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16 Sep 2023

Religion, Mourning Rituals, and Football

Using the textbook, it seems that religion serves three main functions within the society. First, it helps in providing social cohesion to assist in maintaining the social solidarity through shared beliefs and...

Words: 824

Pages: 2

Views: 422

16 Sep 2023

The National Football League and The Star-Spangled Banner

Football is a popular sport and is watched by many Americans hence any unusual occurrences arising from the sport receives a lot of attention. One such controversial events concerns the protests by the National...

Words: 2320

Pages: 4

Views: 164

Football Academy Business Plan

The paper is a comprehensive illustration of a football academy business plan. It shall contain an introduction of what it entails to start up the business. An executive summary will also be essential to give the...

Words: 2286

Pages: 8

Views: 232

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The Transformation of NFL Football Helmets

Football helmets are critical in the sport because they help in preventing players from getting injury on their heads. Prior to the invention of helmets, many players incurred serious injuries that included broken...

Words: 389

Pages: 8

Views: 268

16 Sep 2023

Improving the Benefits of Participation in Youth Football

Improving the Benefits of Participation of Participation in Youth Football Abstract This paper seeks to help reduce the negative outcomes associated with the involvement of youth in football. Specifically, the...

Words: 2492

Pages: 8

Views: 387

15 Sep 2023

Should Kids Be Allowed to Play Tackle Football before High School

Should Kids Be Allowed to Play Tackle Football before High School The debate on whether parents to or not allow their children to participate in a tackling sport like football before high school has dominated the...

Words: 633

Pages: 2

Views: 422

Brady v. National Football League Case

Case Name Brady v. National Football League, 640 F. 3D 785 (2011) Procedural History The League appealed the ruling of the United States District Court for the District of Minnesota, challenging the...

Words: 1162

Pages: 4

Views: 231

15 Sep 2023

Symbolic Functions of Baseball, Football and Basketball in the US Outline

Sport in the US is remarkably popular. Across the nation, schools have incorporated sport into their curricula. Additionally, thousands of Americans engage in sport professionally. Sport is also a multi-billion...

Words: 1338

Pages: 5

Views: 128

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15 Sep 2023

Hamstring Tears in Football

Hamstring injury remains a big challenge for both footballers as well as the clinicians due to the increased rate of an incident, the slow healing process, and tenacious symptoms. Additionally, most of this injury...

Words: 355

Pages: 1

Views: 122

15 Sep 2023
Marketing and PR

Marketing Plan for Youth Flag Football

Introduction Sports have become a fundamental aspect of our lives. The importance of sports is preached to us when we are young and as we grow. For some, it is a lifestyle that they lead. Sports have their...

Words: 563

Pages: 2

Views: 112


Assignment types
Academic level

What Is a Football Essay

First, let’s start with a definition of essay on football. Such papers examine various aspects of this super-popular kind of sports, namely:

  • History of this gamel as a part of mass sports development worldwide.
  • Its techniques, rules, and traditions.
  • Its popularity in different countries.
  • Local and international championships and cups, such as FIFA, and so on.

Depending on a topic, it can be a descriptive, narrative, or argumentative essay. You might choose to tell your own story about the first match, team discipline, or argue about the cultural role this game plays in your country. If you are a fan of this team sport, you’ll definitely find what to tell about your favorite game! Just follow our tips and plan your story carefully.

Football Essay Examples Available Online

Looking for an example of an essay on football 200 words long? You can find it here with several tips on writing one.

Short composition about this game should either talk about its basics or focus on some interesting events or elements. E.g., an old tradition maintained by these game players in your club. But if your assignment requires a larger volume, your focus should be different. For example, you are writing an essay on football in 1000 words researching the dynamics of this game’s popularity in your country. This might include analyzing play statistics of matches attendance by fans or ticket sales. Or, your 500 word essay on football might focus on analyzing this game’s cultural impact on our society. Maybe you will want to trace historical trends, examine old newspapers and see how often it has been mentioned there and what the context was.

Would you like to count how many pages you should write for your essay? Try our word to page calculator and enjoy fast results.

High School Football Essay

Need an essay on football for class 5 or earlier? We’ve got some for you! Just scroll below to access them.

On this level, student compositions usually address such problems as:

  • One’s personal experience during a match.
  • Participation as a player in a team and what makes it fun.
  • How important team discipline is.
  • What are World Cup and other championships?
  • This kind of sport in school: pros and cons, and similar things.

Such topics usually require less research and less explanation about context. In most cases, high school students are able to rely on their own experience with this kind of sport. So, they don’t need many sources to write about their selected topic.

Additionally, a class 1 essay on football in English example is available for your reference.

College Essays About Football

Need assistance with your football essay for college? Here are some useful facts for your writing.

