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16 Sep 2023

Racial Profiling Witnessed in US and Police Reform for Addressing the Issue

Racial Profiling Despite constituting only a small proportion of the American population, the black community accounts for a majority of the prison population (The Sentencing Project, n.d). Various factors has...

Words: 3526

Pages: 11

Views: 102

16 Sep 2023
Criminal Justice

Racial Profiling Of Police Officers of Color and Citizens by Officers

Racial Profiling Of Police Officers of Color and Citizens by Officers Introduction Racial profiling of citizens and police officers of color refers to the discrimination by law enforcers targeting individuals and...

Words: 678

Pages: 2

Views: 120

Should Racial Profiling Be Used For Terrorists?

According to Ciment (2015 ), criminal profiling is conceptualized as the use of certain predefined characteristics in determining whether someone is possibly a criminal. Law enforcement officers execute this through...

Words: 1605

Pages: 5

Views: 110

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16 Sep 2023

Racial Profiling: The Pros and Cons of This Controversial Practice

Racial profiling refers to the prejudiced practice by law enforcement officials of targeting people for suspicion of crime _“based on that person’s ethnicity, race, national origin or religion_ ” ( Welch, 2007 )....

Words: 505

Pages: 2

Views: 203

15 Sep 2023
Criminal Justice

How Law Enforcement Agencies Can Address Implicit Bias

Different methods can be used to monitor implicit biases among law enforcement agencies. One approach is assessing the frequency of raids by law enforcement in communities populated by minorities. A high rate of...

Words: 334

Pages: 1

Views: 94

15 Sep 2023

The Contact Hypothesis: How Racial Profiling Can Lead to Better Relationships

Reason for Choosing this Experience The experiment allowed us to witness racial profiling and prejudice against minorities at Walmart. Racial profiling and prejudice are prevalent across the United States. While...

Words: 313

Pages: 1

Views: 221

15 Sep 2023

Racial Profiling and Police Brutality in the United States

In recent years, incidents of police brutality against racial minorities have gained an increasing amount of media attention. Studies suggest that racial profiling can have a significant effect on police activities...

Words: 470

Pages: 2

Views: 153

15 Sep 2023

Racial Profiling

Racial Profiling Back Ground of Racial Profiling Racial profiling refers to the use of ethnicity, race, religion, national or gender origin by the law agent as the basis for deciding to choose on whom to arrest,...

Words: 1315

Pages: 5

Views: 87

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The War on Terror: Discrimination and Racial Profiling of the American Muslim

Introduction The increase of terrorist attacks and the subsequent fight against the vice in the United States has resulted to widespread discrimination against American Muslims and non-Muslims who have the physical...

Words: 2042

Pages: 8

Views: 410

15 Sep 2023

Racial Profiling and Police Brutality in America

Limitations One of the major limitations evident in the literature is the fact that the discourse is significantly centered on the minority groups such as the black Americans, the Latinos, and the Asians. As...

Words: 551

Pages: 2

Views: 120


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What Is a Racial Profiling Essay

Before focusing on practical writing advice, we need to point to a definition of essay on racial profiling. This is a term from social science defined as targeting minorities by law enforcement for searches or even arrests. Something that has become quite common in our society. It also means that papers on this topic will bring more attention to such cases and work on prevention. Students are often assigned to write about conflict cases or well-known movements like Black Lives Matter. The length of the paper will depend on specific requirements. For example, it can be a small narrative essay of 300 words or a longer analytical text of 700 words. 

Racial Profiling Essay Examples

Why are we sure that examples of persuasive essay on racial profiling can be a huge support for any student working on this topic? First, it helps to define how to structure your text based on academic writing style. For example, rhetoric and persuasive essays may have different structures. Second, you may learn from the best students how to make your assignment better. Look at cited sources, vocabulary, and facts supporting the thesis. You may also find what titles work the best. Discover what thesis statement will make the text more successful. 

We have essays with various approaches built with different academic requirements. Check our database!  

Racial Profiling Argumentative Essay

Any argumentative essay on racial profiling will have its specific structure and type of narration. What should students know when they work with argumentation?

  • Cite reliable sources and use correct argumentation. 

Racial profiling argumentative essay topics can be different. You may write on how to prevent it and analyze various causes and roots of this social thing. But be clear with argumentations and their reliability.

  • Include both arguments to support and criticize your thesis statements. 

It is not a persuasive essay. So, there is no need to make your readers stand with you. Clear and objective facts are the best for this type of paper. 

  • Check samples of argumentative essays on our platform. 

Browse as many samples as you need. They will help you learn how to get an "A" from the best students.  

Racial Profiling Essay Outline

For example, your topic is focused on the BLM movement. Your introduction, main body, and racial profiling essay conclusion sections may look the same as any other essay. But let's create a sample outline to understand its meaning. 


  • Your personal experience and reflection (if you have some).
  • Facts about movements: Why and when everything started.

Racial discrimination thesis statements

  • The BLM movement is not a solved problem, so we need to focus on it now.

Main Body

  • How many times did police stop people of a minority after this BLM movement? Any particular cases?
  • What legislative changes were made by government officials? Can they prevent this problem?
  • How did the police discuss this movement? Arguments from law enforcement.
  • Are there any solutions from scientists to improve prevention processes?


  • Briefly summarize all facts.
  • Do you think that society is moving in the right direction? Are we going to stop racial hate and discrimination?

How to Write a Racial Profiling Essay

Choosing racial profiling essay topics, you also need to ensure that it will benefit your work. Here are some professional advice and a step-by-step guide to follow while writing your work.

  1. Research for your racial profiling paper. Find the latest articles on the topic and try to find as much new information as possible.
  2. Check the samples we have. Our papers on racial profiling are the best from advanced students. You will know what your professor expects from you. Browse such examples as the Black Death essay and essay on racism.
  3. Create a paper outline. This is your writing plan for work. Make it detailed, including a thesis and main facts you will discuss.
  4. Check academic requirements for your work. It may happen that your professor added some additional requirements, ensuring you follow them. 
  5. Have enough time for writing. It's an unsuccessful practice to write in the last few hours before submission.
  6. Proofread. Never submit your text without proofreading. Every grammar or spelling mistake will affect your final grade on this work.

FAQ About Racial Profiling Essays

1. Are your racial profiling essays free?

Our service provides free essays on racial profiling to use as inspiration or samples for your writing. You don't need to register or send personal data to get our documents. Try how it works — you will understand its value and importance for better study.

2. How to start my "Racial Profiling in America" essay?

Racial profiling in the United States essay should start with personal examples or reactions to the news. This is one of the biggest problems people in the US have been facing for decades. So, start your work with actual facts of discrimination.

3. What is a short racial profiling essay?

Your essay about racial profiling can be 300 words or one page in A4 format. Create emotionally but also grounded in academic research. In most cases, professors want to hear your thoughts or reflection on particular issues or readings. Check our samples.

4. Do you provide racial profiling essay examples in different languages?

We provide essays on racial profiling in English only. Our pdf samples can be used as inspiration, not as a ready solution to submit. But you can translate texts into any language you need. Maybe, English will also work for you in this case.


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