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For all students in America, creating an essay on illegal immigration can become a struggle. Authors not only must comply with formatting regulations but also provide academically and ideologically correct information. Conveying personal opinions must be done in a specific way. Learn how such articles are written from free paper examples.

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The Plight of Illegal Immigration in the US

The United States of America has been believed to be the land of milk and honey for most of the individuals from the other countries, and especially the third world countries such as those in Latin America. Each...

Words: 2462

Pages: 8

Views: 250

16 Sep 2023

Illegal Immigration and Crime in the United States: The Myths and the Facts

Crime and violence pose great threats to the development of any nation. In fact, it is the sole responsibility of the government to secure citizens from any situation that undermines their safety. The United States...

Words: 2586

Pages: 9

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Illegal Immigration and Border Security

Illegal Immigration and Border Security Over the years, the U.S. has become more populated and unsafe due to the high number of illegal immigrants and goods that enter the country illegally. The problem does not...

Words: 269

Pages: 1

Views: 471

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The Global Issue of Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration is one of the common situations in many nations. This is mainly in the developed countries. Individuals tend to migrate into such countries with the aim of getting jobs. This makes many of them...

Words: 530

Pages: 1

Views: 120

Illegal immigration effects

Illegal immigration effects Abstract This essay explores the effects of illegal immigration on the economy of U.S taking into account the effect of this immigration on consumption, labor force market, American...

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Pages: 10

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16 Sep 2023

How Immigration Has Been Beneficial to the United States

Running head: ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION HAS BEEN BENEFICIAL TO THE US 1 Illegal Immigration has been Beneficial to the United States Immigration has been a point of concern for successive governments within the United...

Words: 610

Pages: 2

Views: 106

16 Sep 2023

Illegal Immigration in the United States

Illegal Immigration in the United States Background Illegal immigration refers to the process of moving across the borders of another country in a way that violates the country’s immigration laws, such as failure...

Words: 3436

Pages: 14

Views: 465

16 Sep 2023
Criminal Justice

Illegal Immigration Issues and Border Patrol in the United States

According to the Pew Research Center studies, almost one hundred illegal immigrants gain access to the United States through its poorly policed border with Mexico. While many of these immigrants are political and...

Words: 1273

Pages: 5

Views: 202

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15 Sep 2023

Illegal Immigration and its Impact on the US Labor Market

Illegal immigration contributes to an influx of unskilled and semi-skilled workers, which harms American laborers' employment and wage prospects ( Lopez, 2020) . Policymakers argue that additional workforce depressed...

Words: 295

Pages: 1

Views: 485

14 Sep 2023

The Causes and Effects of Illegal Immigration into the United States

There are a number of reasons leading to the movement of people into the USA without using proper channels. Illegal immigrants lack any legal documentation provided by the destination country. Historically people...

Words: 724

Pages: 2

Views: 112


Assignment types
Academic level

What Is an Illegal Immigration Essay

The definition of essay on illegal immigration is something every writer determines personally. Purpose, form, or main aspects are changed depending on an exact topic. Such articles engage critical and evaluative thinking, truly testing students’ abilities. Writing process includes conducting research, arranging arguments, and designing narration.

Every aspect must be done in a correct way to reach the ultimate effect on readers. Here are some characteristics that should be present:

  • Clever structure

Articles must be designed for coherent, consistent narration.

  • Specific vocabulary

Use of particular wording is advised for additional academical value.

  • Credible data

All facts, numbers, and statistics should come from trustworthy places.

Free Illegal Immigration Essay Samples

Writing process can be significantly simplified by incorporating tricks from any illegal immigration essay for free. Proposed papers demonstrate the correct approach to tackling similar written tasks. Donated by students, they fully comply with major requirements. Look at the list of benefits you can expect from copying or repurposing these articles:

  • Better narration

Improve narration in custom scholarly pieces by reusing existing sentence constructions and tactics.

  • Detailed argumentation

Enhance academic correctness of submitted articles. Learn new ways of proving a point in a clear way.

  • Correct wording

Enlarge vocabulary with topic-specific vocables. Increase morphological variability of each sentence.

  • Strong structure

Design final pieces better. Make them more solid in argumentation and narration.

  • Personal opinions

Look how other authors managed to express individual ideas without breaking the flow.

Illegal Immigration Argumentative Essay

In certain piece types like illegal immigration argumentative essay outline differs significantly. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of “outline” – more on that later. Argumentative essay on illegal immigration asks authors to choose a side and provide supportive arguments.

Illegal immigration argumentative essay topics often ask for a description, discussion, or exploration of certain concepts. Our examples of evaluation essays also will come in handy. Such papers need a strong academic foundation – trustworthy informational background. Papers of this genre focus on providing strong reasons and colorful descriptions.

