is a psychological novel that explores guilt's influence on a person’s soul. It is a novel about love as well. Before writing this kind of novel, we suggest our users look through more than one critical analysis essay example in our database.

Scarlet Letter Symbolism Essay

Classical literature was created for marvelous the Scarlet Letter symbolism essay. Light and shadow contrast is outlined in this novel symbolic-philosophical introduction. In contrasting the Puritan prison building and flowering rose bush at its doorstep, narrative`s main motive is determined. It is an opposition to Puritan moral dogma's gloomy shadow and mercy`s light. It is filled with heart of nature, Puritan New England, and dreams of a different future. Isn't it a great idea for symbolism in the Scarlet Letter essay?

Esther's Scarlet rejection and loneliness sign is also a secret symbol of brotherhood. Puritanism's main thesis expression is the sinfulness of all before God and the equality of all in sin. This novel endows Esther with ability to guess through inner affinity and secret sin in hearts of others. It reveals that the outward appearance of purity can lie. If the truth could be known, the scarlet letter would burn on the chest of many, not only Esther Prin. To get more inspiration, read our philosophy essays examples.

Scarlet Letter Essay Outline

If you want to write good work, create an outline for Scarlet Letter essay. After all, an essay without a plan is chaotic, and thought “wanders in circles”. So, you should learn how to draw up a plan correctly. It's not that easy. Drawing up an essay plan means breaking it into fragments (text parts). It is like mentally highlighting a path`s main stages along which your thought will develop. Each such fragment is a micro text which may be equal to one paragraph or may consist of several. Each micro text will correspond to a point in an outline. It is important to be united by the main idea. Such a part should have its beginning, development, and completion within its boundaries.

You can check our sample. It will be useful for you to analyze how we implement our plan because there will be a small example of a topic!

Example of Scarlet Letter essay outline

  • Introduction

The religious laws of time required a woman to reveal her child's father's name. Esther refuses and is forced to wear a scarlet "A" to expose her sin to public condemnation.

  • Body Paragraph

For one wrong action, women were subjected to severe harassment, even though they tried to improve. Some people believe that sinners should be deeply punished. But many overlook fact that we can all make mistakes over time. In this novel, idea of sin and punishment is a major theme.

  • Conclusion

The book still resonates with readers, as women are still unequal to men. Times have changed but human conflicts have remained the same.

Scarlet Letter Essay Introduction

The Scarlet Letter essay introduction part is a foundation. We need to acquaint readers with the background as well as bring ideas to thesis. A good introduction determines a fairly high success rate. We recommend starting with your main part. Then, move on to your introduction and conclusion. These two parts of your work will be reread by a teacher to refresh their thoughts about your work.

We have a sample for you here!

A general introduction for an essay on the Scarlet Letter

History is important in understanding the present and also in attempting to predict the future. For instance, the past can be a direct cause of what is happening now or what is to happen in future. Therefore, Nathaniel Hawthorne starts his story ‘The Scarlet letter’ by giving an account of the happenings two hundred years ago as documented by a surveyor of the customhouse in Salem, Massachusetts. ‘…seems to have devoted some of his many leisure hours to research as a local antiquarian…’ (Hawthorne 48). Through this, Hawthorne is able to find a way to weave out his fictional story and give it a significant sense of credibility. Hester is the main character in the story and all themes revolve around her and her actions. Through history, Hawthorne is able to show how the members of the society were strongly against adultery and other social evils. Therefore, Hawthorne is able to draw a kind of comparison between the past and the present societies. This paper discusses the relevance of the past in analyzing ‘The Scarlet Letter’.

Scarlet Letter Essay Thesis Statement

Thesis statement for the Scarlet Letter essay outlines its main idea. It sets the tone for your entire work and introduces issues under consideration. Thesis and conclusion should be logically connected. To do this, express the same ideas but in different words. At beginning of your work — from an invitation position to reasoning (or a rhetorical question), in conclusion — as a conclusion statement.

It is not difficult to find samples. This novel is very modern, so it can be connected to feminist, religious, and personal themes. The main thing is to choose one that clings to you alive. We would like to suggest you a sample here. 

Scarlet Letter thesis statement examples

The Scarlet Letter takes a critical look at Puritan thinking and mores. The nature of sin, mystery, guilt, knowledge of carnal love and, of course, hypocrisy all come to the fore throughout history. So what is most terrible sin?

Scarlet Letter Essay Body Paragraph

The beginning of Scarlet Letter three paragraph essay should contain a complete and versatile disclosure and proof of thesis stated in introduction. The second part may have several paragraphs and subparagraphs. The main part is your essay content. We would like to reveal this topic using these notes:

  • In the book, both Dimmesdale and Chillingworth suffer physically and mentally. Their bodily and mental experiences reflect that time society's mood. The author does not encourage treason but says that people can make mistakes. So, they should be forgiven.
  • In this case, punishment for Esther's transgression became disproportionate to what she deserved. Moreover, an innocent creature suffered with her — a child.
  • Sunlight intertwined with a scarlet sign and rose symbolism embodies people's brotherhood, natural law free from puritanical intolerance. It is based on love and compassion. Author finds a natural basis for man and society harmony. This search was in New England Renaissance philosophy leading problem.

