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17 Sep 2023

Freedom of Speech and Expression

The freedom of religion and the freedom of the press are fundamental rights that are protected under the First Amendment of the US constitution. The First Amendment makes it clear that there is no religion superior...

Words: 702

Pages: 2

Views: 112

16 Sep 2023

Ethical and Legal Considerations in Freedom of Speech

In the 1960s, when the United States was at war with Vietnam, three public school students from Iowa opted to demonstrate their opinion on the issue by wearing black arm-bands to school. The three students – Chris...

Words: 853

Pages: 3

Views: 150

Supreme Court Rules on Freedom of Speech and Religion

4: If the Supreme Court had ruled on the substantive question of freedom of speech, which side do you think would have won and why? Reference Case Snyder v. Phelps (see attached text book pages 225-230) In...

Words: 623

Pages: 1

Views: 230

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15 Sep 2023

The Four Freedoms Speech Reflection

The 1941 State of the Union address by Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) is an elaborate speech that used fear-mongering to scare the nation into deserting neutrality. Therefore, with cautiously chosen language as well...

Words: 337

Pages: 1

Views: 122

Interest Groups’ Right to Freedom of Speech

Interest groups are known to influence public policy without having to seek political control. Interest groups have become numerous in the United States in the recent years, and their activities have increasingly...

Words: 805

Pages: 3

Views: 147

15 Sep 2023

Speech on Freedom of Inquiry and Speech

Ladies and Gentlemen, freedom of speech, academic freedom, and intellectual diversity are the means to an end of truth-seeking. If people do not maintain their mission of truth-seeking through reasoned discourse,...

Words: 592

Pages: 1

Views: 117

Freedom of Speech in the United States

The freedom of speech in the United States is under the regulation of First Amendment of the constitution. Currently, not everyone seems to be happy with the amendment. Such people claim that the amendment is too...

Words: 577

Pages: 3

Views: 160

Freedom of Speech and Trump's Twitter Ban

Citation Goldberg, M. (2021, January 11). _Opinion | The Scary Power of the Companies That Finally Shut Trump Up._ Retrieved 16 April 2021,...

Words: 1130

Pages: 4

Views: 243

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15 Sep 2023

Freedom of Speech in Public Schools

The following question refers to the article “High School Tells Students to Remove Anti-war T-Shirt,” in Jessica Pierce, Morality Play : _Case Studies in Ethics_ , pp. 110-112. In Tinker v. Des Moine (1969), The...

Words: 446

Pages: 1

Views: 126

Freedom of Political Speech in the Age of Internet Giants

Freedom of speech is a fundamental right which has to be enjoyed by all citizens as provided in the constitution. However, the practice of this freedom in a manner that prejudices or infringes the rights and freedom...

Words: 316

Pages: 1

Views: 438


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What Is a Freedom of Speech Essay

What is a definition of freedom of speech essay? This controversial topic can be approached in many ways. Let’s give freedom of speech a definition. It is important to understand the meaning of this term. Free speech refers to one's right to freely express their thoughts and opinions without restrictions. It does not necessarily mean speech can be restricted but that speech isn't unlimited. One cannot have an absolute poetic license in any society.

The most important thing is keeping it brief. It should include all relevant information. Use synonyms if you notice that certain pieces of information are repetitive. A general rule of thumb is to write five paragraphs: 

  • Introduction
  • Main body (3 paragraphs)
  • Conclusion. 

You will find great samples of this in our library.

Freedom of Speech Essay Examples Provided by StudyBounty

StudyBounty offers freedom of speech essay pdf examples that can help you write papers on such complex topics. It is a great choice whether you are studying for a class or just looking for a brief overview. While writing your own freedom of speech persuasive essay, include the right to freely express your opinion and limitations on time or place. You can also address the importance of distinguishing between high and low-value speech.

Poetic license is guaranteed by the Constitution's First Amendment. Prior to writing your freedom of speech essay 300 words, you can learn the different ways it has been interpreted. Discuss why this right is so important in the US. Explain that democracy is based on an ability to express oneself. This allows citizens and voters to be informed about electoral outcomes, engage in policymaking, and hold officials responsible. This topic can also be used as a starting point for essays that will discuss poetic license and its impact on the United States.