On this level, such papers should focus on more complicated topics, such as:

  • Historical facts and trends.
  • Football’s role in the evolution of mass sports.
  • Economic, social, or cultural impact it makes upon our society.
  • Comparing female vs male or junior vs adult player leagues.
  • Football fan clubs, their history, traditions, and importance as socialization centers for young people.
  • Alternatively, you may talk about negative impact of this game's hooliganism and similar trends.

Such topics require some preliminary research. Besides, you would probably need many more great sources to support your claims. Use more than one football college essay while writing this kind of essay. 

Football Persuasive Essay

Wondering about football persuasive essay topics you might address? First of all, think about some problematic aspects of this sport. Is it good or bad for kids who play? Are numerous football leagues useful or damaging for your country's economy, society, or international relations? What about fan clubs: Are they helping kids find friends and play? Or are they promoting violence?

Once you’ve selected a problem, you might need some research about it. You should understand its context completely. You might find related sources and borrow some argumentation they are using. Still, better choose some great topics you are well familiar with. So, you can tell readers something really new and interesting about it. Such examples as essay about soccer and volleyball essay will be useful.

Football Essay Outline

Now, here is our outline example for football essay. Writing an outline for your paper is an important step you shouldn’t skip. Sketch it quickly and review it carefully. You’ll find spotting grave errors and issues much easier at this early stage. 

Suppose you’re writing about football’s importance for kids’ socialization. This is how to compose it:

Introductory part

  • It should contain your thesis statement — a full sentence. Add several brief phrases which explain the context: Significant impact of this kind of sport on our society.
  • Try fully shaping your thesis statement at this point. If needed, you can update it afterward after reviewing your outline.

Main body

  • Draft at least three main arguments supporting your claim. For example, mention that football is an easily accessible pastime for kids. It teaches them teamwork.
  • If necessary, mention key sources but don’t create full references at this stage. Keep it brief.


  • Provide several phrases summarizing your claims.
  • Carefully review your outline and proceed to write the full text.

Football Essay Introduction

Let’s talk about introduction of football essay. Here are some great tips for writing it:

  1. Start with shaping your thesis statement. Make it concise and clear, one sentence only. This would be the cornerstone of the entire paper. So, pay some attention to its quality.
  2. Provide some brief explanations about its relevance. E.g., mention how massively this popular game is and how important it is to study its impact on our society.
  3. Try keeping it brief. Don’t use more than 25% of your essay.

Check out our free sample below. See how everything was get implemented there. Maybe you’ll find some inspiration for writing your own top-notch work!

Example of introduction to football essay

There have been numerous studies that have been conducted over the last few years with the objective of trying to link football and brain damage. The results of these clearly indicate that football causes head trauma and while there is little that can be done to help reduce this risk, research should at least be conducted into the better ways of designing helmets which will reduce the effects of head trauma. Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy is the National Football League disease; at least that is what science has proven in this past century. According to the American Academy of Neurology, 40% of retired National Football League players had signs of traumatic head injury based on sensitive MRI scans called diffusion tensor imaging (Guskiewicz, Marshall and Bailes 723). The symptoms often start to manifest between seven and ten years after a continued exposure to mild head trauma and the resultant scenario is the untimely death of the players.

Football Essay Body Paragraph

Next step is the main body part. You can check our short 5 paragraph essay on football sample available below and see how it is done. Additionally, here are several tips:

  • Generally, this part should contain all necessary information to explain your point of view or tell your story. This main body should be straightforward and logical.
  • For persuasive essays, it is crucial to keep the structure readable and logical. When providing your key points, put each one into a separate paragraph. At least 3 paragraphs with major points are recommended.
  • Unless talking about your personal experience, always provide valid data or evidence for your arguments and claims. Format your references properly.

If you need a sample for a better understanding, find it below. 

Football essay paragraph example

Every single time player's boots are strapped and helmets are on, and from behind the grills they see a crowd cheering their entry into the football field, they are willingly and necessarily exposing their bodies to risk of serious injury. Despite that fact, the risk of injury is not only to the head. The question that suffices is, how often is the actual injury incurred related to head trauma? What is the percentage of risk exposure to head trauma when playing football? A 2006 study conducted by The American Journal of Sports Medicine placed that risk exposure at 0.4% (Willigenburg, W. and al.). This means that for every 1000 exposures, there are 4 head injuries. While these figures were for High School players, the rate of exposure increases as the players grow older. The same studies in College League indicated that the exposure rises to 0.8%. Given the number of games a person plays during their lifetime in High School, College and elsewhere, the number becomes more alarming. The National League proved more lethal claiming up to 61% risk exposure (Willigenburg, W. and al.). To put the figures into perspective, there is an average of 50 plays per game, 16 games per season, 2 seasons per year spread over an average of a 9 years career; the resultant figure denotes that an NFL player will definitely get CTE. These studies and statistics have made the regulatory bodies to try and find ways in which this can be reduced and eliminated and hence the refurbishment of equipment aimed at preventing the injuries and risks of injury towards the players.