Narration must remain emotionless and consistent throughout. Writers only share information without any convincing work. Concentrate on supplying readers with undeniable truth, facts, or numbers. Make an emphasis on data credibility and legitimacy. Try engaging readers in reading by carefully designing the article's storyline. Keep it informative, formal, yet captivating.

Illegal Immigration Persuasive Essay

Persuasive essay about illegal immigration has another purpose – convincing readers of certain ideas. Such papers have a distinctively unique structure and narration. It is aimed at reaching the main goal. Each sentence helps convey a message which is essential in similar scholarly pieces.

Text subject often requires conducting small research, securing arguments, and reasoning. Pay attention to used arguments. They must be clear and supportive without double-meaning. Keep narration laconic and coherent. If necessary, add emotions or alarming facts. Try grabbing the reader's soul emphasizing on subject’s relevance and connection to everyone reading.

An example of illegal immigration persuasive essay can be found below. Examine it carefully paying attention to detail. Extract wording, structuring advice, and narration tricks. Implement them in personal scholarly papers – improve overall quality and readability.

Illegal Immigration Essay Outline

In all articles covering illegal immigration outline is crucial. It changes depending on paper’s purpose and type. Design articles beforehand for a significant improvement of all characteristics. Clever structuring enhances narration and transitioning and adds weight to arguments. Without an outline, any scholarly piece is inconsistent and incoherent. Look at this example for a better understanding.

Illegal immigration paper outline


  • Topic – not legal migration threatens America’s quality of life
  • How does this problem affect US citizens?
  • Thesis statement
  • Optional author’s position

Body paragraph

  • Argument #1 in support
  • Data, statistics, facts
  • Argument #2
  • More supportive information
  • Additional reasons or counter reasons


  • Subject reminder
  • Short data recap
  • Was the goal achieved?
  • Evolution of personal opinion
  • Conclusive sentence.

Illegal Immigration Essay Introduction

Introduction to illegal immigration essay pieces is essential. It solely occupies the first paragraph and hooks reader’s attention. This section not only interests readers but supplies them with necessary background information. Creating competent scholarly papers on resettlement is impossible without an intro.

Text beginning must be short yet informative. Sentences should stay topic-focused and consistent in size. Authors must engage the audience in reading by providing facts or numbers and sharing personal observations. Such papers require strong beginnings, so readers will be desperate to know more.

Introductory section must appeal to every reader and touch each one individually by pressing on specific points. Without a strong start, the whole article loses its tempo. It becomes unclear and incoherent. Check out a sample below.

Example for illegal immigration essay introduction

Immigration is the process by which people move across national borders from one country to the other and is only considered illegal if the individuals cross the borders contrary to the destination country’s immigration policies. An illegal immigrant has no right to be living in the host country and could have migrated there through water, air, or land and in most cases passed the borders undetected or in some cases people become illegal immigrants if they are living in a foreign country on an expired visa. Illegal immigration presents social, economic and political problems since it increases government expenditures on policing, processing, trials, medical expenses and other incarceration related costs. The fiscal burden is passed on to the taxpayers through increased taxes, they contribute to unemployment, increase crime rates and put a strain on government resources like medical care and education. The immigration problem is therefore imminent and to address it the government should review immigration policies and frameworks like the work visa program, improve border security and enforce the deportation laws.

Illegal Immigration Essay Thesis Statement

Any good thesis statement for illegal immigration papers is strong in wording and narration. One or two sentences must encapsulate the article's goal and direction. This thesis notifies all readers about future data without revealing too much. Such statements are important in every introduction. Keep it brief and on-point throughout. Always spend time on a creative thesis statement design.

Generating a unique thesis is difficult for almost every student. Use provided illegal immigration thesis statement examples. Copy certain elements indirectly and gain fresh ideas as well as inspiration. Improve personal thesis statement by using free samples as templates and guides. All pdf examples are freely available for download without registration or mandatory payments.

Illegal Immigration Essay Body Paragraph

For almost every illegal immigration essay 4 paragraph structure is used. In such cases, two sections are reserved for the main body. Body parts conceive all valuable information that an introduction hints at. All major argumentation is done in this part. Try either dividing arguments into two similarly-sized paragraphs or dedicating one part to positives, and one to negatives. Browse our free compare and contrast essay examples, they should help.

Structuring of a body paragraph is unique to each article. Every part is constructed like a small, separate text. If no thoughts or ideas come to your mind, study the proposed free paper examples below. Showcased samples demonstrated a creative approach to this section. Try extracting helpful bits here and there. Implement those parts in personal written pieces – improve quality and final scores easily!