Freedom of Speech Argumentative Essay

The opening paragraph for an argumentative essay on freedom of speech should set the tone for the entire paper by demonstrating your position on the question. Your thesis should review some basic facts about the topic to justify the research you conducted. It should state clearly your position with supporting examples. Make time and check exemplification essay examples at StudyBounty. This pattern should also be applied to all parts of the paper.  Make sure you adhere to the right citation style. It assures that your argumentative essay about freedom of speech will be approved by your professor.  

You can discuss that poetic license is an essential part of the human condition. As species, we are unique in our reasoning capacity. Thus, we reserve the right to exercise it to the fullest. This includes the ability to think freely. Conscience freedom is the freedom to consider issues, not in line with public opinion. After all, ideas are only valid when they relate to humans. This is why your paper must address it.

Freedom of Speech Essay Outline

A good outline for freedom of speech essay will contain concise information, yet be rich in the relevant information. You can use synonyms instead of repeating the same information. After choosing a topic for your essay, it is time to organize it. It is possible to add an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph.

Check out this sample below:

Outline for essay about freedom of speech


  1. Hook: In this part, you must interest your audience by using a short story, a quote, etc.
  2. Thesis statement: Free speech is an essential human right, and we should speak without fear, regardless of whether we choose to do so freely.

Body Paragraph #1: Legal part

  1. Explain the 1st Amendment in your own words.
  2. Explain its importance and why it was added to the Bill of Rights.
  3. Explain how it protects American citizens.

Body Paragraph #2: Historical part

  1. Explain that people fought for their speech freedom.
  2. Name important activists.
  3. Explain how the right to speak changed through history.

Body Paragraph #3: Practical part.

  1. How does 1st Amendment affect us today?
  2. Can this issue be considered unlimited nowadays? What is its impact?


  1. Restate your thesis statement.
  2. Concluding sentence.

Freedom of Speech Essay Introduction

It is necessary to write compelling freedom of speech short introduction when you begin a paper about this topic. First and foremost, you should use proper English. Follow the basics of essay structure. Although authoritarianism is a great way to get your essay flowing. Be cautious not to use aggressive language. Use specific points to get your audience thinking. For example, social distancing facts can be shared widely by legal bodies.

You can start your introduction by explaining different advantages concerning this right. While it's important to protect our rights and protect our society from bad speech, it also means allowing others to voice their disapproval. Poetic license has benefited society, as it allows us to discuss many topics without fear of being judged. But, it has come under fire from many. You will be able to write a compelling paper introduction if you are respectful of others and your content is constructive.

Check out this sample:

Introduction paragraph on freedom of speech

Nat Hentoff in his article, “Speech Codes” On the Campus and Problems of Free Speech,” makes some interesting observations about the intense debate surrounding the speech codes. While both pro and anti-speech codes have valid arguments for maintaining their stands on the moral issue, the argument that one’s rights end where another person’s rights begin continues to reign. Pro-speech codes argue that the primary reason behind the movement is to protect the ordinary persons from “fighting words.” This argument is quite subjective, as there is no accurate way to tell if a person is ordinary or not, and why those perceived to be extraordinary do not need to be protected from “fighting words.” Free speech, be it on campus, or other social institutions should be curtailed if it proves detrimental to the society.

Freedom of Speech Essay Thesis Statement

It is important to have a clear thesis statement on freedom of speech when writing a paper on this topic. Your thesis statement must be concise but still contain the most important information. For the most important point, you should use synonyms and not repetitions. In other words, don't write "free speech permits people the freedom to share their views." Instead, write "free speech allows people to express themselves without limitations."

In such an essay, the controlling idea is any word, phrase, or clause. It should state author's viewpoint or attitude. This statement gives an essay direction and unites it. You should clarify that your thesis statement can prove to readers the argument's validity in your paper. This thesis should focus on one topic or idea and be specific. 

Take a look at this thesis statement for freedom of speech sample:

In a federalist system, freedom of speech helps society evaluate the activities of government, exposing the weaknesses of the government and providing support.

Freedom of Speech Essay Body Paragraph

Each freedom of speech paragraph in an essay is a must-read for anyone studying this subject. In your first paragraph, explain what it means to you. Include the right importance to give expressions of beliefs and convictions. You can discuss historical points of view. For example, United Nations has recognized this issue and expression as a fundamental human right. Explain that individuals can express themselves in various ways including written and oral communication.

