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Women's suffrage movement essay is the best one you are obligated to write! Throughout history, there have been people who did not want ladies to vote. They were supposed to work and pay taxes, but voting was considered just for men. Femme suffragists started a movement for this right from the middle of the 19th century. They organized nonviolent actions — street protests, wrote appeals to parliament and announced hunger strikes. But there were also radical groups that organized explosions and small sabotage.

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African-Americans and the Women’s Suffrage Movement in New York

The fifteenth amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America is largely regarded as a great step towards the achievement of social justice and equality. However, this has not always been the case....

Words: 1878

Pages: 6

Views: 103

16 Sep 2023

Women's Suffrage: The Fight for the Right to Vote

Historically, the society defined the primary role of women as being homemaking. In this respect, women were expected to stay at home, clean, cook, raise children, and keep the household intact. Thus, male...

Words: 743

Pages: 1

Views: 230

The Suffrage Movement: A History

The women’s suffrage movement in the United States was more than a decade fight intended to attain the right to vote for women. The activists for this movement took nearly a hundred years to win the fight. Various...

Words: 1999

Pages: 7

Views: 195

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The Fight for the Right to Vote: Women's Suffrage

It was only until the beginning of the twentieth century that women were allowed to vote in the United States. The right of women to vote is guaranteed in the Nineteenth Amendment which became law on August 18, 1920...

Words: 626

Pages: 2

Views: 141


SUFFRAGE MOVEMENT IN THE EARLY TWENTIETH CENTURY Introduction Women in the 16th and 17th centuries had been regarded as very weak creatures in the society; however, the truth is that this allegation is entirely...

Words: 1239

Pages: 4

Views: 138

Women's Suffrage Movement in the United States

Women in the United States had little status independent of the men in their family. The legal identity of a woman was fused with her husband's when she got married and thus he had complete control over all family...

Words: 1714

Pages: 5

Views: 147


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What Is a Women's Suffrage Essay

Definition of essay on women's suffrage is not that scary! The twentieth century was marked significantly, especially by major political upheavals and scientific or technological progress. In just a few decades, we switched from horses to cars. Another 50 years later, we flew to the moon! A little later, we invented a means of communication that fits your pocket. In this modern, rapidly changing world, another change has taken place — women have received the right to choose.

The suffragette movement arose in Britain and the United States at the end of the 19th century. Thanks to ladies from the middle and upper classes who were dissatisfied with their position in society. Thanks to their secure financial position and family responsibilities, educated and unburdened women wanted to establish themselves not only at home but also in society.

Women's Suffrage Essay Examples

Are you ready for examples of women's suffrage essay? For the first time, the word suffragist was about citizens who advocated giving femme the right to vote. It was used in a mocking article in the London Daily Mail newspaper. This term was created by journalist Charles Hands. However, Hands' objects of ridicule liked this name so much that they used it for their movement. Suffragettes used non-violent actions as methods of struggle. They organized street protests, wrote appeals to parliament, declared hunger strikes. But there were also radical groups that staged explosions and minor sabotage.

Male voices were also widespread in the UK. It was popular among progressive philosophers, lawyers, and politicians. They often support ladies in their fight for gender equality. Notable males included philosopher John Stuart Mill, politician Sir Charles Dilke, economist Henry Fawcett, lawyer Richard Pankhurst, and others.

Women's Suffrage Essay Outline

Let’s start with a women's suffrage essay introduction. Suffragettes' demands were not limited to a desire to participate in elections. They advocated equal pay and the right to education. They wanted to control their bodies and have equal rights with their husbands over their children. Suffragettes demanded the right to dispose of their inheritance or earned money. They also educated ladies by distributing pamphlets on feminine hygiene and contraceptive methods. That was essential for poor people, who could not provide for a large family but also had no birth control.

Women's Suffrage Essay Outline


  • Femme position and their role in society before suffragette movement hype.
  • Women's suffrage essay thesis
  • Suffragettes laid the foundation for today's ladies.

Main part

  • Suffragettes are educated and self-confident ladies.
  • They knew exactly what they were protesting for.
  • Form of protest resembles a modern woman as much as possible.


  • Suffragettes fought for our present. 

How to Write a Women's Suffrage Essay

The women's suffrage campaign essay purpose is about developing skills such as independent creative thinking. It is like writing one's own thoughts. Writing an essay is extremely useful! It allows author to learn how to clearly and competently formulate thoughts. It helps structure information, use basic concepts. You can highlight cause-and-effect relationships. We recommend more than one cause and effect essay example. Or illustrate an experience with relevant examples, and argue their conclusions.

Before you start writing a women's suffrage paper, pay attention to the following questions. Your answers will allow you to clearly define what is worth noting in an essay:

When discussing your personal qualities or abilities in an essay.

  • Am I different in one way or another from those I know?
  • What is this quality?

About the activity that you were (are) engaged in.

  • What made me take up this activity?
  • Why did I keep doing this?

About every event in your life that you mentioned.

  • Why do I remember this particular event?
  • Has it changed me as a person?
  • How did I react?
  • Was it a revelation, something I didn't know about before?

About every person you mentioned.

  • Why did I name this particular person?
  • Do I aspire to be like him/her?
  • What qualities do I admire?
  • Was there something somebody said I would remember for the rest of my life?
  • Did I change my mind?

About each of your preferences and what you don't like.

  • Why do I like it or don't like it?
  • Has this circumstance significantly affected my life?

About your every failure.

  • What have I learned as a result?
  • What good have I learned from this situation?

Hint: Before writing your essay, check different examples to get new ideas and inspiration. For example, gender equality essay and gender discrimination essay.


FAQ About Women's Suffrage Essays

1. What is a good thesis statement for women's suffrage essay?

A good thesis for an essay about women's suffrage is still an apt and one-sided phrase. It may come down to whether or not you support such a movement. You can talk about the general influence of suffragettes on the development of modern society. Your thesis should concern you first and foremost, and that is the most important thing.

2. What is the main idea of the women's suffrage essay?

The main idea of any essay, especially an essay on women's suffrage,  is to reveal your personality. You should show the teacher your thoughts and inner world and how everything develops. It is based on the analysis of these data that the assessment of your growth in the academic field takes place.

3. Do you provide your women's suffrage paper samples for free?

Yes, you can view free papers on women's suffrage. But we note that these papers have already been submitted and recorded in the academic system for certain students. You can't pass them off as your work, but you can use them for inspiration. Good luck in your studies!

4. Can I use your women's suffrage essay examples?

Yes, you can use women's suffrage essays in English as long as they do not violate academic integrity rules. We are on the side of good! And if you need more professional help, contact us, and we will solve all your problems!


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