Illegal immigration body paragraph

A Migration Policy Institute report shows that there are over eleven million illegal immigrants living in America approximately with 56% of those coming from Mexico (Figgou 35). Immigrants from Guatemala account for 7%, those from El Salvador for 4%, 3% from Honduras and the Chinese account for 2% of the total illegal immigrant population. Those under sixteen years of age only account for 8% of the population while the rest are older adults with 46% of them being female and 54% being male (Bourbeau 24). 92% of the population aged between three and seventeen years were going to school and the other eight percent were not enrolled to school and only 29% of immigrants between the ages of eighteen and 24 were school going with the remaining 76% being out of school (Figgou 35). The literacy rates among the illegal immigrant populations show that only 25% of the total population had attained a high school diploma, only 12% had a college degree and only 13% had attained a Bachelor’s, graduate, or professional degree. Their employment status shows that 64% of the working population aged sixteen and above have jobs, 7% are jobless and 24% do not contribute to the labor force (Bourbeau 24). 14% of the illegal immigrants live below the poverty level with 61% lacking medical insurance which is a contributing factor to increased crime rates in a bid to escape poverty.

Illegal Immigration Essay Conclusion

Conclusion for illegal immigration essay finalizes the entire scholarly piece. Writers must provide answers to all questions or reasons why no reply could be given. This final section somewhat resembles your article’s first paragraph. It mentions the main topic again reminding readers of significant arguments and details. Then, an author should reuse thesis statement from the intro. If the main goal was stated anywhere, the finale must conclude the effectiveness of achieving this goal.

Last paragraph is the shortest one, yet bears significant importance. Summary effectively ties all arguments together into one coherent, meaningful piece. No paper on such a relevant topic can be submitted without proper finalization. If you’re struggling to come up with a conclusion, look at our sample below. Use it as templates for custom, unique pieces.

Example of conclusion on illegal immigration essay

In sum, the one solution recommended is revision and enforcement of already existent government policies and frameworks dealing with illegal immigration. The three examples are the work Visa laws, the border security policies and strengthening the deportation policy. The recommendations if implemented will lead to a reduction and deterrence of illegal immigrants in America which is an economic, social and political problem.

There are various articles every user can find in our library. Browse immigration essay and human trafficking essay before writing an essay on this topic.

How to Write an Illegal Immigration Essay

Wide variety of illegal immigration essay topics frightens young writers. Other stages of the writing process do not make it easier. A new type of written assignment is always a struggle for newbies. We’ve made a step-by-step guide for all students out there:

  • Topics selection research

Browse through hundreds of illegal immigration essay titles. Choose interesting ones for captivating, detailed papers.

  • Example studying

Download examples of an illegal immigration essay for free. Examine each paragraph, sentence, or word. Find out why these proposed pieces work.

  • Outline creation

Using free samples, design the article's structure. Plan narration and argumentation beforehand. Ensure a smooth transition between sections.

  • Writing, writing, writing!

Start typing closely following the outline. Make multiple versions until you’re satisfied with narration pacing, reasoning, and conveyed message.

  • Editing & proofreading

Check the final paper for spelling or grammar errors. Eliminate repetitions, irregularities, or illogical sentences. Polish each aspect.

  • Uniqueness checking

Upload results to plagiarism checking service. Rewrite elements and rearrange them until you reach the desired originality percentage.


FAQ About Illegal Immigration Essays

1. Are your illegal immigration samples free?

Website offers countless free essays on illegal immigration. Every student or teacher can download pieces freely without registration. Use proposed samples as guidance, source of inspiration, and fresh ideas. Discover new ways of covering a sensitive topic of immigrants, government response, and laws. Check out alternative opinions of students from various countries.

2. What should I write about illegal immigration?

Content of an essay about illegal immigration depends entirely on the author’s will. Brainstorm ideas before writing and note them. If you’re empty, try exploring this problem in your country. Discuss how immigrants think and what motivates them. Don’t focus on refugees, concentrate on dedicated relocators. Take any topic you see in the proposed paper samples.

3. How to start an illegal immigration paper?

Each paper on illegal immigration starts with introduction. Inform the audience about the article’s intentions, the urgency of discussing this topic, and its impact on lives. Look at the proposed text outline for guidance. If needed, explore free available text examples. Copy their intro or its elements until you feel comfortable with your personal writing skills.

4. Can I submit your illegal immigration essay example?

If you’re tasked with a short illegal immigration essay, we highly recommend creating a unique scholarly piece. Every teacher uses plagiarism checkers and will instantly notice a copied, plagiarized text. All proposed samples were donated by former students and thus were already submitted, graded, and added to the system.


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