Football Essay Conclusion

Finally, let’s talk about writing your conclusion for football essay. Here it is necessary to summarize all major results. Next, make sure your conclusion is concise. Provide only major assumptions to keep it shorter. Avoid using any reference material at this stage. All your references and citations should be provided in main body.

When summarizing your story, you can briefly list your major points or arguments. E.g., mention the top advantages of kids’ socialization through football player clubs without repeating any details from the main body. Ensure that this part is logical and properly establishes your point of view for your audience.

Football essay conclusion example

There is a direct and rather obvious risk to playing football. The risk of injury and more so head trauma caused by the continued and direct impact to the head is imminent. While efforts have been made to reduce these risks and increase safety, the efforts seem not to be sufficient and additional efforts need to be put in place. Despite the specific studies that show the risk attached to the sport and the degree of the risk, many insurance companies still assume and purport the element of assumed risk in sports and therefore there usually is no compensation available to athletes who get injured in the course of playing the particular sport. The authorities should look into the availability of insurance policies which waive the assumed risk clauses and therefore provide a plausible risk cover for the players. This will enable the players to cover their increased medical costs and also safeguard their future where the same is exposed to the risk of fatalities occasioned by CTE. Another proposed effort is the incorporating of restricting regulations and statutes about the period which a player is required to take to the bench after an injury. The current regulation stipulates that this is under the doctor’s discretion which often is usually mired with the doctor’s view of and relationship with the player and the game itself. Further studies should also be conducted with regards to other protective equipment and how these should be maintained in order to increase safety in the sport.

How to Write a Football Essay

Now, let’s summarize all our guidelines on how you should write about football. Please check them out:

  1. Depending on your general subject and task, you might or might not need to provide much context. Everyone has heard about this game, but not many people know all its discipline rules or equipment.
  2. Take some time to brainstorm ideas before writing your thesis statement. It should be interesting, address well-known problems, and sound inviting to your audience. 
  3. Make sure you know your subject well. Successful football essay writing requires telling something new and interesting to your audience, not just stating basic facts.
  4. Start with an outline for your essay about sport. Once done, review it carefully. It could really save your time in the long run.
  5. Don’t forget to include all necessary facts and evidence to support your claims. When using references, format them properly.
  6. Try and find some time to review the complete text once again. If possible, ask other people to help you with that.

If you are not sure about great football topics to write about, check our suggestions in the following section.

Football Essay Topics Picked by StudyBounty

Looking for a brilliant topic about football or some football argumentative essay topics? We’ve got several suggestions for you:

  1. Origins of this game and its history in the 19th and 20th centuries.
  2. Why is this team sport good for kids’ socialization?
  3. History of female football and what makes it special.
  4. Economic, social, and cultural impact of this kind of sport in your country/ worldwide.
  5. What makes this game dangerous for little children if they play in mixed-age commands.
  6. Why did this sport become one the most popular kinds of mass sport?
  7. Differences between soccer and football in UK and US.
  8. National, regional and global associations and World Cup championships.
  9. History of FIFA and its importance for European countries.
  10. Difference between ranking systems in FIFA and US College Football.
  11. Its infrastructure and equipment: stadiums, training grounds, facilities, and fan zones.
  12. What environmental impact does stadium construction make?
  13. History of fan clubs and how they compete.

Any questions left unanswered? Check out the section below – you might find some additional information there.


FAQ About Free Football Essays

1. How do you write a football essay paragraph?

Key elements an essay about football should contain:
1. Strong thesis about its history, traditions, cultural or economic impact, matches, World Cup championships, etc.
2. Enough context for those readers who aren’t familiar with sports.
3. Focus on this specific game: avoid unnecessary details about other sports types.

2. How to create good football essay titles?

We have free essays on football available here. Check them out and see if you can find some nice ideas, particularly for your titles. We’ve also suggested some topics which you can browse and choose from. Take a good look at them and pick one which matches your interests!

3. Do you have football essays in different languages?

We only provide essays on football in English. Our samples mostly follow standards and practices used in US and UK. That’s why we provide them for people studying in English. If you need examples and tips in other languages, try searching for similar online resources in these languages. 

4. Can I submit one of your football essays?

No! Our essays about football have already been published and cannot be interpreted as original works. If you copy any part of them and try submitting it, that would be plagiarism! If you need an original essay for your assignment, you can contact us and request help from our experienced academic writers.


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