The Metamorphosis Essays: Simple Rules & Examples

Writing essays on Metamorphosis is a taught task but quite popular for college assignments. This topic can be analyzed from diverse perspectives, such as Kafka's popular symbolism work or philosophical school. Writings on such topics are usually not too long — from 200 to 500 words. Moreover, StudyBounty offers you outstanding samples to go in-depth with a topic and essay writing.

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15 Sep 2023

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The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka: Quotes Analysis

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What Is The Metamorphosis Essay

Let's start with a definition of essay on Metamorphosis. This type of paper analyzes Kafka's novel as a literary phenomenon. It also compares symbolism with various philosophical schools. This topic can be complicated. But we offer great samples to learn from other successful students. 

What are you going to analyze in this article? It can be a novel symbolic analysis, plot analysis, or how this book affected a specific literature process. It can be a paper about physical or psychological transformation, a concept of loneliness, or life changes. This broad theme makes metamorphosis topics complicated. 

The Metamorphosis Essay Examples

The Metamorphosis summary essay defines a typical assignment for college students in literature or philosophy departments. What brings quality to such paper type?

  1. Read Kafka's book first. It is excellent philosophical work that will not take a long time. (Check philosophy essays.)
  2. Define your topic. Start with a clear position of main writing ideas. There can be millions of different angles to discuss this work.
  3. Learn from samples. We have a great collection of essays completed by other students. You can always find something helpful. 

Critical essay on The Metamorphosis usually is much more than just a literature analysis of a Kafka book. We would define this work as a type of personal perception of our world. Or it can be a manifesto of deep changes every person can face. A critical analysis example pdf from our library should come in handy.

The Metamorphosis Argumentative Essay

An argumentative essay on The Metamorphosis can be focused on collecting facts and citations to support your central thesis. You can argue about Gregg's changes. Structure your arguments to explain them. Moreover, you can gather ideas around this philosophical concept of loneliness and some personal changes people can have. In this case, your statements will be more scientific and conceptual. 

Also, this is a novel about materialist values that alienate us from our true selves. Your arguments can approve this position. Anything you find interesting in text, you can implement as your central thesis for argumentative. 

Try to build critical research and apply scientists' backgrounds to your studies. Focus on all newest research and original approaches for term analysis. 

The Metamorphosis Literary Analysis Essay

The Metamorphosis analysis essay can also be a part of literary analysis for your philology classes. In this case, you need to focus on Kafka's work and not expand it into philosophy or psychology study.

What to consider in this paper type:

  1. The Metamorphosis character analysis. Who was Gregor Samsa? How did Kafka describe this person? What feelings do you have reading about main characters?
  2. Why is this novel symbolic? What symbols do you see?
  3. How did the author develop characters?

Students may also include a short plot overview. For example, Gregg's family history, what happened to him, and how Kafka built a narrative. It is when narrative writing examples at StudyBounty will come in handy. Maybe you will focus on details that help underline some characteristics of main heroes. 

The Metamorphosis Essay Outline

After defining what type of paper you need to submit, create an outline. It is a detailed plan for each paragraph. It is a crucial step any student should not miss. You may check examples of outline for essay on The Metamorphosis. Check this one we suggest using.

The Metamorphosis outline


  • What is this novel about?
  • Outline the plot in a few sentences. 
  • Appeal to Kafka biography. Add a historical background. 

Thesis statement: Start with your main idea you will build argumentation around. For example, your message can be based on father and son relationships in this Kafka novel.

Body: This is your analysis of this novel. 

  • What do metamorphoses mean for Greg?
  • Define symbolism.
  • What symbols were used in Kafka’s text?
  • How is this novel related to personal human transformation?


  • Shortly summarize all you discussed — outline one/two insights from your analysis.

How to Write The Metamorphosis Essay

Finally, we came to practical advice to make your paper on Kafka better. The Metamorphosis essay topics were not focused only on literature work. You can work with lessons learned from this book or analyze modernistic backgrounds. But let’s look at a few steps to make writing an essay on The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka a little easier: 

  1. Read text. Do not work with a text without research and preparation.
  2. Clarify your topic. You need to choose your analysis approach.
  3. Define an essay type you will work with. Is it literature analysis? Or an argumentative paper?
  4. Find relevant samples. Learn and get experiences from others about structure or stylistics that worked. As an example, take our Beowulf essay or Into the Wild essay.
  5. Create outline. Essential to have an accurate plan for each paragraph. 
  6. Have enough time for thoughtful writing.
  7. Proofread. Spelling and grammar mistakes will not make your work better. 

The Metamorphosis essay prompts we pointed out will help you get better grades and submit efficient text. Make your work excellent with ease!


FAQ About The Metamorphosis Essays

1. What is a good thesis statement for The Metamorphosis essay?

The Metamorphosis essay thesis depends on your major field of study and assignment type. Try to choose something not ordinary. For example, write about physical and psychological transformation in this novel. You may try to connect Kafka’s book with modern reality. Or build your thesis on Kafka's philosophy concept.

2. What is the best example of The Metamorphosis essay?

Essays on The Metamorphosis can be very complicated, but you need to learn from other students. StudyBounty collected great samples on our website, and you have free access to all of them. Good examples have a clear thesis, solid argumentation, and a grounded theoretical basis. Check our base!

3. How to start The Metamorphosis paper?

Start your paper on The Metamorphosis with research. You need to understand the novel's historical and theoretical background. After reading academic research on this book and learning from samples how other students made their text, and structuring outline, you can start writing.

4. What is The Metamorphosis short paragraph?

In most cases, this essay should not be long. Your paragraph on The Metamorphosis can be between 50 to 150 words. Usually, it would help if you had one intro paragraph, three or more body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Your paper will be between 500 and 700 words. But in case you work with literature research, you can make your story longer.


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