This topic is fundamental for our society and is protected in America. This can make better arguments for your paper, especially if they are backed up by 1st Amendment content. It guarantees this right and it is incorporated into the Constitution. When writing your body part, remember to take into account the context. Check our samples here:

Paragraph writing on freedom of speech

According to Hentoff, the First Amendment must give way in the event that its provisions collide with those of the Fourteenth Amendment (par 31). Given this argument, there should be a pro-speech code law kicking in whenever the freedom of speech is deemed to be detrimental to society. Taking the case of campus-specific speech codes, which are critical to making every student’s life on campus comfortable enough to allow them concentrate in their studies, such a law could be stretched beyond campus laws to provide the same protection to the ordinary citizens. While speech codes are only operational within campus walls, a significant section of liberals would like to see these codes applied to society.

Freedom of Speech Essay Conclusion

Conclusion of freedom of speech essay is obviously an important part of your whole paper. This section is for you to reiterate your thesis. Explain your view on the chosen question. A concise conclusion is essential. It should also be easy to comprehend. If you are unsure of what you want to say, refer to your main body part. It will help you determine your position. You must remember that your conclusion should not include any new information. You should add it in your body paragraph.

Take a look at this sample:

Conclusion for freedom of speech essay

While public institutions are legally bound to protect their students’ freedoms of speech, a significant number holds the opinion that restrictions are necessary for the creation of an environment fit for learning. Campus speech codes have been successful because they are made known to students before admission to allow them to make a choice whether to enroll or attend another institution with less restricted freedoms, but it may not be as easy to apply such terms at other levels of the society given the limited choices. Even as anti-speech code proponents hail the role of freedom of speech in protecting persons from being punished for their ideas, they must recognize that restrictions must be put in place to regulate such freedoms to deter abusers.

How to Write a Freedom of Speech Essay

Below are some tips to write your short speech on freedom: 

  • If you want to make your paper persuasive, you should include the perspectives of both argument sides. It should contain a summary and recommendations of all points. 
  • Your personal opinion is not important. You need to support your argument with facts.
  • Choose a few freedom of speech essay ideas. Then pick the one you like most. This will help you do a more conscious choice.
  • Avoid overcomplicated arguments, repeatings, and jargon. Remember that readers may not understand what you are writing and could bias against you. Instead, you can use synonyms to support your topic. 
  • It is important that everyone in your audience knows what freedom of expression means. Afterward, use an opportunity to check your audience's attitude and discuss how their opinions have changed after reading your essay. Speak with others. Perhaps, they will explain what they learned about this topic, the difference between high and low-value speech, and the protection of speech against corporations and government agencies.
  • Consider the context where you will be presenting your arguments for English freedom of speech essay. 
  • Mention Martin Luther King Jr. (A prominent activist and minister who stood up against the Vietnam War). He stated in his speech that poetic license could lead to national slavery elimination. You can use this argument for showing why this topic in our world is so important.

Freedom of Speech Essay Topics & Titles

There are many freedom of speech topics for essay on the Internet. You can spend an eternity browsing through them. A general rule is to choose several essay topics on freedom of speech, and then pick the one that interests you the most.

And these freedom of speech essay titles can make your life a little bit easier:

  1. Internet censorship and the freedom of speech.
  2. Poetic license cost.
  3. Poetic licenses in music should not be censored.
  4. Profanity and civil liberty in America.
  5. A comparison of poetic license and private property.
  6. Constitutions of America: Poetic License – right to vote and equality.
  7. Speech freedom on the Internet can be hard to regulate.
  8. Poetic license should be available for everyone.
  9. Can a poetic license be suppressed?
  10. Free-speech and its protection.

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FAQ About Freedom of Speech Essays

1. Do you provide the free freedom of speech essays?

Yes, we provide free essays on freedom of speech! You don’t have to pay a dime to use them. Moreover, you don’t have to register or set up a new account if you want to check them out. Just set filter settings as you need them and download our samples in pdf format for your convenience.

2. What is the importance of freedom of speech?

The importance of freedom of speech essay considers the absence of governmental interference or regulations in people’s ability to express themselves in public. Back up your claims with arguments to make a better academic paper. Check out our samples to see what you can add to your work.

3. What is freedom of speech short essay?

Basically, this type of paper is just like other essays on freedom of speech, just… short. Your arguments and evidence remain the same, you just must make them more precise and to the point, so they have less word count.

4. How to start an essay about the freedom of speech?

Starting essays about freedom of speech is a tricky part. First, you must choose a topic that interests you. We advise you to choose several and then pick the one you like most of them. Next, do your research and create an outline. You can keep track of your sources by putting them in your outline. When all of this is done, you can start on your paper!


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