Essay body paragraph on the Scarlet Letter

The past is essential in providing readers the perspectives through which they can see and interpret happenings in the present society. For instance, Hester is strongly punished for her adultery. The story opens as Hester is led from a town prison with her infant daughter. She is adamant not to reveal the father of her child. Consequently, she prefers to endure the public shame and suffering to keep herself out of more trouble. Due to her husband’s absence, she is in doubt that he did not make to America. However, Hawthorne provides a significant dramatic irony in that the elderly onlooker is Hester’s missing husband who now calls himself Roger Chillingworth. Moreover, Hester is to live an isolated life with her willful and impish Pearl. She fends for herself by working as a seamstress and lives in a small cottage at the outskirts of Boston. Through this, it is clear that her society does not encourage any adultery and any related vice. The consequences are dire and are meant to discourage people from getting engaged in activities that violate the social norms and life

Scarlet Letter Essay Conclusion

And finally, we will talk about conclusion for essay on the Scarlet Letter. Any essay is a work of art that reflects a subjective position about a certain event, problem, or phenomenon. Its structure can be arbitrary. An author's opinion is not necessarily supported by arguments. Any artistic expression can be used in this kind of text. It can be rhetorical questions or phraseological units. Your work’s last part should contain a brief conclusion. You can speculate about what conclusions you drew from this story. Express your attitude towards characters and their actions.

Conclusion for the Scarlet Letter essay

Life takes Hester to the brink of giving up and hating the rest of society. For instance, she thinks that her husband is lost and never to reunite with him again. However, he is not far away from her and witnesses all the tribulations she is undergoing. He is intending to take revenge on her and her secret lover with whom she had had a child. The society shuns and punishes her for adultery. However, she did not carry with her all she gets from society but opts to live out of them and pursue her dreams. When Pearl returns to Europe, it is a positive move in that she gets into a land where she can be treated well and neutrally just like other people. For instance, she will not be seen as an infidel born out of marriage but rather as a human being deserving respect. Therefore, Hawthorne shows how society can be cruel and how individuals can withstand all these challenges and lead better lives.

Scarlet Letter Essay Prompts

Writing is easy for some but difficult for others. So, we have prepared special essay prompts for the Scarlet Letter. However, it is quite possible to write such work for a good mark. Training in writing essays, following certain rules, and the Scarlet Letter essay prompts are key to getting a high score. 

  • Don't make your story too dry. Use figurative and expressive means of language (bright epithets, metaphors, comparisons). Try not to be limited to strict facts.
  • Make a plan. Reread it carefully to make sure that your essay components arrangement is logical.
  • Writing teaches you to think. To write text, you have to analyze much and look for information in books and Internet. Generalize your own or someone else's life experience.
  • Collect all essay topics and write them down. Start thinking of examples from your own life experiences that can be summed up under these themes. Write whatever comes to mind.

It is crucial to make time to read other essay samples. Look at such examples as Lettet from Birmingham Jail essay, Salem witch trials, and many more.

The Scarlet Letter Essay Topics

We have a wonderful idea for creating your own essay topics for the Scarlet Letter. An idea board is a creative technique that allows you quickly come up with many essay topics on the Scarlet Letter. Here's how it works:

  • In the center of table, write your topic.
  • In the same column below, write out narrower topics that your main topic includes.
  • Above are broader topics that include your main topic.
  • On sides, write equivalent themes.

Now, based on your experience, extract article ideas from each cell. This will be much easier since you are very narrowing down scope for finding possible topics. Sure, we have prepared some Scarlet Letter essay titles interesting for us. They are listed below:

  1. What is Scarlet Letter nowadays?
  2. Why is everything going to end with sunlight?
  3. Pearl`s future.
  4. Praise or punishment.
  5. Religion and Fate.

FAQ About Scarlet Letter Essays

1. Are your Scarlet Letter essay examples free?

We don't get tired of talking about it, but yes, we have free essays on the Scarlet Letter. You can use them as a base for your work. Their purpose is to help with writing a plan and throwing an idea of the topic or thesis. This is an opportunity to improve your work. So, do not be ashamed to use it!

2. What should I write my Scarlet Letter essay about?

Find something in common between the topic and what worries you to receive a perfect essay about the Scarlet Letter. In this way, your work will meet the task 100% and be very personal. Any written work is aimed at developing your cognitive skills. Classics will cover a lot of topics that are difficult to stay away from. So, feel free to write about what was interesting to you in this novel!

3. What is The Scarlet Letter essay about in short?

Such an essay on the Scarlet Letter is always a reflection on an eternal theme. You can focus on religion, sin, condemnation, or even women's destiny and you will be right! This is an essay about your attitude to reality, which is depicted by the author. In other words, you have to take on the realities and describe your reaction. Don't forget the thought of how it could be done differently — and you're done!

4. How to start the Scarlet Letter paper?

Work on such a paper about the Scarlet Letter should begin with an in-depth study of the issue. You need to see clearly the answers to all the questions raised by the author. Moreover, you must have your views and not be afraid to express them. Then your work will be unique and memorable.


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